Asiandate Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

Asiandate Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 87%
Beauty 88%
Popular age 23-32
Profiles 753.000
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Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • There are a variety of ways to interact with the other users of the site. This significantly increases the overall ease of use of the dating service.
  • Asiandate doesn't charge per month. Instead, you buy credits that allow you to be charged per use.
  • Member searches are free for everyone.
  • Male subscribers cannot see personal information on other male subscribers.
  • Since there isn’t a fixed monthly subscription, the cost of using individual features cost higher if you use them more frequently.
  • Although there is an app for Asiandate, it is only available on the Google Play Store. Regardless of the percentage of users who have access to the Google Play Store, there are still more users left out.
  • Messages from female profiles are unrelenting, and there are no ways to make them stop.
  • The female profiles look sketchy.

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Asiandate is a dating platform for meeting exclusively Asian women. The service is particularly geared towards men (American, but can be from anywhere else in the world) who are looking to meet and date women of Asian origins. It started in 2009 and has since been striving to be the one-stop solution for men seeking to hook up with Asian women.

Expert’s Review of Asiandate

Expert’s Review of Asiandate

Asiandate has been around for a little over a decade and has garnered a significant amount of users. Statistics put the site’s USA members at about 1.6 million; that is not a number to scoff at by any means.

The site wants men to meet up with Asian women, and those men can be from anywhere in the world. However, in reality, American men form a greater percentage of the male population on the site, while others are from western countries. There is only a minute amount of international male profiles, as would be explained shortly.

The distribution of users based on gender is 75% female to 25% male. This seems fine from the standpoint of “Asian women availability,” and a female majority makes any dating site more attractive.

The women are exclusive of Asian origins. Only female profiles turn up in searches, which further reinforces the aim of the site. Whenever you chat them up, they are automatically added to your contacts; a feature that’s there for better or worse.

There are no requirements for sexual orientation. The focus isn’t placed on that, and everyone is welcome since sexual preferences are brought up after the fact. However, upon registration, you can only declare to be a man looking for a woman or a woman looking for a man.

For a dating site that’s trying to get people to meet with only Asian women, Asiandate is faced with peculiar problems. It has had its share of serious controversies for its credit, but it has managed to get around.

While the ideal situation is to make users from anywhere in the world meet and hook up with Asian women, most male profiles are American or generally Western. This shows that there is not much recognition for the website internationally.

Also, there hasn’t been any tangible evidence of any successful relationship that starts on the site. This doesn’t mean much. It’s just that if you’re looking for something serious, be aware of the fact that it isn’t very common there.

Given how some of the female profiles don’t have an actual female behind them and some of the profile pictures have been used without consent, Asiandate feels like it is pimping out the profiles to men.

There have also been reviews on some of the female profiles as being fake and extortionary, which leaves a huge question mark on whether the site can be recommended.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t give Asiandate a try. It is such a niche concept that has been keeping itself for quite some time. It would be unfair to dismiss it as a sham outrightly. We recommend you to get in with a minimum of expectations if you run into hitches.

Website Design & Usability

Asiandate nails the fundamental aspect of website design and usability. It isn’t very hard for users to get around the entire website. Elements are where they can be reached and can be distinguished from other elements.

The major call to action button on the website can be found on the page’s general left side, which allows you to buy credits. On the right side, you can find info on the ladies online.

In general, everything is set in such a way that your eyes take a lot at the same time, and it is pretty easy to navigate around.

The app’s mobile instance is an exact representation of the website, so you won’t be having issues using that if you prefer that over the website.

Special Features

Users can access extra features on the site. They aim to enhance the user’s experience, and they do a pretty decent job at that.

One of them is the ability to call a female through an interpreter. It is expected that not all the females on the site can speak English, but that shouldn’t stop communication. The feature allows you to call an interpreter and have them as a bridge between you and your desired woman. You will have to pay per use of this service, as it isn’t included with the subscription.

Another special feature is the Virtual gifts. As you chat with a female profile, you can send her virtual gifts. These gifts will cost you about 15 credits.

The Gift delivery feature allows you to send an actual gift to your female contact, and she gets to receive it within a few days. She sends you a picture to confirm that she got what you sent.

How does Asiandate work?

How does Asiandate work?

It is important for a new user to have an idea of how the entire dating site works from beginning to end. That might stem against any curveball along the way, allowing the user to prepare for whatever requirement is needed.

Sign Up Process

Thankfully, the signup process of Asiandate takes very little time, as it should. Remember that only men can go through with the registration (females get added by the site themselves).

You can either register using your email address or your Google account. From there, you will need to choose a username and password.

There is a field for the declaration of sexual orientation. But as of now, there are only two options to be chosen: A man looking for a woman and vise versa. This is something that can be reviewed in the future, but it currently shows that the site isn’t focused on other sexual orientations.

The account should be created after all the fields have been filled and submitted. Once you get the confirmation of the account being created, you’re instantly put on a page where you can pick a woman’s profile and start a conversation.

Users Profiles Quality

You can make posts about the things you love, the things you love doing as hobbies, and what you consider yourself to be character-wise. There is also space where you can describe yourself briefly and write short notes on the kind of woman you prefer. Bear in mind that you can change information on your profile at any time you wish.

However, you cannot make those changes as soon as you complete the registration process and get a new account. You will have to wait a little while before you can start making the changes.

You can expect a barrage of messages and letters from a lot of female profiles. They’ll come relentlessly, even if you haven’t put up a profile picture yet.

The female profiles are, on the other hand, quite “high level” – after all, they are the main reasons why Asiandate exists anyway. Information provided on the profiles is quite detailed and contains as many pictures as possible. The pictures aren’t the average selfies, but professionally taken shots by photographers. They can view these pictures as well as the information. Quite some women have videos uploaded as well. But you will need to buy credits to watch those videos.

Mobile Application

Asiandate does have a mobile application. However, it can only be found on the Google Play Store, which leaves other platform users having to stick with the website. The website is mobile-friendly and allows you to access the website without any glitches.

Asiandate Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

Asiandate Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

Some other dating websites that can be considered as worthy alternatives are AsianDating and FilipinoCupid. Asiandate holds up well against these three, but they edge it out some crucial areas.

Membership Price and Payment Method

The dating platform doesn’t charge you a typical monthly subscription like on some other dating sites. Instead, you need to purchase the credits for the number of services at a particular time.

So, how much these credits cost? Spending $15.99 will get you 20 credits, which costs $0.80 per credit. If you wish to buy more, 160 credits cost $96, charged at $0.60 per credit. 1000 credits cost $399 when billed at $0.40 per credit. You can set the purchase to auto-renewal if you wish. Overall, the Asiandate pricing can be considered to be very expensive if you use the features on the platform frequently, and also when it is compared with other dating sites that offer bundled monthly or yearly subscription.

Free Membership Features

If you have free membership and haven’t bought some credits, some features are still available.

You can only read letters that are received from the women on the site. You can view profiles and photos as well.

You can perform a member search on the female profiles, and there are no restrictions on the kind of filters you can use.

There isn’t much else to do other than these, and you will quickly notice that you need to pay to interact with other profiles on the platform.

Premium Membership Features

Virtually all the features offered by Asiandate is available to premium users, and that is the recommended way to experience the platform.

First, you get to reply to all the messages and letters you receive, regardless of how many they may be. Not only can you view photos in women’s profiles, but you can also watch the uploaded videos.

You can send virtual gifts and real gifts such as bouquets, chocolate boxes and have them delivered to the woman within a few days.

Premium users can have live chat sessions with any female profiles they choose. They can also have a Cam Share session. Upon request, they can even initiate a three-party call, which includes an interpreter.

All of these features are only available to a premium member, but they are not bundled under one single subscription plan. Instead, you will have to buy them using credits one by one on a per-time basis.

Is Asiandate Really Safe?

Is Asiandate Really Safe?

When you are looking for an online dating service, history is one of the key things you need to consider, and Asiandate does have a bit of that.

However, history isn’t all that gives the site an edge, especially if it’s a history that’s bedraggled with controversies.

The non-stop, relentless messages you receive, coupled with the fact that there are some female accounts that con and defraud people for money, it’s difficult to recommend the dating site is fully safe.

However, we also cannot completely call the site a sham. Therefore, we recommend that you can totally join Asiandate, but do so with intricate caution.



Several online dating sites are available right now, based on an expansive variety of preferences, ethnicity, location, and many more.

Asiandate is one such dating site that is focused on people of Asian origins. Otherwise, it is more specifically focused on getting other people to meet and date women of Asian descent. Right off the bat, it seems to be doing pretty with the numbers.

Perhaps that is the exact hint to the fact that the profiles seem sketchy. Other than the fact that they barely look relaxed and natural, some of the female profiles are out to trick users of money.

There have also been allegations that some of the women don’t even have an idea that their pictures are being used on a site like Asiandate. Overall, it feels like a sketchy site.

If you are looking for something serious, you’d better try some other alternative dating sites; but if you don’t mind the uncertainty behind the profiles of the women fielded on Asiandate and can tolerate the maddening messages you will regularly be getting, then go for it.

Popular FAQs

How to delete Asiandate account?

It is a bit complicated to have your Asiandate account deleted. You will need to contact the site’s administrators with a request to have them delete your account for you.

How to message someone on Asiandate?

You can either respond to a message or letter sent to you or carry out a profile search, and then send a message to them.

How to see who likes you on Asiandate without paying?

Unfortunately, there is no way to know who likes you on the free membership plan of Asiandate.

How to block someone on Asiandate?

There is a block icon for blocking users from messaging you or viewing your profile.

How to cancel Asiandate subscription?

The subscription on Asiandate is based on renewal, and to cancel the subscription is to stop auto-rebilling simply. To do that, go to the Billing section of the settings menu and turn off the toggle beside “your auto-renewal is turned on”; click on confirm to validate the change.

Contact Information

Contact Information

  • Company name: SOL Networks Ltd
  • Zip Code + City: 71, Level 4&5, Tower Road, Silema
  • Country: Malta
  • Customer Support Email:
  • Facebook: facebook.com/Asiandate
  • Twitter: @Asiandate
  • Blog: www.Asiandate.com
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