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Squirt Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

Squirt Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
About Boys
Date with older guy 3%
Reply rate 89%
Beauty 91%
Popular age 24-25
Profiles 1.700.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The site is full of guys looking for hookups and sex.
  • The registration process is super quick, and they do not ask for much information.
  • It is one of the most important sites of its kind with the most active users.
  • You have many options to choose when selecting the gender identity of the people you want to meet.
  • Not only does it has an awesome chat, but you can also do video calls with other users.
  • It has an exceptional search and matching functionality.
  • You can answer a couple of questions to help the system understand you better, which will improve your matches.
  • You can add all kinds of information to your profile, as well as several photographs.
  • It has a standout mobile version of the site to use the service from mobile devices.
  • It has exceptional site moderators who quickly act when needed.
  • The paid version drops all the ads for a cleaner experience.
  • Impressive GPS functionality to find hot guys near you.
  • It allows adult and nude photos so you can share all you want with other users.
  • It has a super fun section where you can read stories from other members.
  • It has an incredible database of the hottest places to meet guys who want to hook up.
  • Since most users are interested in hookups, this may not be an adequate place to look for long term relationships.
  • Having a free account is very limiting.
  • There are many active users; for some people, the number of messages coming in may be overwhelming.
  • You need to get in contact directly with them if you want to cancel a membership. It does not offer online cancelations.
  • They work hard to keep the site safe, but there is always the possibility to come across a fake profile. Be vigilant while using the site.

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Squirt is the best option for all those boys that want to hook up and let loose their desires. This site gathers the kind of guys who want to meet and get down to business as soon as possible. If you are looking for a serious relationship, this may not be the best site for you.

Squirt has exceptional tools to help you find super hot guys. And even better, it has so many active users that you will find it hard to keep up with all the messages on your inbox. The guys there know what they want and are not messing around. One of this platform’s strong points is its GPS functionality. If you allow the system to use your location, it becomes super easy to find hot guys nearby. The location detection is efficient, so if you see that someone is a couple of kilometers away, that means that someone is at that distance. Here you do not have weird glitches where it seems someone is close, but then that user suddenly disappears. Here the GPS works as intended.

Yet another highlight of the website is their search options. When looking for someone on the site, you can choose from a considerable amount of options to filter your results. Some of the options include the city where they are, which positions they like, whether they are clean shaved or more wild-looking. Not only that, but you also can filter by guys who recently joined the site as well as for sexual preferences. Long story short, they let you get extremely specific so you can find exactly the kind of guy you want.

Expert’s Review of Squirt

Squirt Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

Squirt is a place for men who want to meet and hookup with other men as simple as that and as fun as it sounds. This site is perfect for horny guys who want to find the ideal partner to enjoy an incredible night. Here, pretty much all of the guys are interested in hookups and nothing else.

An excellent feature this site offers is the GPS enabled options. That kind of functionality allows you to locate users nearby so you can meet in person accurately.

It is something that most sites promise, but none can deliver on. The main difference is that on this site, it works. You do not get situations where a person is much farther than it seemed or in a completely different place. Here the GPS works just as it should.

You may be interested in meeting more people offline, well, this platform can help you out with that. They have an excellent database of the hottest places to meet gay and bi guys. There is everything from bars, corners, coffee shops, and more options of spots to visit when you are looking for a hookup.

You can create a special folder with all your spicy content and then have it available just for the pre-authorized users. In the same manner, you can interchange that kind of material in the chat.

Something that may seem a little taboo for some but super attractive to others is hooking up with married guys. There are lots of guys who want to try new things and experiment. For that reason, this site has a special section for those guys, and you can meet them and help them explore their sexuality.

One more awesome thing about this site is the Cocktales section. That is a place where users can share their craziest stories for you to enjoy. Maybe you are a little bored or just want to read something spicy. All you have to do is go to the Cocktales section on this site and read the hottest, craziest, and most amazing real-life stories that other users share.

But this site is not only for chatting and reading fun stories. Here you can interact with users in many other ways. Messaging is fun, but it can get boring, and you cannot get to know a person through text. For that reason, this site offers video chats. Just take out your webcam and get into an incredibly hot cam session with any of the users on the site.

Or maybe you want to meet in person. For that, this site helps you to arrange meetings with other members.

This site offers lots of extra goodies like the communities and chat rooms. On this platform, you can find lots of chat rooms that discuss exciting topics. You can interact with other users in group chats, talk about things that you love, and meet awesome guys that share your passion.

In the same way, they offer community videos. Those are pretty much albums the users create where they add their personal videos. You can add those videos to your collection or create and upload your own for other users to enjoy.

Website Design & Usability

Squirt Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

All the design is focused on usability. You have beautiful big buttons and menus and a readable text, thanks to the contrasting color they use. When you enter the page, the first thing you see is all your notifications. They are displayed broad and bold at the top of the page, Broken down into categories like messages, likes, views, video, and community notifications.

Under that, you have the main buttons that help you navigate the interface. From there, you can access the live chat, cruising, and message board. In that same section, you have buttons for entering the community spaces like Cocktales, member videos, and cruise news. It is super easy to navigate because, with that single bar, you can get anywhere on the site.

A great addition to the interface is the “New guys section.” That is a small section at the left of your screen that displays all new profiles from guys who just joined the site. It is great because you can be the first to strike a conversation with the platform’s latest hotties.

And we get to the main part; at the center of the page, you have the search options. Those are there to help you filter the profiles that are being shown to you. It is a handy tool for those times when you are looking for something peculiar. At first, you will see the more basic version of the search. It allows you to filter by gender, location, photos, or if someone is online. To get into appearance, poses, preferences, and so on, you will need to open the advanced search options.

Now it gets fun; most of the pages have dozens of profiles that you can interact with. Each profile with an awesome guy, usually hot, who is ready to meet, talk, and most likely spend an exciting night with you.

Special Features

Squirt Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

Like many dating sites, they offer search functionality, but to that, they added some useful features. Not only can you filter profiles by appearance or location, but they also give more. In the search, you can select the positions you prefer, the kind of interactions you want, how much body grooming, or lack of, you prefer, and more. The options are awe-inspiring, so you can find the exact type of guy you want.

Other than that, you can filter by people in your area looking for dates on the same day or sooner. Moreover, they have an exceptional and unique feature. This page allows you to create and upload videos of yourself. That means that you can use a video to introduce who you are, show your attributes, and more. It will undoubtedly gain you more attention in comparison to just having pictures.

This platform has many features that help it feel more like a community than just a place for meeting dates. They have group chats where people can discuss various topics. Those circles around specific themes, and you can find the ones that match your likes and passions. The best part is that in those chats, you can find people who share those preferences, start talking in private, and hopefully get lucky.

Also, this platform is not only focused on chats and texts. As mentioned before, they allow you to upload videos, and not only that, but they have video chats too. Texting with someone is not the best way to meet people. A text cannot carry all the significance of a phrase because tone and expression play a crucial role in communication. For this reason, they added the option to video call other users. That way, you can meet them on a deeper level, and that is usually the first step before meeting in person.

How does Squirt Work?

Squirt Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

This site is super simple, and you can feel the intention of the designers. They wanted to create a platform that anyone can understand at a glance. They put a lot of effort into making the site intuitive, so anyone can become proficient in using the site after a couple of minutes of registering. For that reason, this site is highly praised among reviewers.

After creating an account, you can start meeting guys right away. Just look at the profiles shown on the main page of the site. Enter the ones that attract you most, and you can check their content like information and videos. Once you have found the ones you want to interact with, just send them a message and start having fun.

You also have the option to join group chats. There are lots of communities and conversations, each one with a specific theme. You can go to the ones that discuss topics that you are passionate about. It is an excellent strategy because you will meet lots of guys who share that passion with you, making communication easier. After meeting in a group chat, you can write to them privately and go from there.

Besides, this site is more than just a chatroom. Here you can find a big and active community. They have fantastic features like the CockTales section, where users share their best stories. Features like that can keep you busy for a long time while reading other users’ adventures. The group chats are also entertaining; plus, you can get to know the guys better in a more public environment.

One more thing to point out is, here you are not limited to text when communicating. Texting someone may be fun, but that is not enough to meet them. That is why this site offers video calls. That way, you can get to know someone much better and most likely set up a date.

Sign Up Process

Squirt Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

The process is as simple as you would expect from a site whose main demographic is guys looking for hookups. All you need to provide is your email, name, location, gender, and some optional details like extra info or photos.

Once that is done, go and confirm your email from your inbox, and you are all set. Now you can start using the service.

Users Profiles Quality

It is the strength of this platform. The profiles are fantastic and unlike profiles from any other site. The main difference is the possibility of uploading videos. It may not seem like a lot, but when you see how much that impacts interactions, you immediately agree that it makes a big difference. Most sites display pictures, physical characteristics, and preferences of the user. Here you have that too, plus the possibility to introduce yourself in video form.

Mobile Application

Squirt Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

They skipped on the app altogether and just made an amazing mobile version of the website. You are much better served using the mobile version of the site because that way, you do not lose any functionality, and it works flawlessly.

Squirt Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

  • Bling
  • WellHello
  • BeNaughty

Membership Price and Payment Method

For those who want full functionality and no restrictions, they offer the Fan Club Membership:

  • $6.95 for seven days.
  • $12.95 for 30 days.
  • $29.95 for 90 days.
  • $89.95 for one year.

You can pay using any credit card, money transfer, or sending them money via the postal service.

Free Membership Features

Squirt Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

Having free membership comes with a lot of restrictions. You still can use it, but you will quickly realize that it is much better to get a subscription. That drops all the ads and eliminates all the limits in messaging.

Premium Membership Features

As a premium member, you have full access to all the functionality mentioned before.

You can use:

  • Group chats.
  • Message other users.
  • Video Call them.
  • Read the Cocktales.
  • Add videos and check other users’ albums.
  • Everything the site offers is at your disposal.

Is Squirt Really Safe?

They do their best to ensure a safe experience. They always verify profiles and pay close attention to claims from users about abuse.


Squirt Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

With lots of unique features and an attractively trendy interface, this site is just perfect for its auditory. Guys are looking for hot boys to meet and hookup with will be very happy using this platform. There already is a vast user base, so meeting people is not a problem. Moreover, they have tons of unique features like video calls and video albums. Squirt is an excellent option for gay and bi guys.

How to Delete Squirt Account?

You can either deactivate your profile if you want to come back later and take off from where you left or simply delete your account completely. You can do it from the settings menu on your profile.

How to Message Someone on Squirt?

Just click on the “Mail” button on the profile of the user you want to message.

How to See Who Likes You on Squirt without Paying?

It is an option reserved for premium users.

How to Block Someone on Squirt?

Scroll down on the user’s profile, and at the bottom, you will see the “Block” button.

How to Cancel Squirt Subscription?

Squirt Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

They do not offer online canceling, which means you cannot cancel via email. To cancel your subscription, you can call them directly to guide you through the process.

Contact Information

  • Address: 2 Carlton Street, Suite 1600
  • Zip Code + City: M5B 1J3 Toronto
  • Country: Canada
  • Customer Support Email: dickhunter@squirt.org
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Blog
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