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Compatible Partners Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam

Compatible Partners Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam
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Pros and Cons

  • The site has a massive database of users from which to select.
  • Your profile is only visible to your matches.
  • Profile quality is excellent; you can get enough information about your potential partners.
  • The site has incorporated security protocols to ensure the safety of users.
  • You can review your matches for free.
  • The site uses a comprehensive matching algorithm making the potential matches very accurate.
  • You must pay to reach out to your potential matches.
  • The mobile app has received many negative reviews.

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Compatible Partners is a dating platform for gay and lesbian people. The platform aims to go beyond casual hookups and enable users to connect with partners for serious relationships. You’ll find it easy to break the ice with the site’s guided communication feature. Users of Compatible Partners should not be worried about their security on the platform as it has incorporated several security protocols.

The website uses a relationship questionnaire and matching algorithm created by eHarmony to increase your chances of finding a match. In this Compatible Partners review, you’ll find enough information to help you decide whether it is the right site for your dating needs.

The review will take through the sign-up process, profile quality, membership plans, and frequently asked questions. At the end of the discussion, you’ll be in a position to make an informed decision.

Expert’s Review of Compatible Partners

Compatible Partners

Brand History

Compatible Partners was initiated in 2009. The design of the platform caters to the needs of the gay and lesbian community. The dating platform applies similar principles, communication methods, and the matching algorithm as that used by eHarmony.

In November 2019, Compatible Partners became a part of eHarmony.

Nevertheless, it remains a different platform, and its matching algorithm tailored to accommodate the unique features of gay relationships.

Since its launch, the platform alleges to have over two million success stories. If your desire is long-term, same-sex affairs, Compatible Partners would be an ideal site for you.

Sexual orientation

The website focuses on the LGBTQ community. If you are a heterosexual individual, you might not find what you are looking for on Compatible Partners. The relationships allowed on the platform are gay and lesbian. Users are either single, divorced, or widowed looking for dating or long-term relationships.

Age, Race & Ethnicity

The website admits members from all age groups. You won’t be able to create an account if you are not of legal age. Because of its global presence, the site has members from different racial and ethnic backgrounds. You’ll have the chance to reach out to users from different corners of the world.

Website Design & Usability

Compatible Partners Design

The website design is modern, user friendly, and has excellent aesthetics. It uses conventional ways to collect data from the user that are easy to use. For instance, it is easy for users to use the drop-down menus, text boxes, and buttons to interact with the site.

The site also uses menus and links to direct users to specific locations they would be interested in accessing. It also uses graphics to make it more attractive. It has a theme color and uses more attractive fonts, thereby enhancing the user experience. Generally, the site is easy to use, and users can recall the features when they return to the site.

Special Features

  • Profile Advisor—this feature gives users the option of engaging a professional profile writer to write their profiles. At 99.95 USD, you’ll get a profile that stands out in other users’ search results. The process takes up to three days.
  • Premium Personality Profile—with this feature, you’ll access 15 extra features on your personality profile. It is a paid service that will cost you around 99.95 USD.
  • RelyID—with this feature, other users will be able to see that your name, age, and address are validated. To verify your details, Compatible Partners checks the information you provide. When your details are verified, you’ll receive a RelyID Authentication Badge on your profile. Other members will also see that the site has confirmed your profile in their searches. This service costs 5.95 USD for the whole subscription period.
  • Secure Call—this feature enables you to communicate with your matches securely over the phone, keeping your phone number secret. With this feature, you can get to know your mates better without revealing your contact details. The service costs 5.95 USD per month, and it is free for the person receiving the Call.

How Does Compatible Partners Work?

Compatible Partners Work

Once your profile is ready, you’ll have access to several communication features on the platform. You can browse other users’ profiles and photos, and you’ll also be able to see who has viewed your profile. The site does not allow you to perform searches. Instead, it provides you with potential matches daily according to the details you offered in your personality profile.

Once you come across someone you like, it provides icebreakers that enable you to initiate a conversation. These icebreakers help you to let the other party know you are interested. For instance, with the icebreaker, you can quickly send any of the nine pre-written messages to other users.

Alternatively, you can reach out to them using a secure call. With the secure call feature, you can call your matches and hide your contact information. The site allows users to provide up to three numbers through which others can reach them.

You can also use the guided communication feature that takes you through four stages:

  1. Review your match’s profile details and show that you would like to reach out. If their response is positive, you can proceed to the second step.
  2. You can now send them your first questions. The site provides you with a list of queries from which you’ll select five.
  3. Review and share your list of “Must Haves” and “Can’t Stands.”
  4. Post your second set of questions. You can post three open-ended questions. You can select from the ones provided, or you can come up with your set of queries.

On the other hand, you can skip the guided communication process and use open communication. Here, you’ll email your match directly. If a user takes longer than anticipated to respond, you can remind them with nudges.

Compatible Partners sends you a list of potential matches using the “my matches” feature. The platform selects your mates according to the details you provided in your profile. If you like any of the matches, you can initiate communication with them; otherwise, the site allows you to close the pairing.

To change the number of matches sent to you, you’ll have to adjust some preferences on the “Match Settings” section.

Sign Up Process

Compatible Partners Sign Up Process

The sign-up process on Compatible Partners is extensive. After registering an account, you’ll have to fill a detailed profile. To register an account, you must provide the following information:

  • Name.
  • Gender.
  • Country and Zip Code.
  • Email (a current email address).
  • Password ㅡ create a secure password for your account.

After successfully registering your account, you can log in using your email and password and move on to the next step.

User Profile Quality

User profiles on Compatible Partners are very detailed. You’ll spend almost two hours filling out your profile. That happens because this is a site where users search for long-lasting relationships, so it would be best to fill out the profile questionnaire.

A complete profile indicates your level of seriousness to other users. It also allows other users to get to know what you are looking for on the site.

Additionally, the more details the website has about you, the easier it becomes for the algorithm to find the best matches for you.

You’ll fill up to 200 questions on the Compatible Partners profile. There are four different types of queries that you’ll encounter on the site. They include:

  1. Scale ㅡ these questions require you to use a range of one to seven to answer questions.
  2. Multiple choices ㅡ these questions allow you to choose one or more answers.
  3. True or false ㅡ these sets of queries need you to state whether certain statements about you are true or false.
  4. Text ㅡ these require users to provide short responses, usually less than 20 words.

You’ll come across these questions placed in the following categories:

  • General information ㅡ here, you’ll provide information about your physical features, marital status, whether you have children, level of education, date of birth, etc. You’ll also provide information on the significance of your potential match’s education, income, age, and ethnicity. This section contains 15 questions.
  • Personal characteristics ㅡ in this section, you’ll provide information about your religious beliefs and the significance of your match’s religion. The site also allows you to indicate the faith of your mate. This section has six questions.
  • About you ㅡ in this part, you’ll answer questions on your attributes. Nineteen items require to rate my date site .
  • Self Description- here, you’ll answer 56 scale questions rating how accurately every word describes you.
  • Personal features ㅡ in this part, there are 34 scale questions to rate statements about yourself.
  • About your feelings ㅡ, you’ll answer 20 scale questions that rate your emotions and how frequently they have occurred in the past 30 days.
  • Relationship orientation and values ㅡ here, you’ll answer 13 questions using the provided scale to shed light on your relationship preferences.
  • Important qualities ㅡ this section have 33 scale questions that will help the system capture key attributes to finding you a match.
  • About your personality ㅡ here, you’ll answer 19 true or false statements about your persona.
  • Your interests ㅡ this section contain 28 scale questions that rate your different preferences. There is also an essay question in which you’ll elaborate on your interests.
  • Living skills ㅡ comprise 15 queries that require you to evaluate your life skills on a scale. You’ll also select three life skills that you perform with excellence.
  • Communication style ㅡ here, you’ll answer eight questions to rate your communication style in relationships on the provided scale.
  • Matching information ㅡ here you’ll answer questions on your lifestyle and the lifestyle of your match. You’ll also provide location details and how far away your mate should be. You’ll also indicate the significance of your match’s distance from you.

After answering the profile questionnaire, you can upload photos.

Mobile Application

Compatible Partners Application

The website has a corresponding mobile app that is free to download and install. However, to access the add-ons, you’ll have to pay a fee. You can access all the services available on the website from the app.

Despite receiving some negative reviews in the recent past, the app is user friendly and functional. You can access the app from the App Store.

Compatible Partners Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

  • OurTime.com ㅡ OurTime is a platform for dates and Relationships. The site caters to gay and bisexual single men aged up to 50 years. It has a huge user base from diverse backgrounds. The interface is user friendly, and the plans are reasonably priced.
  • Zoosk ㅡ Zoosk is another alternative for Compatible Partners. If you are gay, bisexual, or want to try new things, you can get fun dates and long-term relationships with Zoosk. It also offers a free trial to new users and reasonably priced premium features.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Compatible Partners allows users to have a basic or total connect plan. Each subscription has its benefits and levels of access.

Free Membership Features

Compatible Membership Features

With the free membership, you’ll have minimal access to the site. However, you’ll see how the website works and what features it offers, making it easy for you to select a premium plan.

A free membership allows you to:

  • Account registration.
  • Profile filling.
  • Limited communication with matches.

Premium Membership Features

Premium membership grants you access to the best features the platform offers.

There are two types of paid subscriptions.

Standard /Basic Plan

With a basic account, you’ll have access to the following features.

Tracking who viewed your profile.

  • Unlimited messaging capabilities.
  • Access to your match’s profile and pictures.
  • See who has placed you as their favorites.
  • Search matches beyond your inclinations.

With a premium account also known as Total Connect plan, you’ll have access to the following features:

  • Access to all standard account features.
  • You’ll get tailored expert help.
  • You’ll be able to browse your matches in disguise.
  • You’ll receive read receipts on messages.
  • You’ll be a featured match for 24 hours per month.

Paid subscription plan prices

Feature Standard/Basic Premium/Total Connect
3-month plan 57.95 USD/month 70.95 USD/month
6-month plan 34.95 USD/month 45.95 USD/month
12-month plan 27.95 USD/month 27.95 USD /month

From the costs of the various plans, you can see that Compatible Partners encourages its users to go for longer-term plans by making them more economical.

Is Compatible Partners Really Safe?

Compatible Partners Safe

The site uses security protocols similar to those used by eHarmony. Your details remain private until you grant access to someone. The site also screens all photos you upload before they are published to ensure they are not fraudulent, and they meet the set the standards.

The site immediately shuts down any suspicious accounts to ensure the safety of the users on the platform. The support staff is available to receive complaints from users. If you come across a user with suspect behavior, you can report them for further action from the site admin.

Apart from the security provided by the site, it is also the responsibility of the users to take care of their safety. You can browse through Compatible Partners reviews and learn from other users how to stay safe on the site. As you interact with other users, avoid sharing personal information that would put you at risk.

The site also uses its privacy policy to protect your information from unauthorized access physically and digitally. It also uses secure protocols to send sensitive information over the internet.


Compatible Partners Conclusion

Compatible Partners has built a status as a reliable, client-oriented dating platform. It is a popular site worldwide despite being a niche site. It has put together great features in a good looking functional platform to serve its clientele.

When you do a cost-benefit analysis, you are likely to conclude that the paid accounts are worth every penny. You’ll also love their customer support, which is reliable and available.

If you are a member of the LGBTQ community looking for a platform to find long-lasting relationships, you will discover that Compatible Partners is very helpful.

How to Delete Compatible Partners Account

Once you log into your account, navigate to “My Settings” and click on “Account Settings.” Look for “Subscription List” and select “Close Account”.

How to Message Someone on Compatible Partners

The site offers users two different ways of communicating with other users. You can use the guided communication feature where the website guides you through your conversation with other users. Or, you can skip the process and reach out directly to other users using mail. You can also send them icebreakers.

How to See Who Likes You on Compatible Partners Without Paying

With a free account, you’ll be able to receive smiles and guided communication questions from users that like you.

How to Block Someone on Compatible Partners

For you to block a user, the site allows you to remove them from your matches list. Doing this will prevent any interaction between you and the user in question.

How to Cancel Compatible Partners Subscription

Compatible Partners uses an auto-renewal model. To cancel your subscription, navigate to “My Settings” then click on “Account Settings” and select “Cancel My Subscription.”

Contact Information

  • Company Name: eHarmony, Inc.
  • Address: P.O. Box 241810
  • Zip Code + City: Los Angeles, CA 90024
  • Country: USA
  • Customer Support Email mailto:hsupport@eharmony.com
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • CompatiblePartners Blog
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