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Black Singles Review 2021 – Real Dates Or Fake Profiles?

Black Singles Review 2021 – Real Dates Or Fake Profiles?
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Date with older guy 0%
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Beauty 78%
Popular age 25-40
Profiles 593.000
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Visit rate 6.4
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Black Singles is a viral dating website for African American
  • Matching algorithms work great
  • Responsive members
  • Free and easy registration
  • Message Boards are very busy & popular
  • Active customer support
  • Too many fake profiles
  • No verification
  • Fast Cupid
  • Bad website design
  • Black Singles doesn't have mobile apps
  • No variety in location
  • Nothing much is available with a free profile.

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Black Singles is a niche dating website that is created for and keeping the African Americans in mind. Although the dating website is not a Black Singles or the African Americans only platform, the name of the website kind of segregates it for them. However, aside from Black Singles, anyone interested in intercultural relationships, or with a preference towards African Americans can join. While it is one of the biggest names in the United States amongst the dating websites for dark-skinnedpeople, it does not stick to having African American members alone. There are different types of members on the site looking for a Black dating, be it casual or severe. So let us try to dig in a bit and find out what the dating site has to offer.

What Do Dating Experts Has to Say About Black Singles

About Black Singles

Black Singles made a room banging launch into the dark-skinned dating market and quickly led its way to become one of the premium dating sites. Garnering the attention of a vast black audience in America, Spark Media Networks paved its way to popularity and success in no time. For a background, Spark Media Networks is the name that takes the credit for developing this popular niche dating website. Ever since its inception, Black Singles got the attention of the majority of the African American crowd. Catering to the African American community was not the only reason Black Singles reached a high; there is another important factor behind the success. Aside from the Blacks, Black Singles also caters to the people of all sexuality. Something that most dating sites curb itself from, but not Black Singles.

It could happily become the one-stop dating destination for the African American community taking care of not one but two niches. It is; thus, one can find people of all genders, male, female, and trans with all sexualities from the dark-skinned community, making the dating community on the website. And it is not just the variety in sexuality and gender but also the age that one gets to see on Black Singles. It is this reason why Black Singles enjoys more than 10,000 active users weekly. However, the numbers are not high in comparison with other dating websites, and the reason for that is the location. Unlike all the other factors on the dating websites, which are all varied, the area sticks to the U.S., and the dating community remains the African Americans.

The Design & Layout of The Dating Destination

Black Singles Dating Destination

The design of Black Singles is instead effortless and does not attract eyes. Some may find it boring and old, but it does serve the purpose well. The problem with the Black Singles website is that it did not get an update ever since its inception in 2002. It is thus when members compare the site with other dating platforms, they find Black Singles to be rather disappointing.

However, the website gives new members a tour, which we can also call a tutorial for correct navigation through the website. The essential sections on the dating website also are highlighted so that members know where to find them. So although the design and layout of the Black Singles website are boring, it does not take away the attention from finding a dating partner and talking to them. It may be lacking in setting the romantic mood for the same, which, however, is not the case with other dating platforms.

Key Features to Keep an Eye On

Compatibility tests– Black Singles arranges few compatibility tests based on the profiles for matchmaking.

Think you would click– It is a unique but exciting feature that if clicked yes, you are shown a potential partner whom you can show your interest to and connect. On doing so, the other person gets notified. If the person you liked reciprocates, then this turns out to be a new date set up and an ice breaker as well.

E-cards– You may create and use e-cards to impress someone you like. It can be an exciting way to approach someone using digital gifts.

Matchmaking– There are several ways the Black Singles use to do matchmaking amongst the members on their platform. Not many people are great at approaching, and not many are good at receiving and trusting random love messages. Black Singles take the responsibility to set compatible members together and increase the fun factor on the dating platform.

Questions and Answers for matchmaking– There is a specific section called Q and A that Black Singles use to match people with you. The answers to the question feed the algorithm to find a match for you. Anyone can choose to use that for one, but be very careful while filling it. Because once filled, a member cannot change the answers for the next six months.

First dates & meets with encounters and diaries – Encounters and Diaries are other features that help you plan casual dates, first dates, and real-life meetups with a potential partner from Black Singles.

To become a secret admirer feature– With this feature, you can anonymously like a certain thing about a person on their profile. If the person on the receiving end finds it interesting and decides to reciprocate and shows interest, you get an opportunity to connect with the person you like.

Constant supervision– Black Singles takes the user experience on its website seriously or should say very seriously. It is thus, the website keeps an open eye on constantly supervising the activity of the profiles. Everything from the shared photographs, the essays written, the profile information, is studied and, in case of doubts, is first warned and then banned from the dating platform.

Events organized by Black Singles– Unlike all other dating platforms, Black Singles wins by organizing events from time to time for its communities. It allows people to use the event as a platform to meet the person they are interested in getting in touch. They can feel safe and enjoy themselves in the events and meet the date they were shy to ask out. It takes the matter to the next level and helps members in the dating process.

How To Use Black Singles For Finding A Date?

To start with the basics, first, you need to register yourself on the Black Singles website, which thankfully is free and fast. Once you complete the first step of registration, you move forward to find a profile setup page that requires you to fill up a long-form. Try to answer all the questions there are on the form about yourself to attract better matchmaking. After setting up the profile, you are all set to enter the Black Singles website.

Once on the home screen, the Black Singles website gives you a tour of the various features that you can choose. After the tour, you can choose to browse through the profiles or use any of the unique features the website offers to find you an interesting date partner. There are multiple ways to start a connection. However, apart from browsing, every form of communication is locked from the free account holders. In short, you need to pay for one of the subscription plans to find yourself a date.

Steps for Signing Up

Black Singles Review

It’s easy and the same as on any other dating website. All you need to do is visit the Black Singles website and choose to sign up. It leads you to a section where you are required to put in your details, such as your first and last name, age, location, email id, and password. Along with these, you must also share your gender and your preferences to allow Black Singles do better matchmaking for you.

You need to be of the legal age, which is 18 and above, to be a part of the dating website. Also, the location is a consideration for setting you up with a partner. An ideal match is someone close to your location. This algorithm setting helps in keeping your potential partner in your reach and makes meeting a certain person from Black Singles possible. The location also helps in finding fake profiles who use wrong, illegal ways to disturb the user experience on dating websites with their malpractices. Once you complete the process of registration, which can take up to two minutes at max, you move to the profile setup process.

Member Profiles

After the quick and free registration process, the profile setup greets you at the entrance of Black Singles. The page you face next is a long-form or rather should say a long questionnaire. The questions vary from your hobbies to the profession and even beliefs. Although long and time taking, it is best to fill it up as extensively as possible, as it becomes the base for finding the right match for yourself. Not only it’s the Black Singles algorithm that makes use of the profile to find a compatible match for you, but it is also the random visitors who judge you based on your profile. Keeping it blank and incomplete or even badly filled turns away many dates from your profile as it creates the impression of being fake. Also, instead of answering straight, try creative writing to impress the person who comes across your profile and reads it.

Dating Mobile App

The worst part about Black Singles is that it doesn’t come with a mobile app. It turns into a disadvantage for the dating platform because now people have shifted to mobile. And as practices like online dating require you to be online all the time, most people prefer a site that has a mobile app for easy convenience. Not having Black Singles mobile app turns many users away from the dating platform and move to the ones with a dating app instead.

Black Singles Alternatives- What Other Options You Have?!

  • Zoosk
  • EliteSingles
  • Match
  • OurTime
  • Eharmony
  • BlackPeopleMeet
  • Black Cupid
  • Soul Singles

Membership Rates You Need to Pay and How?

The subscription rates are comparatively cheap and light on the pocket than most other dating websites. Black Singles offers subscription plans of various lengths, starting from a month to a year. One can choose anything from one month, three months, six months, and 12 months. Like most dating websites, the rates per month decrease with the increase in the size of the plan. For example, Black Singles Premium membership comes at the cost of $9.99 per month. But the rates per month become $6.99 and $4.99 when you buy a plan for three months or six months.

  • One month- $9.99
  • Three months- $20.97
  • Six months- $29.94

For purchasing one of the plans, members can use any one of the three payment modes available on the Black Singles website. One can use PayPal, mail, or even credit cards for an easy payment process.

Free Features

There is not much that one can experience on Black Singles without paying for the premium services. You will be able to see all the features but not use any of them. However, there is one feature that you can use for free, and that is browsing through unlimited profiles. You can also see many profiles like you and send you messages. These are mostly done by fake profiles, which are nothing but robots set by the Black Singles to increase the interest of the new members and push them to purchase premium plans. Although, you may read various blogs and essays on the Black Singles for free.

Exclusive Features for The Premium Members

All other features like chats, liking people, matchmaking, trying the compatibility tests, writing on message boards, etc. becomes accessible the moment you complete your transaction on Black Singles. From finding out who liked you to who visited you, your real dating journey on the Black Singles begins after you pay for a premium plan. So it doesn’t matter how boring it may have seen; otherwise, with a free account, the real fun only comes to visibility with a premium account. Also, you learn that the super interested members on your arrival were no one but robots. And to get attention from real people on the Black Singles website, you need to put in efforts and try to impress people.

Is Black Singles- Legit Or Scam?

After going through the website, the last thing one could comment about Black Singles is that it is a scam. Because it is not. It does use some robots as per its marketing strategy, which may initially irritate you, but the disturbance turns off the moment you pay for the premium account. Also, because unlike other dating websites, members on Black Singles do not complain about money laundering issues.

Final Words

Black Singles is a legitimate American dating website for the African American Community looking for an interested partner online to meet and find love together. Although the number of members is way too less, in comparison to many other popular dating platforms available online today. Black Singles assures no scam and money launderers on its platform. Comparatively light on the pocket, Black Singles comes with an amazing set of genuinely unique features, to make your dating journey truly interesting without swaying your attention from dating. Final words, it is a dating platform that is worth a try if you belong to the community or are fascinated with them.

FAQs- Gets Answered

How do you delete a Black Singlesaccount?

You can either delete the account from the account settings menu or contact the Black Singles customer support for help.

How can you text someone you like on Black Singles?

There is a live chat service that you can use to message anyone you like. However, messaging is a premium service that is accessible only after paying for a plan.

How do you know if someone like you on Black Singles as a free member?

You get notifications when other members show interest on your Black Singles profile. However, the name of the person and the privilege of getting connected only comes after purchasing a plan.

How can you block someone on Black Singles?

Blocking is very easy on Black Singles. The button shows up instantly; someone tries to get in touch with you. Alternatively, you may choose to visit the person’s profile on Black Singles and find the Block button to shoo them away.

How do you cancel a subscription plan on Black Singles?

You can cancel your subscription anytime after paying for one from the payment options in the settings menu. Navigation is straightforward on Black Singles. You may also choose to connect with the always active Black Singles customer support for help.

Contact Information

  • Company Name: Spark Networks® USA, LLC.
  • Address: P.O. Box 739
  • Zip Code + City: Orem, UT 84059-0739
  • Country: USA
  • Customer Support Email: Contact
  • Facebook: N/A
  • Twitter: N/A
  • Blog: On the Black Singles website
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