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VGL Review 2021 — Perfect or Scam

VGL Review 2021 — Perfect or Scam
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 98%
Popular age 29-35
Beauty 40%
Profiles 126 400
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Visit rate 5.6
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Unique platform: The Gay Dating app is unique in its orientation. It fosters the need and requirements of gay men. The features focus on the availability of decent men.
  • Unlimited access to photos: VGL Gay Dating App surrounds the user with unlimited access to the images. The users can rate them. The ratings decide the categories and separate the hottest from the rest. The massive database of photos attracts even the free users to upgrade their plans to premium packs.
  • Detailed Filtering and Advanced searching: Social networking dating apps must have excellent advanced search features. It makes the platform better than the rest. Various filter options classify the VGL Gay Dating app as one of the best apps for its users.
  • Speed: For proper functioning, it is quite essential to have a better server and speed. Users find it very irritating if the website has speed issues. Nevertheless, the VGL Gay Dating app has been built with better speed connectivity for the users. The significance of the app is around less loading time it takes.
  • Easy to install: The mobile app versions make it more quick and fun to use. It hardly takes seconds to install the app and can start viewing photos after signup. The android versions of VGL gay dating app has a beautiful interface.
  • Connectivity: The Gay Dating App connects millions of gay men globally. The ratings on the app store top the chart among the category.
  • User-friendly: The working of the app has been developed while keeping in view the users’ demands. The website architecture and the theme adheres to the user. The navigation feature is another good aspect of the app. The information boosted up on the website has proper internal linking.
  • Sexting Risk: Sexting risk is high on the VGL Gay Dating app. The teens can be exposed to this app. Sexual explicit content could hamper users. Some users send it as a joke or prank, but others can get depressed due to it. However, such sexually-oriented pictures are strictly prohibited on the website.
  • Bullying Risk: The social networking app always comes with the disadvantage of high bullying risk factors. These disadvantages cannot be escaped, especially on the gay dating app. However, well-managed websites could not get accustomed to such threats. The virtual world has certain limitations, so does the app. You can find local guys around you free on the VGL Gay dating app. However, there are certainly wrapped up premium packs closer to your hottest men on the dating app.
  • Adult Content: The adult content can be graphic, audio, or video sent. It could be aggressive and abusive on the app. The sensitive content can harm and reduce the appropriate interest of the user on the app. The censored items can be destructive for some users.
  • Language barrier: Some may lose interest in chatting due to language barrier obstacles. The inappropriate tasks put up by some users constrain it. The streamers with live features can find it annoying and irritating.

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VGL Gay is a social networking app founded for the LGBTQ community. The app has especially been designed for gay men around the world. VGL is the acronym of “Very Good Looking.” Doesn’t it sound fascinating? One of the fastest growing social networking dating apps, the app, is developing the horizon for the gay community. The million active subscribers describe the user-friendly web interface of the VGL Gay dating app. The feature and accessibility make it unique from other available dating apps.

One can have unlimited photo uploads, messaging, profile identity, advanced search features to avail. The ‘Hot List’ feature is like the cherry on the cake. The system has been evolved based on the Ranking of the hot guys. You rank each other on the app, and to chat further, you need to have premium versions of the app. The app ratings are very high on play stores. The high satisfaction rates and testimonials by the users make it already a top app for gay dating .

The LGBTQ community is demanding liberty and their rights of existence. Social networking date apps like the VGL Gay dating app can lead the LGBTQ revolution ahead. Though the numbers of such sites are increasing, the dating app has its dominance in the market. The strategy and marketing management has hooked up all active users. The sign up is extremely easy for new users with a username and password. Many gay men on the platform are looking for dedicated relationships, a commitment, a marriage proposal, and more. Such goals are fulfilled with the app for the LGBTQ community.

Expert’s Review of VGL

VGL Review

The app was launched in the year 2009 to reach every gay who lives in their identity crisis — the guys who could not find their sexual orientation buddies in the fast-growing technological era. VGL Gay dating app was the brainchild of two gay partners, Andrew Murluims and Josh Liptzin.

VGL Gay dating app has fostered the aspirations of love and liberty in the LGBTQ community. Surprisingly, the Gay dating app surpassed all its competitors within years of its launch. A million active users on the VGL Gay dating app speaks the volume of the growth and success rate of the company. The USA and UK have more active users than the rest. The user’s age range is from 18 to 40 years on the dating app. It is designed for adult men’s sexual desires.

The race is a differential equation. And VGL Gay dating app has no boundaries for its users. Since love is blind, the LGBTQ community has the total privilege to adore their men on the Gay dating app. You can sign up from anywhere in the world, and your race is no barrier to the website.

Love has no religion, so the LGBTQ community has no fixed gender preferences according to societal norms. The Gay dating app asks your religion to fulfill your profile on the website is based on the first information collection to make the filter easy. Moreover, just as race, there is no established religion on the site. You can avail VGL Gay dating app irrespective of your faith.

Website Design and Usability

VGL Design and Usability

The web design infrastructure is constructed to customize the needs of each individual. Usability and design are very crucial for users on social networking dating apps. The intention and application functions of the VGL Gay dating app are the one-way solution to find your partner. The detrimental strategies of the company and techniques used surpass all the related such apps. The simplicity scheme and graphics used are more appealing for the users.

Simple and sophisticated in its origin and working. The customized options made from your personal information provided during the registration are more adaptable to do advanced filters. The more you share the personal information, the brighter you create your profile. A charming profile has more chances to hook up soon to their finds. The details like your hobbies, favorite food, interests, likes, dislikes, favorite movies, places, and so on boost your matching partner’s confidence. You also need to make little effort to cooperate with the website by sharing this little information to advance the search.

Are you looking for the guy next door? Are you finding someone in your locality? VGL Gay dating app will bring him closer to you by its amazing search feature.

To search guys, you need the go through the following steps:

  1. Click on the Profiles tab.
  2. Then, click on the compass resembling icon.
  3. According to your distance, the profile list is sorted before you.
  4. You can access advanced search tools by upgrading your account and then going to the top right corner on the “Profiles” tab.

Special Features

  1. Chat
  2. Filter
  3. Sort
  4. View
  5. Browse
  6. Follow
  7. Find
  8. Block
  9. Unblock
  10. Advanced search
  11. Hottest guy feature
  12. Ratings

How Does VGL Work?

VGL Work

Ranging from a wide variety of features, one can be overwhelmed by the intensity and interest aroused in Gay dating app feature. You can view, chat, rate, and find the hottest guy in your locality itself. You can also browse and connect with other gay men worldwide on the Gay dating app. You can view thousands and millions of photos on the go. You can get personalized filters and follow men out of your choice.

Sign-up Process

You can register on the app from the sign-in page if you are above 18 years. You have to set up a password along with your email id. Further, necessary information like your gender, age, location is asked. The signup process is straightforward and lucid. More attractive questions are put up to make your profile look extraordinary. Once you complete the signup process, you are ready to hook up with your choice of men out of highly rated hottest men on the VGL Gay dating app. The username option gives you the liberty to choose your unique, catchy name to make yourself look more expressive. Don’t forget to choose a hot name that increases your rating and opportunities to hook up with your special man on the hunt. Also, confirm to be well aware of the terms and conditions of the app before signing in.

Users Profiles Quality

There are human moderators to verify the accounts. VGL Gay dating app also has a random challenge to check the user’s original, genuine photos. Authenticity is the footmark of the VGL Gay dating app. The Gay dating app profiles are updated, verified, and cross-checked to ensure accountability to the users. The psychological assessment parameters even make it more useful to classify authentic users on the app. The explicit personalization of details on the Gay dating app registration guarantees the indigenous users on the VGL Gay dating app. The website uses location-based services, i.e., GPS, to find you a guy in your proximity.

You can have a stunning profile so that the website can help you to the core to match your choices. The profile is the most significant and the deciding part to encourage your potential to establish love relationships on the VGL Gay dating app.

Mobile Application

VGL Guy dating app was launched and developed to bring gay couples closer and building networks and connections among gay men worldwide. The Gay dating app is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. VGL Gay dating app can be used either from Android dating apps devices, iOS, or desktop. A decade since its launch, the Gay dating app is continually transforming and evolving the features of the changing time. The dedication of the company is in giving the best to its users.

The virtual meeting on the go and connecting to millions is not the edge of the VGL Gay dating app. It has more amazing undefinable characteristics for secure connections. The Gay dating app has made it enjoyable for its users to hunt for the quest of love. The management model bifurcates the gap between users worldwide.

You can download the app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. It is available for Android as well as iOS devices. You must be 18 years old to use the VGL Gay dating app. The company’s motto is helping the users access men for casual dating, friendship, relationship, marriage, proposal, or just being buddies.

VGL Alternatives and Similar Website & Apps

VGL Similar Website & Apps
  1. Grindr
  2. Surge
  3. Hornet
  4. Scruff
  5. Jack’d
  6. Zoosk
  7. Match
  8. EliteSingles
  9. Compatible Partners
  10. OurTime
  11. Gay Cupid

There are always options and choices, but one should choose the best. VGL Gay dating app is undoubtedly the best and the most features adapted to the LGBTQ environment. One should make a wise choice and go with the VGL Gay dating app.

Membership Price and Payment Method

VGL Price and Payment Method

The free version gives you rating options. To chat further with a guy, you need to subscribe to the paid pack of the VGL Gay dating app. The VIP membership costs as much as $9.99 monthly. There are more upgraded packs as well. Cancellation of subscription can be made from the account settings tab. However, there are no refunds available for active subscriptions. The privacy policy illustrates all the points in an elaborative way.

The pricing policy is very conducive to the growth of any company. It has a wide range of premium packs, like monthly packs. The charges are as follows– $9.99 for 30 days, $24.99 for 90 days, $39.99 for 180 days, and $59.99 for 365 days. The subscription and cancellation packs are included in the policy. The payment is charged from the account. By the way, VGL Gay dating app has both free and paid memberships. Users can choose according to his will and necessity on the Gay dating app.

Free Membership Features

As a free user of the app, you can have access to the following:

  1. Creating a profile
  2. Browse through member profiles
  3. Exchange the messages
  4. All the basic features
  5. Add to favorite (per day limit)

Premium Membership Features

Following are the perks of being a premium member of the app:

  1. No advertisements
  2. Access to instant messenger
  3. Advanced search tools
  4. More exposure & preference to your profile
  5. Add unlimited users to favorite list
  6. See who thinks I’m hot

Is VGL Safe?

VGL Safe

The safety of users is the top priority for any social networking dating app. As per Google reviews, it is the most reliable app. You can also block users if you find them unsafe or insecure. The website’s safety page addresses your grievances. You can always email them regarding your safety concerns. These days, cybercrime cells are also very active to trace defaulters. The law and enforcement bodies redirect all the strict rules and guidelines for social media networking apps. You are safe on the VGL Gay dating app. You can report suspicious activities of the users that disturb you. This Gay dating app freezes such accounts to maintain its security policies.


VGL Conclusion

VGL Gay dating app has eclipsed other gay dating apps. It is 100% recommendable for gay users all over the globe. Additionally, the users are growing in number by each passing day. The positive reviews and testimonials make the VGL Gay dating app even more commendable and safer — one of the trustworthy websites, developed by a gay man to approach the LGBTQ community worldwide. The initiative of the VGL Gay dating app is not only concerned with making profits but also boosts up the satisfaction of the customers.

The flowing feedbacks raise the peak of the VGL Gay dating app on Google Play Store. VGL Gay dating app is value for money, and you can have great results into your love life, and choice of your love gender is available in the signup option itself. Go ahead, get viral, get the hottest man, and login into the VGL Gay dating app to have your liberty to love and charm to care and propose to the purpose. Getting the app is better than looking around for the love of your sexual orientation. The website has simple navigation tools, and downloading it takes only seconds. The safe and secure aspects are the foremost consideration before moving ahead with any dating app. The pre-eminent features make the app break all the records of download. The Gay dating app is revolutionizing the LGBTQ community like never before.

VGL Popular FAQs

What concerns you? In case you hesitate to start using the service, the given FAQs will help you make a suitable choice.

How to Delete the VGL Account?

It is as simple as the signup options. You can go to the settings and simply opt for delete in the account. You can also email them for temporary deactivation of plans and subscriptions.

How to Message Someone on VGL?

You can message/ chat with your favorite guys. You can rate their photos and comment on their pictures as well. The instant flow of messages and live-streaming options even make it more alluring to the users on the dating app. Here, it is choice based communication to suit your options. You can text men of your choice by viewing photos and selecting the most attractive guy. Conversation on the VGL Gay dating app is absorbing. The voice and video features are the most benefitting for the single guys on the VGL Gay dating app.

How to See Who Likes You on VGL?

You can check out who has liked you on the app by visiting the “See Who Favorited Me” section under the My Account tab.

How to Block Someone on VGL?

You can block a user from their profile page by tapping on the “Block User” option.

How to Cancel VGL Subscription?

One can cancel the subscription by emailing them and get their subscription canceled. Though if you have subscribed through the app, you cannot cancel that very particular subscription but can manage future subscriptions. You can stop future subscriptions.

Contact Information

  • Company name: Byte Factory LLC
  • Address: New York
  • Zip Code + City: No information available
  • Country: United States of America
  • Customer Support Email: support@getVGL.com
  • Contact URL
  • Facebook
  • Twitter: No Information Available
  • Instagram
  • Blog: No information available for VGL.
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