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AntiChat Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

AntiChat Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
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Pros and Cons

  • All the features of AntiChat are available to use for free
  • AntiChat offers a mobile app as well website version to its users to get involved
  • Your identity will remain anonymous until you find it comfortable to reveal your true self
  • Registration requires just a couple of minutes
  • Users find it pretty easy to use AntiChat
  • The personal contact list of your phone can also be synced with AntiChat
  • It might not work for those who are looking for a serious and committed relationship
  • Unlike other dating sites, you are not allowed to upload your photo as a profile picture
  • It doesn't allow you to delete your AntiChat account
  • AntiChat never checks the background of its users

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An online chat platform also is known as AntiLand. AntiChat provides an opportunity for anyone who wants to have a conversation without revealing their identities. With AntiChat, you never have to worry about being judged while revealing your true inner feelings. It is about encouraging people to interact with new people, make them friends, or maybe something more than that.

Being an anonymous platform for online chatting, AntiChat is gaining popularity among digital youngsters. It is not only for people looking for serious relationships but also for everyone who wants to be a part of online dating, chatting, or making friends. There are more than 1000 groups available on AntiChat that increases the chance of people to get in touch with nearby people based on your location. Besides this, it has a lot to offer to all its users for free.

Anyone can be contacted on AntiChat without actually knowing them. It works best for people who are alone but want to have quality time with themselves.

Expert’s Review of AntiChat

Expert’s Review of AntiChat

AntiChat has been helping singles for about 18 years now. There are more than 1.6 million registered users using this anonymous online chat platform. Anyone above 18 is eligible to register on AntiChat.

It welcomes everyone irrespective of their religion, nation, and ethnicity. Your sexual orientation is not at all a thing to worry about during your registration. It is an online dating site and as members all around the globe.

Website Design & Usability

Website Design & Usability

The simple design of the website gives it an outdated look. The young generation finds it quite monotonous. The website offers straightforward options on its homepage that makes the use of AntiChat a piece of cake. Even a new member won’t take long to get used to it.

AntiChat offers a lot to use on its websites for singles. The website has a chat dashboard, search function, Karma points of active users, and a + button on its first look. Everything is well organized but effortless in looks. Some decorations might be needed for polishing the site for its enhanced looks.

Special Features

Special Features

AntiChat also offers some features which are unique on their own. These are Virtual gifts and Karma. These are elaborated as follows:

  • Virtual gifts
    With this feature, users can buy and send virtual gifts to each other by visiting their profile and selecting the available gift. These gifts are available for buying via cash or spending ‘Karma’ points.
  • AntiChat Karma
    It is a social status within AntiChat. Users earn it by being active on it. The extent of being available on it is directly proportional to the quantity of Karma earned. Other ways of earning it are by sending and receiving virtual gifts. Suggesting interesting topics for group chats and by completing the tasks provided by admin via private chat with them.

How does AntiChat work?

How does AntiChat work

AntiChat works on the basic principle of complete anonymity among its users. Nothing personal is displayed on the profile of its members. The major intention behind it is people can use it without worrying about society or other users. It works for people to help them connect with people virtually.

Anyone can find partners or friends for them in AntiСhat. You can send personal as well as group messages; the receiver will receive a set of random symbols in place of your number or ID. So this way, you can connect to multiple of its users by keeping you in disguise.

It works by adding people to the groups based on their location and language provided. The group is having people who share common language and location are great to start with.

Sign Up Process

Sign Up Process

The sign-up process is easy and unimaginably quick. Your mobile number can be used to get registered with AntiChat. Then you need to generate a username that you use solely for the site. If your username comes to be unique, then you are asked to create a password for login purposes. After it, a captcha will pop-up to confirm your human existence.

Once you get in, a form displays on the screen, asking for necessary personal information. It includes your age, gender, and the gender you are interested in. Your preferred language will be asked to recommend you to suitable groups.

Email verification is required at last. You have to provide your mail id and click on the verification link to enjoy all the features of AntiChat fully.

Users Profiles Quality

The profiles on AntiChat display only the username, avatar, age, gender, ‘Karma,’ and a count of the virtual gifts that the user has already received. Besides this, ‘send a gift,’ and ‘open private chat’ are present on every profile used to contact someone on AntiChat. “Accounts Settings” button is present at the top of the site. Also, a shortcut to your profile is present beside “Accounts Settings.” Shortcut to your profile button is easy to make immediate changes to your public information.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

AntiChat offers its users access to it through a mobile application as well. The mobile application works for any Android as well as iPhone users. All the features of the app and site are similar.

The mobile app is present in the iTunes and Play Store to download for free. Opting for a mobile version of AntiChat is helpful for quick access to your world of anonymity. Otherwise, the website version is all set to go with all the features.

AntiChat Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

AntiChat Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

Some alternatives to AntiChat are Psst Anonymous, Chatous, Connected2. Chat, PepperChat, etc.

The users are increasing on AntiChat with each passing day. Users are showing a great deal of interest in becoming its active users compared to other similar sites.

Membership Price and Payment Method

AntiChat provides access to all its features free of cost. But the membership allows the user to purchase “Super Powers.” They increase the “Karma” you earn two times faster. Along with this, your private chat always tops your contacts’ inboxes.

All the paid profiles also get a rainbow background and are highlighted as a “Blessing.” Other than this, premium users can purchase virtual gifts ranging from USD 0.99 to USD 89.99.

AntiChat receives payment from its members via credit cards as well as mobile phones.

The subscriptions are available with the following weekly or monthly plans:

Membership for one week is for 4.99 USD / Week. Other plans include membership for one month, three months, or 12 months.

One month’s plan costs 9.99 USD/ Month. For three months, the amount is 8.33 USD/ Month, i.e., 24.99 USD. And last but not least, 12 months subscription amounts for 6.67 USD/ Month, i.e., 79.99 USD.

Free Membership Features

All the features in AntiChat are available to all the users for free. All its members can freely join the public chat rooms, create their groups, and indulge in private chats. Some of its main features are mentioned here:

  • Public chat rooms
    There are two criteria according to which these chat rooms are organized, either by location or topics. All newcomers automatically become members of the “Newbies” group chat and main city group based on their locations. All users are eligible to create groups and easily invite their friends via chat group codes or links.
  • Private Conversation
    Any member can be searched by entering their username in the main menu’s search function and messaged directly. Or active online members of a group chat are also approachable for a private chat by simply clicking their usernames. Some members with high ‘Karma’ can only be messaged personally if you also require some fixed number of ‘Karma’ points.
  • >Avatars
    Being an anonymous cat platform AntiChat doesn’t allow you to upload profile pictures. Instead, it will enable a feature named Avatars available to use as your display picture to other users. These are available in different options so you can switch or edit them as per your requirement. Virtual gifts

With this feature, users can buy and send virtual gifts to each other by visiting their profile and selecting the available gift. These gifts are available for buying via cash or spending ‘Karma’ points.

Premium Membership Features

Most of the features are available for free, but still premium members give access to Super Powers. It is an add-on feature for highlighting your profile. With access to it, the user will always top other contacts’ chatbox.

It even enhances the amount of Karma you earn on the site two times faster.

Is AntiChat Really Safe?

AntiChat provides full proof anonymity but not very safe for its users. It never checks the background of its users. Though it tries to maintain the group and public chats. Any member of it, if found violating the terms and conditions, is suspended.

Still, any fraudulent activity by its users with other members is not their responsibility.


AntiChat is a multifunctional anonymous online dating site. Anyone above 18 can join and benefit from it. It allows you to make connections with people without actually revealing your true self to them. It works best for shy people to talk to strangers because of the fear of being judged. Other than using it specifically for dating, use it to make friends, join interesting chat rooms for knowing topics of your interests. Or anyone who wants to get rid of boredom can become its member.

What is the purpose of this app?

The main purpose of AntiChat is to provide a platform for its members to have some fun. People mostly prefer it for dating, meeting new people, and sometimes marry the ones they find here.

How to create a chat room for a group on AntiChat?

For the creation of group chat room on your own, follow the following instructions:

Click on Public/Featured Chats, then tap the Create button and follow everything that it tells. A unique secret code is sent to you to access your chat right after this.

How does AntiChat provide anonymity to its users?

The users of AntiChat are not allowed to upload their profile pictures on their profile. Even the username also differs from their real names. The mobile number is replaced with some symbols whenever one approaches another contact. This way, the anonymity remains maintained.

How to leave an AntiChat group?

To leave a group, find the Exit from the group button at the chat. Simply click on it, and you will no longer be able to send or receive messages from that group.

How to delete the conversation with a specific person on AntiChat?

Delete any conversation by clicking the Delete Conversation present at the bottom of the right sidebar of chat. It will erase all your available conversation about that particular chat.

How to delete AntiChat account?

An option to delete the AntiChat is not available here. But there is an option in the “Privacy and security” section. You can set the option to delete your account if you are away from the site for more than 30 days.

How to message someone on AntiChat?

You can message someone either by searching their username from the search function and initiate the message directly. Or send a message to anyone available online on the group by simply clicking on their username.

How to see who likes you on AntiChat without paying?

If someone sends you virtual gifts, then they surely are interested in your profile. Receiving flirts on AntiChat is also a sign that someone likes on AntiChat.

How to block someone on AntiChat?

A Block button is present on the sidebar of the chat. This helps the users to block anyone from contacting them on AntiChat further.

How to cancel AntiChat subscription?

To unsubscribe the pack, log out from your AntiChat ID and do not sign in for 30 days. This will automatically cancel your subscription from AntiChat.

Contact Information

Some details to contact the company are mentioned in the following section.

  • Company Name: Antiland, Inc.
  • Address: Los Gatos, California, USA, 95032
  • Customer Support Email: help@antiland.com
  • Facebook https://www.facebook.com/antiland/
  • Twitter https://twitter.com/antiland_com
  • Blog: No Blog service is available as per now by AntiChat.
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