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DownDating Review 2021 — Perfect or Scam?

DownDating Review 2021 — Perfect or Scam?
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Pros and Cons

  • There is an interesting concept behind the DownDating work;
  • Registration using Facebook is possible;
  • The app is free to install on iOS or Android;
  • Popular worldwide;
  • User-friendliness of the DownDating design.
  • An app offers seven days of the free trial period;
  • Easy account creation process;
  • The best functions are not free;
  • The membership price is above the average;
  • Technical failures appear.

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DownDating is a bold dating app that, in theory, facilitates contact between friends who would like to know each other closer and try out romantic communication. The idea is simple: you mark your Facebook friends with whom you would like to have sex, and they will know who labeled them as hot only after downloading DownDating and registering on the app. Then, if they choose to accept your invitation to flirt a bit, you get a match and can move onto another level of conversations straight inside the service. Everything depends on you both from that moment.

Many Internet users protested against DownDating when it initially appeared in 2013, saying that it was an attack on morals and relationships culture. Since then, many waves of sexual revolution transformed the traditions of casual dating. No one gets surprised at such a concept of finding a hookup even if DownDating still generates controversy. Such an unusual idea behind the app’s work attracts public attention and enables this dating service to stay fashionable.

Expert’s Review of DownDating


The original name of the DownDating app was “Bang With Friends.” Omri Mor and Colin Hodge, co-founders of the app’s company and developers, faced a few accusations from Apple in 2013, and it forced them to change the name and do a rebranding. The main idea behind the dating service remained unchanged; however, it was unavailable in the App Store for some time after the scandal because they have removed it. Today, you can freely download the app on iOS.

DownDating is not the only dating service with an adult inclination which focuses on quick hookups. However, there is something about it that causes heated discussions and misunderstandings. With over 100 thousand downloads on Android and almost seven-million users worldwide, the dating app proves that it deserves its place under the sun.

Website Design & Usability

Not only the name, but the interface has been changing over the years. The present name of DownDating could have originated from the idea of being “Down to Bang” or, in general, the saying “I’m Down” when you agree to something. The app’s main feature is to invite people you know from your Facebook friends to have sex, and they should confirm or reject your proposition.

The design is clean and pushes people to do what they fear — reach out to other users and be open about their intentions. The primary color of the brand’s interface is red, which eliminates sexiness and creates a unique atmosphere. Every function inside DownDating is well thought-through. For example, when you exit the app, it saves and synchronizes your data. You can continue scrolling from the moment where you stopped as you open the app again.

The overall look of DownDating reminds the popular dating apps like Tinder or Hater and attracts the attention of users. There are no ads that would distract users from browsing or pop up covering the vital information. It’s the only drawback is that the system does not display a potential partner’s profile picture on the full screen. You see the person’s image in a small circle. On DownDating, there aren’t lengthy questionnaires during the registration or obligation to state the bio’s many details. Photo is the primary source of information, and it’s a pity sometimes users cannot correctly see it.

Special Features

DownDating Special Features

The idea of DownDating is ingenious in its simplicity: to help everyone who wants to establish non-binding intimate ties with the representatives of their closet environment, namely with their “friends” on Facebook. This lack of traditional discreteness dictates the character of the app’s features while the conversation and matching algorithms stay safe and provide extended anonymity settings.

The main communication option is chatting, but to open a conversation, you should get a match with a person or have a paid subscription to reach out to all users. When you open a profile of any DownDating user, you have two swiping options: “Up for Hang” and “Down to Bang.” This algorithm reminds a lot of Tinder; however, you should swipe vertically and not horizontally on this dating app.

DownDating provides you with the search section to take a look at users within easy reach. You get to see ten profiles of people located near you with a free membership. Swipes are also available in the number of 10 per day free of charge. But even these essential features are enough to receive a few matches per week and communicate with several people at the same time. The audience of DownDating is considerably big, and you will probably reach your goals by using the free versions of the features.

How Does DownDating Work?

DownDating Work

Its straightforwardness helps people overcome the fear of approaching someone they have been secretly stalking for long. It is hard for many to hear the rejection, so DownDating enables you to eliminate these negative feelings. Because of the fear of publicly failing, the overwhelming majority of people prefer to refrain from dating. But casual dating culture is all about suggesting people bang and celebrate small victories if they agree.

Sign up Process

To create the account, you should install the app and connect the profile to your Facebook account. You cannot register on DownDating without using Facebook. Choose the valid profile on this social network to proceed. It should preferably be a trusted account with many friends so that the matching is valid. Then you will receive a long list of photos of your friends of the opposite sex (according to the default setting because you can change your orientation parameters later), and you should tick those you would like to have sex with.

On DownDating, you do not have to fill in a bio description. All the details that other members will see about you are photos, age, name, and location. You should upload pictures from your Instagram or Facebook. For this reason, the user feed looks so stunning and well-arranged. Of course, people only choose the best photos for social media, and synchronizing them with DownDating is a plus. You can hide your photo album from the general public. But remember that the other users will only see a small preview of your profile picture then. Some of them may not find this information enough to tick you as a potential candidate.

During the registration, users do not have to state any personal details or give an accurate description of their interests, professional, or academic background. The app takes the majority of these paragraphs from linking the account to Facebook. You can later edit your profile or hide the information if you wish. In this case, other members of DownDating will select you based on the photo only.

Users Profiles Quality

DownDating Quality

DownDating allows you to meet people for fun but also to make friends near you. It provides constant communication with people who register on the platform with a similar goal — finding a new partner for the night or experiencing sexual adventures with those from their contacts. People can make appointments immediately inside the app if they wish to proceed from theory to practice.

The great advantage of this application is the quality of its member base. Every profile contains the main profile photo, a few additional pictures, and a few essential description details (age, location, name). No tags are telling about the person’s interests. Everything is straightforward and intends to make you meet in real life as soon as possible. On DownDating, you can contact an incredible number of people who are aware of each other’s intentions, so they do not hide behind the masks. You should be ready for crazy offers and a lot of provocative content in the feed because it is precisely for adult dating.

Mobile Application

DownDating Application

A mobile application intends to help people find sex partners among Facebook contacts. DownDating is available on Android and iOS for free. After installing the app, you can agree for a 7-day trial period, the functionality of which depends on the type of subscription. After the free period ends, you can switch off the membership, or the app will automatically bill the first payment.

This link application works on the base of your Facebook account. When you create a profile, you agree to give access to your friend list and the primary personal details. This synchronization allows DownDating to make up your feed containing the names of people you know through the social network. After a user enters the app, they must tick the people they find hot. The functionality of the app is straightforward and serves the primary goal of DownDating — casual meetings.

After 2013, DownDating disappeared from the App store. Then the scandal faded, and the renewed application became available for iPhone. Today users of any mobile platform can download the app on their device. Although its name has once changed, the visual aspects did not. The operation of the service has remained the same since the beginning. The application is useful for hookups on the go. There is a small menu inside, and you can learn how to use it in seconds.

DownDating Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

DownDating Websites & Apps

On DownDating, the conversation with a member who suits you start quickly. There is no time and need for lengthy introductions on this service. Profiles are precise, and above all, the information is easily readable on the profile pages. Not many dating apps can provide the same quality with the simplicity of functions and understandable concept.

The majority of contacts on DownDating happen within a few minutes or a few hours in the discreet chat available for people who got a match. An alternative service which offers its user the anonymity and safety of communication is Secret Dating. This useful application opens the door to many meetings, sexual experiments, and everyday adventures.

FriendFinder is an ultimate dating device to find an evening adventure or a long-term friendship at the end of the street without constraint. Despite its name, the app makes all kinds of pretty open and intimate connections possible. It is up to you to seek a serious relationship or another wild romance on FriendFinder. Navigation is simple, and responses from other members are almost instantaneous.

Membership Price and Payment Method

DownDating Price

DownDating presents the users with a review of their contacts, where the person may freely indicate which of them they would sleep with. The key is that if these contacts use the app and they also marked the user as hot, this will be a match. The app then sends both people a notification to let them know about the mutual sympathy. It is up to these users to decide what to do next. At least they get a possibility to chat on the app. All of these steps are free. When you pay, you get advanced features. The price of a Premium Membership is $ 20 per month. The costs for other functions are next:

  • A one-time profile boost costs $ 3 per 24 hours;
  • Extending the number of profile swipes $ 2 per 24 hours.

The price also varies if you purchase the subscription after the 7-day trial period:

  • Three months of a Premium Membership per $ 48 (if you buy three months in a row after the trial period ends);
  • Two months of a Premium Membership per $ 30;
  • One month of a Premium Membership is available per $ 20.

Free Membership Features

Dating has never been as relaxed and casual. Using DownDating, you will access the next features for free:

  • Account creation;
  • Add-free using of the app;
  • Installing the DownDating app on any platform;
  • Swiping ten profiles per day;
  • Seeing up to ten people in your area;
  • Editing necessary member information;
  • Chatting is free in case of a match.

Premium Membership Features

DownDating Membership Features

Although the free features are enough to find like-minded people and enjoy dating, you may want to receive more functions. Paid users can:

  • “Supercharge” their accounts;
  • Boost the profile ranking;
  • Receive responses without waiting;
  • Access an unlimited number of swipes and matches;
  • Seeing who has marked them “hot” even without a match;
  • Hide their profile from any Facebook friends who may download the app;
  • Use a “Compass” feature, which allows them to seek users globally.

Is DownDating Really Safe?

DownDating Really Safe

DownDating ensures an average level of anonymity for a dating application. When you install the app, you get to see all your Facebook friends who have it, unless they purchased the Premium Subscription and hid their activity. There is no photo or identity verification present at the registration.

All users can automatically assess the distance between them and their interlocutors at any time during the conversation. This service allows you to have the perfect assurance of maintaining discretion if you decide to change your mind about a possible physical encounter. DownDating allows its users to meet unexpected people and keep a natural dynamic in future relationships despite everything. You will be able to experience moments of high emotions and spontaneous sexual adventures.

The chatting and matching (up to the moment of your name’s reveal) are anonymous and safe. The automatic system encodes messages using an SSL connection, and you can be sure about the data protection on this app.


DownDating Really Conclusion

The DownDating application is one of the most interesting on the market. Its concept remained stable, but the interface and the name went through the series of upgrades. These changes do not come as a surprise for an app with seven years of its history. This service is useful for all curious people who also pay attention to privacy. The new Facebook search engine provides many advanced tools and helps DownDating synchronize your accounts and reach out to them with an intimate suggestion safely. At the moment, DownDating is available entirely for free on the App Store and the Android platform.

The information below explains how to delete the DownDating account or subscription and gives more details about the service’s essential features. You can find out more about the app’s functionality on their webpage or from the App Store or Play Market reviews.

How to Delete DownDating Account?

Click on your profile photo inside the app. You will open the settings section. Tap on the “Delete account” button.

How to Message Someone on DownDating?

This feature is free and unlimited for all users in case of a match. As soon as your interest in another user coincides with their sympathy to you, the chat opens, and you can exchange messages without restrictions.

How to See Who Likes You on DownDating Without Paying?

There isn’t an opportunity to do this free of charge regularly. Only paid members can see who liked them before they are matched with these users. However, you can enjoy the full set of DownDating functions for free during the trial period. If you first enroll for the trial version and then cancel it without purchasing a Premium Subscription, you will be able to see who liked you without paying.

How to Block Someone on DownDating?

Tap the profile icon of your interlocutor in the conversation and choose the “Block” button. In case you notice any violations, like an inappropriate photo or offending content, during the browsing, you can report the user from your feed at any moment.

How to Cancel DownDating Subscription?

Go to the setting of the application store you use on your device and check the payment details. There you will see subscriptions available on all the services. Find the DownDating icon and tap the “Cancel Subscription” button.

Contact Information

  • Company Name: Down, Inc
  • Address: 2212 Queen Anne Ave N 710
  • Zip Code + City: Seattle, Washington 98109
  • Country: United States
  • Customer Support Email: nadav@downapp.com
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • DownDating Blog
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