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Green Singles Review 2021 — Perfect or Scam?

Green Singles Review 2021 — Perfect or Scam?
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Pros and Cons

  • Large community: As Green Singles is a vast network of environmentally conscious people, there are more chances of this awareness being taken to the next level and creating more awareness with word of mouth.
  • Greater Good: There are chances for such couples to work on causes to bring about the planet's greater good. Moreover, it encourages a green lifestyle with real-life examples leading a happy life.
  • Location no bar: There have been success stories in Green Singles where people did not belong to the same location, but they still made their love success in a long-distance setup.
  • User access to resources: Any free member of the website can quickly gain the knowledge and tips for successful dating from the forum discussions or blogs which are easily accessible to any user. A user can get to see testimonials with many success stories of green dating on the website.
  • Fewer Chances of Fake accounts: The mere nature of Green Singles is true to oneself and nature. People join this platform to establish soulful, spiritual connections. Therefore, the basis of the website is authentic. There are very few chances that people make fake accounts intending to cheat anyone.
  • False Claims: Some people on the Green Singles website pretend to have a false liking for a green lifestyle. Though they only want to find dating options.
  • Simple Design: The site has a straightforward design with few graphics and other flashy designs to attract users.
  • Fewer Display Ads: The Green Singles page does not clutter its pages with ads on all corners. It gives an excellent user experience to the members.
  • Long Process: The user should enter detailed information on his preferences. Thus, the evaluation of the right match may take time.

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Green Singles is a platform that brings together people with a similar take on Energy conservation, environmental preservation, and Social justice. Its main objective is to create an environment-friendly community who have interests in dating like-minded environment activists.

What if you made sure before dating anyone that they were a vegan? Your entire dating preference was just so much all about someone’s habits? Were you conscious about dating someone who thought and felt about certain things just the way you do? Did you always have a criterion in mind that your date should be environmentally conscious and Eco Friendly? Some people want to have certain things in place before starting with their dating experience. They want to make sure at the onset that their partner is compatible and has definite opinions about keratin things. These people are not looking to waste their time on hookups and short-term relationships; all they want is serious relationships. Green Singles is one of such dating sites which help you find environment conscious and spiritual dating singles . You have Green Singles as one of the best options if you’re going to find deeper connections in relationships with religious people. Green Singles has carved a niche in the dating industry, with all the focus on catering to specific user lifestyle preferences.

Expert’s Review of Green Singles

Green Singles

Green Singles is a dating platform that brings together eco-conscious people to promote a green dating lifestyle as the most preferred way of living. It is a niche website and has a more focused approach when it comes to adding members concerned about bringing sustainable changes to the planet.

  1. Green Singles History: Green Singles is the brainchild of Jill Crossby. It is a part of the Conscious Dating network umbrella. Conscious Dating Network is the network of many such environment-friendly and spiritual connections dating websites.
  2. Quantity of Members: In the year 2018, the number of users who were a part of the website was 85000. It has grown tremendously since then and is still growing as people’s awareness has evolved on subjects like spirituality, environment protection, preservation, and animal rights.
  3. Sexual Orientation: People of any sexual orientation can join Green Singles. It is an online hub for all men/women looking for eco-conscious life partners. It does not matter which section of the society you may belong to.
  4. Age: The only age restriction Green Singles website imposes is that all its users should be above 18 when joining the platform. The user enters his age before joining the platform to find him suitable matches.
  5. Race and Ethnicity: The Green Singles platform is open for all users irrespective of race and ethnicity. There is no judgment by the platform to prefer any one group over the others. The user can find match preferences based on location, or it can be people from other countries.

Website Design and Usability

The Green Singles website is color-coded as green to represent environment preservation and sustainable development. The website’s simple theme is soothing to the eyes and typically stands up to people’s expectations. The site is very definite in the way the tabs are placed. The user does not need to search for any specific feature. The homepage of the website is self-descriptive and filled with auto-suggestive features like drop-down fields. The user can easily browse through the site with ease as the navigation to the other pages is a one-click task. For most people, the website design is instead an old school as it is minimalistic and not very attractive to catch attention instantly.

Special Features

  1. Favorites: The Green Singles gives the users the option to add the matches to their favorites list.
  2. Send hello Messages: The app allows the user to send user-generated “hello” messages to someone they like. It indicates to them that someone loves them.
  3. Chatting with users: You can reply to any other premium user who has initiated instant messaging.
  4. Non-Green members: The website has kept its platform open for all those who may not be spiritual, vegan, or vegetarian to cater to a broader audience base,
  5. Astrological Evaluation: The profiles are evaluated based on their birthdays for astrological matching.
  6. The number of photos: The premium member can upload 20 more pictures and two other videos as compared to a free membership.

How Does Green Singles Work?

Green Work

Green Singles homepage consists of a brief form that prompts the users to enter their name, age, email address, sexual orientation, and location. Once you have provided the necessary information, you would be asked to complete your profile. You will be shown a section named “Matchmaker Preferences.” These are a list of drop-down options that show various preferences in answer to a question. This gives the system an idea of what are your specific preferences related to your hobbies and likings.

There are also match questions that have a detailed answer type question, which generally is open-ended. It shows the entire thought process of an individual and a description of your values. These are the benchmark for the platform to select and suggest your potential matches. These kinds of probing are needed to help the system find the most suitable matches for you as you want to spend the rest of your life with them. You will also get to see other’s responses to a similar set of questions to facilitate your evaluation. You can check your “Match Percentage “based on the similarities of your answers. You can add a tagline that describes you well to help others know more about you.

Sign Up Process

The sign-up process starts with a brief form asking definitive answers by selecting one of the options from the drop-down. The various identifiers include age, name, location, sexual orientation, and an email address. Once you enter all the details, the moderator immediately performs certain checks on your profile, like email address verification. Meanwhile, you can start your member search, complete your profile, and add users to your favorite list.

Once he finds the profile appropriate, he approves of your registration into the platform. You need to fill in detailed answers to specific questions to let people know your preferences in detail. The Green Singles platform also provides you prompts to help you fill the answers to these questions. If there is something you want to specify apart from the questions answered, you can add some custom questions.

Users Profiles Quality

Green Profiles Quality

The users of Green Singles are eco-conscious singles looking for a partner who is just like them. They are willing to build long term connections with people carrying the same mindset as them.

The user profiles are mostly authentic as these people are earnest about building meaningful connections and finding a soulmate for themselves. The types of users using this website are vegan, vegetarians, spiritual, animal rights campaigners, etc. The users are also authenticated with the email verification process and detailed profile information about themselves.

Some tips and recommendations:

  1. Vegan Gifts: A gift could be a way to someone’s heart. To increase the chances of bonding well with the date of your choice, you may want to express your feelings with a gift. This gift could be something that is eco-friendly and impresses your date too. You can decide on the gift only if you have heard your date’s likes and dislikes well.
  2. Activities Together: What’s better than doing things together that matter to you and growing your love. You can plan a trip to a farm together, feel the beauty of nature, and talk about things that are very close to your heart. You can think of volunteering together for a cause you both identify with. You can think of planting your organic produce and making favorite recipes together.
  3. Prepare for candlelight dinners: For someone mindful of creating an energy-efficient future, a candlelight dinner may be a good deal to impress the girl you are dating.
  4. Organic Wines: Bringing along organic wine free of sulfate and preservatives on a date is enough to strike the right chord.

Mobile Application

Green Singles does not have any mobile app for IOS or Android phones, though the website can be accessed from mobile browsers. The site has a responsive design and works perfectly on your mobile phones. The user can continue searching profiles based on their preferences and view updates on the go.

Green Singles Alternatives and Similar Website & Apps

Green Website & Apps
  1. Green Passions
  2. Planet Earth Singles
  3. Earthwise Singles

Membership Price and Payment Method

Green Price

Most of the features are available for free members; however, those are restricted in specific ways. A user can send about 50 direct messages to the person of their choice. Paid members also can initiate the chat with their favorite people. Other features like Match percentage, responding to messages, and astrological reports are free to start with.

Duration Cost/ Month
Monthly $23/month
Quarterly $12/month
Annual $72/month

Free Membership Features

  • Profile details: The creation of the profile is free, and you can add two pictures and one video about yourself in free membership.
  • Detailed Essay Questions and matchmaker preferences: There are questions which users should answer descriptively. He should explain in detail all essay type questions. Then, there are “matchmaker preferences “with multiple-choice questions, having some suggested answers. It will also give suggested profile matches to you as per your preferences selected. You must choose your response according to your preferences.
  • Like-Minded people: You can get access to a vast database of like-minded eco-conscious people. Green Singles connect you with singles having a green lifestyle preference as you.
  • Online Members: In a free subscription, the member can view other members who are online at the moment.
  • Favorite Lists: You can populate your favorites list with the people you have liked and want to communicate further with.
  • Sending Winks: You can send winks indicating your liking for a profile.
  • Receive messages: You can send “Hello” system-generated messages to users you like in free membership. You can also respond to messages from paid members.
  • Respond to Instant messaging: You can receive instant messages from paid subscribers, and you can also send a reply to them on chat. However, you cannot send a personal message to anyone with free membership.
  • Events: There are many offline events organized by Green Singles, and any member free or paid can attend the same. These events are held to promote sustainable living and green living.
  • Photos and Videos: A free member can add two pictures and one video in his profile without paying anything.
  • No limit to search: The user can search instantly applying different filters to search for people who have similar interests as them. There is no limit to this search functionality, even for a basic plan user.
  • Astrological reports: The users can receive astrological reports based on their birthdates. This feature is free of cost. As per the news, users can make wise choices about a perfect life partner.

Green Membership Features

Premium Membership Features

  • Messaging Feature: The user can send 50 direct messages in a day to anyone. The sender can personally draft it.
  • Adding Images: Images can also be added to the direct messages sent to people of your choice.
  • Initiate Chats: The paid member has the facility to chat with the people they like.
  • Additional photos: The paid member can add 20 new images in their profile.
  • Videos Upload: The user can add two more videos as compared to the free subscription plan.

Is Green Singles Really Safe?

Green Membership Safe

Green Singles makes use of cookies to remember your account settings and preferences every time you log in. These cookies also help the system to know if you are using other sources to login to your account. The moderator authenticates all the photos uploaded by a user before putting them up in your profile. Green Singles continually works on updating its safety and security practices. Green Singles is a part of conscious dating members (CDN) who use user information from the same database for multiple domains. The CDN network makes sure that users’ data privacy is not compromised and used with their consent for the other dating sites. Green Singles may suspend any account if any fraudulent activities are suspected in them. Green Singles share the customer data with other third parties like payment gateways, marketing, and advertising analytics software under a strict confidentiality agreement.


Green Membership Conclusion

Green Singles is a niche dating website catering to people encouraging green living. It surely is successful in finding people with similar interests who prefer long term relationships. However, it may not be suitable for people interested in hookups and people who do not support veganism, as there may be limited options for them on the website. It is the best destination for the people who are clear about certain ideologies and hold them, dear, to heart while still finding themselves a partner.

Green FAQs

How to Delete the Green Singles Account?

  1. You can select the settings option on the account page.
  2. Select the Option Delete Account.
  3. Confirm the deletion.

How to Message Someone on Green Singles?

Green Singles does not allow its free members to send self-generated messages to other users. However, if you upgrade your status to premium membership, you can send direct messages to other users with the maximum limit being 50 messages/day.

Apart from this, being a free user, the user can send the system generated hello messages to other users as soon as they like their profile.

How to See Who Likes You on Green Singles without Paying?

All the free members can easily view it as a notification if someone wants them. They also get an automated system generated message “Hello” corresponding to the like. The user can also send free winks to other members whom they like.

How to Block Someone on Green Singles?

  1. Go to the profile of the user you want to block.
  2. Click on the option block user.
  3. Confirm your choice by pressing the block on the dialog box.

How to Cancel Green Singles Subscription?

  1. Go to the upper right corner Account option.
  2. Click on the option “Cancel Subscription.”
  3. Once you confirm the cancellation, you will be shown a message. “Subscription” has been canceled.

Contact Information

  • Company Name: Conscious Dating Network
  • Address: 404 N Mount Shasta Blvd #318
  • ZIP code+Country: Mount Shasta, CA 96067
  • Country: United States of America
  • Customer support email: No information available
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Blog: No information available for Green Singles.
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