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ConnectingSingles.com Review 2021: Perfect or Scam?

ConnectingSingles.com Review 2021: Perfect or Scam?
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Date with older guy 2%
Reply rate 58%
Popular age 25-35
Beauty 42%
Profiles 2 560 000
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Visit rate 5.9
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • It has many special features, including chats and forums, where the members can interact.
  • The site is 100% free, and there are no hidden charges.
  • You can see who has checked out your profile.
  • There are a lot of posers and scammers who are taking advantage of the free membership.
  • The site supports only one language – English.
  • The mobile app is available only for Android users.

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The internet has changed the way people live, even how they find their dates. It is ubiquitous to see many dating websites where many of them communicate with the hope of finding someone to get friends with. It is not easy to find a life partner; you have to go on many dates before you know if that person is the one. With online dating sites, all you need is a profile and look for somebody with whom you share common interests. With the massive number of prospective dates available on these dating sites, you’ll surely have lots of choices.

Review of ConnectingSingles.com

ConnectingSingles.com Review

One of these online dating websites is Connecting Singles. It is a dating website and forum combined into one plus a whole lot of other features that can help you pass the time. What makes it a preferred choice for many is it’s absolutely free. The feature-filled website works more like a social media platform with a side of online dating. Some of these features include photo-liking and messaging plus a host of other pages like gaming, music dating online , poets, and video corner.

Another exciting feature of this website is the matchmaking service that it offers for free. It may seem quite cool to have some help in finding a partner, but some skeptics are saying that it’s a scam of some sort. Connecting Singles is a multi-faceted communication platform that arises some controversies – others find it a perfect opportunity while others are bound for massive disappointment.

Connecting Singles has 10,000 active members every week, with about 50,000 in total. Most of them are from the United States and are within the age groups of 18 to 55 years of age. The majority of the women are in their thirties while it’s prevalent for the men to be 40 years and older. The members came from diverse nationalities, including blacks, whites, and Asians.

The members are predominantly women, about 60% of them are female, and they flirt more actively than the male members. On the other hand, males are more active in the forum section. It would be easy to find your partner if you know where to look.

Connecting Singles website attracts potential members with the prospect of finding partners for free, but they stay for the other features that the site offers. Users are more engaged in various games and forums.

All new members are encouraged to complete their profile and upload their photos because to find the right person, and you need to be interesting. It would be better to provide more information about yourself so that someone special would pick you out of the many active members.

Website Design and Usability

ConnectingSingles.com Design and Usability

The site has a simple web layout that is convenient to navigate. Its top navigation bar, when you are in the desktop version, is beneficial in organizing the many features. The design of the buttons for the site is seamless and straightforward.

The function for each button is clearly written on the text description beside each for new members to easily understand how it works. So, every time you click on the button, you know what you are getting into and how it will affect your account. This makes the site intuitive and easy to use.

Special Features

What makes Connecting Singles unique from other dating websites is it has a lot of special features not related to hookups. Here are the features that members of this online dating platform can enjoy.

  • Account Labels – Members of Connecting Singles can put labels on their accounts with any operative words related to their interests, hobbies, among other things. The purpose of labeling is to interact with members who have the same interests.
  • Events Exclusive for Singles – You can create an event on the website with your prospect or lead them to an event.
  • Publishing – The website allows you to post your musings, opinions, and notes on your page for everyone who is interested.
  • Discussions – There is a section dedicated to about the members, connecting with people across the globe, and initiating discussions about any topic from politics to sexual relationships.
  • Blogging – The blogging section on Connecting Singles is an excellent avenue to unleash your talent as a wordsmith. You can share your valuable experience, convey your messages, spread positivity, share poems, or just about anything.
  • Rare Photos – The main purpose of reviewing pictures is to collect the members who have not met their matches yet.
  • Electronic cards – You can send a member an electronic card in Connecting Singles to somebody you want to woo. Enlisting somebody on the Birthday List will allow you to send them birthday cards on their birthday.
  • Flower Market – Another feature in Connecting Singles is the flower market. Here you can select a flower and include a note to send to someone.
  • Polls – In this section, you can vote on a variety of poll topics or post a poll question.
  • Videos – Members of the Connecting Singles community can post videos and comment on them. It will appear on the profile page where other members can watch and comment.
  • Birthdays – Members who are celebrating their birthdays are featured on the Birthday List for one week.
  • Who Viewed Me – This feature allows you to see who is looking at your profile.
  • Gaming – If you like playing games, the website has a lot of free interactive games that you can dig in.
  • Poetry – Connecting Singles has a great place to post poems and join a community of aspiring writers on the website.
  • Movies, Music & Books – One person’s favorites and interests say something about themselves. This idea is not lost in Connecting Singles. Members can share the music they love, movie recommendations, and the books they read on the website.
  • Puzzles and Tests – Another exciting feature on the side is the testing section and puzzles that members can answer and solve.
  • Profile Views – If you are curious about the impression you have made with your profile and its details, this is the feature to check.
  • Groups –

Connecting Singles has groups that are created by members who share common interests, beliefs, or common background. It is a nice place to share ideas and opinions while discussing their interests.

  • Top 10 – The Top 10 List is where members can share their favorites, experiences, and knowledge with others.

How Does It Work?

The Connecting Singles community is active, and many members are online at once. To be a member, you need to fill out the personal profile. The site encourages new members to upload their photos. You can see the members who are currently active.

Although the site is loaded with many features, only a few of them are designed for flirting or dating. You are more likely to find your prospective partners in the forums and features with a high population than on the “Matches” tab and the search tool.

The Connecting Singles site allows you to search for members from your area, or to make an advanced search on their international listings. You can also search for prospective dates by the country of origin or use other search keywords like religion, occupation, educational level, and ethnicity, among others.

Sign up Process

ConnectingSingles.com Sign up

Creating an account at Connecting Singles is easy; you can use your Facebook account or your email address. It will take only a few minutes and only requires you to provide some general information like your name, city, country, gender, and birthday. There is a review of your profile for 24 hours before becoming a full member of the community.

While waiting for the verification, you can fill out the other details by answering the questions. You should answer accurately on these questions because it will determine your match later. There are a few restrictions on what information you can share, including your full name, contact information, and names of your kids, if any.

You need to wait for the approval of your account before you can send any messages. The site has a feature where you can send likes to other members, but they are not using them often. Unlike other online dating websites, Connecting Singles has no live chat features. Instead, they are using the forum feature to discuss. However, sending messages to everyone is without restrictions, and it’s free.

Users Profile Quality

The user’s profile contains basic information about the member like age, religion, occupation, among others. You can also view the photos of the member on the profile. There is also a photo gallery where the photos of other members are posted. The profiles here are not detailed and spend more focus on the Q&A where the answers are in essay type.

Another feature of the profile page is the buttons to interact with the owner. You can find the Send Message, Like, Send Flower, and Contact Requirements button. The latter details the criteria enumerated by the owner that you need to meet before you can start messaging him or her.

Mobile Applications

ConnectingSingles.com Mobile Applications

Connecting Singles has a mobile application free for downloading, but it’s available for Android users only. So, Apple users may have to turn to their mobile browser to open the site. The app’s interface is user-friendly, and it’s similar to the browser and more convenient to use. You can scroll down to look for a particular feature. Only you have to scroll down to a long line of features.

On the other hand, loading the app may seem slow compared with other dating apps. For those who want to open the site while on the move, it is better to use the mobile-friendly version on the phone’s browser. In the end, the iPhones have nothing to be jealous of.

Alternatives and Similar Website Apps

There could be a lot of alternatives to Connecting Singles that offer free memberships. It includes the following:

  • Elite Singles
  • Ashley Madison
  • Positive Singles

Membership Price and Other Payment Method

ConnectingSingles.com Features

Becoming a full member at Connecting Singles is free as long as you follow the guidelines, provide the information needed, and wait till your profile is verified, which takes about 24 hours. Other than that, nothing else is needed. You will have full access to the features of the site and can contact anyone.

Free Membership Features

Since becoming a member at Connecting Singles is FREE. Here are the things you can do at the site without any monetary equivalent.

  • Answer the quizzes and puzzles
  • Recommend books to other members
  • Gain access to the TOP 10 Lists
  • Watch videos
  • Post an event
  • Create your “User Tag”
  • Create groups or join other groups
  • Review other profiles
  • Upload photos
  • Recommend movies
  • Send and receive messages
  • Listen to music
  • Play games
  • Create electronic cards
  • Read and publish poems and recipes
  • Participate in forums and answer poll
  • Post and read articles and blogs

Premium Membership Features

ConnectingSingles.com Premium Membership Features

There is no premium membership on this website and, therefore, no extra features that are not accessible to members. This is what makes the Connecting Singles website unique. Every member has the same access to its features.

Is ConnectingSingles.com Really Safe?

The team at ConnectingSingles.com has made sure that all communications on the site are secure. Given that this is a free site, we can be skeptical about its security. The reminder of not giving the full name and contact information during sign-up is the first layer of security on the site. The next layer is verification. All the profiles on the website are thoroughly checked, and any violation of the site will result in banning. You can also contribute to mutual safety by reporting any suspicious behavior within the community.


ConnectingSingles.com Conclusion

When it comes to equality among its members is true at ConnectingSingles.com. Since it’s free, all the members have equal access to all the features. It has many enjoyable features that can ease up the boredom and stay on the website. However, this is a double edge sword because it goes against the main goal of the website to help you find your partner.

The non-dating features have overwhelmed the site, and only two features can lead to a potential partner for the member. There is no complaint about the design and usability of the site. The layout is simple and easy to use. Even beginners can navigate intuitively.

The matching process is slow. It is successful in creating an online community, but it lacks the dating spirit. Since Connecting Singles is free and easy to log in, there are lots of scammers who are taking advantage of the lax in rules.

How to delete Connecting Singles Account?

Currently, there are two ways to delete your Connecting Singles account.

  1. Deleting account through the website:
  • Go to the site and log in to your account.
  • At the bottom of your account, click on the EDIT button.
  • You will be directed to the Edit page, under the MY ACCOUNT tab, click the Cancel button.
  • At the Cancel page, you will be asked for the reason why you are deleting the account.
  • Click on the CANCEL MEMBERSHIP as the final step.
  1. Deleting through the Contact Form
  • At the website’s homepage, go to the contact form. On the subject, select others.
  • A message box type will ask for your reason for deleting the account and click on CONTACT US to send the form.

The process of removing the account will take about 24 to 72 hours.

How to message someone on ConnectingSingles.com?

While your account is getting verified, you can send Likes to any of the members. There is no chat on this website. Instead, most conversations are in Forums. Members of Connecting Singles are more into socializing rather than using direct messaging.

How to see who likes you on ConnectiingSingles.com without paying?

There is no payment required on this website. All services are free, including the Profile Reviews feature. This feature allows you to see what others think of your profile. You can also see the people like you have exchanged with others.

How to block someone on ConnectingSingles.com?

To block a member on this website is easy. When they send you a mail or E-card, all you have to do is to click on the black button with the word BLOCK, which is found on the right sidebar. When they try to send you mail, they receive a message saying that they are blocked. They will no longer be able to send cards and emails. The blocked member can still see your profile, though.

How to cancel ConnectingSingles.com subscription?

There is no subscription in Connecting Singles as membership is free.

Contact Information

  • Company Name: Connecting Singles Inc.
  • Address: Unknown
  • Zip Code + City: Cork, Munster
  • Country: Ireland
  • Customer Support Email: Not Specified
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter: @connectingsingl
  • Blog
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