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Xpickup Review

Xpickup Review
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 92%
Popular age 20-28
Profiles 2,000,000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Free registration
  • Many free features
  • Use of safe mode for privacy reasons
  • No online support
  • Few communication features
  • Messaging available for paid account users only

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Sex dating and dating have never been easier. Everyone has an Internet connection, for instance, and this starting point allows you to be invited to the right party. That’s what this Xpickup.com is here for: to get you into the place to meet precisely the match you are looking for. Or you just have fun watching other users’ profiles and have some quality sexting here and there. It’s up to you.

Mating is all about finding the person with your same interest. Xpickup.com is a popular sex dating website — a must for everyone who is taking a glance inside the online dating world.

Among all the sex dating platforms, Xpickup.com is one of the newest. Still, it’s becoming viral. We will try to give you an insight into what you can expect from it, concerning other users, payments, registration. We decided to collect every useful detail so that you can make a well-informed decision concerning your adventure dating tonight. If you’re ready, let’s get started.

How to Login to Xpickup?

Xpickup Review

Use a regular link to find the site. Then take a look at the first page. You will need to fill a tiny form with your e-mail, a password, and your date of birth. Like all the other sex dating platforms, Xpickup.com is an age-restricted one.

The registration will take you a very short time and is completely free. Before stepping by, you will need to tick the “Terms and conditions” part. Read carefully, but be aware that you will get no bad surprises here. It will be up to you to avoid any online scam that comes from other sources. Just make sure you stay on the website, and you don’t reply to unusual e-mails.


Now that you wrote your e-mail, created your password, and ticked the case, just proceed to the profile section. It’s time to pick who you want to be, or who you really are. Be aware that not every user will be a real one, but the fakes’ percentage is quite low on Xpickup.com. After all, you can have fun anyway by texting only.

So, as to your account: you will be required to provide your nickname, sex, and the gender you are interested in. You will need to set your location, but be aware that your network’s IP has already been registered on the website. So basically, it already knows more or less where you are, as it’s working on getting you a better experience.

You will need to enter a word combination, just to verify you are a real person, not a robot. In the end, you can upload a photo if you like. It’s not obligatory, but be aware that people are usually more likely to get an acquaintance with others when they see their faces. Same for the description, you can write something more about yourself, to describe who you are to other members.

If you remained patient and followed every step of this, now let’s get straight to your Xpickup experience!

Xpickup Interface

Xpickup Review

The graphics here are straightforward. There’s no significant investment in complicated patterns, so you will learn how to use the website quickly enough. Even if you are not a digital native.

  • Navigation Panel

On top of the screen, you can find the navigation panel, which will allow you to go through the different sections.

The first one is “home,” then there’s your profile photo. Here you can upgrade your membership or change your profile settings, more in general, like your picture, description, and so on.

Then you will find the search button, “live cams,” “sexy games,” and “help” buttons.

  • The Curtain on the Left

There are three more tabs on the left. You can also find a newsfeed, which is available to everyone online. If you have never used a forum of a hookup website, here’s what you will need it for: write public messages. You can receive notifications and mails from others, as well as your “matches.”

  • What’s a Match?

If you’re not a newbie on websites like XPickup, just skip this paragraph. Well, a match is not a fight against someone else, as you may have guessed. A “match” on a dating website is when you like someone else’s photo, and he/she does the same towards you. You may have liked someone’s photo, and you are giving up hope that this user will like your picture too. Well, don’t be discouraged, as the match will appear only after your interests are mutual. Sometimes it’s just a matter of time.

  • The Curtain on the Right

On the right side, you will find other users’ photos. They fit the gender taste you expressed in the registration. If you said that you liked women, girls’ photos would appear. It will be effortless to understand who they are, as they are divided into:

  • Members online now;
  • Latest profiles;
  • Users you viewed or who viewed you;
  • Users you like and who liked you in return.

As you can imagine, navigation is straightforward due to all these panels. Maybe using the mobile application will be a little trickier, so we suggest you start with the desktop one.

Xpickup Features

We are not talking about an online sex game or a live chat website. So, you can’t expect Xpickup.com to have a large number of different features. Here the variety is made by all the different users on this web dating platform.

There are a few possibilities for you, but you will need them all to get the best experience.

  • Like Function

Everyone is familiar with the “like” function. Similar to social networks: you put a “like” if you like a profile. If the other user likes you back, then there’s a match.

  • Block Function

You may find an unpleasant user who is saying something you don’t like. You are not forced to bear stalking. Thus, bullies can be blocked.

  • Quick Search

With the “quick search,” you can select one of the most important features: the other users’ age. Maybe you just want the range 18-25, or you are looking for a 60-aged person. No judgment from Xpickup. By taking a quick look at the website, you can get the idea that there’s any sort of member, so it won’t be a problem for you to find the range you are looking for. We should say, “hopefully.” We say so, because Xpickup declares, in the Terms and Conditions, that they do not have control over users. So allegedly, they don’t create bots according to your taste and then show them to you.

By “quick search,” you can also filter users by location and photos.

  • Safe Mode

Not everyone wants to show sexy photos on a public profile. So, by turning the safe mode on, you can hide or mix your photos with other ones. It’s not a real disguise, but more like a curtain between you and the unknown user who visits your page. If you don’t feel comfortable exposing yourself, this is the right feature for you.

  • Playing Adult Games

Here we go with some online adult games. If you are a gamer and you like your eros to be stimulated while you play, you’ll have a nice selection here.

  • Seeing Profile Views

This will allow checking your visitors. Just in case you missed one.

Xpickup Users

The variety of users is tremendous. If you take a quick look, you can see that the vast majority of people are straight.

  • Quality Users

Such diversity allows you to pick anyone you like. You just need to read their description and decide whether you are interested or not. That’s what the photos and descriptions are here for, after all.

Even if the quality of the profiles is generally high, our personal suggestion is to pick them more widely than in real life. You may be surprised by what you can find online, and maybe behind that woman lawyer, there’s a naughty rule-breaker. Who knows?

Also, everyone is using a personal description for different purposes: to mention hobbies, personal tastes, experiences, and ambitions. Or, to let the world know what their intentions are. This is a way to get very clear with people on Xpickup.com.


Xpickup Review

You will receive messages from others since you are a free member. But you will need to upgrade to a paid account if you want to answer and have a real mail conversation.

Xpickup Chat

On the newsfeed, you can write public updates and be noticed by other people. Try to focus on engaging content and always be friendly. Use the newsfeed as a pool full of fish you would like to take home. Throw some breadcrumbs!

1. Free Account

As we said, a free account allows you to take a look at the website and its average users. If you want to take action, you will need to pay for an upgrade. Later on, we will tell you more about the prices. You can put likes and see who visited your account, or use the safe mode, the quick search tool. You can also view other users’ accounts and photos.

2. Premium Account

This is what the website grants you if you update to premium account:

  • Messages sending;
  • Free adult movies;
  • No restrictions on profiles viewing;
  • Contact information included to messages;
  • Quick customer support.


The three premium packages available are:

  • One month for $29.95;
  • Three months for $59.95 ($19.98/month);
  • Six months for $99.95 ($16.66 per month).

Xpickup: Security and Support

Xpickup Review
Xpickup Review

Your personal data is secured on Xpickup. As every new website, they grew competitive on the market by keeping on improving their security measures. Online dating is a tricky place to do business in, and Xpickup is fair enough to tell you everything about it in the Terms and Conditions.

Take a look at your account settings and secure your personal information as much as you can.

Also, consider that the real experience is made if you share something about you. So, like in real life, it’s all about common sense: don’t share too much with unknown users, but don’t always be suspicious, or it will be hard to find a good match.

Xpickup Mobile Version

Actually, there’s no mobile app, but the website is quick enough to be run on your mobile device with a browser view. Maybe not the best option for the dating service, but it is suitable for new users. This is a wonderful feature, indeed, as the heaviness of dating platforms is a widespread issue.

We don’t know if there’s a mobile app development in the future, but that could be.

Xpickup Review – Conclusion

We have tried our best to show you the ins and outs of Xpickup.com. Either you like it or not, they will not charge you anything, just for the subscription.

The first and most important thing when you pick a dating website is to understand what do you want, and if it can give this to you. We hope to have cleared out your mind about Xpickup with this review. Choose wisely and have fun!

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