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Spiritual Singles Review 2021: Is It Trustworthy?

Spiritual Singles Review 2021: Is It Trustworthy?
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Pros and Cons

  • Effective matching;
  • Highly-informative profiles;
  • A good choice of spiritually conscious people.
  • No mobile application;
  • Paid communication only.

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The dating project Spiritual Singles has been bringing spiritually conscious people together for more than a decade. These individuals focus on their soul, and material benefits aren’t important for them. Respectively, a conventional dating site can hardly help them to find soulmates to enjoy spiritual life together. Instead, they require a specific online resource such as Spiritual Singles, for example. The platform helps highly conscious singles to find lifetime partners, socialize with soulmates, or make friends in a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

Having A Closer Look At Spiritual Singles

Spiritual Singles attracts highly conscious singles who do not have much in common with typical visitors of modern dating sites, in particular, those that specialize in hookups. Spiritual Singles’s audience doesn’t put much value on physical love because spiritual development is far more crucial for them.

Those who come to the site demonstrate great interest in a healthy lifestyle, spiritual practices, and environmental protection. For the last seven months, the dating project has managed to attract up to 166,000 new users. As a rule, a typical Spiritual Singles member spends about 13 minutes on the dating project, looking through 7 profiles per visit. The website is dominated by Americans. However, here you can also find people from Great Britain, Georgia, and also Morocco.

The dating resource assists singles in finding suitable partners. The matchmaking system takes into account what Spiritual Singles users have in common: values, beliefs, lifestyles, etc. Besides this, the dating platform enables its users to send instant messages with automatically generated greetings, and upload photographs. Spiritual Singles also offers its members a view of astrology reports that may help them understand how compatible their matches are.

Spiritual Singles was created for those interested in long-term and serious relationships with highly conscious people. It’s not about casual sex at all. Respectively, if you are interested in one-night stands, it makes sense for you to consider other dating platforms. Considering the major concept of the dating resource, one may assume that it’s a mostly heterosexual project.

Let’s See How Usable It Is

The dating project comes with a white and blue color scheme that sets members to complete relaxation and harmony. Numerous pictures of happy couples are another crucial component of the site design. They help to cope with depression and bring optimistic thoughts.

There aren’t any navigation problems on the dating website – you can easily access the required sections and tabs.

Taking A Look At The Site Special Features

The dating resource Spiritual Singles doesn’t offer too many special features. This can be explained by the fact that this resource is too serious for those interested in having a lot of love affairs. On the site, people devote much time to sharing thoughts on spiritual development, and they aren’t interested in seducing each other.

  • Video Chat: It enables participants to see their interlocutors in real-time. Unlike other dating platforms, video chatting doesn’t have to do with anything sexually explicit on this site.

How Does The Dating Site Work?

How Does The Dating Site Work?

The dating platform matches people taking into account their profile data. Therefore, the easiest way to get perfect matches is to take some time to make your profile as detailed as possible. Ideally, your page should have a major photograph, two extra ones, a series of responded essays, match inquiries, at least one video, and certainly, preferences and tastes. If you complete your profile this way, then you can count a sufficient number of worthy matches on this dating project.

As a Spiritual Singles member, you require responding to many match inquiries in the following categories: sexuality, eco-friendliness, fitness dating sites , ethics as well as diet. Other questions are asked just for fun, and you may certainly skip them. The site asks you these questions to find matches for you. When responding to them, it’s possible to view your answers. As for others, they can see your response on the condition they provided the same reply to your question.

Once you finish completing your page, go to the match section to get familiar with the available matches the site found based on the data specified by you.

Besides that, you can seek potential partners on Spiritual Singles using an advanced search feature. It’s also possible to search for matches using keywords and nicknames. With the advanced search feature, you can have your results narrowed down to get more compatible matches. It’s possible to filter user profiles using such criteria as their energy level, hairstyle, astrological sign, etc. The search results can be presented to you in any format you like. Each match comes with a certain compatibility percentage, so you can see how this particular person fits you.

To learn more about your potential partner, view his or her profile attentively. Thus, you can learn about his or her astrological or passion compatibility with you, to say nothing of other nuances. There are two categories of compatibility on the site. These are the Sexuality category and the Spiritual Path category. With a 90% match in both categories, you can be assured that you have found the right person.

Aside from sending custom messages, it’s also possible to send quick hellos. If you are reluctant to see a Spiritual Singles user in your search results, simply remove them from the favorite list.

To find out who’s interested in you, go to the connections menu tab. There you will discover a list of those who liked your profile. At any time, you can remove any Spiritual Singles member from your favorite list.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to make the most of the dating resources without a premium subscription. Once you become a paid user of this dating platform, you will be allowed to send up to fifty email messages daily. On the contrary, the site free users can only respond to messages they receive. Furthermore, with the premium package, you can enjoy unlimited instant messaging. What’s more, the site paid members to have an opportunity to upload 20 pictures in addition to two extra videos. Astrological compatibility reports are available to them too.

How To Register With Spiritual Singles

How To Register With Spiritual Singles

There’s nothing difficult in registering an account with the resource. You can easily cope with it for 10 minutes. First, come to the signup page and click on the corresponding button to open a registration form. There you should provide basic information about yourself. For example, you need to disclose your gender and select the gender of your potential partner.

After this, you require providing an actual email address and choosing a password and a nick. As for the nickname, try to make it as expressive and fun as possible. You can use a bunch of descriptive keywords to make a catchy nick. Apart from this, you also require providing your location and age. That’s all. Now, you are a registered member of Spiritual Singles.

Spiritual Singles Profiles: How Informative They Are?

To get started, you need to come to its home page and log in as a registered member. As told above, the major audience of the site is interested in long-term relationships. The site profiles provide enough personal information about Spiritual Singles members. Filling out profiles on the platform is a relatively lengthy process, but in the end, detailed pages allow you to learn enough about any member. What’s more, it greatly facilitates matchmaking.

Spiritual Single participants have to answer a series of questions to help the platform’s matchmaking algorithm find appropriate candidates for them. It’s highly recommended to respond to all of these questions, without skipping any if you want to get the best possible matches.

You Can’t Use Spiritual Singles App

Unfortunately, it’s currently impossible to access the dating platform via a specialized mobile application installed on your mobile device. It’s because the dating company hasn’t released this product yet. This may disappoint you, especially if you are fond of dating on the fly. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to reach out to this dating platform regardless of location. The site mobile version is fairly usable. So, if you access this site from your gadget’s mobile browser, you will not see anything terrible. Perhaps, it’s less convenient than using a normal app, but here you are still able to use all the basic features of the dating resource.

Picking Up A Good Replacement For Spiritual Singles

Picking Up A Good Replacement For Spiritual Singles

Even though many people find Spiritual Singles, a decent example of a dating resource for highly conscious singles, for some reason, you may be willing to choose a decent alternative to this popular site. Here below, you can review a collection of dating websites that can perfectly replace Spiritual Singles.

  • MeetMindful: That’s a relatively young dating project, which boasts nearly 300,000 users. Started in 2015, the project has managed to become one of the best mindful communities in the dating industry. Every day flocks of singles come here to find true love and friendship. In addition to a slew of advanced matchmaking features, the dating resource offers high-quality educational materials on dating for highly conscious people.
  • The Spiritual Awakening: It’s another worthy replacement for Spiritual Singles. It provides good opportunities for anybody to find a spiritual soulmate. Here you can discuss interesting topics, make friends, and simply feel yourself a part of the endless universe. Moreover, it will take you three minutes to register, and after this, you will be surrounded by the best spiritual partners ever.
  • JustSpiritualDating: Here, you can discover myriads of highly conscious singles interested in serious and long-lasting relationships. You will not require paying money to become a member of this dating resource. The signup procedure requires you to disclose your birthday, first name, email address, gender, and password. Moreover, the dating resource allows its members to send instant messages and browse through profiles for free. Unfortunately, free instant messaging is unavailable on Spiritual Singles.
  • Natural Awakenings Singles: Well, if you are totally tired to see all these naughty bells and whistles on modern dating sites, then you will never face this stuff on this portal. Having registered, you can immediately get down to seeking spiritual matches. The open-minded Internet resource welcomes folks of any sexual orientation. Once you find yourself there, you will realize that it’s the best place to make romantic connections with highly conscious people.
  • Spiritual Dating : The given dating resource has over 63,000 active users. Although it’s a very small audience, it’s actively expanding. Moreover, it’s one of the best free dating solutions for spiritual singles in the world. On this dating platform, user profiles are detailed enough to give you an idea of your potential partner. Here you will see not only the partner’s career, age, nationality but also get familiar with his or her lifestyle.
  • DharmaMatch: There’s no doubt this site is on a par with Spiritual Singles. A great number of people find it a nice alternative to many mainstream or conventional dating resources as well as mobile applications. It comes with exceptional search features. Here you are bound to become a paid user if you are eager to message other members.

Pricing And Payment Options

Picking Pricing And Payment Options

If you have decided to become a paid member of Spiritual Singles, get ready to pay the following amounts:

  • For $60, you can purchase six months of premium subscription;
  • A three-month package will cost you $40;
  • To taste one month of this service, you only need to pay $20.

Сcertainly, as a newcomer, you are willing to know whether Spiritual Singles is cost-effective enough or not. These days, it’s a common thing that free users can’t achieve a lot on modern dating platforms. Unfortunately, in this regard, Spiritual Singles doesn’t differ a lot from its rivals. So, its users often complain about restricted access to the site features if they don’t have a premium subscription. For example, they don’t have an opportunity to send messages. If you want to communicate with the chosen person, you can conveniently do it as a premium member for a modest fee.

Like many other commercial dating resources, Spiritual Singles also has to display advertisements. Of course, they irritate a great number of users on the site. Opting for a paid subscription is a good way to resolve this issue. Once you become a paid user of Spiritual Singles, nasty ads will never disturb you.

Free Membership Features on Spiritual Singles

As a free member of this site, you can do the following:

  • Learn your compatibility with other users;
  • Get the most compatible matches;
  • Send unlimited instant messages;
  • Bookmark your favorite users;
  • Send likes;
  • Browse anonymously;
  • Learn who’s currently online;
  • Send hellos.

Being A Premium User On Spiritual Singles

If you decide to become a paid member of this dating platform, then you can:

  • Upload two extra videos;
  • Send 50 messages a day;
  • Grant unlimited messaging to free users;
  • Upload 20 extra photographs;

Attach a picture to a message.

Is This Dating Platform Safe Enough?

Picking Is This Dating Platform Safe Enough?

Certainly, as a potential user of this website, you are curious about how safe Spiritual Singles is. When it comes to online dating, every person needs to realize all the risks of this popular activity. Just think about it each time you are going to join any dating resource, and it also applies to Spiritual Singles.

Before joining any dating website, you require assessing its key safety features. By the way, Spiritual Singles have a special safety page, where you can get familiar with a collection of valuable tips on the safety of online dating. We strongly recommend you to avoid dating resources that don’t have such a crucial page. It simply points to the fact that they aren’t serious about the safety of their audience.

Spiritual Singles implement the latest security solutions to protect its clients from scammers. Each time you send data on the resource, it’s reliably protected with SSL encryption.

However, even when dating on such a reputable site as Spiritual Singles, you shouldn’t forget about being cautious all the time. You need to realize that even this respected website may have a certain number of scammers because they are extremely humorous and, respectively, often manage to sneak to places where they want to stay. If you notice something suspicious, immediately report this stuff, so the site admins could instantly resolve this issue.



A great number of experts in spiritual dating consider Spiritual Singles to be the best solution for singles interested in self-development and spiritual practices. Such people can’t go to traditional dating resources because the latter will never meet their expectations.

The dating website strives to assist folks in making connections with compatible partners. If you require a highly conscious lifetime partner, you can hardly find a better website than Spiritual Singles.

The site is quite user-friendly. The signup procedure will not be difficult for you because each step is very intuitive. If you face any issues, the site team is always ready to extend its helping hand.

How Should I Delete My Spiritual Singles Account?

First, don’t hurry to do this. Think twice because to get back to the site, you will have to create a new account. However, if you have firmly decided to do this, you need to go to the Settings and click on the “Delete My Profile.”

How To Send Messages On This Dating Website?

To do this, you need to go to the message section. Click on the button “Write a message,” drops a few lines in a corresponding field, and then click on “Send.”

How Can I Learn That I Was Liked At No Cost?

Unfortunately, this service is accessible only for paid members of Spiritual Singles.

How Can I Block A Nasty Person On The Site?

To do this, make use of the Block button you can see on every profile.

How Can I Cancel My Spiritual Singles Subscription?

You require going to the Setting tab and clicking on the Unsubscribe button.

Contact Information

  • Customer Support Email: webmaster@spiritualsingles.com, billing@spiritualsingles.com, support@spiritualsingles.com
  • Twitter https://twitter.com/onelove66
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