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Chatib Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

Chatib Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
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Beauty 80%
Profiles 350.400
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Pros and Cons

  • Chatib is a website you can use for free, and it will also stay for free in the future. You do not have to pay to send messages or create a chatroom.
  • It is possible to start a conversation without making a registration, and you do not have to confirm your identity to use the website.
  • There are multiply chatrooms where you can share your opinion and discuss exciting topics.
  • You are free to create a chatroom regardless of your interests or to join already existing chatrooms.
  • Chatib is a mobile-friendly website. So you can participate in group conversations and also send private messages, your photos, and emoji's with your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone anytime it is comfortable for you.
  • There is an opportunity to play online games with other members of Chatib without making any registration.
  • More than 2000 chat members use Chatib daily.
  • You can be disconnected from the chatroom if you do not actively use it. It is essential to participate intensively in chat.
  • Sometimes it takes time before other users become active in the conversations or in playing games.
  • It is not always possible to turn off the adds. The adds can distract you from enjoying the conversations.

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Chatib is an online website created for chatting with strangers and for playing games. Besides, it is an excellent opportunity to find online friends around you and also all over the globe. Members of chatrooms lead here exciting conversations with each other and relax from the daily noise. You can participate in chatrooms to communicate about love, religion, philosophy, sport, or about any different topic. If there is no chatroom you want to join, you are free to create one and meet on Chatib people who have the same interests. It is not an online dating website. Therefore it is not designed to help its members to find a real partner. Nevertheless, in chatrooms of Chatib, it is still possible to meet a person who will become your friend or even a partner. The members of this website are people of all age groups. However, it is not allowed to use the website for children and people under 18 years.

Expert’s Review of Chatib

Chatib Review

Chatib is an excellent opportunity to interestingly spent your time online. Indeed you can discuss here whatever you want and meet people from all over the world. Anybody who likes chatting and is older than 18 can join Chatib. Yes, there is always someone you can talk to. Moreover, most of the chat members are ready to make friends and open to discuss exciting topics. It is up to you to which chatroom to join. Members interested in serious issues such as the sense of being or loving can participate in a chatroom dedicated to religion or philosophy. For those members who want to have some fun and jokes, there are chatrooms for sports dating online or music.

Also, on Chatib, you will find chatrooms for singles and dating. More than 2000 members are daily online on Chatib, and sometimes it is not easy to answer to all members who want to communicate in private messages. You can turn on your fantasy and be as open as you wish. Besides, there is no chance for unsafety if you keep your privacy and will not share your real name or contacts. Most of the Chatib users seem to be from India and USA. The format of open chat rooms make it easy to use Chatib.

Website Design & Usability

Chatib Design & Usability

The design of Chatib is quite simple. Thanks to the combination of blue, white, and pink colors make it especially pleasures to use the website. Not only the design, but also the usability makes Chatib popular among the chatters. It is not necessary to create a profile, and you can log in even without having an account on Chatib. Besides, the sign-in process takes only a few seconds. There are also some articles and some tips, regardless of chatting or meeting people online. It is advisable to read them if you use the Chatib for the first time.

Nevertheless, you will probably not have any difficulties in using Chatib. In case you have an issue or a question regardless of using Chatib, contact the support team. Usually, they answer within the next few hours after they get a message.

Special Features

On Chatib, you can meet new people for friendship or relationship online and lead private or group conversations. Furthermore, you can choose to communicate only with women or only with men according to your preference. Chatib is an online chat, and you do not need a registration here. Additionally, you can read articles or create the chatrooms with exciting discussions, especially for you. Finally, there is an opportunity to play games on Chatib.

How does Сhatib work?

Chatib work

You register or log yourself in, and start writing to other chat members or join the chatrooms which already exist. Using Chatib is easy and does not cost you any money. Moreover, it does not require your private information or photos. If you want to use Chatib, you can also create your account. For registered chat members, there is an opportunity to upload a photo. The goal of Chatib is to allow people to communicate freely, to make friends, and to flirt online. Besides, you can discuss the topics you are interested in, ask questions, and give answers just for free.

Sign Up Process

Chatib makes it so easy to contact other people. If you do not want to go through the registration procedure, you can fill in the simple registration form and start chatting immediately. To create a profile on Chatib is also very easy. You have to fill in the registration form by giving your nickname, Email, and password. You also have to choose your country from the list. After you created the account, Chatib will send you a confirmation link. The link will be sent to the email that you entered during your registration. After you confirmed your registration, you can join a chatroom or create your chatroom. You will meet people online from all over the world. Besides, it is also possible to meet people who are close to your location.

Users Profiles Quality

Chatib Quality

Anyone older as 18-year-old, is free to join Chatib. To make a profile, it is really easy, and it takes only a minute. You can upload your photo and create your nickname. Only normal photos without nudity are allowed. It will take some time before you will see your photos uploaded—the moderators of Chatib cheek content before it appears on the website.

Mobile Application

According to Chatibs website, there is a mobile App for Android. The App is hard to find. It seems there are some technical issues.

Chatib Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

There are many opportunities to communicate with other people on the internet. If you search for alternative websites, try AdultFriendFinder, Flingster, or Ashley Medison. All of these websites are quite popular. Additionally, you can also try next: websites freechatnow.com, chat-avenue.com, and e-chat.com.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Chatib Payment Method

There is no any information about prices or payment methods on Chatib. The website is positioned as a free platform where you can chat online without paying any money. Moreover, Chatib is a website that you can use for free in the future.

Free Membership Features

Chatib Features

All the features are free. All in all, you can chat in different chatrooms and play games. There are no special features on Chatib which you can buy. Therefore any subscription for the premium membership is not needed. The features of Chatib are simple and make it easy to participate in a live chat and having fun for free.

Premium Membership Features

There is no premium membership on Chatib. All features are available to every user. You can make your profile or start chatting even without having one. If you’re going to reserve some unique nickname or upload your photo, you are welcomed to create your profile. The purpose of Chatib is to offer chatrooms. In other words, there are not so many additional opportunities to upload the content to your profile. Chatib is a website for communication with people you will probably meet only online. You can not make a subscription or upgrade your profile. Therefore, all the features are available for every chat member.

Is Chatib Really Safe?

Chatib Safe

Chatib is a website with free online chatrooms. Indeed everyone above 18 years can join the chat. Therefore, it is advisable not to share any of your private information with other members. To use the website safely, do not include your real name to your nickname, and be careful with meeting the chat members in real life. There is an opportunity to use Chatib, even without making a registration. On Chatib, you communicate with different members; some of them can be not as friendly as you want them to be. Anyway, you can stop the conversation or leave a chatroom at any time you want. Generally, it is not recommended to meet people from Chatib in real life. In other words, Chatib is a virtual world, and people can present themselves as they want. Before using the website for the first time, you have to read their safety policy.


Chatib Conclusion

Chatib is a website created to join people whose primary goal is to communicate in chat or private messages. The purpose of Chatib is to provide the best chatrooms for free. The website is created more for chatting than for making relationships. You have two opportunities to use Chatib: you can make o profile and use it whenever you want or fill in the short registration form anytime you wish to join Chatib. If you do not create your profile on Chatib, the website does not require your email, photos, phone number, or any other private information. Usually, it takes less than a minute to make a registration. You can upload a photo, communicate in the chatrooms, or play games. For members who want to post their content, it is advisable to use the alternative websites. There are no premium features on Chatib. Therefore, every feature is available to all chat members. There are different chatrooms with exciting topics on the website. Members of chatrooms discuss various topics dedicated to religion, philosophy, sport, and dating. Everyone above 18 years old is free to join the chatroom.

In case you did not find the chatroom with an exciting topic, you can create your chatroom and start a discussion. Moreover, you can start a private chat with another member just by choosing someone from the list and greet them.

Thanks to the simplicity of design and good usability, there are no difficulties in using Chatib. Of course, there are some rules you have to follow. For example, it is not allowed on Chatib to use words that can be offensive or hurt other chat participants. It is also not allowed to share photos with sexual content. Moderators will delete all forbidden content. If you were offended, you could contact the support team. The support team answer within a few hours after they received your message. It is recommended to ignore people who send messages with offensive content. Unfortunately, there is always a possibility of getting an unpleasant message. On Chatib, you can block the annoying members or leave a chatroom you do not like. Besides, you can play games here anytime you want.

Chatib FAQs

Does joining Chatib require registration?

No, you can use the service as a guest without making any profile. If you want to upload a photo to your profile in chat, it is advisable to make the registration.

How Can I use Chatib?

You can use Chatib for communication and meeting other people online. In chatrooms, you can discuss exiting topics with many members at the same time. Besides, you can use a private chat and play games. Chatib is mostly used for fun.

Sending a message to an online user, how is it done?

To send a message to other chat members, you have to do the registration or login yourself. The next step is to join the chatroom and write in the group chat. You can also send private messages to every user of Chatib. In this case, you need to click on the user’s profile and start a private chat. It is possible to send as many messages as you want, and on Chatib, this feature is free of charge.

Can I find a partner on Chatib?

Chatib is not an online dating website; it is designed more for communication than for romantic relationships. Nevertheless, there is always the opportunity to meet somebody for a closer relationship.

How safe is Chatib?

Before you start using Chatib for the first time, you must read their safety and privacy policies. It is recommended not to use your real name and photos of you. To use pictures of your friends, or family is not allowed on Chatib. Besides, it is also not recommended to meet with other members in real life. Therefore, if you use Chatib only for communication in chats and divide your online and real life, there should be no safety issues.

If I have a problem, how can I contact your back-office support?

If you do have a problem or want to ask a question, here is a direct link to the contact page of Chatib https://www.chatib.us/welcome/contact_us. You have to fill in the contact form and wait for your answer. Usually, it does not take a long time to get an answer from the support team.

What kind of individuals are here in Chatib?

On Chatib chatroom members are men and women who want to discuss some interesting topics about religion, philosophy, love, or sport. It seems like people on Chatib are mostly interested in online communication or playing games. Members of Chatib are adult people of different age. It is not allowed to use Chatib for people younger than 18 years old.

How to delete Chatib account?

You can use Chatib even without making a profile. If you want to have some special nickname or upload your photo, it will be good to make an account. You can write to the support team and delete it after you are not interested in using Chatib anymore

How to message someone on Chatib?

To message someone on Chatib is easy. You have to choose someone from the list and send a message. You can also join a chatroom and send your message to a group conversation. You can communicate with others in chatrooms and also via private messages. Both options are for free on Chatib. After you register yourself and join a chatroom, you will get many messages from other users of Chatib. Some of the chatroom members are more interested in the private conversation, and some want to participate in group conversations. Chatib is mostly used for natural pleasuring conversation.

How to see who likes you on Chatib without paying?

Well, there is no such a feature on Chatib. There is not any information about prices or payment methods on Chatib. If you need some further information, just contact a support team.

How to block someone on Chatib?

Some members can be annoying, that is true. To block a chat member, you have to open your conversation with this person and click the “Block This Person” button. That is all, and it is more than easy! After the annoying member is blocked, you will not be disturbed by this person again.

How to cancel Chatib subscription?

All the features on Chatib are free of charge for all members. There is no opportunity to upgrade your profile or make a subscription. The website will also stay for free in the future.

Contact Information

In case you have any questions, you can contact the support team. There is an option on Chatib to send a message to the support team. Usually, it takes not much time before you get a reply. The contact form you will find below on the website.

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