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Crossdresser Heaven Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

Crossdresser Heaven Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
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Pros and Cons

  • The registration process on the Crossdresser Heaven dating website is easy and fast.
  • There is no need to pay to access the forum.
  • The online service allows accessing the newsletters option free of charge.
  • It is relatively safe from scam profiles.
  • The Crossdresser Heaven support service is impressive.
  • The premium subscription prices are affordable.
  • It welcomes transgender people.
  • The dating platform is multi-functional thanks to its blog, forum, chat, shop, and useful tips section.
  • Verification requirements should be improved.
  • New members can find it hard to navigate the Crossdresser Heaven dating website.

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Nowadays, it is possible to find an excellent online dating service, no matter how unusual your purposes and requirements are. Even though there are traditional dating websites, you can also come across numerous platforms that cater to a specific type of people. Thus, there are online services for crossdressing users, and Crossdresser Heaven happens to be one of them. Let’s look at this dating platform a bit closer to find out what benefits wait for someone who decides to start a journey with it.

Expert’s Review of Crossdresser Heaven

The dating website was launched in 2014, and the developers have made it specifically to support the crossdressing community. Initially, Crossdresser Heaven was a typical dating platform, but it has improved its features over time. For example, it includes an online store for members these days. The significant thing is that the dating website has managed to become popular worldwide, so there are thousands of users from different parts of the world. Currently, there are more than two million members. Furthermore, Crossdresser Heaven has managed to create a safe environment for its customers to communicate.

At the same time, the online service supports only one language, which is English. That is why most members come from the United States and the United Kingdom.

You must be at least 18 years old to join Crossdresser Heaven, but the dating website is most popular among people who are from 26 to 30 years old. There are also no restrictions on its members’ race and ethnicity; consequently, anyone can get registered no matter what beliefs he or she holds.

Expert’s Review of Crossdresser Heaven

Website Design & Usability

After you sign up, you can get acquainted with new people and have some fun. The dating website’s design is simple and easy to use. You will also be able to easily connect and communicate with other Crossdresser Heaven members, which is an exciting experience. The more significant part of the modern dating platforms obtains the primary chat option to interact with the chosen individuals. It is also possible to send text messages to those who you would like to get to know.

If you notice someone interesting on the Crossdresser Heaven dating website, you can send flirty messages. Like most other platforms, this one obtains all the advanced connection features, such as voice and video chat. Thus, if you are eager to get to know someone better, you can use these features. It’s always pleasing to know what the person you’re communicating with looks like in a live video chat.

Overall, connecting with other Crossdresser Heaven users is extremely simple. In addition to that, you are free to use the search function and see who is online. If you like a member, you can just send a message and start conversing.

Special Features

Crossdresser Heaven happens to be a combination of a dating website, blog, and online store. Here are the most significant features of this online platform:

  • Search. This dating site applies a matching algorithm, which allows members to find new friends easily and quickly. In this case, the major matching features are sexual orientation and shared interests. It also pays additional attention to the physical preferences like the color of eyes, hair, skin tone, or age;
  • Crossdresser Heaven Store. It is where you can get crossdressing products, such as makeup kits, magazines, dresses, etc. The good news is that there are discounts on some items during the official holidays;
  • Articles. You can access many articles on the dating website that are related to crossdressing people’s lives. Moreover, some users write themselves, so you can get more insight into the online service thanks to the published articles;
  • Forum. On this forum, you can find a wide variety of topics. Hence, there are sections for relationships, health, finances, and work. It is possible to see all the topics posted on the Crossdresser Heaven website;
  • Groups. Every member can create a group and add others to it. Thanks to this, users can interact with each other by creating smaller social circles.
Special Features

How Does Crossdresser Heaven Work?

Before you get registered, you should know that members of this community are looking for serious relationships. In fact, Crossdresser Heaven is an online service designed to help members find someone they could marry in the future. Consequently, this dating platform is not for you if you are seeking casual dating and hookups.

At the same time, the online service provides its customers with a safe and friendly environment to get acquainted with new people. The thing is that you can be sure that you are going to interact with like-minded individuals from different parts of the world. Moreover, Crossdresser Heaven is relatively easy to access and obtains everything you may want in a dating website. Even more.

Sign up Process

To use this dating platform, you need to go through the registration process, which is simple and straightforward. Thus, it will take you around 15 minutes to become a new member of the community. First, you will visit the Crossdresser Heaven sign-in page. The online dating service requires some personal information, like marital status, name, who you want to meet, and more.

You should also be ready to specify your gender identification and the sex of the person you would like to meet. As soon as you submit all the required data, you will have to provide a valid email address along with a security password. It is also necessary to create a unique username for Crossdresser Heaven, which should be individual, interesting, and fun. It is a good idea to use descriptive words so that others could have some idea what kind of person you are. Specifying your location and age is also necessary. Mind that providing your precise location’s not needed, as only your Country and City would be enough.

As mentioned before, the signup process is straightforward and easy. And you can start using the online service when you finish it.

Users Profiles Quality

As mentioned above, Crossdresser Heaven is an online service for someone who is looking for long-term relationships and even marriage. Consequently, you will have to provide some personal information. Even though the process may seem to be lengthy, it is crucial to submit the details. The thing is that the more data you add, the higher the chances of meeting your perfect match. Anyway, it’s not that deep and long as it would’ve been with a three-step verification process that is really popular on dating services nowadays.

You will also have to answer some questions to complete your Crossdresser Heaven profile. The objective of this is to provide the online service’s algorithm with all the important information so that it could offer you the best potential partners possible. Moreover, when people see that you have a complete profile, they will trust you more and understand that your intentions are serious. Since there are so many requirements for getting registered, most profiles on the Crossdresser Heaven dating website are rather informative and detailed.

Users Profiles Quality

Mobile Application

This dating website’s significant advantage is that there is a mobile application available for iOS and Android. Thanks to this app, you can get an exciting experience. The Crossdresser Heaven application makes communicating with other members more convenient. Overall, it is well-organized and includes all the features you can use on the website’s desktop version. However, some people do not want to download anything, and they can access the service via their mobile browser. In this case, a decent mobile version of the website is at your service.

Crossdresser Heaven Alternatives, Similar Websites & Apps

There are many dating websites these days, so you may want to figure out whether there are good platforms for crossdressing people. Even though Crossdresser Heaven is great, indeed, you should know that you may access the following alternatives:

  1. Mytranssexualdate.com. This online service caters to transgender people and those who appreciate them. The good news is that transgender women are allowed to use the dating platform free of charge. Hence, you need to pay for a premium subscription to send messages if you are a male member. The significant advantage is that all the videos and photos added to profiles go through a strict validation process. However, there is no mobile application, which is a drawback.
  2. Tsdates.com. This dating website caters to transvestites, transgenders, transsexuals, etc. At the same time, it welcomes straight women and men, groups, and couples. Just like Crossdresser Heaven, the online service obtains a lot of special features, but you have to purchase a premium subscription to access them. It implies that the messaging feature is not available to standard users too. The dating website does not provide its users with a mobile application, but there is a decent mobile version of the website.
  3. Transgenderdate.com. The great part about this dating website is that members can access video and audio live chat. Another benefit of this platform is that verified customers are allowed to use it free of charge. Every member can add up to five hundred pictures to the profile. It is also possible to create your blog here. The only disadvantage is a bit outdated design, but it does not seem to be a big problem.
Crossdresser Heaven Alternatives, Similar Websites & Apps

Membership Price and Payment Method

Crossdresser Heaven happens to be a popular online dating service with members in many countries around the world. Just like many other dating websites, this one has some features available to free members. However, they have to pay for a premium subscription to use all the functions and features. In this case, they will get most of this online service. Nothing is surprising about it because most dating websites do the same. Consequently, it is essential to figure out what you can expect from both the free and paid membership before going through the registration process. Remember that some features may be changed or added in the future, so pay attention to get along with the latest updates.

Free Membership Features

If you are a free user on the Crossdresser Heaven dating website, you can do the following:

  • You can get registered and create a profile;
  • You can view the directory of users;
  • You can see others` profiles;
  • You will have access to the groups;
  • You can see what activities are taking place on the dating website;
  • You can send and get private messages;
  • You can upload pictures and videos to your Crossdresser Heaven profile.
Free Membership Features

Premium Membership Features

As mentioned before, there are premium subscription plans, and they are Baroness, Duchess, and Princess membership plans.

Baroness membership plan, which costs 150 dollars per year. The additional features that it brings are:

  • You can access forums and private social networks;
  • You can communicate with other Crossdresser Heaven members in the public chat room;
  • You can add up to 100 pictures for private and public albums, each;
  • You can not only join the groups but create your own as well.

Duchess premium subscription costs 250 dollars per year, and the additional features are:

  • You are free to upload up to one thousand pictures for private and public albums, each;
  • You can chat with other members privately in real-time;
  • You can share your pictures in the chat.

The price for the Princess premium plan is 400 dollars per year, and it will let you do the following:

  • You can upload around ten thousand pictures for private and public albums, each.
Premium Membership Features

Is Crossdresser Heaven Really Safe?

Safety is essential for online dating services, so you need to check how safe a website is before you get registered. The Crossdresser Heaven dating platform obtains a safety page, where users can look through safety tips.

If you notice someone who behaves in an abusive or suspicious way, you can always contact the online service’s administration. The thing is that the help page is dedicated to reporting any suspicious activity or user. It is also crucial to remember that you should never share your personal or financial data with other Crossdresser Heaven members, especially if you have just started interacting with them.


This online dating service is one of the best ones on the market; consequently, it has numerous members worldwide. The great part about it is that it creates a safe and friendly environment where transgender people can get acquainted and communicate. Most Crossdresser Heaven members want serious relationships, so you should mind it before you sign up.

It is not hard to access the dating website, and there is a mobile application for Android and iOS users. Thanks to this, it is not difficult to navigate the online service and get to know numerous like-minded people. The interface of the Crossdresser Heaven dating website is well-organized. Consequently, members do not usually face any difficulties when using it.

The profiles that you can see on the dating platform are detailed. They are informative, thanks to the requirements associated with the registration process. Another benefit is that the online service uses the submitted information to choose the best matches for every member. Overall, Crossdresser Heaven is a worthy dating website that everyone can utilize to get acquainted with the right people.


How to Delete Crossdresser Heaven Account?

It is not possible to delete a profile on the Crossdresser Heaven dating website. According to some reviews, though, if you keep ignoring your account for a long period, the online service will automatically delete it.

How to Message Someone on Crossdresser Heaven?

When you have searched for potential matches and found someone you like, you need to click on the “Message Now” option. In this case, you will see the text box, and it is where you can type your text. As soon as your message is finished, you can send it. The Crossdresser Heaven dating service allows sending offline messages free of charge. At the same time, premium users can access an instant messaging service.

How to See Who Likes You on Crossdresser Heaven Without Paying?

The good news is that you can see who likes you on the dating website, even if you are not a premium member. Still, you should remember that standard Crossdresser Heaven users have rather limited access to the communication features.

How to Block Someone on Crossdresser Heaven?

In the case of abusive or suspicious behavior, you can block such members. For this purpose, you need to click on the person’s profile. The next step is to find the “Block User” option. It is possible to report a suspicious Crossdresser Heaven profile by sending the individual’s username and profile information to the complaint’s support center.

How to Cancel Crossdresser Heaven Subscription?

If you do not want to use a Crossdresser Heaven subscription plan, you can cancel it. In this case, you will have to send a message to the online service’s support. It is also possible to cancel any further subscriptions performed via PayPal account.

Contact Information

Contact Information

  • Company Name: Crossdresser Heaven
  • Address: 10 NW 12th Ave
  • Zip Code + City: Portland, Oregon, 97209
  • Country: United States
  • Customer Support Email: https://www.crossdresserheaven.com/contact/
  • Facebook @crossdresserheaven
  • Twitter @vanessalaw
  • Blog
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