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FlirtySlapper Review

FlirtySlapper Review
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 91%
Beauty 94%
Popular age 20-28
Profiles 1,800,000
About Site
Visit rate 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Customer support representative verifies photos
  • Very convenient system with credits
  • Adaptive to any device
  • Very poor ‘about us’ and FAQ sections
  • The service is expensive in comparison to other platforms

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Can’t you find a partner for a relationship? Or do you want to make your sexual experience more delightful? Then you should try FlirtySlapper. It is a popular website developed for people looking for a hookup or some erotic content. So, it means that it’s allowed to use this online platform only for users who are at least 18. If you want to know more details about FlirtySlapper, you need to read this review.

The Registration Process

FlirtySlapper Review

When you enter FlirtySlapper, you notice the main page that looks pretty contemporary. It’s designed in bright colors, and the main of them is pink. There’s also a notification. This website warns users that it contains sexually explicit age-restricted materials. Furthermore, there are also some rules you need to follow in case if you want to continue using this online service. After reading the text, you should click the button called «Confirm and continue.»

Then you are allowed to create your profile on FlirtySlapper. In this case, you have to add your age, gender, and the place where you live. It’s also needed to write down your email address where you can receive a confirmation letter. The registration process looks simple. Nonetheless, some users receive a rejection of signing up. Sometimes it happens because of some problems with the internet connection. But in most cases, the problem appears if the user lives in the country where such content is permitted. In case if you have received such notification, but you still want to continue using this website, you should try other sites.

When you have signed up, you have a free version of the service. It means that with such a profile, you don’t need to share any information about your credit card.

The Interface of FlirtySlapper

This website has a user-friendly interface. That’s why it won’t take much time to understand how the main features work in general, even if you have never used such platforms before. After signing in, users get access to the list of people who can be appealing to you and can satisfy your needs. However, it’s essential to mention that FlirtySlapper is developed mostly for heterosexual individuals. It means that even if you are gay, you will still receive a feed filled with women.

Online people are at the top of the list. However, in case if you are looking only for people living in your area, there’re fewer people. If you want to get more profiles to choose from, it’s recommended to use FlirtySlapper on weekends and holidays. There’re more people on non-working days.

There’s a convenient navigation system. If you look at the top of the page, you will notice different buttons such as:

  • My profile;
  • My mailbox;
  • My flirts;
  • Match Game.

A match game is a function that will be a great solution for those individuals who don’t have much time to look for a partner. The only thing you can do to play it is to select different characteristics describing your perfect partner. After filtering, you will receive a list of individuals who correspond to these parameters. These characteristics are consisted of:

  • Gender of your potential partner;
  • Minimum and maximum age;
  • Region (the service is available only in the UK).

If you find one of those people interesting, you can go to his page, read his description, and send him a message. However, in case if you want to start playing this game, you need to add your photos. They are needed to prove that you aren’t a scammer who is collecting other people’s information to start blackmailing them.

On the left, there are other sections, and the most essential of them are:

  • Members;
  • My likes;
  • My matches;
  • My credits;
  • Settings.

Functions of FlirtySlapper

FlirtySlapper Review

It’s not surprising why FlirtySlapper has become such a popular platform in the United Kingdom. The main reason for this is lots of options provided to all of the users to help them communicate with each other and what has some erotic photos and video clips.

Being a platform for communication, FlirtySlapper offers users different ways of interaction. In case if you don’t know how to start your first conversation, you can send a flirt to the person who is interesting in you and start waiting for the answer.

To demonstrate your interest, you can also send some digital gifts that include:

  • Whip;
  • Lingerie;
  • Credits;
  • Handcuffs;
  • Massage oil;
  • Chocolate;
  • And more.

These gifts aren’t available for people who have a free version of the website. To get one of them, you have to purchase a premium membership.

However, there’re other options you can use to show your admiration for another user. This function is known as a fucking request. When you receive such a message, it doesn’t mean that the person behaves inappropriately. It’s a simple way to start a conversation, and you can answer this request if that profile seems appealing to you.

It’s already been mentioned that you have to post your pictures to play a match game. These photos have to go through the verification process that takes about one day. Naked images aren’t forbidden, but there shouldn’t be any violence or offensive content.

Users of FlirtySlapper

FlirtySlapper is a platform that was developed specifically for the United Kingdom citizens. Even though only people living in this English-speaking country are aimed to register here, there’s a lot of users. That’s why you will find a one-night stand even if you live in a suburban area or a small town. Recently it’s been noticed that people from other commonwealths start registering their profiles on FlirtySlapper. So, it means that this website may become an international platform one day.

Quality of Members

FlirtySlapper is a great website for people who need to find a partner for a long-term relationship or a one-night stand. That’s why most of the users here have the same goals, and all of them are open-minded and friendly. You will be surrounded by an atmosphere of support while having conversations on this online platform.

Nonetheless, it is a service for people looking for erotic content. That’s why you need to remember that lots of users post their photos and videos, and you should be ready for that. To find your perfect partner, you can read other people’s descriptions.

The founders of this website take care of their users. That’s why they try to avoid any fake profiles on their platform.

Interaction between Members

With FlirtySlapper, you can choose one of the lots of methods of communication with other people using this website. The most obvious of them are simple messages where you can discuss your personal preferences, share your information, and get closer to your point of interest. Furthermore, you can see who likes photos you add to your profile. It is a marvelous solution for people who don’t feel confident enough and don’t know how to start their first conversation. To see whose photos you like, you ought to go to the section called flirts.

The service also offers you to show your sympathy to another person by sending him digital gifts.

However, there aren’t video chats. But it’s better for users because if they understand that they appreciate their interlocutor, they will meet in person quicker.

Prices of FlirtySlapper

When you have created your profile on FlirtySlapper, you get access to a free version of functions. However, if you want to be satisfied with the platform, it’s recommended to purchase a digital currency that is called tokens.

Free Version

FlirtySlapper Review

A free account is a marvelous option for those individuals who aren’t ready to use FlirtySlapper for a long time. It is needed to understand how the main features work in general and to look if the interface is useful for them. With this profile, users can’t send any messages. However, they still can use other ways of communication. They are allowed to search for other people.


FlirtySlapper Review

In case if you understand that FlirtySlapper is a great choice for you, and it will help you find a partner, you need to buy some tokens. After purchasing this currency, you can send text messages and gifts. The more credits you buy, the cheaper is your messages. For example, if you purchase ten credits for £15.00, a message will cost £1.50. For people buying 50 credits for £65.00, it will be only £1.30.

It’s also possible to become a VIP member of FlirtySlapper. You can buy a subscription for a month that costs £10.00. There are also options for:

  • 3 months (£25.00);
  • 6 months (£39.00);
  • 12 months (£45.00).

You are allowed to use different payment methods, such as your credit or debit cards (VISA and MasterCard).

Features of a Premium Version

When you purchase a premium membership, you get access to all the intimate photos and videos. Moreover, you receive a list of people who have visited your account. So, you know who is potentially interested in you.

Is a premium membership worth the money?

Of course, you can use a free version. However, if you want to find your partner faster, it is better to choose a paid membership. With this version, it’s possible to send and see erotic content. However, you still need to buy credits to send messages. But this subscription isn’t that expensive, especially if you understand that you are going to use it for a long time.

The Protection

FlirtySlapper does best to protect the members from hackers and scammers. However, sometimes you can meet some strange people even while using this website. If you want to avoid such situations, it is better to follow these simple rules:

  • Try to avoid using a public WiFi when you’re creating your account and punching credits;
  • Look through your potential interlocutor’s page before sending the first message;
  • Don’t communicate with people who have free versions of the service because there’s a higher risk that they can be fakes.

Moreover, if you have noticed a suspicious profile, it is recommended to notify the representatives of the website. It will help other users.


FlirtySlapper Review

FlirtySlapper has a user-friendly interface. That’s why you don’t need any help to understand how the main features work in general. However, if you have any issues with the website, you should contact the support team. It is a group of professionals who know how to solve the most complicated situations, and they will help you as soon as possible.

Mobile Version of the Website

For most people, it’s more convenient to use such websites on their mobile phones, and FlirtySlapper understands that. To get access to this version, you only need to open this service on your smartphone. There isn’t an app, but a mobile website is useful and offers you to use the seam functions. Furthermore, you can turn on notifications to always be aware of new messages.

Final Decision

FlirtySlapper is a service for communication filled with a lot of erotic materials. It is a marvelous platform for citizens of the UK who want to try something new in their sexual lives. To start using the platform, you can start with a free version that allows browsing other members. However, if you want to communicate via text messages or send digital gifts, you need to buy currency called credits. A premium subscription allows you to get access to all of the intimate photos and videos posted by most users of FlirtySlapper.

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