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WestSluts Review

WestSluts Review
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Pros and Cons

  • WestSluts has an impressive game quality
  • The girls are realistic, and every one of them has her independent personality
  • The game does well to give a robust offering that justifies its price point
  • Having sexual relations with players provides dynamics to the game
  • The game has an ad problem
  • Although WestSluts offers a robust offering, some of its add-ons do not seem to justify being there

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If you are looking for a fun and engaging sexual game, look no further than WestSluts. The game has 3D graphics, immerse players in action, and creates a connection that players would enjoy. The game characters are so life-like that players may not be able to tell it’s only a game. The game is not for the faint-hearted as it employs some not so ordinary antiques that cater to those players who want a game and are not afraid to be edgy. So if you’re ready to experiment and go on a wild ride, you should sign up for this game after reading our comprehensive review.

Most users admit that playing erotic games does not give the same feeling as watching live porn. That’s why some players gradually lose interest in sports and move on. WestSluts flips this narrative on its head by offering players something they can’t resist, a game that gives them the action of porn while maintaining all the control of the game. It allows users to experience sex in a new and interesting way giving them experiences they won’t forget in a hurry.

Initially, sexual games were played based on tropes of stories built around the same-sex styles with similar-looking women and weak dialogues. WestSluts is part of the generation of modern sexual games that have begun employing realistic graphics, unique characters, and sound to portray their stories. The game also uses sound and music to make situations as life-like as possible. The storylines aren’t blamed as they used to be, and actions have gone beyond ugly old sex. The game puts you in real-life situations, making you make decisions you would feel have real-life consequences.

In this review, we will be discussing WestSluts comprehensively, and we will cover everything players and enthusiasts want to know, including characters, signup procedures, pros and cons, and so much more. We will share with you why we think you should be playing WestSluts today.

How Do You Start Playing WestSluts?

WestSluts Review

The game allows users to register for free but requires them to answer some questions before completing the registration process. Players will be on the homepage when they load the website. They will need to click the “Continue” button to proceed (the button is located at both left parts of the Home page). Players will be asked if they can handle brutality during sex, as this is an integral part of the gameplay process. Users will also be allowed to have in-game sex with characters free of charge. To have sex with real members, players will need to pay as this is a premium feature.

Players would need to provide a form validating their age, depending on their location. This is a way for WestSluts to ensure all registered players are mature audiences, and underaged kids do not find their way into the game. This process incurs no cost to the user, and the form contains the following:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Password
  • Country
  • ZIP or Postal Code

Once players are done filling out the form, they can click on the “Play for Free” button. To proceed, players will need to input their bank card details to access the two days free trial period. Players will not be charged any fees until their two day trial period is off without any cancellations. Charges are automatic once the trial period has expired. Players can take advantage of this trial period to have a feel for the game while they decide if the game is worth playing or not.

WestSluts Membership Info

WestSluts Review

Members of the game are given exclusively to add-on content, including adult puzzles, stripping games, sex adventures, dating, and sexual simulators, and 500 other adult virtual games. There is so much added on content for members, and this is part of the reason users don’t mind paying to play. Signing up for WestSluts will also give players access to 3D videos, access to other adult sites, DVDs of sex videos, webcam feeds, and so much more. WestSluts is the dream of almost any adult game player.

The WestSluts membership will grant members constant access to exclusive games, mobile access, daily online battles with other game players, and so much more. The game has made its membership so valuable its almost going to be a problem to say no or cancel after the free trial period.

Membership Pricing

VIP members of WestSluts have exclusive access to a vast collection of pornographic videos, XXX animations, sex cams, adult games, and other exclusive content. The membership fee, although on the high side, is justified by the bonus content and value-added services. Some players purchase the game for its extra content while the other users keep coming back because of the awesome gameplay. It costs $39.95 per month for the premium membership of WestSluts after the free two days trial period is over.

The game’s subscription is on a bit on the high side, but it comes with many perks that would more than make up for the price. Premium players are not restricted to in-game characters; they can also have sex with other users in the game. Premium members also have access to a library of XXX rated games, HD sex videos, VR Sex videos, and mobile access. All these perks make the membership fee quite reasonable, and you will not regret paying and playing.

WestSluts Gameplay

WestSluts Review

The game is a simulator that provides players with virtual sex. There are different modes players can choose from, including online and solo modes. Players have the option of choosing between game NPCs (Non-Player Characters) and other game players to fuck. Enjoy sex scenes through your character’s POV and enjoy the ride from start to finish. Users can also choose to watch as a third party observer. Players can level up their characters to improve their abilities, and with each new sexual encounter, your character gets new skills you can try out.

The sexual experiences can be personalized as players can choose the kind of sex they want to have. As users gain more experience, they are allowed more options and styles to choose from. As the game advances, players change the women they fuck, and this gives newer experiences as each new character offers something unique. The 3D models will make you forget you are in a simulation, and it’s only a game. The sexual experience is different and can sometimes be rough but enjoyable. Join other players in this beautiful sexual adventure as you discover and embrace your sexuality. WestSluts offers users the perfect opportunity to be themselves sexually.


WestSluts Review

WestSluts is a members-only site that players need to register at and pay a fee to play. There is a free trial mode which is only accessible for only two days before you are required to pay. The membership fee comes with various perks that can be accessed from the member’s area/dashboard. There are hundreds of sex videos, minigames, virtual content, and so much more. Players only need to log in once to access all these goodies.

WestSluts offers users almost an unlimited amount of fun. Players will find themselves playing hours without a respite because there’s never a dull moment, and there’s so much to do. The game has near-perfect 3D graphics that bring the sexual action to life and create enjoyment for players. This contributes to its addictive factor and keeps players renewing their subscriptions. The ability for players to fuck other players brings excitement that is almost unmatched among players.

Only VIP members are allowed to have sex with other members. Otherwise, they will only have access to NPC characters. To become a VIP, players would need to pay the subscription fee.

WestSluts Overview: Minor Drawbacks and Awesome Benefits

WestSluts Review

Simulator games are played by people who enjoy a closer and more authentic experience when playing sexual titles. Add exciting and diverse stories, and you have the formula for one of the best games you can ever play on the internet. WestSluts allows players to experience sex, fetishes and fucking all like they are having sex in real life. The graphics mixed with fab sounds convey the sexual tension and make the game all the more real. Each character gives the player a different sexual experience, and this opens the doorway to so many exciting feelings and experiences that players would enjoy. The added benefit of being able to fuck other registered players is the cherry on the cake that brings the title together.

When playing the game, it is advisable to have your sound settings under control, so you do not have awkward moments, especially when you are playing the game in public places. The problems most players have with the game is having to fill out card details before they are allowed a free play version, which only lasts two days. If players do not have the required amount for subscription preloaded on their card, their account would be suspended once the free play time is up. They can reactivate the account by subscribing.


WestSluts has an impressive game quality. The girls are realistic, and every one of them has her independent personality, there are so many activities to carry out, perks are given to members, so there is a lot to do besides playing the game itself. The game does well to give a robust offering that justifies its price point, and it raises the stakes giving players access to the best-added content you can find anywhere. WestSluts is a paid game that doesn’t try too hard; it just works.

Players have a wide selection of babes to fuck because premium members are allowed to fuck other members in the game. This creates an atmosphere for conquest and exploration and will enable players to choose a wide range of sexual activities that might not have been otherwise possible. Having sexual relations with players provides dynamics to the game in the way NPCs can’t. This freedom keeps players subscribing and playing.


The game has an ad problem. We say it’s a problem because paying a premium fee doesn’t get rid of the ads. Although the ads aren’t in players’ faces, it is still a turn off because payment usually means bye-bye ads. The ads aren’t much of a distraction, so that players can normally play.

Although WestSluts offers a robust offering, some of its add-ons do not seem to justify being there. Players may not like some of the games, and it seems counterintuitive to add games to a membership that will not serve any purpose. Players might find this a bit frustrating in the beginning.


WestSluts Review

With powerful 3D graphics, hot babes, and sexual activities that can make players’ heads spin, WestSluts knows what it is and doesn’t try to do too much. The game creates a sandbox where players can come and test and push the limits of their sexuality. It gives players an edgy sexual tension by allowing players to have sex with each other. The many features the game has makes it a top choice among gamers who love the genre. WestSluts gives its players a bargain for their money.

The game keeps players gaming for hours, exploring content, and getting with other players. The graphical nature of the game, coupled with the sound, immerses players into the experience. This game is best enjoyed on headphones so that players can feel music directly in their ears while they play. The free world nature of the game and the overall openness allows a world of possibilities that players enjoy nonstop. Our advice to you is to remember breaks are essential, so do not go too long without having a rest for your eyes.

If you do not want to engage with other characters and would like to play solely with the NPCs, you can do so and still enjoy yourself; the game is that good. If you are not playing this game, you are missing out. Start playing today!

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