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FCN Chat Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

FCN Chat Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
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Pros and Cons

  • The chat is available for different purposes. Meet someone special to start serious relationships, or join adult live chats to have fun.
  • The registration process includes just several steps; hence, users need to spend about a minute to join the community.
  • Diverse messaging options are available for registered members.
  • The website is entirely straightforward; hence, users keep all features at their fingertips.
  • Members get free access to multiple features.
  • The team moderates profiles strictly. When there noticed the smallest violation, a user's account is banned immediately.
  • There are some countries not available to join the platform. Furthermore, the system blocks users who try to complete the registration via VPN apps.

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Expert’s Review of FCN Chat

Such a platform was launched in the late 90-s, while its title is the abbreviation from ‘Free Chat Now.’ Since launching, the service’s popularity has been gradually increasing. For instance, the current number of registered members exceeds 1 million, while the average number of monthly visits is more than 3 million. A user spends approximately 23 minutes on the FCN Chat, browsing six pages or more.

The platform has no restrictions concerned with sexual orientation, ethnicity, or other reasons. All people are welcome to join the service globally. As for the geographical distribution, the following countries are leading by the number of registered subscribers: the USA (46.12%), the UK (15.36%), India (7.02%), Canada (6.59%), Germany (3.11%). Meanwhile, some countries are blocked because of too many scam accounts. Such a measure doesn’t allow legitimate users to join the community.

While referring to the age range, dating chatrooms are accessible for people who are over 18, while adult chats can be joined by members of 25+. Such restrictions are necessary to meet the legislative requirements. Men outnumber the chat, while the platform’s target audience comprises male representatives from 35 to 55 years. As for female members, they represent mostly the age range from 25 to 45 years.

Expert's Review of FCN Chat

Website Design & Usability

The FCN chat website looks too simple. White, blue, and orange are dominating colors. All features are at fingertips; therefore, such a website is considered a time-saving platform. The upper menu line contains the following features:

  • Settings. Set up the necessary settings of your account.
  • hats. Switch chats among the available chatrooms.
  • Messages. View inbox messages and type new ones.
  • FAQs. Look through the frequently asked questions while having some problems with the service.

Note that the FCN Chat is available in English now, but members are free to select the preferred language for tete-a-tete communication. The platform is understood as a rather user-friendly one. Furthermore, a person may set up customized settings like fonts and colors. Both basic and extended colors are available for dialogues.

Special Features

The service is rich in diverse features. Foremost, there are numerous chatrooms. Members are free to select sex chat, adult chat, role-play chat, and many other chatrooms that correspond to his or her interests and purposes. A member is free to open several chats simultaneously. Just switch them to keep an eye on new messages.

Members are free to create a new conversation and invite users to participate. Specify participants with a comma, inscribe a conversation title, and write down a short description of a new topic. Registered users are available to attach emoji, photos, and videos within their messages to express emotions better. Subscribers may post their messages on a user’s wall to catch the attention.

The website helps FCN Chat users to get a user-friendly platform where no limits exist. Share the hottest opinions and content. Meet like-minded people and use the diversity of features to make your communication as vivid as possible. Unregistered users get access to forums, but cannot respond to the posted messages.

Special features

How does FCN Chat Work?

The platform working mechanism is entirely straightforward. A user opens an account and picks up one or several chatrooms that correspond to personal goals and sexual preferences. Click on the ‘Chatrooms’ icon to see the full list of available chatrooms and the number of online participants. Join any chatroom in one click. Type your messages, share opinions, and invite members to private chats. As for private chats, audio and video communicative features are accessible. Apart from chats, there are forums, and members are accessible to join the conversations. Forums are conveniently sorted by topics to save a person’s time.

Start your own communications on FCN Chat, available for either all users or selected persons. Customize your settings to make the service user-friendly in the smallest details. Get instant access to all available features, as the platform has an extremely convenient and understandable interface.

Apart from traditional communicating services, forums, and chatrooms, the platform contains a blog with useful information. For instance, do you know what to do on Valentine’s Day if you are alone? Or how to understand which chat rooms match your interests the best? The blog contains a wide range of useful tips effective for both online and real dates.

Sign Up Process

Members are invited to open an FCN Chat account for free. The following simple steps are required to complete the registration:

  1. Get on the official website and press on the ‘Sign Up’ button.
  2. Inscribe your screenname created intentionally for this website. The system requires no real names.
  3. Enter your valid email address.
  4. Create and confirm a password.
  5. Specify your gender (male, female, or unspecified).
  6. Select your date of birth and note such information is not available to be changed after the registration is completed.
  7. Verify you are not a robot.
  8. Tick the box to agree with terms and rules.
  9. Sign Up to get an account.

The system sends a confirmation link to the given email address. Persons need to confirm their registration first; otherwise, they are not granted access to the service. Note there are no options to sign up with the help of social networks.

Sign Up Process

Users Profiles Quality

All users are free to choose their profiles’ avatars. No real photos are required, as the platform keeps members anonymous, but persons are free to upload their photos if they wish. Accounts do not contain much information. The following fields are available:

  • Status message. Insert a creative status to catch other members’ attention. The status is expected to reflect your interests and views, and show others what kind of a person you are (the status message is limited by 140 characters).
  • Specify your location.
  • Select the occupation.
  • Inscribe your home page.
  • Describe yourself. Write down an introductory text to tell as much about yourself as possible. Such an introduction is useful to understand whether you have mutual interest and views with a person or not.

Note that the FCN Chat service makes it possible to change personal information any time you wish. Your age is the only field inaccessible to be changed. Persons are available to insert their contact information like Skype, Facebook, Twitter, and other profile addresses. A user’s profile displays statistics of inbox messages, views, etc.

Mobile Application

The platform developers strive to make the service genuinely user-friendly; hence, there launched mobile applications for on-the-go users. Meanwhile, at present, there is an application available for Android devices only. The app requires at least the 5.0 version of the system and 27 MB of free storage space. On-the-go users get the same functionality, as the web version provides.

Foremost, users may open the service from their web browsers. The developers adopted FCN Chat to mobile devices to empower registered members with maximal comfort.

FCN Chat Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

The majority of dating services provide users with other functionality. Those platforms aim to unite single users, while conversations are added as a specific feature. There are a few services arranged as a messenger, while the FCN Chat has no competitors at all, being among the top-rated platforms. Millions of users prove the information, and the community is step-by-step increasing.

Such a platform is among the top-300 most visited dating websites globally. Furthermore, this chatting website enters the top-10000 most visited US web services. That means, at present, there are no significant competitors to the platform under review.

FCN Chat Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

Membership Price and Payment Method

On the one hand, the FCN Chat is regarded as an entirely free platform, as its abbreviation says (Free Chat Now), but there are accessible contributions; therefore, people may deposit their accounts with money. Meanwhile, the platform implies no premium subscription plans.

Registered members are available to send contributions for particular members or a platform. A user may refill an account with a credit card. Click on ‘Transactions,’ insert an amount of money you wish to transfer, and inscribe the payment information.

Free Membership Features

All available website features are free. There is no diversification for standard and premium accounts, as the platform charges no premium subscription fees. Unlike many other chats, this website offers free-of-charge services without any limits. You just need to complete the registration.

Premium Membership Features

There is no premium subscription; hence, the platform implies no paid features. Users may support other members by sending money to them, and such an option is the only paid feature available on the FCN Chat. Furthermore, you may contribute to the platform and get a ‘Notable Member’ status.

Premium Membership Features

Is FCN Chat Really Safe?

The FCN Chat platform is understood as entirely safe and secure, based on the subscribers’ testimonials. The following effective measures are taken to prevent scammers and catfishes from getting on the service:

  • The email verification is mandatory to validate an account.
  • There is a list of countries blocked due to a large number of scammers. Legitimate residents of those countries cannot access the service as well.
  • Users are not permitted to complete the registration with the help of a VPN service.
  • When a person violates any rules, the team bans a profile instantly, demanding a person to contact the customer support; therefore, people are highly recommended to read ‘Terms and Rules’ first.

Moreover, there is a wide scope of safety and security options available on the website:

  • Users are free to specify certain members only to accept conversations.
  • Subscribers decide on their own whether to show their online status or hide it and browse the platform in incognito mode.
  • Members may hide their date of birth from other users.
  • The platform makes it possible for users to enter their profiles with the help of two-factor verification. Such a way is considered the most robust from the viewpoint of personal security.

The FCN Chat respects every user’s anonymity; therefore, subscribers are accessible to join the community, displaying no photos and real names. The system requires screennames and avatar pictures only.


The platform enables users to get free access to multiple chats; therefore, its popularity is growing rapidly. The community appreciates the diversity of chatrooms, where every member may easily find something special corresponding to his or her interests. Messaging features are diverse as well – use audio and video attachments, emoji to make the communication brighter. Furthermore, those options are accessible for free, unlike most other platforms.

As for design, some people consider the interface a bit old-fashioned. The website faces a lack of bright and seducing colors to catch a visitor’s attention instantly. Meanwhile, the interface is convenient. All features are always at fingertips. Subscribers are free to open several chats, type messages, and change account settings at the same time.

The FCN Chat team puts a prominent accent on users’ security. There implemented a wide range of measures to avoid scammers and fake accounts. Users must strictly follow all the indicated rules. Members are accessible to set up multiple preferences filters and privacy settings. The service is undoubtedly worth joining. As for the paid options, users may contribute to the platform and get special status, but members may continue using the platform for free and enjoy all available options non-stop.

Popular FAQs

At first sight, the platform is entirely straightforward in use, while there are numerous features, and members can get easily lost. New entries are highly recommended to read the information given by the platform. Foremost, it concerns a newcomer’s guide that contains useful tips on how to find necessary features, not to violate rules, etc. When you still have some problems, look through the following questions.

How to Delete FCN Chat Account?

When you’ve decided to delete your account for some reason, take the following steps:

  1. Get on the FCN Chat website by entering your login and password (or use your mobile device).
  2. Click on the ‘Settings’ icon placed in the upper menu.
  3. Select the item ‘Log Out’ and then press on the ‘Delete account’ button.

Note that accounts are deleted forever without any possibility of their renewal. Members are free to browse the service anonymously or log out for a while. No one may recognize you on the service, because screen names and avatars only are required. Furthermore, users may change their nicknames and cover photos.

How to Message Someone on FCN Chat?

There are different available ways to apply the messaging option:

  • Login the platform. Select the preferred chatroom and join the communication. Type your messages, attach emoji, add images, and video materials. Users are available to type messages in a chatroom generally or to respond to someone.
  • The second way implies private messages. Subscribers are free to invite special someone to private communication and exchange messages not visible to other members.
  • When there are several members a user wishes to communicate, he or she creates a new conversation and invites the special members to join.
  • Furthermore, users are available to join forums for free and partake in a certain topic discussion, share opinions, etc.

How to See Who Likes You on FCN Chat Without Paying?

Foremost, the platform is entirely free; therefore, all features are available for all registered members. On the other hand, the FCN Chat doesn’t remind most other dating services. Members are not accessible to search other users based on the activated filters. Instead, subscribers may view conversations they are invited to join.

How to block someone on FCN Chat?

Members are available to set their preferences. The following options are available:

  • Select who is accessible to view your profile details, post messages on a profile page, and receive your news feed.
  • Choose members who are granted by access to invite you into conversations, send messages, etc. Add people you wish to block to your ignore list.

When you face abuse, report the case instantly. The FCN Chat team does everything possible to protect registered persons from offensive and abusive behavior. Follow the next steps in such a case:

  • Click on the ‘Settings’ icon.
  • Select the ‘Report Incident’ option.
  • Inscribe your screen name, first and last name, email address (the given information is not transferred to third parties).
  • Indicate your location (state, city, zip code).
  • Specify a screen name of your offender and his or her personal information.
  • Name a chatroom an incident took place in.
  • Specify the date and time of an incident.
  • Describe an incident in detail.
  • Attach a screen that proves an accident truly happened.

How to Cancel FCN Chat Subscription?

The platform implies no paid subscriptions and add-ons; therefore, members have no necessity to cancel it. All features are offered for free.

Contact Information

When you need to solve a problem, the best way is to fill in the ‘Contact Us’ form. Inscribe your email address, subject, and extended message to describe your problem. Send this form to the FCN Chat team. All applications are processed within 48 hours.

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