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Clover Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

Clover Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
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Popular age 24-29
Beauty 84%
Profiles 15.640.000
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Pros and Cons

  • The app boasts of various means of communication which involve endless yet unobstructed chats
  • Here, any member can request a Friday date and confirm it. All these can be achieved without having to leave the app.
  • The platform has a vast user base.
  • The platform offers flexible options on profile customization as well as privacy settings.
  • Free users are usually bombarded with frequent requests to obtain coins by making direct purchases or inviting their friends from social media sites.
  • Its membership costs tend to be above average for a standard dating platform.

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Did you know you can conjure up a casual date on Clover? Indeed, many people ponder how they could skip the tedious matching process of most sites to get a date for the weekend. You see, this is achievable but only on Clover. However, to know everything about this excellent site, you recommend reading this review to the last word. It carries all the aspects of the website broken down into various parts for quick comprehension. It is an honest, in-depth review that would be handy in making up your mind about when and how to become an active member of the dating app.

Expert’s Review of Clover

Clover Review

Clover is a matchmaking app that is simple to use. It is ranked among the top apps such as Tinder. They say the magic in Clover is equal to that in Tinder, which is perceived as the most popular dating app. The app was established in 2014 by Isaac Raichyk, who doubles as the CEO. Most of the ages in this platform are above 18 years. There are not many restrictions on sexual orientation. Thus, you can find any of your sexual preferences right from the platform.

The platform does not have ethnicity limits. The site welcomes people of different ethnicities. As long as the app is available in your country, you can easily find a quick date. One significant aspect of Clover is that you can prevent particular individuals from reaching out to you even without necessarily blocking them. You can do this through a criterion that restricts them by location, age, and even gender. The app has been reported to grow at a high pace. It began with a small number of active users. However, membership has grown to over three million users.

Website Design & Usability

Clover Design

The overall layout of the design is perfect. The desktop version and the mobile site share lots of similarities when it comes to the design. Also, the website is quite responsive to numerous devices, including mobile phones. Thus, you should expect to face zero lags or hurdles while using the app on any of your devices. The color scheme is outstanding, and the arrangement of tabs is typically on another level. Thus, the platform is easy to use. Navigation around the website is quick, and the various pages load seamlessly.

In most cases, you will not come across technical glitches that could ruin your browsing experience. Expect to have the best time while on the site. However, just in case an issue pops up unawares, kindly reach out to the support team.

Special Features

  • On-Demand Dating
    You must have been asking yourself: Which element sets Clover aside from other apps? Here is the answer-On Demand Dating! You see, most dating apps will just have ghost members who never want to go on a date. They just browse profiles without a serious intention of meeting someone. Clover does not have to keep you waiting. As long as you have turned on this element, it would be easy for you to accept or deny a date. However, if you think it is right to go for the date, then you are expected to suggest the venue to meet and time. The other interested party can also do it. As you can see, Clover offers a straightforward approach to finding a date. You do not have to spend hundreds of hours browsing or chatting with members who may never give you a date.
  • Mixers
    Do you want to know what mixers are? Well, these are events or just say chat rooms which bear a common theme. For example, you will meet some mixers such as ‘Fitness Dating Singles ‘ or ‘Healthy Lifestyle.’ These two are just examples of the many mixers found on the platform. The available mixers are displayed on separate tabs, and you can join anytime you deem suitable. While exploring the mixers, you can invite other members. However, it is not an appropriate avenue to discover more potential dates. You can develop your own mixer and welcome fellow members to it—no limits or restrictions when it comes to the creation of mixers. You can be as creative as you want.
  • 20 Questions
    Do you cherish flirting games? If yes, then Clover is the most suitable platform for you. In this game, you will be presented with two cards that bear contrasting traits on personality. Your choices would appear as answers which are visible to all members. But this is an optional game. It is not a one-time game. You can always play it and get different personality traits to display on your profile.

How does Clover Work?

Clover Work

Clover operates straightforwardly. You are required to create an account. You can do so by use of your Facebook account or just an email. Then, you create a good username that is appealing. And you must have a strong password to protect your account. Use a free plan or go for a paid one. After that, you are free to make use of all the features of the platform. Find someone to date and converse with them. If they accept your date, why not go? Well, this is a great site that offers equal chances to all people who want to date.

Sign Up Process

Clover offers the simplest registration process. See, you need only two minutes to complete the entire procedure. Most of the users have utilized their Facebook accounts or email to undertake the registration. You have also required to detail your intention. It could be; ‘looking for a friend,’ looking for a date’ etc. Anyone who uses their email address to join the platform must reveal basic info before they could go ahead. Those that opt to use their Facebook details could have the basic info imported to their Clover’s account. Username could be up to 50 characters, but fewer characters are highly recommended. You may provide more info as detailed below, but it is not mandatory. It is up to you to decide whether to provide such info or not. In general, you are expected to share the following;

  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • height
  • Intention
  • orientation
  • Ethnicity
  • Job or occupation
  • School
  • Show distance (yes/no)

Users Profiles Quality

  • this app does not permit swiping of profiles like other dating platforms
  • You can view several pictures without having to pay anything
  • Any user can enjoy the ‘Play 20 Questions’, ‘Recommend A Friend’ etc.
  • You can know the mixers a user has joined.

In this platform, you only click on a profile. You cannot swipe left or even right. Right on the member profile, info about their height, location, job, gender, and ethnicity will be displayed correctly. Here, you can strike a comparison of your 20 Question answers to theirs or simply request for a date.

See, profile quality is an aspect you must put more effort into achieving. The pictures you use must be clear. They should be the cutest. Remember, other users, get impressed by your looks in addition to your basic details. The necessary information may not always play a more significant role than a cute photo. Also, make an effort to complete all the required fields. This completion improves your chances of finding a match. Therefore, you should always ensure your profile is of the utmost quality.

Mobile Application

Clover has a beautiful mobile application, which was released on March 17, 2014. It is such a great plus that enables cover members to socialize without the need for a desktop. The app has a beautiful design, and the color scheme is excellent. You can download it from the app store and Google Play. It is available to both android and iOS users.

Clover Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

Clover Websites & Apps
  • The League
    League is yet another dating platform for elites. The site expects all interested people to make an application to join. New users have to reveal their LinkedIn profiles, school or college, and job title. However, due to the long lists that big towns and cities may have on league’s joining requests, it may take longer to have your application reviewed. However, you can splash a few bucks to have the process accelerated. So, if you intend to try it, be ready to make efforts to have your account put up successfully despite the tedious procedure.
  • Happn
    This platform has mastered the art of matching you with individuals who are near you. Thus, it proves to be an excellent alternative for anyone who intends to meet a person more organically. However, you may eventually date your neighbors or merely some ice cream vendors near your place. However, you can try it if you are not a fan of sites like Tinder, which even reveal the distance between you and the match.
  • Tinder
    Tinder is a great platform that is famous for long-term relationships, friendships, and hook-ups. It is one of the best spots for anyone who is venturing into online dating. Here, most of the profiles are brief. They do not possess cramped info. Therefore, it is possible to make a quick yet informed decision. However, it may pose a challenge because you may never know what the other person is looking for when the info is somehow incomplete.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Clover Price

A month of subscription would require 29.99 USD. Anyone who wants to get a package for three months should pay 20.00 USD each, which total to 59.99 for the entire period. For six months of membership, 15.00 USD would be required every month, which brings the total to 89.99 USD. As you can see, more extended subscription periods have discounts.

However, it does not mean that you must pay to enjoy Clover. You can make use of the free basic plan. This plan does not offer many perks as the premium version. You may have to reconsider your membership if you want to get full leverage of the site. The payment can be made via mobile money.

Additionally, changing a name on Clover may require 0.99 USD. As you have seen, the premium plans are a bit pricey, but worth your money. So, you should not be put off by the seemingly high subscription rates. You will, indeed, get full benefits of the site and may end up finding a partner for a date.

Free Membership Features

  • A free user can have a look at photos and the info on profiles
  • You can develop a mixer or join one that has already been created
  • You can enjoy the ’20 Questions’ feature
  • Exchange chats with a user who likes you

Premium Membership Features

  • Make use of the cutting-edge search filters
  • Send a message or chat with any of the members
  • Receive read receipts
  • You can enjoy free boosts on your profile.

Is Clover Really Safe?

Clover Safe

Yes, Clover is a safe dating platform. It utilizes an advanced protocol for all transactions that involve personal info. This protocol scrambles any info that is sent right from the app to the firm. You can conceal your location to maintain your privacy. Showing your location is also permitted on this platform. Blocking of disturbing users is also allowed. And remember, safety begins with you. Make sure you have altruistic intentions towards fellow members of the site. Also, report any suspicious users to the support team for scrutiny.


Clover Conclusion

Clover is an excellent dating app that most people are finding worth their time and money. It is fast-growing, and its services are reaching more people every single day. It has maintained a good design, and the ease-of-use has witnessed an improvement over the past few years. Indeed, a lot of people have gotten viable dates from Clover. However, there might be a few dates that did not bear fruits as anticipated. That result could have been impacted by human factors or just say unavoidable circumstances. A quick look at the app would please your eyes since it is excellently done.

The only issue that may pose a little challenge is the prices. They tend to be higher than that of most dating apps. But you can utilize a free version of the app if you are not prepared to take up the paid ones. You will still have much to enjoy. A point shall reach where you will be expected to upgrade in membership to find a date. So, as you try the free version, consider setting aside some cash that you can use to buy your monthly, three-month, or six-month subscription. There are also success stories from past users who found love from Clover.

Clover FAQs

This section carries answers to your questions. It will help you with some of the issues that seem challenging while using the platform. Remember, you can always refer to the safety tips and news feeds from the site’s special pages. You can also search on the web to find out how to handle certain issues that arise in online dating. Do not forget to reach the privacy policy, terms of use, and other pointers shared by the Clover operators.

How to Delete Clover Account?

The best way to delete your account is to access the ‘Settings’ of your Clover account, and you will see the ‘Deactivate Account’ button. Click it and confirm that you want to deactivate your account. Alternatively, you can send an email to support@clover.co to let them know that you intend to delete your account, and they will guide you with that.

How to Message Someone on Clover?

In Clover, you can reach out to someone by clicking the bubble meant for messages. Then type your message. It is straightforward, and anyone do it.

How to See Who Likes You on Clover without Paying?

You will get notified when another person likes you, even if you are using the app’s free version. And if they like you, you can like back and even start a conversation with that member.

How to Block Someone on Clover?

You can exclude a member from contacting you by going to the ‘Settings’ tab and selecting the ‘Privacy option’ You can do so by use of their age range and location factors.

How to Cancel Your Clover Subscription?

You may not be able to cancel your subscription from the app. However, you can do it from your account in the Appstore. Open the Appstore and go to ‘My Subscriptions.’ From that point, you can easily cancel your Clover subscription.

Contact Information

  • Company Name: Clover Inc.
  • Address: 1725 Avenue Rd. PO Box 70059
  • Zip Code + City: Toronto, Ontario M5M 0A0
  • Country: Canada
  • Customer Support Email: support@clover.co
  • Facebook
  • Twitter: @TheCloverApp.
  • Blog
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