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The Latest 2021 BrazilCupid Inspection – Are Hot Brazilians That Hot as People Talk About Them?

The Latest 2021 BrazilCupid Inspection – Are Hot Brazilians That Hot as People Talk About Them?
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 64%
Beauty 87%
Popular age 25-36
Profiles 540.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • users with free accounts can send messages to premium members;
  • a great variety of unique functions;
  • easy and quick registration process;
  • plentiful of search filters;
  • the most gorgeous and handsome Brazilian men and women.
  • very few features for communication for free users;
  • shallow accounts that do not tell you much information about your match;
  • price of the subscription is not on the cheap side;
  • the mobile app is available only in the Google Play Market for Android users only.

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Rio carnival, samba, the Amazon rainforest, bikini, and BrazilCupid – these are probably, the first things that come to mind when someone mentions Brazil. Well, maybe BrazilCupid is an odd one in this list, but it is definitely the best place to find your Brazilian love. Someone brilliant invented the site in 2004, and ever since, BrazilCupid has been among top dating sites to meet Brazilian hotties.

We were curious to find out what mesmerizes people so much about this site, Brazilians, that once they get here, they can never leave. At the same time, we thought that we are not the only people who wonder about this fact. That is why we dug deep, pressed every button, clicked each possible clicks, and made this BrazilCupid review is so in-depth. We hope you will enjoy it, and after reading the survey will form the opinion of your own whether the BrazilCupid worth your time and the money they are asking for the premium accounts.

Short Overview of BrazilCupid

BrazilCupid Review

As we have already mentioned, someone came up with a brilliant idea to set up an exclusive site where everyone who has ever dreamt of a Brazilian lady by his side can finally find one. Since 2004 the website gained popularity and now has about 100,000 members from all around the world. Of course, the central part of them is the US, UK, Turkey, France, and, naturally, Brazil. There is an astonishing fact that the balance of men and women on the BrazilCupid is almost perfect, and there are only 4% more men.

Another fantastic thing is that more than half of the users on the hookup are active, and around 500 times, people log in the service daily. But the majority of them are members who use the benefits of the standard accounts.

Statistics say that the majority of paid users are divorced males. It seems that after several divorces, men became desperate in women of their countries and decided to seek a life partner somewhere else. At the same time, Brazilian women are not a terrible option – they are easy-going, honest, vibrant, and fantastic lovers.

Everyone is more than welcome on BrazilCupid, especially LGBTQ people, but historically, men are in search of hot and tempting Brazilian women here.

Few Words About the Layout

We are always clear-eyed when it comes to the design and handling of the dating service. Nevertheless, it is not rocket science to use the BrazilCupid. All you need to do is register on the site and start using it. Because of the comprehensible and straightforward design, no problems in navigating the site occur. Almost all the primary tabs like your profile information, people you liked, and those who loved you, activity, etc. are reachable from the top bar. Of course, with the paid version, you get more functions, but it does not complicate the usability of the site at all.

Distinctive Functions

BrazilCupid Review

All dating sites are pretty similar to each other, but there are always some features that make the service unique. Here are some special of the BrazilCupid:

  • Cupid Tags: each member can tag themselves with some distinguishable traits of character or hobbies that can be used as search filters too.
  • Speaking of search: premiums users are allowed to look for a match by body type (clothing size, breast size, etc.)
  • Verified user: to make your account seem more convincing, you can get your profile verified by sending a scan of your ID. A distinctive green tick mark will tell other members on the site you are an authenticated user.
  • In your activity, there is a list which is called ‘Interested in me.’ You can check here those people who liked you. If it is likewise, and the feeling is mutual, you can initiate contact with them.
  • Fast matchmaker tool makes it easier to check the compatibility with other people provided your profile is fully filled in.

Using the BrazilCupid

On the site, you first have matches with Brazilian hotties. You can either contact them or add them to the list of favorites and hit them up later. Of course, if you are a premium user, then you have a great variety of options to discover the unique experience and contact beauties on the site. Different means of communication like sending a regular message, instant messenger with the possibility to reach a person via audio or video are available for you. The whole process of using the BrazilCupid is quite intuitive, and everyone who enters the site for the first time will easily navigate it.

Registration From A to Z

BrazilCupid Review

The whole sign up process on BrazilCupid is as simple as anything, and it does not stand out from registration on other dating sites. For sign up, you need to have an email and make up a password. For those who are in a hurry, there is a possibility to register with Facebook.

If you use the Facebook login option, then all the information will be taken from your account. Still, if you follow the regular procedure – then the necessary information about yourself, like location, age, gender, etc. is required.

Accounts on BrazilCupid

BrazilCupid Review

Another important thing for us is the quality of the profiles on the BrazilCupid. The first thing we check is the quantity. There are around 100,000 accounts on the site, and about half of them are Brazilian brides. It is worth mentioning that all female profiles get verified to minimize the possibility of fake profiles.

Speaking about the quality of the account, there is more than 40 question you need to fill in about your appearance, character, lifestyle, cultural, and religious values to make your profile detailed and informative. There is also a possibility to add a couple of sentences about yourself in the Bio box. It will definitely help to increase your chances of finding a more compatible match. But no need to worry: only general information like your first name, age, profile picture, and location are available to everyone.

However, it is not obligatory to answer all the questions; that is why you can find both half-empty and completed accounts. In our opinion, it does not make the search easier.

App Version

BrazilCupid Review

Dating sites went far beyond the time when people had to stay home to keep communicating on the site. Everything is way more comfortable now with modern technologies and app versions of our favorite products. Finally, you can look for your matches and chat with the love of your life on the bus on your way to work, or waiting in the line.

BrazilCupid app is quite convenient, just like its desktop brother, but in a more modern style. Exactly as on the website, it is possible to receive and send messages, look through new accounts, changing your profile information, uploading new pictures, etc.

Application is currently available on Android only, and you can download it for free. In the company, they say they are actively working on the building of the app for iOS as well.

Similar to BrazilCupid Dating Services

BrazilCupid Review

It is hard to talk about alternative sites because BrazilCupid is definitely one of a kind. It is not easy to find a decent and trustworthy dating site to meet a Brazilian bride, and BrazilCupid meets all the requirements. However, if you decide to go with other dating sites, then you can try ParPerfeito of the same company group, good old Tinder will also do, Happn, Once, and so on.

Premium Subscription: How Much and How to Pay?

It is worth mentioning at the beginning that the BrazilCupid is not the cheapest dating site to subscribe to. There are two types of paid membership – Gold one and Platinum one. We will cover the details of each example below, but in this section would like to talk about the pricing.

Let’s say you have decided to go with the golden set of features. For that, you will have to pay $30 per month, $60 for three months, and $120 for a year membership. If you buy a quarter or a one-year subscription, you will have to pay for it upfront.

Naturally, the platinum package offers extra functions, which have their price too. For a monthly plan, you will pay $40 for a three-month subscription – $70, and $150 for a year membership.

Any preferred payment method is available on BrazilCupid: credit or debit card, bank transfer, check, voucher, PayPal, or Paysafecard. It is up to you to decide which payment method you like more. In any case, you can be sure your payment information is secured with SSL encryption.

Standard Pack Features

BrazilCupid Review

It is not crucial to buy a subscription right away, because you can, and we definitely recommend you to try the site first and see how comfortable you feel on the site in the free version.

However, the number of features is pretty limited. So here is what is available in the free version:

  • registration and completion information in the account;
  • using quick and detailed searches;
  • and the most important is the possibility to message with premium users. It is essential because not many dating sites allow that. Usually, to start communicating, you need to pay.

Premium Functions

If you think that the BrazilCupid is a perfect place for you to find your Brazilian cutie, but you feel like your hands are tied with only free functionality, you can buy either Gold or Platinum subscription. One of those will give you more opportunities to communicate on the site. In addition to the free features with the Gold membership, you will be able to:

  • send messages to each and every member on the website using instant messenger;
  • use BrazilCupid without the distraction of ads;
  • browse the site anonymously;
  • obtain more and better search results;
  • put your profile in the top position in the search.

Along with the advanced features of the Gold subscription, buying the Platinum one, you will also be able to use the video calls, translate the messages instantly on the platform, get even better Brazilian bride search results.

How Secure Is BrazilCupid?

BrazilCupid Review

Visiting BrazilCupid, you can be confident that you are not using some shadowy dating site, but an official and legally registered one. People who created it tried to make sure that you can enjoy your time here without thinking about the safety of your data. At the same time, you have to keep both of your eyes wide open. To avoid unpleasant situations, BrazilCupid recommends you not to:

  • reveal your personal information to anyone on the site;
  • transfer money to anyone;
  • upload pictures of you that you would not like to see one day on the internet.

Also, if you happen to come across someone suspicious, you should immediately report them to the support team, so they could terminate this person’s account until the investigation is over. Sadly, the email does not need to be verified; that is why it is crucial to report such cases to prevent fake accounts on the site.

Does It Make Sense to Start Using BrazilCupid?

If you ask us – our answer is a solid yes. We have tested the site backward and forward it to check all the possible features. If you always felt that you would find your love in Brazil, but never had a chance to go there, then BrazilCupid was created for you. The site is full of young women and men in mid-40s-50s in approximately even proportion. That makes it possible to make more couples where the husband can share his wisdom, while his young wife would be inspiring him on new adventures.

Both website and app versions of BrazilCupid are natural and understandable to use from the creation to delete the account. The simplicity of the design does not distract from the primary purpose. However, there is always room for improvement, and we still believe that currently, the people have not come up with a better dating service for meeting a Brazilian hottie.

Common Questions

How Can I Close My BrazilCupid Profile?

If, for some reason, you decided to give up using BrazilCupid, you can delete your account in the settings of your profile. You should keep in mind that once you remove the account, the renewal is possible only upon contacting the customer support, so we recommend you to think twice before deleting your account.

How to Communicate With Other People on BrazilCupid?

It is not necessary to reveal your emails to communicate on the site. You can send a message with members directly there. Also, you can use Instant Messenger if a person is online. Otherwise, your letter goes to the Received folder. So no need to worry, your messages will not be lost, unless they are no older than two months. Because after this time, all the texts get deleted, no matter if they are read or not.

Is It Possible to See Your Matches BrazilCupid in Free Version?

The activity section on the menu allows you to check who likes you through the list of Interested In Me. All the members you added to your list of interests can see that you wanted them too. These features are available regardless of the subscription you use – free or paid one.

How Can I Block Members on BrazilCupid?

Sometimes it happens you are not a perfect match, and for some reason, you need to block a person. You can do that by clicking Block User:

  • when reading a message from a person;
  • in the person’s profile;
  • in the messenger.

All the blocked people will not be able to contact you anymore. But you can quickly check all the people you blocked in the Blocklist from the Activity tab.

How Can I Give up BrazilCupid Membership?

It is possible to cancel the membership in the Billing tab in Profile settings. Once you choose “No” in the “Auto-renew my membership” section, you will not be charged for the next billing period. You can get the feature back by choosing Yes next to the same part of BrazilCupid. Do not forget to do that at least 48 hours before the billing date.

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