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Three Day Rule Review 2021– Is it Perfect or Scam?

Three Day Rule Review 2021– Is it Perfect or Scam?
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Date with older guy 1%
Reply rate 70%
Popular age 30-35
Beauty 48%
Profiles 2 460 000
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Visit rate 7.3
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The site allows its users to accept or reject matches each time it comes up with a match.
  • The site has people working behind to find perfect matches for its users. The matches will be made based on the likes, dislikes, lifestyles, interests, needs, desires, and aspirations of the user. It is a real person who makes the matches.
  • The site makes sure that the data and information provided by the users are safe and secure. It takes special care in this case and takes the requirements to ensure that none of the data is leaked or published unless the user wants it.
  • The site allows its users to go for a free membership. Matches are made available for these free members too.
  • The Three Day Rule offers the best help and support to its users. The team working behind the site is ready to help 24/7.
  • The site's information is stored and used for future reference and matchmaking during the registration.
  • The price to be paid for membership is quite high as compared to other online dating sites. But as the site uses real people to make the matches, so the money you spend is worth it.
  • Even though free membership is possible, the site gives access to all its features only to the paid members. One has to pay the definite amount fixed by the website to enjoy all the privileges and site features.

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This site is the perfect matchmaker for all those who are busy with their careers but don’t want to put their love life on stake. The success stories of hundreds of pairs who met over this platform prove the same. Busy people can completely rely on the site because it looks for one’s perfect soulmate just the way that person will, and come up with potential matches to choose from.

Three Day Rule came into existence in 2013 after Talia Goldstein quitted her job as a TV producer and interested in matchmaking. Her love for matchmaking made her come up with such an enterprise to help millions find their love.

The name of the website is something different and catchy. Talia took the name from the movie “Swingers,” where the leading character waited three days before calling up a girl he had just met. Since 2013 the company has grown into one of the most trustworthy and legitimate online dating sites with headquarters in LA and offices in Boston, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington DC.

The site works passionately for finding the love of every one of their clients. It uses information about its members, their aspirations, lifestyles, needs, desires, accomplishments, etc. It uses these details to find the perfect match. The site also offers different features for its users to make the match finding entertaining and tireless.

Expert’s review of Three Day Rule

Expert's review of Three Day Rule

As already mentioned above, it was Talia Goldstein who founded the website. It was out of her love for matchmaking that she decided to quit her job and turn to this field. The result of this decision was a website that became a life changer for many.

The site has been rated 4 out of 5 by many of its customers. It shows the acceptability and the love of the site, and its services have been receiving from people worldwide. The very time it was launched has had millions of users, and it continues to help millions.

Most people using the site belong to 27 – 35 of age and search for serious relationships rather than just fun chats and friendship. Surveys say that almost 380,000 active members are using the site to get their matches to choose from. The site is open to people belonging to any country, race or ethnic group, or any sexual orientation and allows the users to be specific about the type of person they want as their pair. The website stores all this information and searches for its users without making them spend their whole time in this. Through the site, the users are hiring a person to look for their prospective matches online.

Design and Usability

Design and Usability

The clean and straightforward design of the website makes it easier for the users to browse through. Just a click on the feature that you want will take you to it. All the features are clearly labeled; thus, it is sure that the users will not face any difficulty in finding them.

The easy to understand and well-organized structure also adds up to the overall design and usability. The icons are presented on the upper part of the website, and each of them represents different features provided by the site. The process of searching is also straightforward as it is arranged accordingly.

Looking at the site’s overall appearance, it is clear that it has a simple but catchy design. It has a black background with red and white font colors, making it look classy.

Special Features

Some of the noticeable features of the site include:

  • The site combines technology with humans. It does not work completely based on computer algorithms; it inserts a human third party in between to make the matches. Technology is combined with human intuitions in the process of matchmaking to make sure that every one of the clients gets their matches in the way they desired for.
  • Three Day Rule does not have any user profiles. The information provided during the registration time does not make a profile for the user; instead, they are stored in the website’s member data securely. This means that the users do not have to find the right words and striking quotes to express themselves; they also do not have to spend hours searching for someone interesting through others’ profiles. The site will do all these jobs for its users.
  • Users can choose between a free membership and paid membership. It is free to sign up to the site, but only paid members will get a personal matchmaker to work tirelessly for them. Free members will be invited for dates only if they become possible matches for paid members.
  • The signing up process is straightforward. It takes less than a minute to sign up and start using the site. The site only asks for necessary information at this early stage.
  • The site gathers more information about its users through in-person meetings. The users will be called up for meetings, and during the meeting, the matchmaker will collect all the information they need like upbringing, exes, likes, dislikes, etc. through asking questions. After each meeting, the matchmakers will add details to their system and classify people based on their personality types. It makes the whole thing more authentic because it prevents users from giving inaccurate information about themselves.
  • Once the matchmakers have found matches, they meet the person and later send a photo and short bio created by the matchmaker to the paid member. If the paid member is interested, they do the follow-up.
  • Dating advice and coaching are provided to users.
  • Postdate feedbacks are collected and analyzed by the site for future purposes.

How Three Day Rule Works?

How Three Day Rule Works?

The site has clear knowledge about its users’ interests, likes, desires, aspirations, and needs and works accordingly to meet them. Anyone can become a part of its users’ huge community and start receiving its benefits by signing up. It has a huge number of singles waiting to find their soulmate.

After signing up, the matchmakers working for the site looks for matches within their databases, and even on streets. The website also works hand in hand with other dating websites that provide access to their network. Users can choose from free membership and paid membership. Only paid members will be given a personal matchmaker to look and find pairs for them. Free members have only limited access to the site, just like any other dating site, but they will be called on for dates if they match some paid member requirements.

Once the match is made, the matchmaker will meet the person and make sure that the match is a good one. After this, the paid member gets to see a photo and short bio of their pair. If the paid member is interested, then the contact details will be shared, and dates will be arranged. The site then asks for postdate feedbacks for its better working.

Sign up Process

Sign up Process

The signing up process is quite easy. You have to click on the “get started” button on the top right corner of the home page. A new page asking for necessary information like name, profession, age, birthday, contact, etc. will pop up. This needs to be filled, and email id should also be provided. Then the site asks the users to agree with the terms and conditions after reading it properly so that the site can be accessed. It will begin a free account for the user; if further features are needed, the user must pay for it. In case of any violation of the terms and conditions, the account will be terminated.

Users Profile Quality

Users Profile Quality

The profiles of every user are available to matchmakers, and they do the searching for possible matches. It is the reason why the site asks for some personal information during the process of signing up. Some may find the process of giving information tiring, but it is essential because it is based on this information that the matchmaker will classify the users and do the searching. So people who are in search of serious relationships should make sure that they give the correct information.

The initial information should include the name, profession, age, birthday, contact details, and email id. Once this is done, there will be a more detailed questioning that needs to be answered with at most accuracy and correctness. The matchmaker will assess the users based on this information and try to find out matches that suit them.

Mobile Application

Three Day Rule is not available for its users in the form of a mobile app. The users can use the mobile browser to log in to the site, but no app is available. It makes the website less convenient than other websites because all other dating sites have an app version of itself to make it easier for the users.

Three Day Rule Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

Some of the top competitors to Three Day Rule are Kelleher, Its Just Lunch, Mesoestetic USA, and Coffee Meets Bagel, JDate, eharmony, and Scalematrix.

Memberships Price and Payment Method

Memberships Price and Payment Method

As already said, the site offers two types of membership. The first one is a free membership and can be made by anyone simply through signing up. All they have to do is sign up and wait for them to be matched with paid members. The second type of membership is paid membership; these members get access to all the site features and a personal matchmaker to work for them.

People who want to have a paid membership can choose from two available plans.

  • $5000 for 3-6 matches in three months
  • $7500 for 6-12 matches in six months

Both these packages include dating advice, photoshoots, coaching, etc. the site also allows users to have online dating strategy services through skype. It is a 50-minute session; users can buy more of such sessions for an extra fee if needed.

Free Membership Features

Free members are those users who have signed up to the site but haven’t chosen or paid to update themselves as a paid member. These members will not get complete access to the site, just like all other online dating sites. All they can do is wait for themselves to get matched with some paid members.

The main privilege members get compared to the free members is that they get a personal matchmaker who will work for them tirelessly and come up with possible matches. The matchmakers take special care to ensure that the matches they come up with suits the user well. They meet the users in-person to know more about them. Once matches are made, these matchmakers meet the possible match and make sure that they are perfect for the paid member.

Is Three Day Rule Really Safe?

Is Three Day Rule Really Safe?

The site gives at most importance to the privacy and safety of its members. They make sure that none of the information collected from the users gets leaked or published somewhere else. They also do not allow third-parties into their site. They make sure that their users have a safe date, so they even arrange dates. The matchmakers are always available for the users in case they have some concerns or queries about safety.

The site also has a support team that allows users to email them if they find someone violating the terms and conditions of the site, doing offensive things, or asking for money, which is against the company’s policies.



Three Day Rule is the perfect dating site for you if you search for your soulmate and a serious relationship rather than just roaming around and having fun chats. The highly professional matchmaking system makes it desirable and convenient for many. It is the perfect dating site for celebrities and other known people who do not want the world to know that they are searching for a soulmate. It is one site that gives importance to matchmaking and security equally.

The majority of questions asked are given below-

How to delete a Three Day Rule account?

There is no provision as such to delete accounts. But, the site makes sure that none of the information provided gets leaked. The site has the complete authority to terminate accounts if found to be violating the terms and conditions.

How to message on Three Day Rule?

The site does not offer any messaging feature to its users. It is just that the site provides the users with contact information of prospective matches if they want to take things forward.

How to see who likes you on the Three Day Rule without paying?

Unlike other dating sites, there is no such feature available on the Three Day Rule.

How to block someone on Three Day Rule?

Users can email the site’s support system if they find any member misbehaving or violating the terms and conditions, and the site will make sure that it takes needed action to provide a safe service to its users.

How to cancel Three Day Rule subscription?

Cancelation of the subscription is not possible as of now.

Contact Information

Company: Three Day Rule

Address: Greater Los Angeles Area, West Coast, Western US

Zip Code + city: Los Angeles, California

Country: USA

Customer Support Email: support@threedayrule.com




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