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Clover Dating App Review 2021 – All About This Colorful Dating Platform

Clover Dating App Review 2021 – All About This Colorful Dating Platform
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Pros and Cons

  • Application of scientific matching algorithm.
  • Availability of flexible profile privacy options.
  • Clover Dating App gives multiple options of interaction, including unlimited messaging.
  • Most of the features are available for free accounts.
  • On the app, users can plan their offline date by suggesting and confirming the date, time, and place of the meeting.
  • The platform has a huge member base and a high percentage of daily active users.
  • The feature of unlimited messaging is available only for paid members.
  • Clover Dating is an app, so there is no website or desktop version available.
  • Most users claim that premium membership packages are expensive.

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Clover Dating App connects more than 3 million people worldwide who joined the platform with various intentions – from finding friendship to hookup partners. The app offers several unique services to bring together the people who have the same interests. The platform joins the useful with the pleasant allowing its users to play games and, at the same time, meet new people.

Demographic and Sexual Orientation of Clover Dating App Members

Clover Dating App

In 2014 Isaac Raichyk, who is the CEO and founder of Clover Inc., launched the Clover Dating App, but most probably, he couldn’t even guess how much success the application would achieve. During the first month after the launch, the app already had 50 thousand users, the majority of which was from the United States. Currently, it has more than 3 million users not only form the United States and Canada but from other parts of the world. The majority of members are young people coming from the 18-34 age range. Clover hasn’t provided statistics on the app’s demography recently, but according to the 2014 statistics, it’s imbalanced – 69 percent of users are men, and 31 percent are women. Of course, the picture has changed during the past years. As for the sexual orientation of users, Clover Dating App is most welcoming for all people. In the registration form, people should enter not only their gender but also sexual orientation – straight, gay, lesbian, or bisexual. The platform creates a pleasant atmosphere for all people and encourages them to feel confident about their sexuality.

Colorful Design and Easy Navigation of the App

Clover Design

The design of the Clover Dating App plays a significant role in its success. If you pay attention to the app logo, you may notice that it consists of four hearts of pink, blue, orange, and green colors. Besides the logo, everything on the app has these colors – the background, main buttons, tabs, and sections. Everything is so colorful that it raises an unstoppable desire to sign up immediately. Since the majority of users are young people, they understand at once how the platform works. All the buttons, sections, and important features are at hand to access quickly. So, in general, everything is understandable, and it will take only a few minutes both for newbies and the least tech-savvy people to use it freely.

Availability of Special Features to Find Your Match Quickly

Clover Special Features
  • The On Demand Dating feature sets Clover Dating App from other dating platforms. The main problem with online dating platforms is that people seem to be browsing hundreds and thousands of profiles, start conversations but only a few shifts to the offline real-life dating. The On Demand Dating feature solves this issue. Through this tool, the application shows you profiles of different people. You have two options – if you would like to arrange an offline date with the person in the photo, you choose the “I’m Interested” option. If you aren’t interested in meeting him/her, you select the “No Thanks” option and move to the other profile. When you choose the “I’m interested” option, you should also suggest the date, time, and place of your meeting and submit the request. Then the person that receives the dating request should either confirm or reject it. Once you receive the confirmation, that’s it! You have your real-life date.
  • Another fantastic feature of the Clover Dating App is the Mixers. It contains multiple chat rooms on various topics. There are, for example, chat rooms for the people who search for only serious relationships, who want to talk about a healthy lifestyle, who love art, etc. It’s free to join any of the Mixers chatrooms. It’s an excellent way to meet new people who share the same interests since there are chatrooms of any size up to 10 people, one hundred, one thousand, and up to 50 thousand members. If you don’t find a chatroom according to your interests, you can make one and invite other people to join and discuss that topic with you.
  • The 20 Questions tool is a game and a fun way of showing other people what personality traits you consider attractive. You receive two cards. The personality trait on one card contrasts the quality on the other one. For example, one of the cards may contain a “smart” feature and the second – “good look.” By choosing cards, you let other people interested in your profile know what personality traits you appreciate. Answering these 20 sets of questions is not a one-time game. You can play this game as many times as you want each time, responding to different sets of questions.

How does Clover Dating App Connect People?

Clover People

To explain how exactly the Clover Dating App works, we should say that it combines the simplicity of Tinder and the prominent matching system of Match.com. If other similar apps or dating websites offer only two ways of meeting new people – applying search filters and recommendations, the Clover Dating App suggests multiple ways. First of all, it uses the members’ geo-location to recommend geographically close people. Next, the app has many chatrooms on different topics which are available even for free users. You may join as many chatrooms as you desire and meet new people. The third option is to apply the On Demand Dating feature to request an offline date, choose the time and place, and meet the person in real life. All these exceptionally amazing features aim to help users find their perfect match quickly.

Fast Account Creation Process Through the App

Clover Creation

The duration of creating accounts on the Clover Dating App mainly depends on the sign-up option. The app offers two registration options – with email and an existing Facebook account. The fastest option is signing up with a Facebook profile. When you allow the app to access your Facebook account, it automatically receives all the necessary information like your name, age, location, and so on. However, you also should fill in a few fields like your sexual orientation, your intention of creating an account, ethnicity, school. The only mandatory fields are your name, age, and sexual orientation. The area of purpose is optional, but you had better fill it in so that other people know your intention of joining the platform. You can mention, for example, that you look for serious relationships, hookup partners, friends, someone you want to just chat with, and so on. During registration, the Clover Dating App will also ask permission to access your location. We recommend you to allow the access since the app’s matching system will work more efficiently by suggesting people closer to you. The second option is signing up with an email. In this case, you should enter all the necessary information manually. The app allows uploading up to 100 photos, but during the registration, you can upload only one.

Having Detailed Profiles is Important

Clover Profiles

During the registration, the app asks users to enter a valid email or a phone number to verify their accounts. The platform also advises members to enter detailed information about their hobbies and interests to help other people connect them. Besides, detailed profiles always look more attractive and inspire trust. One way of entering detailed information is to fill in all the fields during registration like your intention, sexual orientation, occupation, ethnicity, or edit your profile details at any time. The 20 Questions game is another way to let people know more about your personality and the qualities you appreciate in people. Besides, you also can view other people’s answers and compare them with your own.

Mobile Application Availability for iOS and Android Devices

Clover Application

Isaac Raichyk launched the Clover Dating App in 2014. Isaac Raichyk is the CEO and founder of Clover Inc., located in Toronto, Canada. The mobile application is available for free download from Google Play Market and App Store. To download the app, users should have at least 4.4 Android version and iOS 8.0 version. Android users should have at least 33 MB free memory on their devices, and iOS users – 140.8 MB memory. According to App Store’s policy, only 17+ users can download the app, but the Play Market allows downloading only users older 18 years. The Clover Dating App has more than one million downloads only on Play Market and 3.9 stars. On the App Store, it has a high enough ranking – 4.6 out of 5 stars. Currently, the application is available in English only. The Clover team constantly updates the app fixing bugs, enhancing its security, and improving the performance.

Clover Dating App Alternatives and Similar Dating Platforms

Clover Similar Dating
  • Testebuds – a dating app that connects people of similar tastes, especially in music.
  • Hinge – an online dating app with a very high level of detailed profiles and privacy systems.
  • Woo – a dating app that brings together people who have similar interests or lifestyles.

Prices of the Premium Packages and Payment Options

Clover Premium Packages

Free accounts of Clover Dating App contain the main features, but users should buy the premium package if they want to access more features, especially messages. The premium package comes with three subscription plans.

  1. The one-month subscription costs 29.99 USD.
  2. In the case of buying the whole three-month package, the price for one month drops up to 20 USD, and the plan costs 59.99 USD in total.
  3. The most extended-term membership is the six-month subscription plan. The package costs 89.99 USD. This plan is the most profitable one since each month costs only 15 USD.

If users are still unsure whether to buy a subscription or no, they can try the seven-day free premium features. Besides the premium membership package, Clover Dating App also offers its members to boost their profiles to be visible for a broader audience. The Boost package includes three plans:

  • Buy one credit with 2.99 USD.
  • Buy 5 credits, which cost 12.95 USD in total.
  • Buy 10 credits – the best package which costs 19.90 USD.

You can upgrade your Clover Dating App and buy premium features via your Google Play Market or iTunes account. The best payment option is via credit cards. Users should also be aware that the price of the premium doesn’t include the boost package, and they should buy it separately. Those users who want to change their username should pay an additional 0.99 USD.

Free Services Available for Standard Accounts

Clover Free Services Available

The main features of the Clover Dating App are available for free accounts.

  • Standard users can view other users’ profile information, including photos.
  • All standard accounts can use the On Demand Dating feature, see other users’ photos and send date requests.
  • All free accounts can use the Mixers feature by either joining available chatrooms or creating their one.
  • As a part of free membership, all users can play the 20 Questions game.
  • As a free user, you can chat with another user if he/she likes you.

Fee-Based Services Available for Only Premium Users

Clover Based Services

By upgrading your Clover Dating App, users access the following advanced features.

  • Premium users can apply additional search filters to receive more accurate results.
  • Users can send unlimited messages to other users, including videos, photos, and gifts.
  • Premium users can choose specific criteria and sort the list of potential matches.
  • Premium users can boost their accounts free of charge to appear at the top of chat screens.

Clover Dating App Privacy and Security Policies

Clover Privacy

During the registration, the app asks to provide a valid phone number or an email address to verify your accounts. On the one hand, this procedure prevents the registration of fake accounts; on the other hand, they may still have options to register. The Clover Dating App uses the popular SSL protocol to ensure the safety of payment transactions and users’ personal information. The platform urges to be aware of scammers, never to provide your data, credit card details, or any other information to other users. At any moment of conversation, users can change the settings of their privacy, making their data visible only for certain people. In the case of receiving spam messages or noticing profiles with suspicious behavior, users can protect themselves by blocking those accounts or reporting about them. All the users can obtain additional information by reading the Privacy Policy section of the Clover website.


Clover Conclusion

Clover Dating App is an unbelievably colorful, playful, and fun dating platform that connects millions of people worldwide. Its key features, such as the 20 Questions game, On Demand Dating, and Mixers, make the platform unique and highly efficient. Some people may complain that the premium packages are too expensive, but the delivered services and their quality entirely justify the price. The app can be downloaded from App Store and Play Market for free. Users have no reason for worrying about the security of their data because the platform uses the SSL protocol for protection.

Clover Popular

Here are several questions asked by Clover Dating App users.

How Can I Deactivate My Clover Dating App Account?

Click the menu icon located at the bottom right corner of your screen. In the menu, scroll down till the end and tap the Deactivate button.

How Can I Send a Message on Clover Dating App?

To send a message, you should open that person’s profile. You’ll have three options, to pass the count, to send a message, and to add to the list of favorites. Tap the blue message icon to enter your message.

How Can I See Who Likes Me on Clover Dating App Without Charge?

Fortunately, most of the features are available for free accounts. To see who added you to their favorites list, you should open the Prospects section and view all the profiles there.

How Can I Block an Account on Clover Dating App?

To block a fake account or someone who just disturbs you, you should open their account and tap the Block button.

How Can I Cancel My Subscription on Clover Dating App?

To cancel your subscription, you should go to your Play Market or iTunes account, find it on the list of your subscriptions and stop the auto-renewal. You cannot cancel the subscription right on the Clover Daring App.

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