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Is the Vanilla Umbrella a Perfect site or it is a Scam?

Is the Vanilla Umbrella a Perfect site or it is a Scam?
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Pros and Cons

  • There are few fake profiles at the Vanilla Umbrella dating platform.
  • There are strict regulations that make the site safe for use.
  • The website can be accessed on Android and iOS mobile devices.
  • Notifications work perfectly.
  • New users can only join the Vanilla Umbrella matchmaking site through invitation.
  • The number of users is small compared to most online dating platforms.
  • It is not easy to meet a match close to you.
  • The site navigation buttons can be cumbersome.

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Vanilla Umbrella software application is not a scam. It is a legit online dating platform that assists people who love BDSM to meet each other. There is an app for both Android and iOS devices. Should you wish to join the platform, you will get all the details you need to know in this review. The platform members, registering process, charges, and more will get covered here. Go on reading to see why this platform is regarded as one of the best legit online dating places.

The advantages and disadvantages of Vanilla Umbrella software application are as below.

Advantages of the site:

  • There are few fake profiles at the Vanilla Umbrella dating platform.
  • There are strict regulations that make the site safe for use.
  • The website can be accessed on Android and iOS mobile devices.
  • Notifications work perfectly.

Disadvantages of the site:

  • New users can only join the Vanilla Umbrella matchmaking site through invitation.
  • The number of users is small compared to most online dating platforms.
  • It is not easy to meet a match close to you.
  • The site navigation buttons can be cumbersome.

Vanilla Umbrella Introduction

The Vanilla Umbrella platform aims to enable users to meet in various situations. This includes swingers, couples, friends, and others. This dating service is growing very fast. This is probably because the owners are strict about how people behave on their platform. Also, customer care representatives are always ready to deal with those who do not adhere to the specified rules. And like most dating services, Vanilla Umbrella site offers the best place for users who are interested in a relationship to meet like-minded individuals. This site is becoming highly beneficial, especially to people that just want BDSM dating.

More Information About the Vanilla Umbrella Software Application

Vanilla Umbrella Review


Vanilla Umbrella is a free software application that allows instant chatting. It was created in 2015. People who are interested in BDSM, bondage, and DDLG lifestyle are the right people to use this service. It is offered in English, and its last update was in the year 2015. It can be installed on Android and iOS devices.

The file size is 14.68 MB, and it can be downloaded at the Vanilla Umbrella site. Users only need to click a green download icon at the site to get this app. The link for downloading it is safe, but it is recommended to scan the file using an antivirus.


Vanilla Umbrella Review

The majority of people who join Vanilla Umbrella are looking for serious partners or relationships. So, anyone that just wants to have fun, this might not be the right site to join.

Vanilla Umbrella is the invite-only dating service that emphasizes on offering the safest environment. This platform might appear rough. However, users can only find serious people there. The females on this site make up for forty-five percent of the members. The remaining fifty-five percent are males.

Race and ethnicity

The people found at Vanilla Umbrella BDSM platform are from countries such as the UK, America, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, and others. So, you can find black, Asian, White, or Latino people.

Sexual orientation

This refers to who a person is sexually attracted to. The categories of sexual orientation are as below.

  • Heterosexuals: These are people who have feelings for people who are not their gender.
  • Bisexuals: These are people who have sexual feelings for either men or women.
  • Homosexuals: These are people who have sexual feelings for people of their sex.

At Vanilla Umbrella dating platform, you can find gays, bisexuals, and straight people.


Vanilla Umbrella dating site welcomes all users provided they are above eighteen years.

Vanilla Umbrella Site Design and Usability

Vanilla Umbrella Review

Vanilla Umbrella site has one of the best designs. It has a dark background that simplifies viewing during navigation. The navigating icons are additionally not complicated for members. There are two drop-down icons on the upper part of the display.

Special Features at Vanilla Umbrella Software Application

Vanilla Umbrella Review
  • Safety feature

Vanilla Umbrella offers a great feature meant for safety. This feature needs a pin after display timeout. That allows for improved privacy, and it restricts unauthorized access to user’s profiles even when their phones are stolen.

  • Cost flexibility

Vanilla Umbrella is quite costly compared to most matchmaking services. But this site can form a flexible paying structure that users like so much.

  • Open chatting

This is another interesting Vanilla Umbrella service. With it, people will communicate with different site members without even making any payment first. But bear in mind that you might later need to subscribe to enjoy this matchmaking platform. But largely, users will communicate with the members whose photos or profiles match what they are looking for.

  • Customer service

Vanilla Umbrella platform members are guaranteed a perfect customer support service. The support representatives can be contacted using email. Responses to all emails are gotten within one day.

  • Privacy and safety

The security measures at the Vanilla Umbrella matchmaking platform shouldn’t be taken lightly. Dating services are not allowed in most places worldwide, and the pin feature makes this dating service exceptional. If it is about privacy and security, this platform has done everything well. This is a private and safe place for dating. Users only join through invitation, and the pin settings offer user privacy also.

How the Vanilla Umbrella Platform Operates

Vanilla Umbrella Review

People who need to register at the Vanilla Umbrella platform can get an invitation code for free. The codes are issued as per their availability. Users can see people who are near them using the searching option. You can online join this dating platform via invitation, and there is a system to ensure that each user has only one account on a device. Also, the Vanilla Umbrella system ensures that people who get blocked for bad acts remain blocked and can never open a new account.

The Vanilla Umbrella dating software application content is rich, but it is not much. This is most likely because kinky dating is not so common. But generally, the content quality on this platform is above average. Even the members’ photos are very nice, and you might even think they are not real.

The Registration Process at Vanilla Umbrella Site

Vanilla Umbrella Review

Vanilla Umbrella’s registration process is quite simple. It can be done within fifteen minutes. To register, go to the registration page on the website. Here is where you will say who you are and what you are interested in. What this means is that the website will need new users to specify their gender and the gender of the person they are interested in.

After filling out that information, users are supposed to provide their email address and create a password. Here they will also be required to come up with their username. So much can be said about usernames, but it is advisable to pick names that sound nice. A nice username has descriptive words and a tone that can make other people get a clue of who you are.

After that, Vanilla Umbrella users are required to provide their private details. This includes details such as age and where they reside. That is how simple it is to join this matchmaking platform. After getting the website login, users can sign in and begin searching for their matches.

The Quality of Users’ Profiles at Vanilla Umbrella Site

Vanilla Umbrella Review

The profile content policy is as below:

  • Vanilla Umbrella dating platform allows users to share a lot of information on their profiles. Users can post messages, pictures, videos, and audios.
  • The site can erase any content posted by users without explaining why.
  • Users are responsible for what they share at the Vanilla Umbrella site, whether publicly or privately.
  • Every detail that a user provides when joining this dating platform must be true. If users provide the wrong information, they are required to update it.
  • Everything that users share on the site must comply with the requirements of the service.
  • Sexual or explicit content is not allowed at the Vanilla Umbrella site. You can only post such in private places. Explicit content refers to but not limited to pornographic photos. This includes arousing photos, pictures showing private parts, images of people wearing underwear, cartoons, and others.

To start using the Vanilla Umbrella service, you must log in. As stated before, this platform is only for serious individuals. What this tells you is that you will be required to provide some private details. This seems like a lengthy process to most users, but it is important to go through it. This is because the more information you provide about yourself, the higher the probability of meeting a person who is compatible with you.

Most of the Vanilla Umbrella profile creation will be done by responding to questions. The questions aim to provide the platform’s algorithm an opportunity to know users better. This will be used in getting the right matches. So, if you want to get noticed more at Vanilla Umbrella site, provide as many details as possible. This will show other users that you are determined to meet a partner, and you are doing everything you can to make it successful. Imagine searching for a match on a site where users only have a profile photo. There is nothing you can gain from such a site, and most of the users who do not provide their details are scammers or just want to pass the time on the site. To ensure your Vanilla Umbrella dating will be successful by creating a detailed profile.

The Vanilla Umbrella Mobile App

Vanilla Umbrella Review

Vanilla Umbrella has both the Android and iPhone. The app offers users a wonderful dating experience. It is convenient to remain signed in when using an app but most users may not like the idea of having to download an app. If you are one of those users, worry not because you can still enjoy all the site features on the mobile website. You simply need to open the Vanilla Umbrella website on the mobile browser to access anything you need. The desktop version, the app, and the mobile website work the same, and they all have the same features.

Other Applications or Sites that are Similar to Vanilla Umbrella

  • Kink Me
  • Fetlife
  • Alt.com
  • KinkD

Vanilla Umbrella Membership Charges and Payment Options

Vanilla Umbrella Review

Vanilla Umbrella is one of the most expensive online dating services that exist.

  • The VIP membership costs 19.99 dollars per month.
  • VIP membership for 3 months costs 54.99 dollars which is equivalent to 18.33 dollars per month.
  • VIP membership for 6 months costs 99.99 dollars which is equivalent to 16.66 dollars per month.

There are other Vanilla Umbrella in-app purchases. They include fifty credits that cost 15.99 dollars, one hundred credits that cost 23.99 dollars and two hundred credits that cost 32.99 dollars. Vanilla Umbrella matchmaking platform here is attempting to alter the game face to fetish dating upgrades. Credits appear to project many selections designed to satisfy different members.

Payments at the Vanilla Umbrella dating site are made through methods like Paypal, Debit, and Credit card.

Vanilla Umbrella Free Membership Features

  • Sending messages to people who have accepted your friend request.
  • You will also be able to send messages if you like people and they like you back.

Vanilla Umbrella Premium Membership Features

  • No ads.

Is the Vanilla Umbrella Dating Service Safe?

Vanilla Umbrella Review

Safety is the most crucial thing when it comes to online services. It is recommended to explore the options and other features that the Vanilla Umbrella site offers before choosing to join. You must also pay attention to value and quality. And with this dating app, users can get the value they need.

The ROI is also great and its improved quality makes it more beneficial and better. They have integrated encrypted communication which is a great thing to do for a dating service like this one. Vanilla Umbrella site does not offer access to every person. To become a member of this site, you must have an invitation code. This is good because the users can determine when it is the right time to join this dating platform. Users also have time to learn how to tackle or adapt to what they need. Users might not be knowing this, when they join the Vanilla Umbrella site, they provide sensitive information.

This software application helps users to adjust and adapt everything in the right way. Users are also guaranteed a good outcome every time. So, it is always good to take time to find out if this application will suit you. But bottom line, Vanilla Umbrella site has solid safety features.


Vanilla Umbrella is a sound matchmaking software application. Many people need this type of application and the best thing that makes it stand out is its discretion and civility. The only disadvantage of using this site is that it might be difficult to find a match because there are few members. To get what you want, you should be patient and ready to wait for several weeks or even months to get the right match. But if you are after fast hookups, expect to get disappointed here. But generally, the Vanilla Umbrella dating software app has high potential. It just needs to add the number of users.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are Accounts Deleted at Vanilla Umbrella Matchmaking Site

At the settings section, which is located at the upper-right section of the Vanilla Umbrella platform, scroll down to the last section of that list. You will find the delete account option, which once you click, the account will get deleted. After deleting, you never be able to reaccess this dating service.

How is Messaging Done on Vanilla Umbrella Matchmaking Site?

Vanilla Umbrella matchmaking site has a basic messaging option, just like many other dating services. So, users can send messages to anyone they like. So, once you see someone attractive, use the chatting option to write them a message.

Do People see who likes them on Vanilla Umbrella without the Paid Account?

Yes. Vanilla Umbrella is a free matchmaking service. This means that free members can access all of its features.

How can you Block a Person on Vanilla Umbrella?

The mobile dating site has an option for blocking users. Just go to the profile of the person you want to block; the blocking option will appear.

How is the Vanilla Umbrella Subscription canceled?

To cancel a subscription, a user must inform the support team. They are the ones who delete users’ profiles from their service. Any in-app purchases do not get refunded after the termination of the Vanilla Umbrella Subscription.

Vanilla Umbrella Contact Information

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