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Amor en Linea Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

Amor en Linea Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
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Profiles 3.200.000
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Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Completely free
  • iOS and Android apps
  • It has a large user base
  • You can get in touch with members from its sister websites
  • Numerous search filters
  • Full of ads
  • Very limited functionality
  • No forums or group chats

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Launched back in 2008, Amor en Linea is a dating platform founded by Daniel Haigh and Dave Heyson from 3H Group. The dating site has since been powered by Oasis Network, the brain behind seven other dating platforms. All websites work hand-in-hand and share the same profiles, including Amor en Linea.

Distinctively, each of them has its own demographic, and Amor en Linea is targeted at the Latin-American community. You can find a match and spark a casual or serious relationship with members, many of which are of Spanish descent. However, there are different categories of members, so keep reading to know more about them.

While the info on the site refers to it as Oasis and not Amor en Linea, you should get a soft landing by following this article. Everything from how the site works to how to find a date has been specified below in this text.

Amor en Linea Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

Expert’s Review of Amor en Linea

Talking about the community, Amor en Linea won’t blow you away with its member base. However, with over 20 million users, getting a date can be a walk in the park. More than a million visitors are from the United States. The user base varies, and it generally depends on the platform you’re using.

If you’re using Amor en Linea on the desktop, you’ll find many users from Spain, Argentina, Columbia, Mexico, etc. Alternatively, the mobile application is mostly utilized by people from Australia, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, and the United States. Remarkably, the site adds new accounts at an increasing rate of 150,000 registrations per month and records around 400,000 logins per day. That means there is always someone to flirt with.

There is no clear information about sexual orientation on Amor en Linea. Still, judging by reviews, it can be deduced that there are mostly straight people interested in different types of relationships — be it casual or serious. However, you will come across transgenders, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals, etc., but they barely make a quarter of the community.

There are more male members than females (58:42 percentage ratio), but it is pretty much balanced. Men shouldn’t have any problems with finding dates. Many users are aged between 25-34. However, there is a tiny number of mature people (55+).

As pointed out earlier, the primary target audience of Amor en Linea is Latinos. However, there are Native Americans, Caucasians, Non-Hispanic Whites as well.

Website Design & Usability

The user interface on Amor en Linea It looks simple and doesn’t carry too much information. This makes navigating through different sections of the site quick and stress-free. There are so many similarities in the basic layout with other platforms run by Oasis Data Network. This should give you a rough idea of how smooth navigation is if you’ve used any of their portals before.

While it’s understandable that Amor en Linea is a free site that needs paid adverts to finance and keep its services running, many UI elements are too cluttered with ads. Even message bars that pop up when you’re chatting with people also swarm with heavy ads.

On the bright side, the design looks a bit in vogue, something you’d expect from a dating platform of this caliber. A separate page for messages is not provided, so they are placed in the top right corner, and each text will pop up when you click on it from there. It seems very intuitive and aids easy navigation.

Website Design & Usability

Special Features

When it comes to features, Amor en Linea doesn’t have many in-store perks to engage you. Nevertheless, this should keep you focused on the site by looking up for dating opportunities. On the other hand, if you enjoy features like contests, Who’s Hot, magazines, chat rooms, etc., which some other dating sites offer, you might be disappointed.

The following are very few special tools of Amor en Linea:

Shout Out

This is an automatic message function that you can harness to send messages to many contacts at once. This makes it easy to spark conversations with members, especially if you’re lazy (like almost everyone else), and find it strenuous sending a “Hello” or “Hey pretty” every now and then. You will only be able to send these to users on your contact list. More importantly, these messages are pre-written. Hence, you can’t customize them to your taste. They should be a great time saver and help you break the ice in case you can’t find the right words.

Blog Section

This feature works like a blog, and members can access various contents that touch down on topics about dates and relationships. The blog posts are powered by Amor en Linea, and they give tips on how to better your relationship or even improve your first-attraction game. Furthermore, they also discourage members from sending money to anyone on their contact list and advises against disclosing personal information and banking details.


This feature is very easy to access, and many users find it to be beneficial. With it, you can easily report members who violate the rules. You can also inform the support team about people you deem to be exhibiting strange or inappropriate behaviors. The admins will look into the matter, and they will take the necessary steps accordingly.

Special Features

How Does Amor en Linea Work?

To be frank, things work out pretty easily on Amor en Linea, and you can find and engage a person in a hot chat in a matter of minutes. This is mainly because each process is quite organized.

Someone can indicate their interest in you by sending a like, and the notification will pop up on your screen. You can like them back in response, and you will be automatically matched; otherwise, you can choose either “Ignore” or “Maybe.” If you click “Maybe,” you’re given three days to like them back and start the conversation, or they will disappear from your dashboard.

Furthermore, people you’re matched with are automatically added to your contacts list. You must have liked each other for this to happen. You can also add users to your Favorites. This simplifies your search if you decide to find and communicate with them at a later time.

Alternatively, if you aren’t peculiarly satisfied with the people that appear on the homepage, you can adjust the search engine to get better suggestions. With the basic search feature, you can look for matches by location, age range, online status, distance, etc. With advanced parameters, you can search by identity, appearance, personality, ethnicity, etc. if you know one’s username, you can also try to find a person with its help. Interestingly, Amor en Linea saves your filters so that you can save your time on that in the future.

After you’re matched with a member, you can start a chat using the message feature. If you find each other attractive, you can take the conversation off the platform and decide how to meet. The following tips should help you get the best experience:

  • Interact carefully with each member and ensure that you take enough time to know them a bit.
  • Only take it far with people close to your location, as this will make it easy for you to meet.
  • If you must share nudes with a person, ensure you can really trust them.
  • As recommended in the blog section, be wary about sharing banking details.
  • Try to respond to messages quickly; slow responses may prompt a potential date to veer elsewhere.
  • When meeting for the first time, it’s safe to converge at a restaurant or an open outlet.

Signup Process

When signing up on Amor en Linea, you’re provided with different options, and using your Facebook accounts is one of them. This doesn’t save time in any way, as you’ll still need to fill out your username, password, and many other things related to your personality.

For this reason, you’d better go for the old-fashioned signup process instead. On the registration page, after filling out the necessary data, you’ll need to specify what you are looking for here: a serious relationship, a causal relationship, or just friendship. Choose the one that works for you. Additional info, such as your occupation and physical appearance, is also required, but you can skip it and come back later.

Additionally, you need to provide details about your language proficiency. Specify two languages in this section. If you know Spanish a bit, it’s an added advantage, as this will attract more Latinos to you. The majority of the population is Latinos, as mentioned earlier. However, you should stick with English if you’re not interested in meeting Latinos.

After submitting all these details, a confirmation link will be sent to the email address you provide, and you must click and follow the link to complete your registration.

Signup Process

Users Profiles Quality

Profiles on Amor en Linea are very detailed, and each information stretches far to other tiny bits. Users can upload up to five photos, which must go through an approval before they are displayed on the site. Pics must be clear and belong to the account holder. You can’t take them from the internet. Furthermore, images must not be larger than 3MB and be at least 260*540 in size.

Unless you take some time to complete your profile, you will only be able to like a maximum of 10 photos per day. It is a strict and necessary measure that helps users fine-tune their pages, especially in the “What I’m looking for” section. This makes profiles comprehensive and will also assist you in making the best choice when finding a match.

Profiles on Amor en Linea are synced with Oasis Data Network’s sister websites. It’s an ecosystem, and thus, the details are visible to everyone for free. This also means users on other dating sites can see your profile.

Interestingly, a section under the user page allows visitors to identify themselves as crossdressers, transsexuals, transgenders, among other options. Amor en Linea claims that such information is confidential and can’t be seen by the rest of the community. Besides, you can disable being matched with transgenders and the representatives of the LGBTQ community.

Mobile Application

Just like its web version, Amor en Linea’s mobile counterpart has a lot of similarities with other apps from Oasis Data Network. It is available on both iOS and Android, but many claim that they cannot find it on both stores. Thus, you may have to download it directly from the official website or third-party sites. The overall user interface looks nice and works intuitively. Also, messages are well laid-out, and matches appear in large icons so that you can see them clearly enough.

Amor en Linea Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

Except for its sister platforms, there aren’t many services similar to Amor en Linea. However, its equally good sister websites are Yada Date and Oasis UK. Other than these, you may try:

  • Match
  • Queen
  • Cindy Matches

They might not have equivalent functionality, but they offer the same approach and give you almost equal chances of getting a match to start a relationship with.

Mobile Application

Membership Price and Payment Method

There aren’t many dating sites that are completely free, and that’s where Amor en Linea stands out. It is free to use, and there are no hidden or additional costs. For this reason, you don’t need to pay to become a member. However, as stated earlier in this article, you will have to deal with many ads here and there. It is a small price to pay for using the service for free.

Free Membership Features

  • Users can send flirts
  • Make your photos private selectively
  • Contact anyone on Amor en Linea without any restrictions
  • Add profiles to Favorites or any other contact list
  • Allow only selected people to get in touch with you
  • Advanced search

Premium Membership Features

Since there is no premium membership or any paid tool, users can access everything for free.

Is Amor en Linea Really Safe?

Amor en Linea is pretty safe to use. The admins are strict, and they ban members who violate the rules. However, accidentally clicking on adverts could lead you to pages that may be difficult to go back from. Also, if you are careless with your acquaintances, you won’t face any security threats, and the platform itself ensures that all information is kept safe.

Premium Membership Features


Due to the fierce competition in the online dating industry, there is nothing particular that Amor en Linea offers that blows its rivals out of the water. However, being accessible at no cost whatsoever is commendable, and this doesn’t compromise the quality of matches you can get on the platform. The overall experience is great, and you can be successful at getting matched with someone that will impress you. Good luck with that.

How to Delete Amor en Linea Account?

Beside your profile icon in the top right, go to “My Profile” and navigate to settings. Click “Deactivate Account” that’s located under the account settings page and follow the instructions.

How to Message Someone on Amor en Linea?

After sending someone a like, you should be able to message after they like back. If they already on your contact list, navigate there to communicate with them.

How to See Who Likes You on Amor en Linea Without Paying?

You’ll be informed once someone like you. You can check the notification panel if you missed the initial notification.

How to Block Someone on Amor en Linea?

Check under their profile and use the block option available.

How to Cancel Amor en Linea Subscription?

There is no subscription plan, and every feature is free.

ow to Block Someone on Amor en Linea?

Contact Information

  • Company Name: 3H Group Pty Ltd
  • Address: Suite 310, 46-56 Kippax St
  • Zip Code + City: Surry Hills NSW 2010
  • Country: Australia
  • Customer Support Email: privacyofficer@oasisactive.com
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Blog
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