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HER Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

HER Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 95%
Beauty 94%
Popular age 20-30
Profiles 4.500.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • You can message as much as you want
  • Like 90 percent of the profiles on the site have pictures
  • The site has several social media accounts which are very active
  • Age and location preferences are the factors used to provide matches on this platform
  • The website has a good design, and it is easy to use
  • The platform has a vast membership
  • Users can only send messages to match as well as friends
  • The app often tends to lag while in use
  • The sign up can only be done using your Instagram or Facebook account

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HER is such an excellent site that offers both newsfeeds about LGBTQ issues and a social media networking platform. Also, you get more entertainment feeds from this site that has a close relation to lesbian aspects. It offers free registration. However, one can become a member by using their Instagram and Facebook accounts to log in. So, do you want to give HER a try? Well, hopefully, you will need to equip yourself with a bit of info about it. This insight will help you decide if to join or just let go.

Some of the critical aspects you may want to know are its user-friendliness, the main elements, its membership, the prices, etc. Knowing this goes a long way in helping you make an informed decision. The site is mainly for lesbians and lesbians looking for partners. This review details all the aspects you may want to know about HER. Thus, for you to find out more about it, please read on.

Expert’s Review of HER

HER is an excellent geosocial app for networking. It is a site that is focused on offering lesbians and bisexuals a chance to meet. It also provides the same opportunity to other non-binary ladies who hail from LGBTQ societies. It was launched many years back. However, its rebranding happened in 2015. Since then, its impact has reached more than 100 countries around the world. HER is for those in the LGBBQ society. The target audience for HER are lesbians and bisexual women’s choice dating .

Most of the members on this site are aged above 18 years. The membership counts in the millions. So, you are assured of getting a like-minded individual from Her. The website can be leveraged by those in the UK cities, other main cities, and towns across 144 countries. Thus, the site does not have men. It only has women who look for partners for a lesbian affair, casual, hookup, or maybe a friendship. Despite your race or even ethnicity, you could a lesbian partner from this site.

Expert’s Review of HER

Website Design & Usability

One of the many factors that drive more clients to a dating site is its design. You see, a layout that is not impressive may put you off. However, a great design would be a sign of responsiveness. This site offers the best designs. Anyone in search of a platform with a sleek design, then HER, is your perfect choice. The layout is well crafted to offer the best experience ever. While on the site, you can go from one page to the other seamlessly. It is super user-friendly. The website also works well on mobile devices. Therefore, anyone using a mobile phone browser to navigate the site does not come across any lags. It means that you do not always need a desktop to enjoy the site. Just make use of your mobile phone. The website is equally responsive to both devices.

Special Features

You most likely want to know about any unique features that you could utilize on HER. Well, you got a couple of them. Here are the elements that can only be found on this site. Make sure you use them for your benefit.


It is the crucial element of the whole site. It is a distinctive element that helps bring forth profiles that match you. The matching criteria here are based on age and location. Remember, you do not have to travel long distances in search of a cute partner just for fun. It is good to have those that are near your current location. Once they are presented to you, swipe to like or even dismiss those that do not impress you. Upon an instance where you both like each other, it is now easier to message one another.


See, how would you feel about interacting with fellow members of the site even if they are not your matches? Well, this is possible with the help of this feature. It helps members interact in real-time. It occurs to those who are online at the same time as you. And the right part of it is that you must not be friends to interact actively and, most importantly, in real-time. Besides, you can still like or leave a comment on a post. That way, you are exposed to thousands of other users who utilize the same feature.


Events are yet another significant element that ignites the moods of most members. These events are posted in the newsfeed. You can view them and even become part of them if you wish. However, all these events are meant for lesbians who are the key participants in this site. For example, you could view events such as cookouts, festivals, and even comedy presentations. The main objective of such events is to meet and socialize with fellow members. It is such a great spot to build your lesbian connections.

Expert’s Review of HER

How does HER Work?

You indeed want to know how HER works. Well, it is straightforward. You see, this site requires that you have a social media account, especially Facebook and Instagram. These accounts are the ones you utilize in your registration. More on that would be revealed in the next block. Now, the only thing you should put more effort here is how to find partners. The site has a free version that anyone with a Facebook account or an Instagram account can join. This version, however, may not have many perks that you could utilize. But you will still enjoy a bit of what the site could offer.

Besides, you can make use of a premium version of the site. This version has got many perks that you can leverage, right from getting to know about events and even using all the unique features of the site. Once you become a member, it is time to socialize with others. You can reach out to other members that impress you. You may like photos on the profiles of other members. You can still post updates in the feeds and view newsfeeds about the LGBTQ society. If they organize an event, it is good to attend so that you can socialize one on one with fellow members of the site.

Expert’s Review of HER

Sign Up Process

Did you know that becoming a member of HER is very simple? Well, this part reveals the method of joining. However, you must be aware that you will require a Facebook account or an Instagram account to join. It could be a turn off to those who never had such accounts. But it is easy to create one in case you never had. It will enable you to log into HER using it. First, you are expected to download the app from the apple store or google play. Immediately you are done with that, sync your account with your Instagram or Facebook account.

When the accounts are connected, HER will automatically create your account using your profile photo, birthday, and name. There is a pencil icon or a ‘+’ icon that you can use to change your profile. See, this should only be done if you don’t want your profile info to match that of your social media account you have just synced. You can edit the info using the mentioned icons to take a look as you deem right for you. You could add more pictures that you consider cute. However, the photos can be arranged the way you want. Now that you are through with the sign-up process, join the community and start finding a partner.

Expert’s Review of HER

Users Profiles Quality

Profile Information

You can add text items on top of the pictures uploaded. As per the statistics on HER, you can only add up to 8 photos. Once you are a member, you can have a glimpse of other participants’ friend lists. Most of the profiles are on their first names. It shows how far they are from your current location. On the profiles, you will see info about gender, relationship status, photos, friend lists, name, sexuality, age, and much more.

Your gender can be shown as FTM, female, intersex, non-binary, two-spirit, etc. Everyone sees the friend list you have on your profile since it is public. And the number of pictures allowed is eight cute ones. They should not be more than that. However, they should be well-curated images. Do not upload just any picture. Remember, you are here to find someone who impresses you. So, make it for them to notice you. You can achieve that by uploading only the best pictures. Also, make sure the text on your profile is well laid out. Spell out every word correctly. Let them know what you intend to find on the site.

Mobile Application

HER has a mobile app. The app is available for both iOS and Android users. It is a great tool that mobile users can leverage. It is well designed, and it serves just like the web version. You will probably love the layout and its user-friendliness. It is highly responsive to mobile phones. The photos on the mobile app appear for you to view. The text on the website is well organized; thus, you do not have to squint while reading it via the mobile app.

Expert’s Review of HER

HER Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps


Tinder is yet another excellent site for whoever is looking for a long-term relationship, hookup, or just friendship. It is a great spot for anyone new in the virtual dating realm. Remember, you learn through swiping where everyone else is swiping. Most of the profiles on this platform are well organized. Thus, you can easily make up your mind about who you want to choose. But you may meet some short or less detailed profiles which make it hard to know the person better.


Bounce is not an entirely lesbian dating platform. However, it is worth exploring if you want to enjoy lots of matches. Here, you just have to check-in, and you are swiftly hooked up with someone who wants to go on a date. Only in a few minutes, you can find a match, and the site reveals where you should meet. Thus, if this is the type of dating site you have been waiting for, then you are covered.


Bumble is another free yet excellent virtual dating platform. However, it requires women to reach out first via a message. The message is expected to get a reply within 24 hours. If the guy does not get back within the set time, then he loses that potential date. Thus, time limits are highly adhered to in this site.

A lot of members thank this feature, timer. You see, it is excellent because only serious guys will get dates. So, you join the site well prepared to go on a date since you could be messaged anytime by a woman. You cannot keep procrastinating on this site whether you are serious about dating or just staying away, the site weeds out men who are not ready to make updates. Thus, you may not come across scammers or fake members on this site.


Lesly is another great platform for dating. It is dedicated to women and binary women. It helps them find love, fin dates, or hookups. The site operators are very keen on scrutinizing new members. This way, they fish out any suspicious members. The site is, therefore, a safe site for all users.

Expert’s Review of HER

Membership Price and Payment Method

As stated earlier, you can make use of a free account on this site. However, the free version may not be the best for you if you want to get full perks of the site. So, the prices of joining HER are as follows. One month for a premium member would need 14.99 USD. If you want a six-month plan, you would be required to give 59.99 USD, which is about 10.00 USD for each of the months. Anyone who intends to get a plan that caters for a whole year should give 89.99 Suddath’s amount is calculated as 7.50 USD for each of the months.

As you can see, the plans are entirely different. A one-month subscription would be more expensive compared to the 12-month subscription. However, it is upon you to decide on which membership plan suits you well. You can use your credit card or mobile money to pay for your subscription. However, if you want to learn how the site works, you can use a free version.

Expert’s Review of HER

Free Membership Features

Armed with a free account, you can create a profile. You can have a look at the profile of fellow members. You will receive notifications. You can meet and feed, which are significant features of the site.

Premium Membership Features

  • You will know members who are online now.
  • You also get to know the people who liked your profile.
  • It is possible to change your location.
  • You can enjoy unlimited swipes.
  • The messages you send will show read receipts.

Is HER Really Safe?

Yes, HER is very safe. A lot of women who have been on it have expressed their gratitude to the operators for ensuring the site is safe. However, in case you come across any issues, reach out to the support team. You can do so via email. Also, since they possess various social media accounts, you can reach out using such platforms.

Expert’s Review of HER


Truly, the straight-oriented industry may Not accommodate much of the LGBTQ society. But HER has found its relevance in catering for the LGBTQ. As you have explored right from the beginning of this review, the site is for queer women looking for love. It was rebranded from Dattch to HER. It is a great site with affordable plans and millions of users.

How to Delete HER Account?

To delete your account on Her, head to your profile settings. Go to the support tab and select ‘close account.’ Be sure of what you are doing because it cannot be undone.

How to Message Someone on HER?

You can message someone who has a connection with you. Simply go to the message box and type out the entire message you would like to send. Then, click ‘send,’ and it will be delivered to the person.

Expert’s Review of HER

How to See Who Likes Your on HER without Paying?

You cannot see who liked you without paying. You need a premium plan to be able to get a notification on who likes you.

How to Block Someone on HER?

Open the profile of the member. You will see the block section, and you will be able to prevent them from reaching you.

How to Cancel HER Subscription?

You should just go to the play store in your handset and go to where your subscriptions are controlled. From this point, you can just follow the guidelines as they are to cancel your HER subscription.

Contact Information

  • Company Name: Bloomer, Inc.
  • Address: 2101 Pacific Avenue Apt 401
  • Zip Code + City: San Francisco CA, 94115
  • Country: United States
  • Customer Support Email: support@weareher.com
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hersocialapp/
  • Twitter: @weareher
  • Blog: weareher.com
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