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BeautifulPeople Review 2021 – Real Dating Site or Fake?

BeautifulPeople Review 2021 – Real Dating Site or Fake?
About Girls
Date with older guy 2%
Reply rate 68%
Beauty 82%
Popular age 24-37
Profiles 75 000
About Site
Visit rate 5.3
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • careful selection of candidates according to the level of physical attractiveness;
  • guaranteed interesting acquaintances;
  • the possibility of standard registration and login via Facebook;
  • strict verification of new users;
  • impressive ratings of the most attractive men and women in different countries and regions.
  • high subscription prices;
  • interface shortcomings - small hard-to-read font;
  • boring design of the home page;
  • it is impossible to access the site in a trial mode;
  • long waiting period for new profile authentication - up to 48 hours;
  • technical difficulties during registration - letters of confirmation do not come immediately or do not come at all;
  • assessment of the appearance of users is very subjective and often not justified;
  • despite the site’s policy, the platform has many mediocre users in terms of beauty;
  • you can lose membership for a deterioration in appearance, for example, when gaining weight.

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BeautifulPeople is a dating site that positions itself as a platform for personal and professional dating online communications for physically attractive people. The site has been operating since 2002 and quite successfully fulfills its original function of connecting beautiful people from around the world. According to BeautifulPeople, over 700 couples got married thanks to the site. Nevertheless, a few years ago, the platform had been in the center of the scandal due to the theft of personal data of users and information leakage to Darknet. The audience also ambiguously percept the idea of ​​sorting new participants by level of physical attractiveness. Many consider this to be unfair and offensive since access to the site is possible only after voting by current participants of the opposite sex.

You can decide for yourself whether to apply to BeautifulPeople or not. If you are confident in your appearance and ready to meet in public opinion, you can provide your photos and a brief introduction of yourself. But if you have unstable self-esteem or an assessment of your appearance is unacceptable to you, then refrain from registering and looking for alternative dating sites.

Basics of BeautifulPeople What You Have to Know

BeautifulPeople Review

BeautifulPeople was founded in 2002, and gained popularity only in 2009. Currently, more than 1,100,000 members are registered on the platform. Interestingly, users are almost evenly distributed between different countries, although the US community still prevails, accounting for 93,000 active users. The average age of participants is 20-35 years, and men and women are represented approximately the same on BeautifulPeople. The site does not have the option of indicating sexual orientation, so it is impossible to assess the ratio of straight and homosexual users.

BeautifulPeople Interface Design and Technical Features

BeautifulPeople Review

Most users note the rather poor and boring design of the BeautifulPeople homepage. Indeed, the logo is made quite simply, and the name is written in simple silver letters as if made in haste. At the top of the site, there is an option to select a language so that users can select English, Dansk, Italiano, Français, Russia, Português, Polski, Japanese, Chinese, and others. The main advantages and features described shortly in the center of the page under the header. The paragraphs are typed in plain newspaper font and are difficult to read. The Login button is located in the upper right corner.

Is There Something Special in BeautifulPeople?

BeautifulPeople Review

The main “trick” of BeautifulPeople is the ability to rank the users’ profiles with their attractiveness. Men and women can evaluate the appearance of new and regular users using the buttons’ Beautiful’, ‘Hmm ok,’ ‘No,’ or ‘Absolutely not.’ There is also a division into a regular and premium profile, paid and free options, additional functions for communication.

Another special option of BeautifulPeople is mentorship. A team of professional stylists and coaches give you advice for your style, haircut, makeup, and other tips to improve the appeal of users on the platform. In addition, since 2013, the company regularly arranges meetings for its participants in the USA and Europe. To access the events of BeautifulPeople.com, users must look as attractive as they presented themselves on the site, or they will be rejected by a special “Beauty Police”.

How Does BeautifulPeople Work: Conditions and Requirements?

BeautifulPeople Review

BeautifulPeople works like most dating sites, although there are a more cohesive community and closer interaction between users. To find yourself on the site, you need to undergo strict manual selection and get approval from users of the opposite sex. But upon successful completion of the procedure, you can start communication at a new qualitative level.

Once your profile is activated, you can upload more personal pics. Other users will be able to check out your images and vote for you. You can also indicate whom you are seeking on the website, and provide a brief description of your appearance to improve your chances of meeting your soulmate as beautiful as you are.

How Difficult Is to Get to the Site?

Registration is available through the “Login” button and Facebook. In practice, it is more convenient to do this through the “Login”, as the system may give an error when trying to use Facebook. During registration, it is critical to provide beautiful photographs where your face and figure are clearly visible. Together with the image, you must provide your day and month of birth and email address and indicate the gender. Advanced profile options include habits and hobbies, education, a brief description of your appearance, and your personal interests. When registration is complete, you have to wait 48 hours for other users to rate your profile. According to BeautifulPeople statistics, only 20% of all applicants succeed to get to the platform. On the web, all participants are divided into several categories.

  • Applicants – those who have not yet passed the authentication procedure.
  • The Newest – ones are those recently on the platform.
  • Highest Ranked – successful users who have won the attention of the community.
  • The most popular – those who received maximum messages.
  • Elite – users who have purchased a premium subscription.

Keep in mind that the system strictly evaluates new participants in appearance, so you may be rejected if you do not provide enough photos to evaluate your appearance.

Who Are Real Members on BeautifulPeople?

BeautifulPeople Review

Although the registration procedure for BeautifulPeople is quite complicated, once you get to the system, you may face both pleasant discoveries and disappointments. Indeed, the site has many quite attractive male and female profiles, although there are also very mediocre men and women. Many male profiles look ridiculous: men with a naked torso with obvious traces of Photoshop. Many female profiles look too good to be true. The profiles of other users are presented quite conveniently, and you can rate them by the thumbnails of their photos.

BeautifulPeople shows which users’ accounts are the most favourable on the site, and those who received the highest rating of attractiveness, as well as those who have just registered on the site but yet received confirmation. However, on the whole, there are a lot of high-quality male and female profiles with beautiful pics on the site, and you are able to select search criteria by country and other parameters. But do not expect that you will have much freedom for usage: in order to text people you like, you have to buy paid options on BeautifulPeople.

Mobile App and Desktop Software for BeautifulPeople

BeautifulPeople Review

BeautifulPeople has a desktop and mobile version available for Android and iOS. The functionality and usability of both versions are almost the same, except for “Events” and “Forum”. Many users find it convenient to use a mobile application because it makes it easy to stay online and easier to find a partner nearby.However, the app simplifies usage and shortens the functionality a little bit. You will see all the necessary icons and alerts about new messages and views on the screen of your phone. At the same time, the PC version has several more functions, but the application gives more freedom to the user.

Are There Alternatives for BeautifulPeople: Best Websites & Apps

BeautifulPeople Review

In principle, BeautifulPeople is similar to other dating sites in many respects, and differs only in its approach to searching and selecting users by beauty. Therefore, you can choose other sites with paid and free registration, depending on your goals. For example, if you are looking for a male older than you for financial support, you can choose SeekingArrangement.com and register there. If you want to meet an attractive Russian or Ukrainian girl, go to kissrussianbeauty.com.

Cost of Membership and Payment Method on BeautifulPeople

BeautifulPeople is quite an expensive site, and the cost of a subscription is higher than other dating sites. A monthly subscription costs 25 USD; registration for three months is higher than 50 USD, and six months will cost you almost 75 USD. Remarkably, the longer your subscription, the lower the cost of the monthly fee. Therefore, buying the maximum subscription period for BeautifulPeople is most profitable. You can pay for registration with a Visa card and use the PayPal payment system.

Free Options and Basic Features on BeautifulPeople

BeautifulPeople Review

BeautifulPeople offers both paid and free options. You may not have to pay for a subscription, but then your options will be limited until viewing public photos, voting, searching for partners, nonverbal signs such as winks, and putting users to Favorites. You can register for free to view and evaluate the site for the convenience of the interface. If you like member profiles and want to expand your capabilities, you can buy a paid subscription.

Premium Features and Extra Options on BeautifulPeople

Premium options on BeautifulPeople provides more opportunities for communication, including texting to other users, viewing personal photos of other users, live chatting, and participating in the forum. With a paid subscription, you can also see who checked you out and clicked on your profile to add to their Favorites.

What Do You Have to Know about Safety on BeautifulPeople?

BeautifulPeople Review

BeautifulPeople is a quite secure site for today. You do not have to fill out your personal credentials and bank data, so your personal data is safe. Although, a few years ago, the dating site appeared in the center of a scandal with the theft of user data. For example, according to some reports, the site was hacked in November 2015, and the data of many users ended up in Darknet. There was also the quite funny case when in 2011, the site administration said that the platform was hacked, and the so-called Shrek Virus attacked it. Due to it, approximately 30,000 unattractive people managed to get into the platform. Currently, the site has no security issues due to the strict selection of users.


BeautifulPeople is a platform for the brave and self-convenient ones. You will have to meet with public approval or disapproval, and you cannot predict how the users will react to you. But if you are confident in your appearance, and also willing to spend up to $ 25 a month on high-quality communication with beautiful men and women, feel free to register on the platform!

Here you will find short answers to the most interesting questions about BeautifulPeople if you did not find the needed data on the site.

Can I Quit from BeautifulPeople?

You can withdraw your account at any time. For it, go to the “Account” section in the upper right corner of the screen, and then click “Settings”. In the “Profile Settings” section, choose “Disable Profile.” Select one of the proposed options, then click “Delete Profile.”

How to text someone on BeautifulPeople?

You can exchange texts with other members, but you must purchase a premium account for this. Free registration does not include the messaging feature.

How to check who likes you on BeautifulPeople for Free?

You cannot check this list of BeautifulPeople users without paying an advanced subscription. But as an alternative, you can choose a 1-month subscription to test how much you like all the advanced options.

How to block someone on BeautifulPeople?

You can restrict access to your personal page on BeautifulPeople for any member who insults you or other participants, as well as report violations of the platform’s administration. You can ban and report issues or violate the terms of use on any profile page, in your email or the window chat. Your attention and responsibility will help to make the community safer, as well as fun and enjoyable.

How to stop a subscription?

For your convenience, BeautifulPeople automatically invoices you to renew your subscription based on your previous payment. To cancel the subscription, go to “Account”, then pick “Settings”, then “Subscription”, where you have to click on the “Click here to disconnect”.

Contact Credentials

  • Company Name: Beautiful Networks LLC
  • Address: DE 19958, US
  • Zip Code + City: 16192 Coastal Hwy Lewes
  • Country: USA
  • Customer Support Email: administration.hq@beautifulpeople.com
  • Facebook
  • Twitter: @BeautifulPeep
  • Blog
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