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Chatstep Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

Chatstep Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
About Girls
Date with older guy 90%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 89%
Popular age 30-40
Profiles 234 561
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Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Ability to stay anonymous on Chatstep
  • Free to use
  • Straightforward interface
  • Isn’t mobile-friendly
  • Isn’t a safe environment

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A decade ago, where online chats were on the peak of their popularity, Chatstep was a leader in the industry. There were no social media sites then, and people get in touch with each other for hookups with the help of this chatroom. Being user-friendly and highly customizable, Chatstep was one of the main tools for creating various chat rooms based on a variety of attributes.

Nowadays, Chatstep still has enormous popularity among American and Indian users. Nevertheless, it has appeared in the center of the scandal. Pedophiles operated in the site and distributed pornographic content in which children had participated. Due to these awful events, the moderators are continually reviewing all the chats that occur on their website and terminate members who abuse violence in advance. The developers have boosted security measures, and the site became more safe and reliable than before.

Expert’s Review of Chatstep

Expert’s Review of Chatstep

With a pretty sizable database of users across the world, Chatstep has become a leader in the online hookup sphere. People from the US are not only registered on the platform, but also from the UK, India, Italy, and other European countries. Here you can encounter individuals of different ethnicities. The most active members on the platform are from India. They have occupied all three categories available in the chatroom and passionately communicate with other users. You can see which country the users if from since there is a flag tag on the thumbnail of each profile.

There are about 8000 daily logins. So, those who are hunting for exciting talks will have someone to talk to. You can’t see the real name of the member since it is hidden behind the username. Some users have slightly dirty usernames while other pretty interesting ones.

Chatstep welcomes people of all sexual orientations. However, there isn’t any special search that allows the users to look for a specific gender or fetish. There are just chatrooms where people can talk with each other and share their interests.

The age distribution on the platform is pretty different, as well. The site is created for all people regardless of their category. You can’t see the age categories on the site since the profiles don’t display the users’ real age. Nonetheless, those who want to remain anonymous will appreciate the fact that the platform doesn’t require boosting the profile and specify the personal info.

Website Design & Usability

Website Design & Usability

With a neat and appealing design, intuitive interface, and straightforward navigation, Chatstep has become ab appealing option for people all over the globe. The interface seems to be minimalists, but features that appeared in this platform are far from minimalist. However, the main aim of the Chatstep developers is to provide a clean and straightforward chatting experience. As soon as you sign in, you will appear on the pop-up section, which displays the main features of the site: Create, Join, and Public. Once you choose the preferable option, you will appear in the preferable section here. You will need to specify the details revealing your purposes.

The only drawback of the fact that you will be readdressed to the drop-down window is that you will not be able to use such features as Settings, Help, and Log Out. Nevertheless, once you pick the desired category and join the chatroom, you can enjoy all the available tools.

Since the website is straightforward to navigate, you won’t have any trouble reaching the necessary function. It is possible to access the desired tool within one click. The pages are loading very quickly, and the platform has a pretty smooth performance.

Another downside of the platform is that it contains ads. However, they don’t pop up like on the majority of other similar platforms. The ads are contextual, so you will see the product or services you might be interested in.

Although the layout is simple and may seem quite outdated, Chatstep does its job well and delivers all the necessary functions you may expect to achieve. There is nothing extraordinary about the platform’s design and usability, but it remains catchy and full-featured.

Special Features

Special Features

Like with the layout, Chatstep doesn’t offer something jaw-breaking in terms of features. They are pretty basic and are designed to connect the users in a single chatroom, nothing more.

  • Create a Chatroom. You must be a registered user to create a chatroom according to your interests. First off, it is necessary to determine which kind of content it is allowed to share in your chatroom. You can set such parameters as the clean chatroom or adult chatroom. In the latter case, the user can upload and view explicit content. It is necessary to write a description of the purposes of this room if you create a chatroom. Also, don’t forget to specify the guidelines. Also, you can set the restriction and reject some users to join the specific chatroom. It is possible to set the password, and the room will only be available for those who know your secret password.
  • Ability to choose the preferred category. Also, it is necessary to specify the category of your chatroom. You can choose between such options as Friendly, which is aimed to connect people with the same interests in religion, society, and community. Fantasy connects people with the intention to role play and pretends that they are those who they aren’t at all. The image is oriented for people who prefer to share photos.
  • Join the room. Of you are a member of Chatstep, you can browse different chatrooms and join those you want. You can also search the specific chatroom by the name. Keep in mind that some rooms require a password. If you know it, feel free to join the secret community.
  • Public Room. The site also features public rooms that are available either for the members of the platform or those who decided to browse the site anonymously. If you are a registered member, you should leave the specific chatroom in case you don’t want to participate in this conversation. Those who browse the site as guests can just close the tab, and the system will automatically pull off them from the room.

How does Chatstep work?

How does Chatstep work?

Whatever preferences you have, you can find here the category for chatting. There are several chatrooms based on the different interests of the users. Besides, most online users inside the chat follow the rules and conditions for using the room, as defined and established by the chat moderator.

Once you are chatting, you can observe on the right panel all the registered usernames that have joined the specific room and made a decision not to leave the Chatstep chatroom. Near the username, you can see a circle. Thus, you can find out whether the member is online or offline. If the circle is illuminated green, feel free to contact the user as he or she is online. The blank circle means that the user isn’t available right away.

Also, you can see the user online but is inactive. This is because some members prefer just spy rather than have long talks. Some individuals can leave the chatroom right after they join it. It is possible to enter and leave the specific chatroom quickly. It is a very convenient feature, especially if you don’t like what is happening inside.

Sign Up Process

Sign Up Process

It is unnecessary to be a registered user on Chatstep to join the chatrooms and communicate with users. However, if you want to explore the platform’s entire potential, it is necessary to create an account. If you are in a rush and don’t have time to register, you can browse the platform as a guest. But you can participate only in public rooms.

You don’t need to spend much time to create an account. For this, you will need to create a username, specify your valid email, confirm your email, create a secure password, and confirm it as well. Once you agree with the terms and conditions of the platform, you will immediately appear there as a member. It is necessary to verify your account. Just follow a link you will receive in the introductory letter. You can find it in your inbox. The site requires to provide only the necessary information. You don’t need to complete lengthy questionnaires and so on.

If you are a registered user, you can open new horizons on Chatstep. For example, only registered users can create rooms and set the password to them. Also, they can share the content inside the place, which is another advantage of the site.

Users Profiles Quality

Users Profiles Quality

Chatstep doesn’t require boosting your profile and answering dozens of questions. You don’t need to upload your picture or even tell your real name. All you need is to create a username and specify your country. So, you will not be able to know much about the user from his or her profile. You may ask about everything you are interested in in the chatroom. Although suck lack of info allows you to stay anonymous, it is a reason there are so many rude people and scammers on the platform. You will never know who is on the other side of the screen. It might be a person who wants just to have fun while chatting or an individual with bad intentions.

Mobile Application

Chatstep doesn’t have a mobile application. You can access the site only using its desktop version. Also, you can’t chat on the move as the site uses outdated algorithms, and you will not be able to use the platform via the mobile browser. This is a strong downside since many members consider mobility to be the number one feature when choosing sites for dating or hookups.

Chatstep Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

Chatstep Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

There are a lot of Chatstep alternatives available on the market. Some of them are free of charge like Chatstep, while others require additional payment. Anyway, if you are going to chat with people in a certain circle of interests, you should be aware of the possible alternatives.

  • E-chat. Like Chatstep, E-chat has only chat options and can’t boast numerous features. It will come in handy if you want to use the minimalist capabilities but a more up-to-date approach. Here is a place where you can find friends, hookups, casual encounters, and even your soulmate. It is a somewhat reliable platform with strong safety measures.
  • Mesh. If you are on the lookout for an interactive chatting environment with strong safety measures, Mesh will be your best friend. Apart from keeping your identity anonymous, you are going to benefit from chat encryption. Your conversations are safe, and you can be sure they won’t be revealed. Moreover, take advantage of several brand-new features that make you be blown away.
  • Chatzy. Apart from being free, the platform doesn’t contain ads, which is a substantial upside for many users. Chatzy is an easy-to-use but effective chatting platform that allows you to find either the one-night stand or serious love adventure. You can use a variety of options to communicate with users and entertain yourself.
  • Zobe. This platform is a perfect alternative to Chatstep, with one difference being that it has a slew of advanced features that can satisfy even the most demandable users. Here you can look for not only hookups or partners, but discuss popular topics based on your interests. Zobe doesn’t require the user to be registered. All you need is just to create a new username and make your journey start.
  • Chat IW. This platform is designed specifically for those who are looking for a perfect partner. Here you can get acquainted with new people and learn a lot of exciting things. The distinctive feature about Chat IW that it connects you with the users within your proximity. This platform provides users with a free and high-quality dating experience while having an intuitive and modern user interface.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Membership Price and Payment Method

Chatstep doesn’t offer any payment options as it offers only free services. There are no hidden payments or additional fees. Although the platform’s functionality is limited, you can still use it without paying a single dollar.

Free Membership Features

Once you get registered on the site, you are free to use the following features to boost your social life experience.

  • Registration
  • Joining the chatrooms
  • Creating a chatroom
  • Set a password for a newly-created room
  • Upload photos
  • Get connected with the users
  • Browse chatrooms
  • Cooperate with users in the chat
  • Read articles available on the site
  • Search for a specific chatroom by its name

Premium Membership Features

Chatstep doesn’t offer any premium features for the users. You are going to use just what you can see on the platform. Any additional payment for the exclusive premium features isn’t required.

Is Chatstep Really Safe?

Is Chatstep Really Safe?

Chatstep considered being an unreliable community. You can browse chatrooms and participate in chats, but be cautious as there is a lot of explicit content available on the platform. Since that platform appeared in the center of the scandal, the platform’s security measures have improved. The moderators strictly monitor the rooms, and those who violate the terms and conditions of the platform are immediately banned. Moreover, there is a special report button which you can use if the member behaves offensively or rudely.

You can read the safety tips on the website. But the main thing you should remember is to be cautious and don’t trust people hiding behind their usernames. If you received the request to send you money, report such a user in an instant for him or her to be terminated and banned by the site administration. Also, be careful when a stranger offers you to meet in person. The dating tips will help you avoid such unpleasant situations.


The advent of modern technologies and social media platforms considerably decreased the use of websites dedicated to the chat only. And, unfortunately, Chatstep is no exception. Nevertheless, there are still individuals who prefer to use such kind of entertainment and connect the other people like on those good old days. However, the majority of online dating consumers would rather view the profiles and have a cam2cam connection. Since the current online dating world has some hidden dangers, it is rather tricky (and not wise) to trust a person that can reveal only its username.

The good thing is that Chatstep has a lot of moderators who manually review each room and ban the offensive users who violate the platform’s regulations. But like any chat-oriented community, Chatstep can’t 100% guarantee you will be saved from offensive behavior and scammers.

How to delete Chatstep account?

If you are an unregistered user, you can just close the tab and leave the chat. In case you are a registered user, you can’t delete your account. But once you leave the chat, all your writings will be automatically deleted. The banned account won’t be renewed as well.

How to message someone on Chatstep?

To initiate a conversation on the platform is extremely easy. You will just need to enter a particular chatroom and feel free to message anyone. Keep the conversation flaw as long as you want.

How to see who likes you on Chatstep without paying?

The platform doesn’t include this feature. You can just join a particular room and start the chat. It is free.

How to block someone on Chatstep?

If you encounter a person that is too offensive or those who distribute porno content, feel free to immediately report the violator by clicking the corresponding button near the nickname. The moderators will instantly review your particular case and do all the necessary measures.

How to cancel Chatstep subscription?

There is no subscription on the platform. You can use all the services available on Chatstep free of charge.

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