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E-Chat Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

E-Chat Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
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Pros and Cons

  • Most of its members are active. Thus, replies, do not take much time. The process of joining the platform is easy. The platform hosts numerous chat rooms from which you can select your favorite.
  • Any member can develop a chat room.
  • It is free for every user. You can know who is online in real-time.
  • The platform lacks a mobile app for mobile users. The site is not actively maintained.

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E-Chat is a dating platform that is popular among young adults. However, despite its massive fame, there is much that surrounds it. But frankly, the platform is a genuine chat service provider. A lot of people love its minimalistic layout. Though, one may not get much info about the site elsewhere other than this review. There are not many details known about the operators. Though, thousands of individuals still utilize it bearing in mind that there might be no upgrades. E-Chat is always an excellent platform to join.

Expert’s Review of E-Chat

E-Chat Review

E-Chat entered the dating industry many years ago. Thousands of members joined the site. And it became a great site where people could chat and have fun for free. Sexual orientation is not a key consideration on this site. You can find the partner you intend to get right here. Most of the members in E-Chat are above 18 years. Anyone could find a partner or lover despite their race or even ethnicity. So, do not be left out of this race for excellent partners.

Website Design & Usability

  • The navigation on this platform is seamless. This could be the impact of a clean layout and the responsiveness of the app on various devices. At the bottom of the homepage, all the critical functions of the site are centered there.
  • The design of E-chat is not as perfect as most people expect it to be.

To be honest, the layout of the site may seem clean. However, it is not up to the standards. It still holds the old-fashioned charms due to its design, which is typically simplistic. Seemingly, the platform does not receive system, layout, and feature upgrades more often. You would even think that the platform was abandoned. The fonts on the site are visible though not so trendy. The background of the website is solid white. But the site is easy to browse across it. Those that use mobile phones to navigate can attest to its responsiveness.

Special Features

E-Chat Features

Embeddable E-Chat chat-box

On E-Chat, you can add a chatroom to your website. This chat-box acts like an embeddable chat window. The chat-box is usually connected to the primary system. Here, you are permitted to develop a chat room. Various elements can be utilized to configure the chat-box. For example, you can organize it in terms of height, the color of the background, width, text color, type of chat-box, and user position. Some of the most popular chatrooms on E-chat are; Just Chat, BDSM, Just Sex, Depression Room, Just Teens, Cum-Rum, among many others. You will find out that most of these chat rooms have significant membership, and you can become a participant of any that you deem right for you.

How does E-Chat work?

E-Chat work

Joining the platform is free. There are private messages that you can send to anyone you wish in your chatroom. Those members that are online are usually shown. One thing that makes E-Chat an excellent spot is its active members. It has many chat rooms, and you may join any. The widely known chat rooms, as stated in a previous example, attract a high number of users. However, it depends on your beliefs on particular topics such as lesbianism, stress, depression, teen sex, etc. Once you become a member of E-Chat, you can join a chatroom of your choice. Also, there is no limit as to how many chat rooms you should join. When you enter a chatroom, you can message any participant. Indeed, you can find your preferred partner you intend to find right in those chat rooms. It is right to point out that 90 percent of talks in the private chat room messages are viable. Most importantly, the conversations are active. If you happen to come across a good member who poses a pleasant conversation, you can always reread the messages since it won’t be deleted.

See, now that you want to acquaint yourself successfully with the new community, feel free to reach out to other members. It is also good to take part in group talks. Remember, immediately you join one of the chatrooms, other members will find out about your availability since it will show online status. Then, they will start by sending you private texts. Do not be afraid or hesitate to reach back. Be part of the group’s conversation, and if anyone reaches out to you, make sure you give a revert as soon as you see the message.

More on the chat rooms

As stated earlier, chat rooms are the main elements of E-Chat. But do you know what chat rooms are? Well, the chat rooms are simply groups with specific topics to discuss or talk about. This aspect sets part E-Chat from the other messengers. All issues are ranging from LGBTQ to sports. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that you should not pay any dime to become a participant. Your decision to join the chat rooms will be guided by the topic you desire to talk about.

But if it happens that none of the chatrooms caters for your interests, develop yours. The process of developing one of your interests is quite straightforward. You will, however, have to invite others to join. So, do not just develop a chat room about Gays and think that they will trickle every minute until the chat room has thousands of members. It is simple to let others know about it via invitations. You are only required to invite them through a link. They will use that link to join your developed chatroom. Besides, you will be in charge of the entire chatroom. This connotes that you can make any necessary tweaks to it. Also, you can manage the members, ban some or even get rid of any messages that violate the chatroom rules.

Sign Up Process

E-Chat Sign Up

The process of registering on E-Chat is quite easy for everyone. You see, other sites will demand information such as credit card details, email address, age, height, and additional personal information. But this site is different. You do not need all those details. You just need to be creative and find a good username. After that, you can develop a strong password for your account and retype it to confirm.

It is that easy. Now, you have an account that you can utilize to chat or even join the chatroom. However, the process that does not require much information raises a few concerns. See, anyone can become a member of the platform since no form of scrutiny is employed here. Thus, security may be a concern. Just be keen as you exchange any personal details. This connotes that there could be scammers on this platform. However, it is advisable to reach safety and security tips from the web on how to make good use of chat rooms.

Users Profiles Quality

E-Chat Profiles Quality

As stated above, the site does not require a lot of information when a new user is joining. Seemingly, a lot of accounts on this platform lack a good profile picture. Some will even have emoji pictures, cartoons, or even pets. However, yours should be unique. Remember, you can have your account with a good photo. Make an effort to have a good picture in your account. It makes it easy for fellow users to get a glimpse of the individual they have been conversing with. See, don’t give them the impression that they could be chatting with bots.

Mobile Application

No App for mobile users. A mobile browser can be suitable to navigate the platform. The mobile version is not as good as you may expect. It is sad to say that E-Chat lacks a mobile app. This could be a put off to those that love using mobile apps. However, this is not the end of the road. Better still, you can make use of the mobile version with the help of your favorite phone browser. It may not perform well, but it is a good alternative. Though there are many sites like E-Chat with both web version and mobile apps, you can always love the chat rooms offered here. It is one of the essential elements that you cannot forego just because the site does not have a mobile application.

E-Chat Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

E-Chat Websites & Apps
  • ChatCrypt
    ChatCrypt is yet another excellent site dedicated to developing encrypted chat rooms. Using these chat rooms, you can actively take part in chats with dear ones. On this site, group-based chat rooms with a particular topic can also be developed. This site operates in a significant way. See, you just develop a chat room for a specific topic. Once you are through with the creation, they will provide a username and a strong password. You can then share the login credentials with family or even friends. They are all expected to make use of the provided log details to enter the chat rooms. The level of security employed in this platform is the military level. This tight security is offered, especially during the chats. This connotes that no one, who does not have the login credentials, can access the chat room. So, all your messages in that particular chat room will be safe, and only members can read them.
  • Bit Chat
    The Bit Chat is another instant messenger providing top security. I actually, it is one of the top P2P sites. It guarantees an end to end encryption for discreteness. Those that have used it say that it is a great platform that is backed by a top security system. When it comes to security matters, Bit Chat scoops the highest rank for its guaranteed end to end encryption. It has really achieved the main objective of an instant messenger, which is to offer ultimate safety and security to its users.
  • Chat Step
    You will most likely admit that they need to strike a conversation with fellow humans that shall never come to an end. The rise of online messaging platforms has facilitated communication between people from various locations. The internet has really played a significant role in the growth of such platforms. And a lot of people love the sites. Thanks to companies that have established great chat sites such as Step Chats. At the chat step, you can chat as a group or just as individuals. Chat Step makes it for anyone to be a member of a chat group. If you are not okay with the existing groups, you are free to create one that sounds great to you. In the chat groups, you can exchange messages with other members. This site does not even demand that you create an account with full details. As long as you can open the first page of their website, you are free to start a conversation. Make some invitations, and you will have more members join the chat group you just created.
  • Kandan
    Kandan is an excellent platform that is open-source and highly secured for conversing with beloved people. The platform will not ask for the installation of extra plugins. It is a safe platform. It is fast, and its communication is stable throughout. Thus, anyone who wishes to join the site should not have any worries about its safety and security. All web browsers can navigate the site. This connotes that you can utilize any browser that you like. Just develop a profile and start using it. All your friends can join you on Kandan and make the conversations fun and very thrilling.

Membership Price and Payment Method

E-Chat Price and Payment Method

Many individuals know of dating sites that you must splash hundreds of bucks to be allowed to use. E-Chat works contrary to such platforms. Here, you do not need to pay anything. The site provides wonderful chat rooms free. Thus, never be afraid simply because you do not have bucks to pay.

Free Membership Features

As stated above, the site is free to every user. And the only great feature is the chat rooms. You can join the existing ones, or you may develop your own and invite others.

Premium Membership Features

There are free chat rooms in E-Chat. So, there are no premium features in this platform. So, whenever you think of joining, do so without hesitation. The platform is impressive, and chat rooms are active and fun.

Is E-Chat Really Safe?

E-Chat Safe

Yes, the site is somehow safe. However, you may need to be vigilant, especially when exchanging messages with different members. Watch over what you tell every member you chat with. Make sure you employ safety tips.


E-Chat Conclusion

This review remains one of the genuine ones about it. E-chat is still a promising website that always attracts thousands of people from various parts of the world. In a few years to come, the site would have earned an excellent reputation and more members. However, the site offers fantastic chat rooms. The design may be a bit of a put-off, but it still works perfectly. Though, there could be no planned upgrades on the site. Anyone can still use it to enjoy the chat rooms.

It is right to point out that most of the site’s users are satisfied with its offers. Remember, you pay nothing to use the site. A question about its source of income may ring in your head. However, the operators know well how they go about the earnings. Perhaps, they might be taking advantage of advertisers. Do not bother about that anyway. The only thing you should be thinking about is how to join the site and enjoy the active chat rooms offered in E-chat. Make an effort to have a good profile picture that others can view. They also want to know your looks. You may get someone great to date.

E-Chat FAQs

How to delete an E-Chat account?

You cannot delete your account. See, there exists zero options or buttons dedicated to deleting a user’s account. In this platform, you can just log in and out.

How to message someone on E-Chat?

Joining the various chat rooms is one of the ways to access the rest of the community for a chat. While in such chat rooms, you can send private messages to its members. The messages are free. You will see as many messages as you intend to fellow members in the chat room.

How to see who likes you on E-Chat without paying?

There is no way you can see the person you like. However, those that are impressed by you will send you a private message to let you know. If you wish, you can organize a date.

How to block someone on E-Chat?

No, the platform lacks an element that can allow you to block someone. However, the owners of the chat rooms have the mandate to manage them. They can invite you or ban you from using the chat room.

How to cancel E-Chat subscription?

The site is offered for free. So, there is no subscription to terminate.

Contact Information

  • Company Name: E-Chat
  • Address: n/a
  • Zip Code + City: n/a
  • Country: Russia
  • Customer Support Email: e-chat.chat.online@gmail.com
  • Facebook: E-Chat
  • Twitter : @echatonline
  • Blog ww.e-chat.co
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