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Tantan Review 2021: Is It A Worthy Dating Site?

Tantan Review 2021: Is It A Worthy Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 92%
Popular age 20-30
Profiles 270.000 000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Genuine and verified profiles
  • Automatic location detection
  • Affordable fees
  • Some issues with uploading photos
  • Problematic matchmaking in rural areas

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Tantan turns out to be a dating application enabling its users to browse matches using a simple swiping technique. The company also offers its members to upload albums and also play various games.

A Detailed Glimpse At The Tantan Dating Platform

A Detailed Glimpse At The Tantan Dating Platform

Launched in 2019, Tantan appears to be the most popular mobile dating solution in India and China. With its unbelievably huge audience (up to 270 million users), it takes on such well-known apps as Bumble, Tinder, Truly Madly, Happn, and Azar. In terms of revenue gained, it’s a number three dating app worldwide after Bumble and Tinder.

The major age group on the platform is 20-30 that makes Tantan an ideal solution for the younger generation of the world’s two most populated countries. The female users dominate the site (about 70%).

Tantan exists only in the form of a mobile app. It responds to the need of its major audience – urban young people who prefer using their smartphones to surf the net.

The site mostly caters to heterosexual users. However, LGBT people can also make use of the dating platform.

Tantan is often confused with Tinder, and there’s a certain number of duplicated profiles. The site team currently tries to resolve this issue.

The given dating platform exploits a freemium model. So, here members are expected to shell out money for some value-added services. For a modest fee, they can learn who has liked their profile, for instance. They can also purchase a higher ranking in search results.

Tantan Usability And Design

Tantan Usability And Design

The mobile app design drops a hint that the dating platform caters to young singles – today’s smartphone users glued to the screens of the gadgets the whole day long. It’s so simple that after a couple of taps, you’ll become an advanced user. In addition to a fairly intuitive design, on the resource, you can also find a slew of useful features that can make your interaction with matches exciting and memorable. By the way, the bulk of its features is available to Tantan members at no cost.

Special Features Of Tantan

Like many other dating platforms, Tantan offers several exclusive features, using which you can greatly improve your dating experience.

  • Step-up: The given feature will make you more visible for other Tantan users by at least ten times. As a result, more potential partners will look through your page. Here you will have to shell out money for every super like. Being a premium member, you can count on five super likes a day. By the way, the app’s rival, Tinder, provides super likes for free. Unfortunately, purchasing super likes separately is impossible on the platform.
  • Video Chat: It’s much better than merely sending text messages. In this case, you’ll see the face of your interlocutor that adds more intimacy to your communication.

Tantan: How To Use It?

Tantan: How To Use It

The mobile application is built around the swiping technique. In this regard, it has much in common with other modern dating mobile applications.

Having downloaded it, register an account, following tips provided by the dating resource. As soon as you become a registered member of Tantan, it’s time to work on your profile, filling it with intriguing facts about your personality. By the way, if you sign up via Facebook, your newly-created profile will come already filled with the data specified in your social media account.

With a detailed page, you can get down to matching – myriads of potential partners will show up on your page. If you appreciate a person’s profile, have it swiped right. Respectively, to reject it, simply swipe him or her left.

As for the number of Tantan user profiles at your disposal, it solely depends on the place of your residence. So, if there aren’t many folks using this app in your area, here you can count on a few matches. On the contrary, in an area stuffed with Tantan users, it’s possible to get enough potential partners. However, it’s an app, in the end, an extremely flexible thing in terms of location. You only need to move to another place with a smartphone at hand to get more matches.

The greatest advantage of this app is that it offers matches living in your vicinity, which is very convenient for any users.

By the way, even if there aren’t any people registered with Tantan in your area, anyway, the app will keep looking for matches, but they will not be from your neighborhood. That’s the Automatic Distance feature. Have it disabled if you are reluctant to see folks who don’t reside in your area. By the way, you can disable this stuff at no cost.

Once you like someone on the app and get the same response in return, we congratulate you on your first match. It’s high time to get down to text messaging or video chatting.

Tantan allows you to add no more than six photographs. If you have any updates, add them to your Moment section. Your partners will be aware of what you post in this tab.

Every 24 hours, your swipes will be automatically renewed. Respectively, it’s up to you to thoroughly check the user pages before you make a final decision.

How To Register With Tantan

How To Register With Tantan

If you have made up your mind to become a registered Tantan member, there are two options at your disposal. You can use your telephone number or your existing Facebook account. If you choose the second option, you will save a lot of time. In this case, the dating platform will automatically take all the necessary personal details of yours from the Facebook profile. If you choose to use your mobile phone number, you will require inputting a special verification code that the application will send to your smartphone. Moreover, you will need to specify your birthday. Once you do this, it will automatically determine your zodiac sign.

Tantan Profiles: How Informative They Are?

On the dating platform, the vast majority of profiles aren’t detailed enough because it allows users to skip specifying many details. On Tantan, the easiest way to get familiar with your matches is to go to the Moments section. That’s the place where users post interesting updates, in particular, pictures. Alternatively, to get matches, just play the quiz game accessible in the chat section. By the way, it’s possible to view all the photographs of Tantan users for free.

Tantan Mobile App

Tantan Mobile App

The mobile application boasts a slew of exciting features. Many experts find it a good combination of a dating site as well as a social media application. That’s one of many reasons why so many people choose Tantan today. The platform’s members are used to demonstrating the highest activity in the Moments section. You can download this mobile application at no cost. Just visit Google Play or Apple Store for this purpose.

Cycling Through Tantan Alternatives

  • On this dating platform, let’s have dinner: male members are expected to offer a dinner date. Accordingly, a woman interested in this proposal may sign up for this. The male participants are free to pick up a woman for the scheduled event. By the way, the female site members can offer such a date too. That’s undoubtedly a promising way to start a new relationship and impress your potential sweetheart.
  • Palpitation: It has much in common with Tantan. Dubbed in Chinese Xintiao, Palpitation offers a wide range of opportunities to find a worthy match. On this dating platform, participants are required to specify their interests by filling out corresponding fields. As we know, Tantan’s design was copied from Tinder’s one. Palpitation offers something different in this regard – its user interface is 100% original. Unlike Tantan, this app can’t offer such worthy features as age- or distance-based search filters. The application provides its users with two matches daily. It may not be enough for some people.
  • Heartbeat: That’s another example of a unique Chinese dating app. It focuses on college dating learners. All members require submitting institutional credentials to make use of this mobile application. The app is also known for its outstanding search system, which is really effective when it comes to seeking relevant matches.
  • Momo: This mobile application greatly differs from what we have mentioned above, including Tantan. Not so long ago, it was a regular dating-focused mobile application. Then, the owner decided to transform the project into an interest-based social media app. However, many newcomers still confuse it with a standard dating solution. It’s quite difficult to use this stuff because of its features that often confuse users. It’s possible to spot pals in your area, enjoy mini-games, and join user-generated groups. By the way, Momo is popular not only with Chinese users. It actively attracts dating enthusiasts from all over the world.

Tantan Payment Options And Pricing

If you have decided to become a premium member of Tantan, get ready to deal with the following fees:

  • For $55, you can purchase a year of a premium subscription;
  • Three months of this package will cost you $17;
  • To purchase just one month of the premium subscription, you need to shell out $9.
  • You can use the following payment options:
  • Credit cards;
  • SMS.

What Can You Get Here For Free?

If you appear to be a free user of Tantan, then on this dating platform you can:

  • Play various games;
  • Like the site profiles;
  • Enjoy up to 120 swipes daily;
  • Register;
  • Edit your profile;
  • Use search filters;
  • Use the Moments section;
  • Exchange messages with other members.

As you see, Tantan allows its free users a lot. They can even send messages at no cost, which is rarely available on other dating platforms.

Being A Gold Member On The Platform

Being A Gold Member On The Platform

If you manage to become a paid user of this dating resource, you can:

  • Learn how many times a particular member reviewed your profile;
  • Obtain a catchy badge;
  • Enjoy unlimited swipes;
  • Have your nick highlighted in other users’ search outcomes;
  • Enjoy “Rewinds” without any limits;
  • Adjust the location filter;
  • Grasp five super likes daily.

Is Tantan Really Safe?

Is Tantan Really Safe

Despite all the indisputable virtues of this dating platform, it’s possible to discern a lot of fake profiles. They constantly show up on the app despite the latter making its users verify their ID via phone numbers. Any suspicious profile can be pended by the Tantan administration.

Because the dating project has many fake accounts, it increases the likelihood of being victimized by scams. They may bombard you with naughty messages and even ask for your bank account details. Fortunately, at any time, you can report them. They don’t have the right to stay on the dating platform. The site administration strives to be quick when it comes to deleting fraud accounts.

In addition to this, some Tantan users complain about flocks of prostitutes on the dating resource. Despite the illegal status of this activity in China, the app is another place where you can meet them, to our great regret. If you come across a profile that reportedly has to do with prostitution, feel free to report it immediately. As a result, the site support team will have this stuff blocked as it should be. On the other hand, it’s up to the administration to timely detect and remove such illegal profiles because Tantan users rarely have enough time to distinguish prostitutes from genuine accounts. So, here we may say that it’s a huge downside of this dating platform. Because of this, some people may not want to join this online community.

Besides this, some Tantan participants are dissatisfied with the fact that they are charged several times even if they have had their profiles closed. The matter is that on Tantan, closing your account isn’t equal to cancel your subscription. We should note that your subscription is pegged to iTunes and not directly to the dating platform. As follows from this, these members would better go to their iTunes account to have the Tantan subscription canceled.

The site tries to improve the situation with safety. If your page is given the status “under review,” it means that you require verification.

If you wish to have your page hidden from other users for security reasons, you can simply go to the Settings section and tip the members who shouldn’t see you.



It feels like this resource has made a revolution in mobile dating. The company has introduced a slew of worthy innovations that you can enjoy free of charge. The given mobile application enables you to reach out to the best possible matches for an extremely short period. Once you register with Tantan, you’ll be instantly surrounded by tasty matches and bombarded by tempting messages.

The app also comes with the distinctive features of a social media site. It drastically enhances the communication capability on the dating platform. Despite a certain number of fake profiles, your security there will not be seriously affected.

Perhaps, what this mobile application lacks in contrast with its numerous rivals is sensuality – it’s relatively low on the platform. Its competitors offer more attractive games as well as other hot stuff. On the other hand, if you require something resembling an ordinary social networking website, Tantan can give you this.

If you want to date safely on Tantan, then it makes sense to keep to some worthy recommendations. We just want to disclose the major distinctive features of a fake profile. As a rule, such a profile:

  • Comes with a QR code, telephone number, WeChat ID mentioned in fields where it shouldn’t be (the dating application prohibits it);
  • Has no photograph;
  • Comes without a description;
  • Is stuffed with horny pictures.

Once you come across a profile with any of the features mentioned above, immediately report it. Furthermore, if it seems to you that you’re dealing with a suspicious account, go to WeChat to make a video call. By the way, some scams demand audio calls. As a rule, they don’t agree to have a video session with you because this way, they will disclose themselves.

Just stay cautious all the time, and scams will not be able to do you harm on Tantan. As you see, scams can’t spoil a generally positive impression of the dating platform. The best proof of it is the huge site audience – more than 270 million users. Keep in mind that each time you forget to report a fake profile or neglect it, you can become their victim tomorrow. If all the users of Tantan follow this simple recommendation, scams will finally leave this dating resource and never get back.

How Can I Delete My Tantan Account?

For this purpose, you require going to the Settings section. In the lower part, you’ll discover the button “Delete my profile.”

How To Exchange Messages With Other Tantan Members?

How To Exchange Messages With Other Tantan Members

Tantan offers a great number of communication options. For example, on this dating platform, you can not only send regular text messages but also share pictures and videos. If you are willing to have your interaction improved, you are welcome to play a quiz game. This way, you can get to know your potential partner much better. By the way, the quiz games on the app vary from intimate to basic. Both sides are expected to give their consent to play it.

How Can I learn that Someone Liked Me At No Cost?

Unfortunately, this service is provided only to paid users of Tantan.

How Can I Block A Tantan User?

If you are reluctant to see this particular member’s updates, simply have it blocked by simply pressing a corresponding button.

How Should I Cancel My Tantan subscription?

You can’t do it in the Setting tab. Instead, you should turn to your iTunes account where you can do this.

Tantan Contact Information

  • Company Name:
  • Address: 409, 4th Floor, Building 9, Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100020, China
  • Zip Code + City:
  • Country:
  • Customer Support Email: support@tantanapp.com
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
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