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AirG Review 2021-Perfect or Scam?

AirG Review 2021-Perfect or Scam?
About Girls
Date with older guy 1%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 92%
Popular age 20-21
Profiles 2.200.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The App is available for free.
  • It is easy to create an account on the platform.
  • The App and the site are user-friendly.
  • The platform offers access to many features for the free account.
  • VIP services are reasonably priced.
  • Pop up ads for free users.

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AirG is a platform where users can flirt, chat, and make friends with people who share their interests. Therefore, if you are interested in meeting new, interesting friends in your city or traveling, and you would love to find a new romantic experience, you need to try AirG.

Apart from the website, AirG is also available on Android and iOS dating online . Before you decide whether this is the best platform for you to do some research, this AirG Review gives you an insight into what the site has to offer and help you make an informed choice. Read on to find out more about AirG social networking platform.

Expert’s Review of AirG

AirG Review 2020-Perfect or Scam?

AirG is a social networking platform that offers users a place to interact with each other as well as access to a multiplayer game suite. The brand was launched in April 2000 to provide mobile entertainment content. The service provider is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. AirG provides its users with different products, including:

  • Mobile games – the software company offers multiplayer games for its users. Some of their mobile games include AtomicDove and Big Barn World.
  • Mobile chat – the company was at the forefront of providing mobile-only social networking solutions.
  • Mobile advertising – AirG has also partnered with other players in different industries to offer advertising solutions.

The following are other facts about AirG:

  • Quantity members – The site boasts of a membership of more than 100 million members across the globe.
  • Sexual orientation– the site admits users with different sexual preferences. Therefore, whether you are gay, lesbian, or heterosexual, you’ll find someone that interests you on the platform.
  • Age-the platform is strict on the age of the members admitted. The age of the users is distributed from 18 to 55+. Most of the users are between the age of 21 and 35.
  • Race & Ethnicity – because of its availability to users from different countries, you will encounter users from all over the world coming from different ethnic backgrounds.

Website Design & Usability

AirG Review 2020-Perfect or Scam?

AirG dating has a responsive and interactive website. The platform was created to be used on both the desktop and Android platforms. The design of the site is simple and comfortable-to-use. It uses the dashboard outline on the home page, making it easy for users to navigate from one section of the site to another.

There are no sophisticated graphics on the site that would affect the time it takes to load. The site loads efficiently and quickly with no hitches. It is also easy for the users to fill out their profiles as the site provides preset answers to help create a standard profile.

It also has used conventional icons for search, mail, notifications, and drop-down menu. Therefore, the users don’t have to learn anything new before they start using the site. This design also helps to improve the user experience, as most features are not strange.

Special Features

Once you log into your account, you’ll have access to the following unique features:

  • Chat – the chat feature on AirG is unique. Unlike other chat features on artist dating sites , it has unique categorization. You can view chats by categories, recent chats, or those in your chat rooms. You can create your chat room or join an existing one. Under categories, you can chat and view other users’ comments in the following categories:
  • USA – here, you can chat with users from various states in the USA.
  • Canada– this category gives you access to users from different parts of Canada.
  • Hot Topics– this feature allows you to chat with other users on various subjects making headlines.
  • Regional-this feature allows users to join chats with users from specific regions from around the world.
  • User Rooms – this feature allows you to access various chat rooms created by other users.
  • Forum – you can use this special feature to join discussion forums on various topics. Some categories listed on AirG include general discussions, lifestyle, games, movies, and relationships. You can share your thoughts and comment on other users’ thoughts as well.
  • Games & Entertainment-this feature gives you access to games offered by AirG Inc. this allows you to enjoy other services offered by the company.
  • Friend Updates– with this feature, the App notifies you of activity by your friends. Whenever people listed as your friends do any activity, you’ll see that update on this feature.
  • My Friends-under the friends feature, you’ll be able to view which of your friends are online. This helps when you are looking for friends to chat with.
  • AirMail– this feature gives you access to website mail sent to you by other users.
  • AirG Buzz– This section of the site contains the topics trending currently that are placed in different categories for easy browsing.

How does AirG work?

AirG Review 2020-Perfect or Scam?

Once you log in to your account, you’ll be redirected to the home page of the App. On the home page, you’ll be able to view your friends and other users on the platform who are online.

You can also search for other users using the “Discover” tab if you are using the App. Here, you can search for other users who share similar interests to you.

To refine your search to get the most suitable matches, the platform allows you to use the following search filters:

  • You can filter users by what they are looking for (you’ll select from: girls, girls seeking boys, girls seeking girls, boys, boys seeking girls or boys seeking boys).
  • You can also filter your search by setting the age range of the users you are interested in.
  • The App also gives you the option of filtering your search using the language they speak and country of origin.
  • You can also check the checkbox next to “Online Now” to get users that are currently online.

When you come across a user that interests you, click on their profile picture to access their profile. If the user has set their profile as private, you cannot view it. You’ll have to send them a friend request; if they accept your application, you’ll have access to their profile.

But, if the user profile is available for public viewing, you can see their age, gender, location, and description of themselves and their interests. You’ll also view their photos and comments from other users.

You can also send other users gifts, or block them if you notice predatory behavior from them. The App also allows you to send other users private messages and photos.

You can also find your potential matches using other features of the App. You should, therefore, join forums and chatrooms and actively contribute to discussions, you might find someone in these forums who likes you or shares your interests.

Sign Up Process

AirG Review 2020-Perfect or Scam?

The sign-up process on AirG is straightforward. To successfully create an account, follow these steps:

  • Provide a username – use a unique username that gives other users a hint of who you are and what you are seeking.
  • Create a password – create a secure password that you’ll use for the platform.
  • Click “Sign Up”- once you click the Sign-Up button, you consent to the terms and conditions of the AirG.
  • Before you can proceed, you’ll have to confirm that you are of legal age by providing your birthdate.
  • If you are of legal age, the App will let you know that your age verification was successful and activate the “Come on in” button. Click the button to complete the registration process.

After you complete the registration process, you can log into your newly created account using your username and password.

User Profiles Quality

User profiles are not very comprehensive, but they contain enough information to help you decide. Since the site is for hookups, socializing, and friendships, the profiles’ nature are different from those in sites where users are looking for serious relationships.

However, you should take your time to fill out your profile information to increase your chances of finding a match. The site requires you to provide the following information for your profile to be complete:

  • Profile picture – you should provide a profile picture. There are no restrictions on the type of image you use here, but consider using one that has your face. This makes it easy for other users to trust you. Avoid using pictures of celebrities.
  • Gender
  • Location – if you are using the App, you must allow the app access to your device’s location to pick your location coordinates using your phone’s GPS automatically.

Your profile will also show your account type.

  • About me– here, you’ll provide a brief description of who you are. Be as descriptive as you can to let the other users understand who you are.
  • Interests – this section makes other users understand what your interests are. It is essential to fill this section with your profile as it allows other users to determine whether you share similar interests.

Other details- you should also fill in these other details to complete your profile:

  • Ethnicity.
  • What you are seeking.
  • Your marital status.
  • Physical attributes.
  • Education background.
  • Lifestyle – whether you smoke or drink.
  • Occupation and income.
  • Religion and politics.
  • Comments.

It would be best if you ensure that your profile reflects your personality. Use descriptive words as much as possible in areas you are required to talk about yourself. The photos you upload on the site should also correspond to your dating interests on the platform.

Mobile Application

AirG Review 2020-Perfect or Scam?

AirG is a mobile application that runs on both Android and iOS platforms. You can download and install the App for free from Google Play Store or the App Store. You’ll access all the functionalities you can access from the website on the mobile App.

Usability is enhanced on the mobile App as its design works well with the touch input devices. If you prefer to access the services from the browser, you can also access the website’s mobile version.

AirG Alternatives and Similar Websites and Apps

  • Hookt – Hookt is a social networking app that lets you share, message, and chat with your friends in private. Most of the services are available for free.
  • Hitwe – this is also a free social discovery platform, with over 100 million users from across the world. Just like AirG, you don’t have to wait for matches; you can enjoy other features on the site.
  • Badoo– Badoo is a popular social networking and dating site. It is the go-to site for people looking for friends, chat, social networking, and hookups with single ladies. The services are not entirely free; you’ll have to pay some premium to access some functionalities.

Membership Price and Payment Method

AirG Review 2020-Perfect or Scam?

The platform offers both free and paid services. You can use the free version membership to get to know the services offered by the site and decide whether you will upgrade your account.

Free Membership Features

With a free membership account referred to as a basic account on the platform gives you access to the following services:

  • Account and profile creation.
  • Searching for potential matches.
  • Chat with other users.
  • Send and receive private messages to other users.
  • Join or create a chat room.
  • Access and comment on forums.
  • Comment on other users’ profiles.
  • Send and accept friend requests.
  • Block users.
  • Make your profile private.

Premium Membership Features

AirG Review 2020-Perfect or Scam?

When you upgrade to a VIP account, you’ll have access to the following additional services:

  • Check who saw your profile.
  • Add effects to your photos to make them more attractive.
  • Give gifts to people you like.
  • Access to exclusive emoticons.
  • Have a VIP badge.
  • The site will not interrupt your browsing with pop up adverts.

You can select from the following plans:

  • Monthly Pass – 0.27 USD / Day
  • Day Pass- 0.50 USD / Day

You can pay for your subscription from your PayPal account.

Is AirG really safe?

Your safety in online dating platforms is essential. You are required to complement the security measures by the site to stay safe. For example, this being a social networking site, the

profiles are not scrutinized thoroughly. As a result, you’ll probably come across fake accounts. You can help the website keep you safe whenever you come across a fake account by reporting it to the site admin.

To identify a fake user, browse through the comments on their profile. Keenly observe what other users are saying about that user. Try to check them out on other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. If there are any inconsistencies, then there is a higher chance that the user is not genuine.

Avoid revealing too much personal information on the site. Scammers are always on every site looking for unsuspecting users to devour. Read the blogs and other forums on the site to learn from other users’ experiences and avoid making the same mistakes.

You can also browse the internet for AirG reviews by current and previous users to learn from their insights on their experiences on the platform. The biggest secret to staying safe on online dating platforms and social networks is always listening to your gut feeling.


AirG Review 2020-Perfect or Scam?

AirG provides users with a platform to meet new friends, chat on various issues, and hook up. On the site, you’ll find users from all over the world interested in different things. You’ll find the AirG an ideal platform if you are a fun person who loves to socialize with other people sharing insights on different aspects.

The site is user-friendly; the app and website designs are simple and easy to navigate. You can access many features for free, but your experience will be significantly enhanced when you upgrade to the VIP account.

You’ll be secure on the platform as long as you are cautious as you interact with other users. Before jumping into a dating platform, determine your dating objectives, then look for sites that can meet your objectives. Look at their reviews before you determine which among the choices is the best.

Got any questions? Check out the following FAQ-list to discover if this platform fits you.

How to delete AirG account?

Your account will be automatically deleted if there is no activity for 180 days. Therefore, to delete your account, do not log in to it for 180 days. If you have any subscriptions, cancel them.

How to message someone on AirG?

To send messages to other users, click on their profile photo to access their profile. You can leave them a message from here.

How to see who likes you on AirG without paying?

To see who likes you with a free account, you can view your feeds and see if there are any messages or friend requests from other users.

How to block someone on AirG?

To block a user, you access their profile by clicking their username or profile photo. While on their profile, scroll to the bottom and click on the block button to block them. If you are using the App, once you access the user’s profile, click on the ellipses in the top right corner and click on the block option.

How to cancel AirG subscription?

To cancel your paid subscription, email billinginquiries@airg.com with your AirG username and email address linked to your PayPal account and the date of purchase.

Contact Information

AirG Review 2020-Perfect or Scam?
  • Company Name: AirG, Inc.
  • Address: 1200-89 West Georgia Street
  • Zip Code + City: Vancouver B.C
  • Country: Canada
  • Customer Support Email: info@airg.com
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Blog: airg.com/next/forums
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