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Wellhello Review

Wellhello Review
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 89%
Beauty 92%
Popular age 20-30
Profiles 1,800,000
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Visit rate 8.7
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • There is additional scam protection
  • Registration is absolutely free
  • The site and app are easy to use
  • A plenty of the horny profiles to hook up
  • Exquisite design and super great functionality
  • The trial period is limited
  • The number of women prevails too much

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WellHello.com is one of the best dating sites mostly preferred by swingers but still holds on to the traditional hookups between a man and a woman. WellHello.com helps you to hook up any day, anytime with a girl, a guy, or a couple depending on your sexual preferences. People join this website daily because of the new members available daily, the guaranteed freedom, and also the shorter time it takes for hookup and satisfaction.

Interface and Features

Wellhello Review

WellHello dating website is straightforward to use to an individual. It is easy going through the website because of its layout, even for the members joining it for the first time. It has a straightforward log in design, which makes it easier for new members to join. The primary colors used to create the website include blue, red, and white tones, which give it a unique, beautiful look.

WellHello.com makes it easier for someone to hunt his/her sexual fantasies since it gives users who are seeking none-paid love all the possible ways of communication and interaction.

How To Sign Up To WellHello Dating Site

Joining this dating website is free, and they have a concise process of creating the account. Creating the account may take only a minute or two depending on an individual. The registration form is found on the homepage, and it’s the first thing you will see once you open the website.

When signing up, first, you need to fill in your gender or sex if single and also give a description if signing up a couple. You also need to choose the variety of people you will love hooking up with in the platform.

You need also to key in your email address, followed by the password which you will be using to log in.

To find matches near you or in a specific town, WellHello dating site requires you to key in your zip code and also your age. This gives you the preferred matches in regard to the city you are in and your age bracket.

User Interface

Wellhello Review

It provides users with a very easy to use profile. The colors present here are the same as the homepage. The profile has an instant messenger whereby messages received are found directly in the top right corner of the user profile.

There are no significant differences between the WellHello user interface and that of the homepage. Search and live camera buttons are also found here just in the top left corner. Below these, you will find other nine features which include the below:

  • Searches – Where a member can be able to search other WellHello members profiles or any details needed from the WellHello website.
  • Messages – Whereby members can send and receive messages sent within the WellHello.com.
  • My Profile – Whereby a user can view and edit his own profile on the WellHello dating website.
  • My Friends – A member can view his friends and maybe able to contact them
  • Favorites – A user can select and favorite members and topics which can be found on this selection.
  • Member Galleries – You can view WellHello member’s photos and videos in this section.
  • WellHello Survey – A user can participate in a survey on the website.
  • Email Preferences – This is whereby a WellHello member can choose what to receive through emails from the WellHello website.
  • Logout – Once done, there is a button for logging out of the WellHello.com for members which are available here.

In the middle of the dating website, the page is also subdivided into several units which include the below:

  • Hotties near you – Where a WellHello user can find and get highly rated matches nearby.
  • Online now – Where a member on WellHello.com can find other matches which are available online.
  • Xxx Videos – Where a member can watch free porn videos from the WellHello.com website
  • Live Girls – A member on the WellHello hookup site can visit this tab and find girls who are live and interact with them.
  • Member Video – This is where a member can view videos from other members on the website.
  • New Photos – This is where a user can add and view new photos from other users on the WellHello.com dating website.

At the end of the bottom of the page, a user can find them below:

  • Privacy Policy – Where data and other privacy statements are shared here.
  • Terms and Conditions – The terms and conditions for the use of the website are shared here.
  • DMCA – This is where the digital Millennium Copyright acts of the WellHello.com website are found.
  • Webmasters – Whereby the people mandated to maintain the WellHello.com website are found.
  • Contact us – This is a section where members logged in on WellHello.com can contact the admins in case of any challenges faced.

WellHello Platform Features

Wellhello Review

It offers basic services to account holders who opt for the free services. However, upon upgrading to the premium accounts, members enjoy all the benefits of the website, which includes the below:

  1. Unlimited Messages – Users on Premium WellHello accounts can be able to send and receive illimitable number of messages.
  2. Instant Messenger – Members on Premium accounts can send instant messages and chats.
  3. Profile Viewing – Premium accounts can be able to view all profiles of the available users.
  4. Viewing Photos of all the available WellHello users as per the profiles.
  5. Watching other users Videos on the WellHello.com Website.
  6. Member can also be able to view 18+ rated pictures of members who available on the WellHello dating website.
  7. Users can also enjoy free video chatting via the WellHello premium accounts.

Using a premium account gives members other benefits, which include minimizing the number of emails one gets from the WellHello account. It also provides the user with the advantages of saving profiles that a user is interested in for future viewing and following up.

Registered Users

The website is for persons who are over eighteen years. It is illegal for users below the age limit of eighteen years to use the website as per the law. However, there is no maximum age limit for the use of the website. Any age above 18 years is good to go and find unlimited sex and enjoyment.

You don’t need to get into a serious relationship at WellHello.com. What you need is just create an account, find a match, hookup, and flirt, do the sex messages, and get laid up. That’s it.

Number & Quality Of Users

This excellent dating website has a lot to offer. With the current trend of people hoping to get various tastes of people, people looking for some fast kind of sex, and people trying to move on from their failed love, the numbers at WellHello.com keep on growing daily.

The website is also an ideal venue for a person who wants hookups with no strings attached and no need for a family to get the much-pleasured sex.

WellHello.com has a lot to offer, including:

  • People of different age groups as long as they are 18 years and above.
  • Various sexual orientations which includes gays, lesbians, straight and bisexuals.
  • Different durations of hookups, which may include one night stands, once in a while flings, regular sexual relations, and many more other options that are available on the website.
  • Various body shapes: Which include the slender ones, average, sporty and others

The website provides the members with different options that guide them in getting the best person they would want to lay on.


Wellhello Review

This website has made it simple for users to communicate with each other while on the site. A member needs to get to the searches option and make choices regarding the age, sex, and distance of the person he/she wants to meet. The WellHello.com then makes the sorting of the available members. After the sorting, the user then has the option of messaging the found searches directly.

The website gives the communication channels:

  1. Messages – A user can have chat messages directly to the available members.
  2. Instant Messenger – Where a member can send instant messages via the website messenger.
  3. Video Chats – members on WellHello.com can make video calls or send each other video chats via the website.

Users can also send to each other arousing photos and videos, which help to stimulate their partners, thus making it easier to get laid.

WellHello.com’s Membership

The website provides a free account to members with an option to upgrade to a premium account. A Free or basic account has limited features, unlike the basic account, which gives users all the features available on the website.

Free Account

This is a temporarily free account offered to new members who are required to upgrade to the premium account upon given time. Members on free accounts have only the below benefits:

  • Send and receive instant messages
  • View profiles of other users
  • View Photos of members available

Premium Account

Wellhello Review

This is a paid-up account that offers all the features of the WellHello dating site. Members on this premium account enjoy the below benefits:

  • Unlimited chats and flirts from the members on the WellHello.com
  • Can watch illimitable videos from the members on the WellHello dating website
  • Can have unbounded views of pictures and videos, including the ones highly rated 18+
  • All other benefits are available from the basic account.

To be upgraded to the WellHello premium accounts, users are required to pay $29.95 monthly. Also, there is an option for members who can pay yearly. The offers give the members on WellHello.com discounted monthly pricing of $9.99, which also has other benefits including:

  • A guaranteed hookup of a 100% success rate.
  • Free chatting using videos.
  • An opportunity to see members who have viewed your profile.

Security and Support

Wellhello Review

WellHello.com has put security measures to safeguard the members’ data and privacy policies in regard to European Economic Area standards. Member’s data has been preserved well and are very confidential.

The customer support system is also available to help and guide members when in trouble or when facing challenges. Users can contact the WellHello support system via the ‘Contact us’ page. Feedback is always given in less than 24 hours.

All users are also given access to frequently asked questions (FAQs), which guide them in repeatedly solving occurrences.

Mobile Version

This dating website is available on both desktop computers and smartphones. The site is fully operational and also on both Android and IOS platforms on smartphones and tablets.

All the platforms support all the functions, which include sending messages, emails, video calling, anywhere, and at any time, even at places of work, breaks, and other places where the user is available.


WellHello.com is a perfect dating website choice for individuals who prefer one night stand for their sexual adventures. Its caters to its users, including the straight ones, gays, lesbians, bisexual, swingers, and other types who would like to hook up and enjoy sex without any worries or limitations.

The WellHello.com website gives you a hookup partner anywhere in the world, including your city, area, or any other place available regarding your search and location. Next time when you need a hookup, look no further. WellHello.com has got you covered!

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