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Chat Friends: Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

Chat Friends: Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
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Chat Friends users sign up here as well:

Pros and Cons

  • To begin with, Chat Friends has a user-friendly and simple interface.
  • Really easy registration process.
  • Suitable for people who are looking for casual and long term relationships, and it is also ideal for those who are looking for someone to talk to.
  • Ensures anonymity.
  • You can join certain chat rooms without having to register.
  • Around 200 chat rooms arrayed by various subjects and topics.
  • Video chat option.
  • You can send photos.
  • The Free Version of Chat Friends has limited options. Free users experience limitations and restrictions on some features like texting.
  • Loads of ads in the free version can irk some users.
  • It takes a lot of time to load.
  • Some people may prefer apps to websites.
  • The Mobile version of the website is not very helpful.

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Wondering which chatting and dating website or app is the best for you? Today you will get a on review one of the popular dating apps i.e., Chat Friends, to help you choose the best among a wide variety of dating apps.

Online dating and matchmaking market has been on a rapid rise ever since the advent and progress of the internet. With unlimited data and nocturnal online presence online, dating apps are becoming popular day by day.

Before getting into the details of the Chat Friends website, let’s get some pros and cons.

Well, Chat Friends is a popular website and app for dating, meeting up, and for even some severe relationships. It offers it’s services to people from America, Canada, India, England, and other countries.

Like any other app that offers meets and greets, Chat Friends lets it’s users find their match, interact with strangers, and even video chat.

The Chat Friends website is mostly Spanish, which indicates its origins. Chat Friends reserves all the rights. You can know more about Chat Friends through the “About” section on the website.

Chat Friends: Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

Expert Review

The Chat Friends website has been active since 2015 and has many active users. At a given point in time, there are hundreds (in some chat rooms, even thousands) of users online and chatting.

The members or users of Chat Friends include kids and even adults. There are separate chat rooms for adolescents aged 13 to 18. The chat rooms are sorted so users can filter among the wide variety.

There are people from all sexual orientations, and they even have their separate chat rooms to interact and connect with people of their kind.

Chat Friends also has separate chat rooms for various races and ethnicities. People can join any of these as per their likings.

Website design and usability

Well, the first impression is usually the lasting impression. And Chat Friends interface is simple, easy to use, and user friendly. Even the language is lucid, and the necessary information is provided in a familiar language.

The very first option that appears when the page loads are ‘Join Chat,’ where you can join a

chat room just with your nickname. There are some chat rooms where you don’t need to register yourself to chat with strangers. You can get started right away.

The chat rooms on Chat Friends are categorized with various themes like Love, Friendship, Leisure, and other such themes or topics.

The registration process is simple, but you have to visit the “help” section to know it. The web page is in Spanish and has to be translated with Google.

The Mobile version of the website is overdue, and you have to scroll to view some information. The messages and chat room member list is almost tucked away at the edge of the mobile screen.

The web page then answers some FAQs about the whole experience and registration. The bottom of the web page contains the contact information and privacy policy.

Website design and usability

Special Features

Chat Friends brags about 200 organized chat rooms that are sorted by topics. You can join them anytime for free.

You can access the site on your computer as well as your phone. There is an app available on the Android Play Store. However, the website is mobile-friendly.

The newer version has a feature that allows users to interact live with their friends through webcams for a livelier real-time experience.

How does Chat Friends work?

After you set up your User ID with an avatar, you are directed to a free chat room. There you can interact with people from across the globe.

There are many, many chat rooms on Chat Friends that you can join. The chat rooms are segregated by age, location, interests, and even sexual orientations. The names of the chat rooms are provided along with the number of users and a short description of it.

Other than this, many of the chat rooms are “invite-only,” so only the users who have the invite can join and chat.

You can also create a chat room on your own and invite people to chat. You can set the chat room privacy as per your requirements. Again you have to visit the “help” section to get the command for creating a chat room.

The users of Chat Friends have to go through verification to prove that they are not a bot. You cannot send messages unless you go through this process. This is a typical “I’m not a robot” verification process. Nothing complicated.

Once inside a chat room, you can view who all users are online and who are not. You can even see a user’s information and message them personally. There is also an option to “ignore” that particular user.

If you are interested in a user, you can text them personally and share the information like real names, age, or other social media contacts based on your discretion.

How does Chat Friends work?

Sign Up Process

Chat Friends provides a “Join” option straight away as soon as the web page loads. You get to select a nickname and an Avatar and boom! You are in a chat room. The entire process takes only a few minutes.

As mentioned earlier, the registration process is very easy. All you have to do is provide necessary information like a username, gender, and choose an avatar. The avatars can be selected from various categories like Men, Women, Animals, Emoticons, and Sees.

If you want to be a regular user, you have to register yourself with a nickname. You have to enter a chat room with your nickname, and then you have to enter a command (given in the help section) in the message box in the chats. You have to enter your valid email address for a password and the change and recovery.

Just like other similar dating websites, you are asked to fill out the Chat Friends questionnaire. It does ask for some personal information so that the site’s algorithm will help you find your perfect match.

Both the guest user and registered user options are free. If you want to remove the annoying ads, you can opt for the paid premium feature.

Once you set up all these things, you can join a chat room that interests you the most. There are different categories based on your locations, interests, age, and many more categories.

Users Profiles Quality

To begin with, the anonymity consequently deteriorates the quality of the profiles. You cannot tell much about the user through some quirky nicknames. Then the avatars of animals and emoticons do not give an idea about the user.

You can also change your nickname, which only makes it challenging to identify the users who are accustomed to turning their user names frequently.

Since there are people from various locations, age groups, and also different sexual orientations and topics, it is quite difficult to search among this variety.

It is advisable to filter the chat rooms and channels based on your location, age, and interests.

The website also asks you to have the Adobe Flash Program installed for a better experience of the Chat Friends.

Mobile Application

Chat Friends had announced in 2017 that they would soon launch a mobile app for android

users. And an app is available on the Play Store. The app is better than the mobile version of the website. Both the site and the app have the same features. But some users might prefer staying logged in with the app. The website also claims that they have enhanced the website for a better experience for mobile users.

Mobile Application

Chat Friends alternatives and similar websites and apps

As of 2020, there are many alternatives to Chat Friends. Many of these alternatives are free to use, and the paid and premium versions offer some unique features. There is tinder, bumble, Galaxy chat, Happy Tower, and many other apps available on the android as well as iOS platforms.

Then there are websites like where you can connect with new people across the globe. There are websites like chatib.us, e-chat.co, dixytalk.com, chatblink.com, ourtime.com, OkCupid, and many more options. You can make friends, discuss, and share your thoughts.

Membership Price and Payment Method

The Chat Friends website is free to use. You can be a guest user or registered user for free. If you want to get rid of the annoying ads, you should go for the premium version, which is ad-free. The premium version also allows you to message without restrictions. Like most of the modern-day payment methods, Chat Friends enables payments through cards and e-wallets.

Free Membership Features

The free membership of Chat Friendshas features like free chat rooms, no registration, chat anytime and anywhere. As mentioned above, Chat Friends is free to use (just with tons of ads and some limitations on texting).

Premium Membership Features

There is a premium version of the website, which is ad-free. And the registered users get to register their user name and secure their account with an email ID back up and password, unlike guest users.

Premium Membership Features

Is Chat Friends Really Safe?

And now the million-dollar question: Are Chat Friends safe to use? With the increasing online frauds and cybercrimes, it is obvious that people are concerned about their data safety and privacy.

ChatFriends states it on their web page that they moderate every possible channel. And if users observe any trolling or abuses, they should report it immediately. The website promises to act within 24 hours.

Besides this, the chat rooms can ban certain users if they find the user’s behavior inappropriate. Users also have to go through a verification process to prove that they are not bots. If you do not go through the verification process, you cannot send any messages in the chat rooms or privately.

The Chat Friends website also states their cookie policy and its details in a very user-friendly language. Once you begin interacting with people personally, it is up to the user’s discretion, how much information they should disclose to other users.

The best thing will be to check the reviews and ratings of the dating websites and apps before registering. You should follow the safety guidelines, such as not sharing your private information or any other sensitive data like passwords or phone numbers. If you feel uncomfortable, then you should block the user.


Now, what do you infer from the above discussion?

First, users looking for websites, forums, and apps to connect with people worldwide should check out some articles related to it. For example, you can try researching‘Best websites for meeting new people’ on Google.

Then if you want to join Chat Friends, you should seriously consider your requirements first. What do you expect from the website? What kind of bonds do you want to develop? How much information do you want to disclose? These would be some of the questions you might want to ask yourself before joining.

The ads on the website can be irritating. And the mobile experience of Chat Friends (website) is not very helpful. The messages appear on the edge of the screen, which does not even get noticed. These messages are hard to view.

All in all, you can give this a try if you want.


Some FAQs

Now, let’s dive into some FAQs about Chat Friends to get some common insights into the user’s point of view. You are probably wondering about these things, too, so let’s get those doubts cleared.

How To Delete Chat Friends Account?

This is one of the most important aspects that you should get cleared. Users might want to delete their User ID for some personal reasons or otherwise. In such cases, it is vital to know the process of deleting the account.

Thankfully, as you have provided no contact information (except email address for registration), you don’t have to bother about deleting your account. You can simply log out of Chat Friends (the browser logs you out anytime you close the window if you are a guest user).

The website does not provide any guidelines about deleting an account in the “help” section.

How To Message Someone On Chat Friends?

If you cannot chat with the strangers, then what’s the point of dating and chatting websites?

You are all set with a cool avatar and a quirky username, ready to talk to strangers. And then you find someone worth talking to and you want to know them better.

So, here’s how you can send messages to the profiles that you are interested in. Simply view all the members in the chat room (you can also see if they are online or not). A list of all users appears, find the person you want to text. Click on their user name and then click on the “message” option. Now you can send a text to them personally.

How to message someone on Chat Friends?

How To Block Someone On Chat Friends?

Cybersecurity is the chief concern of all the social media. And to prevent cybercrimes, bullying, and trolling, it is crucial to know how to block a user.

You can ban a user from the chat room as well privately. You can also “ignore” them using the ignore option.

If you get banned from a chat room for unfair reasons, you can talk to the operators or moderators using a specific command given in the “help” section.

How To Cancel Chat Friends Subscription?

Again, being able to cancel a subscription is as vital as being able to subscribe. Maybe you found what you were looking for, or perhaps this website is just not for you, whatever the reason, you might want to negate your subscription. For this, you need to be aware of the process of canceling a subscription.

But as mentioned earlier, Chat Friends is free to use, and there are no subscriptions. You can log out of your account at any time.

How to cancel Chat Friends subscription?

Contact Information

  • The contact information of Chat Friends is provided here. You can also find this on their website.
  • Company Name: Chats Friends
  • Country: Spain
  • Customer Support Email: is provided in the “help” section.
  • Facebook: Chat Gratis de Chatsfriends.com is available as a community on Facebook.
  • Twitter: chatsfriends.com is active on twitter since 2009.
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