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BeeTalk Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

BeeTalk Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
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Date with older guy 12%
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Beauty 84%
Popular age 20-25
Profiles 3.500.000
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Pros and Cons

  • Every feature available on the site is accessible to every user free of cost.
  • The site indulges in matchmaking using the location of the users.
  • Users have the flexibility to employ the most vital Radar feature to find a perfect match within their vicinity.
  • One of the most relieving features that the site offers is an advert-free browsing experience.
  • The number of users who hail from the US is comparatively less than the other online dating sites.
  • The site does not offer a desktop version; it is only available as a mobile application.
  • BeeTalk provides a user interface that is quite complex to get familiar with for the users.

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Within a year of the official launch, the number of users on the website are witnessing an increase. The app had more than ten million users on the site within a year, and the number keeps on increasing day by day. BeeTalk is one app that is a perfect blend of social networking features and traits of messaging apps. One thing that makes it unique is the courage of the app to offer all the features free of cost in this competitive era where all the sites charge users a hefty amount to use exciting and helpful features. BeeTalk, however, is available only in the form of a mobile application and lacks a desktop version. The excellent aspect is that the app is available to download free of cost for not only android but also iOS users.

Though the app perfectly blends the features of social networking and messaging apps, there are certain aspects where the app fails to meet the expectations of the users—sharing some of the perks that the app offers along with the limitations that it has.

The advantages of the app undoubtedly outweigh the disadvantages. If you still doubt creating an account on the app, you should shun all doubts and create an account on the app without any worry or doubts.

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The majority of users join the site to find a new friend or develop a causal relationship. The website helps people to achieve this by offering plenty of community building features to the users. These features include forums, location-based groups, and threads. BeeTalk is also a platform where you can spot a person to indulge in casual sex. The app does not hinder users from posting NSFW photos nor impose censorship of any kind or in any form. Therefore, NSFW profile photos and exchanges of NSFW media, are quite common on BeeTalk.

BeeTalk Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

Expert’s Review of BeeTalk

Today, the site enjoys a user base of 50 million users all across the globe. BeeTalk is undeniably one of the fastest-growing mobile social apps available for download that is too free of cost on mobile app stores. The app promises to be a great help to those looking for a potential match with the marvelous features it offers. The app also provides you with the characteristics of a dating app, and features of a messaging app. Although BeeTalk is popular all across the globe, most users on the app are hailed from Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, and Taiwan. Only six percent of users come from the US, which accounts for around 3,000,000 users. Around one thousand users login to the site only daily. Both men and women are equally active on the site. The proportion of male and female users on the website is fifty each. People of all age groups are members on the site, but the most active users belong to the age group of twenty-three to forty years.

Website Design & Usability

Yellow and black are the two theme colors of the app. The app offers slightly robust usability as well as navigation because it has plenty of features to provide to the users. The interface of the app demonstrates only five tab icons. These five icons include Look Around, Chat, Discover, Video, and My Profile. Clicking on the icon shows the tab name. You can find the Radar as well as Flip feature, on the menu that is there at the upper right-hand side of the tab that says Look Around. Thus, the user interface of the app is undoubtedly user friendly, but only if you can get comfortable with the navigation keys and pages.

Special Features

BeeTalk is an online dating site that is a perfect blend of features of the popular social media sites and the traits of dating apps. All the elements are available to all the users free of cost. the features that make this app unique from others are as follows:

Join Clubs

Your fellow users build the Clubs, usually indicating some sort of interest or activity. As each Club only has a few members, the administrator of the Club decides which member on the site he wants to let in and whom not.

Look Around and Radar

Look Around as well as Radar are two distinct features of BeeTalk, serving almost a similar function. Look Around depicts your contact suggestions within your vicinity. Radar, more specifically, shows the users who are closer to your exact location.


Flip is a roulette-type of contact suggestion. If you right swipe on a user and the other users also likes your profile using the Flip feature, the app shares your names in the contact list.

Whisper Mode

Whisper mode is a popular feature in your chatbox. This feature allows you to set a timer within which you want the message you send to no longer appear in the chatbox of another person. The feature has end-to-end message encryption.

Forums & Threads

Several threads that you can spot in the Discovery tab are an initiation by BeeTalk. Threads like ‘Introduce Yourself’ or ‘Selfie’ are the most popular. Apart from this, there are several forum chat rooms that any user can join in addition to asking or answering questions.

Special Features

How does BeeTalk work?

The app uses features like location and Radar to help users find a potential match that is within their vicinity. BeeTalk requires users to fill in details about their interests and other details, which help other users determine if they find an exciting profile. Users can then contact the other users via features like chat and voice calls. Uploading video clips is another way of attracting the attention of other users on the site.

Sign up Process

  • Five minutes of the signup process
  • Account verification via SMS
  • Option to login to the app using Facebook profile
  • Add your phone contacts to BeeTalk users

It takes just five minutes to create an account on BeeTalk. Unlike other online dating sites, BeeTalk does not offer you multiple ways to sign up. The only way to sign up on the website is by using your mobile number. This restriction means that if you are hesitant to share your mobile number, this will not be the relevant platform for you. The contact number that you provide to the site helps you get the verification code that you need to key in during account verification. Once you finish with the audit, the app allows you to add the members who are already on BeeTalk from your phone contact list. Clicking on yes gives the app permission to automatically add the members from your contact list who are using BeeTalk to your BeeTalk friend’s list. If you do not intend to do this, you can choose the option “no.” Next, the site takes you to the dashboard of your profile where you can upload the profile picture of your choice, change the personal BeeTalk ID, and enter the necessary personal details about yourself.

Sign up Process

Users Profiles Quality

  • All the users can see profiles and photos of other members.
  • Following a profile allows you to see their video updates under the ‘Video’ tab
  • The Buzz tab on the site acts as the newsfeed of the user.
  • The profiles are less descriptive
  • You can change the profile information and photos anytime

There are very few details about the interests as well as the personality of the user. The profile feed has a photo gallery at the top; then, you can see an option of the user’s friend and then the follower count. In case the user contributes something to thread on the discovery page, the information appears on the profile. You can find other details about the user’s zodiac sign, work, school, location, and age. There is also a status feature on the app that can change depending on your current mindset. The user profiles on the app are not that descriptive, and most of the app appears to be dull as well as incomplete.

Mobile Application

  • Download for free on Google Play Store and Apple App Store
  • You consistently get phone notifications for new messages as well as interactions
  • There are no adverts on the app to distract or interrupt you
  • Contact suggestions do not refresh frequently

BeeTalk has an app available for download free of cost both for ios and android users. BeeTalk only has an app version; you cannot browse the site on your desktop. The app has a plethora of features to offer the users, therefore getting comfortable at navigating from one page to another requires time. The newsfeed function is known as ‘Videos’ on BeeTalk as the apps encourage users to share more videos on the app. users can view the videos of their friends in addition to videos that are approximate to the user’s location. ‘Discover’ tab lets you explore the latest post uploads by people in your vicinity. This tab also has other options like the forum categories, a thread where you introduce yourself, and post the most recent selfies in addition to a gaming lounge. Here, in this section, you can also share your photos, inputs, plus ideas.

Mobile Application

BeeTalk Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

Here are some of the popular alternatives to this online dating site:

  • Buddypass
  • Twoo
  • FriendLife
  • Qeep
  • Path Talk
  • Fav Talk

Membership Price and Payment Method

There are very few online dating sites out there in the market that offer their services. One such online dating platform with any doubt is BeeTalk. Robust other dating sites claim to provide various features to the users free of cost, but the most essential and useful features are also made available to premium members only. This restriction is, however, not the case on this site. All the features that the app has been freely available to all the users on the site. There is no sort of in-app purchases or any type of subscriptions to block the in-app ads on the app. This is a much silent platform, and you find neither any pop-up nor any footer ads.

Free Membership Features

BeeTalk is one of the few dating apps that offer plenty of features to all its users that are too free of cost. There are no hidden features in the app or any sort of in-app purchases to get rid of ads or anything else. Here is a list of all the features that are available to all the users free of cost:

  • Free users can join the Clubs without paying any money.
  • Standard users also have the authority to explore the Look Around feature.
  • Radar is another feature that is available to free users.
  • Flip, Forums, and Whisper Mode are also free of cost to use on the site.
  • Free Calls and Messaging are other perks that free users get to enjoy.
  • Standard users have the permission to send doodles as well as drawings in addition to sending cute stickers.
Free Membership Features

Premium Membership Features

The app does not offer any premium membership. All the users on the app have equal rights and equal access to all the features. Thus, there are no such features for which you need to pay.

Is BeeTalk Really Safe?

The app tries to filter out the fake profile by conducting a verification test. To create an account on the app, you need to provide a number where you get a verification code. This verification ensures that most of the profiles on the app are real and genuine.


The features of friend-finding, as well as chat options, are stunning on the app. there cannot be a better lend of dating apps as well as free messaging apps. Free services that the app provides makes it a popular choice among users worldwide. The primary focus that the app lay on is connecting you to the users who are within your reach. However, with the advent of other apps offering challenging features, the app’s popularity seems to have a drastic impact. With less user base, you cannot rely on this app t find a match of your choice, though the app itself is a fabulous platform for online dating.

Before signing up on any online dating site, there are plenty of questions each of us has. The clarity on these questions and doubts can help you create an account on the profile and employ it to the best of your capacity. Here is the list of some of the most popular questions that a lot of users need an answer before creating an account on the app.

Popular FAQs

How To Delete BeeTalk Account?

Deleting your account from the app is not at all a time taking or difficult task. There are just a few steps that you need to follow. You just need to send an email on feedback@beetalkmobile.com. The app’s representative deletes your account permanently. Once you remove your account, there’s no way to retrieve it. There is an option to hide your profile if you are unsure whether you want to delete it.

How To Message Someone On BeeTalk?

You first need to add a person to your friend list; then, you can send the unlimited user messages free of cost. To a member who is not a part of your friend list, you can send a contact request with a small personal message.

How To See Who Likes You On BeeTalk Without Paying?

The app does not offer any such option to the users on the site. There is no way you can get to know who likes you. A message or call from another person can, however, be a potential hint about their interest in you.

How To Block Someone On BeeTalk?

The ap does not offer you an option to block the user. However, taking into consideration the safety of its members, the app allows you to unfriend a person who annoys you or is abusive in any way by clicking on the option that says ‘Delete friend.’ This option to delete a person from your friend list is present in the chats option.

How To Cancel BeeTalk Subscription?

The app does not offer an option to upgrade your membership. Thus, there arises no question on knowing how to unsubscribe your membership on the app.

How to cancel BeeTalk subscription?

Contact Information

  • Company Name: BeeTalk
  • Zip Code + City:
  • Customer Support Email: feedback@beetalkmobile.com
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BeeTalkEN/
  • Twitter: NA
  • Blog: http://beetalkmobile.com/
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