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Read Our BBWDatefinder Review – Perfect Dating Website or Scam?

Read Our BBWDatefinder Review – Perfect Dating Website or Scam?
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Beauty 64%
Profiles 250.000
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Pros and Cons

  • Easy and fast registration.
  • Belongs to the largest network of dating websites.
  • Many years of providing dating services.
  • There is no instant chat.
  • To use the site, you have to purchase a subscription plan.
  • A standard free set of features is limited.

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In this detailed review, you will learn what BBWDatefinder is all about. This dating website helps people find long-term relationships and create happy families with children. It is the right place for single men and women who are dreaming of getting married. It is a fascinating place that attracts a lot of interesting people with many shared interests. The website helps its members form strong connections with perfect matches. If you consider joining BBWDatefinder, this review will help you do it properly in order not to waste your time, money, and energy for nothing. In the following review, you will learn about the site’s sign up process, safety, prices, etc.

What Do Experts Say About BBWDatefinder?


BBWDatefinder is a professional dating site, which is fully dedicated to meeting curvy ladies. Such niche dating services are on the pick of popularity. The modern online dating industry has numerous sites of this type, and BBWDatefinder is one of the best examples. It is not a newcomer to this particular niche as it was launched in 2001. The website has a lot of positive feedback from international users. The site gets updated regularly to meet the high demands of the online dating market. You should know that BBWDatefinder is a part of the Friends Worldwide Dating Network, which hosts more than 1,000 niche-based dating sites. BBWDatefinder functions as a standalone website with a huge database of Friends Worldwide Network. You will find a lot of potential matches here. You will face no problems to find your love!

What About Website Design and Usability of BBWDatefinder?

You will have a pleasant experience with this website. Such a lovely design fits a dating mood perfectly. All sections are well-structured for you to find everything fast. If you want to stand out, BBWDatefinder offers its clients a fee-based “Priority Listing” feature. Your profile will be on the top. If you face another problem of too much attention and people who message you, it is possible to block certain members. They will not contact you anymore. Also, do not forget that you can invite/enter private chats to enjoy communication with BBWDatefinder members.

What Special Features Are Available On The Site?

BBWDatefinder Features

We discovered that BBWDatefinder does not offer a lot of advanced features. Some members complain about that and think that it is a big disadvantage, while others enjoy the simplicity of using this website.

The site has a search engine, which is powerful enough to filter the search results by different parameters. For example, you can find matches according to their age, gender, ethnicity, and current location. When you get generated results, they are presented in a scrollable list format. Of course, it is something all dating sites do, but the most important is that the job is done correctly.

As soon as you get interested in a particular profile, you can add it to your favorites list. It is allowed to send winks to people you like, or to send them letters via the convenient messaging system. You will not find an instant chat feature on BBWDatefinder. To tell the truth, we do not understand why the developer ignores all these common and useful features. Honestly, we can’t explain that.

All members are allowed to search for matches via newly created profiles or members who are online at the moment. You can adjust to search for potential matches according to your preferences and expectations.

BBWDatefinder has two special sections called “Who’s Viewed Me” and “Who’s Favorited Me.” You can use these features to check who has shown interest in your profile. You should check these sections regularly in case there are some interesting people who can start communicating with you. Having access to this type of information, it will be easier for you to edit the “About me” section, add some more eye-catching photos. The more detailed your profile, the better search results are at the end.

How Does The BBWDatefinder Website Function?

BBWDatefinder Website Function

In order to experience the BBWDatefinder site, you have to register. So, first of all, you must choose your sexual orientation. Then, you must compose your username and password. Your new account has been created now. Do not forget to provide a valid email and the country where you live right now. BBWDatefinder will ask you to agree to their privacy policy and the official terms of use. Press the red-colored button “Continue” to complete the initial registration process. You are allowed to add a maximum of ten photos to your profile. Now you can start searching for beautiful members who will become your potential partner. This dating website welcomes people of all sexual orientations: straight, gay, and lesbian.

The general search criteria on the BBWDatefinder website:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • With Photo only
  • Online now

If you have specific criteria, you can use the extended search. You can use local searches if you want to identify people who live close to you. As a rule, it can be difficult to grab enough attention from beautiful and popular members due to enormous competition. The problem is too many profiles that are similar.

BBWDatefinder Offers a Simple Sign Up Process

BBWDatefinder Sign Up

Now, we are going to learn how to sign up for BBWDatefinder. It is a very simple process. Everyone will handle this streamlined operation in a matter of a few minutes. We complete the entire process within 10 minutes. If you are not ready to give a lot of details about your personality, you will accomplish this step even faster. So, if you are impatient to get started straight away, you should visit the sign-in page of the BBWDatefinder site. From this point, you have to let the website know who you are and whom you are looking for here. You should be ready to answer the questions about gender and the one your potential match.

After providing these details, the website will ask you to submit your email and create a unique password. It is the place where you can compose your creative BBWDatefinder username. A lot of new members do not know how to select their usernames. We can recommend you to choose an original and self-expressive username. You should not forget that your username will serve as the best description of you.

Finally, the website will ask you to provide general personal info, for example, your current location or how old you are. As you can see, the registration process can’t be more simple. As soon as you get your login, you can sign in and start communicating with a lot of new and interesting people.

Users Profiles Quality on BBWDatefinder Site

BBWDatefinder Profiles Quality

To get started, you must refer to the login page of BBWDatefinder. We have already mentioned that the majority of members are interested in long term relationships and marriage. Every user’s profile contains basic personal details. All members have to complete this lengthy process. It is a bit boring, but it is the only way to grab people’s attention. By investing your time and energy, you increase your chances of finding the most compatible matches.

It is important to provide all of the answers. BBWDatefinder algorithm will analyze your data and suggest the best matches. So, if you want to be popular on the site and receive a lot of likes and messages, take your time to fulfill this information. Most profiles of users are very detailed. It is how people demonstrate their serious intentions about meeting your potential partner. You should imagine what other people think. Imagine that you are searching for matches on BBWDatefinder. You open some profiles and see only basic data. There will be nothing to interest and make you feel curious.

Does BBWDatefinder Have a Mobile Application?

BBWDatefinder Mobile Application

Unfortunately, BBWDatefinder does not offer its users an app. Let’s hope that the situation will change soon, and you will have access to all the dating features on your tablet or smartphone when you are on the move. But you should not get disappointed because BBWDatefinder has a good mobile site. It is the solution If you want to have a complete and well-integrated dating experience on your mobile device. You can use any mobile web browser. You will get access to a lot of efficient features, as you can find on the desktop website version. We tried its mobile site and found it quite ok. At the same time, it will be more convenient to use an application. We will see whether BBWDatefinder will take our comfort into consideration.

What Are the TOP Alternatives to BBWDatefinder?

Plus-size single people deserve love and care. We have prepared for you Top-5 dating websites, where you can find friends and lovers. There is no place for complexes about size and appearance. Everyone is beautiful here!

  1. Match
  2. LargeFriends
  3. BBWRomance
  4. ChubbyBunnie
  5. WooPlus

What Membership Prices Does BBWDatefinder Offer?

  • A one-month subscription plan will cost you 24.99 USD per month.
  • A three-months subscription plan will cost you 17.95 USD per month.
  • A six-month subscription plan will cost you 13.95 USD per month.

We recommend all new members try a one-month subscription plan. You should use this period to test the website and the quality of dating services. If you enjoy your experience and do not miss features, you can upgrade to much longer subscription plans and save even more money.

What Free Membership Features Are Available?

BBWDatefinder Membership Features

As a free BBWDatefinder member, you are allowed to create and fulfill your profile. This status is fine to get a general impression of the website and understand how to navigate it. However, free members are very limited to messaging features. If you find a nice person and want to start a new conversation, you have to upgrade your membership status.

What Extra Features Do Premium Membership Get?

BBWDatefinder is a very loyal website. It offers free and fee-based subscription plans. As soon as you upgrade your BBWDatefinder membership to premium, you get access to a lot of advanced features. Let’s have a look at these features. There is a chance that they will motivate you to purchase a subscription plan in the nearest future.

  • You can start a new conversation via emails;
  • You can check who has viewed your BBWDatefinder profile;
  • You can keep an eye on potential matches who likes your;
  • You will get regular email notifications;
  • Your BBWDatefinder profile will be displayed on the top of the search results list.

Is It Safe to Use BBWDatefinder Services?

BBWDatefinder Safe

Security on BBWDatefinder is really innovative. The website stores all your personal information, as well as your financial data safely. It is kept encrypted 24 hours a day. You should know that the BBWDatefinder site monitors all members. There is innovative monitoring technology, which helps to identify and delete registered members who dare to use this online dating site for marketing purposes. You can be sure that your personal information is secure and never gets shared with third parties. A lot of members appreciate having safe credit/debit card processors, which make online transactions possible. Your security is the top priority of BBWDatefinder.

BBWDatefinder protects the anonymity of all users. If you are not registered, it is not allowed to view any profile on the site. It proves that the level of privacy is high. However, all members can see your photos. All your data is sent via the SSL connection, so it is impossible for any third party to intercept your correspondence.

Conclusion About BBWDatefinder Dating Services

We all know that online dating is not always easy due to high competition and safety risks. BBWDatefinder succeeded in making the entire process much easier. It is the place to find a lovely and curvy woman with a lot of advantages and shared interests. You will see how fast and uncomplicated it is to find a man or woman of your sincere dreams, build long-lasting relationships, and create a happy family. BBWDatefinder will help you find a beautiful woman with feminine forms. The website has been helping single people for many years. So, you can rely on the highly-professional dating services. You will find a lot of compatible matches without waiting too long.

BBWDatefinder is a plus size online dating platform. Every woman is looking for love despite her weight and appearance. If you are not a fan of skinny women, here you will find curves and not only. Every male and female member represents an interesting personality with his or her unique lifestyle, educational and cultural background, and hobbies. Before you start your in-depth search, we recommend you to set the principal goals and know what you are looking for. You will be amazed to discover that there are a lot of men who are fond of voluptuous women. They are so soft and feminine, as a real woman should look like. All members know what they like, and that is why they choose BBWDatefinder. You can be sure you will meet your perfect match with an interesting personality, kind heart, and sex appeal. BBWDatefinder will make your love dreams come true!

BBWDatefinder FAQs

The website is easy to use. However, certain questions arise all the time. Below, you will find the replies to the most common questions.

How Can I Delete My BBWDatefinder Account?

You are allowed to cancel your paid membership and keep your online profile active. If you want to delete your BBWDatefinder profile from the website, you use two options. You can deactivate the profile, and other members will not see it anymore. You can reactivate it any time later. Also, you can close your BBWDatefinder account completely. In this case, the profile gets deleted. Closing your account is free of charge.

How Can I Message Other Members On BBWDatefinder?

You can get access to the basic chat option, which is available to everyone. You can use the BBWDatefinder search feature to check who is online right now. If you see someone interesting, you can send him or her a message and start a new conversation.

How To Check Who Likes Your Profile On BBWDatefinder?

BBWDatefinder has a special section called “Who’s Favorited Me.” You can use these features to check who has shown interest in your profile. Unfortunately, it is not a free feature.

Can I Block Some Users On BBWDatefinder?

If you had a highly negative experience with a certain member, you should report the admin. Explain your concern and get the needed instructions.

Can I Cancel my BBWDatefinder subscription plan?

Some users may have certain reasons to cancel their subscription plans. You should notify the company as soon as possible, explaining the issue. The admin will try to solve the problem or will cancel your BBWDatefinder subscription.

How To Get In Contact With BBWDatefinder

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  • Customer Support Email:
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