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Chemistry Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

Chemistry Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
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Pros and Cons

  • Most members are in a stable career
  • Members are rated based on four distinctive personality traits
  • Strong matching algorithm
  • Part of the MarriageMinded Community
  • Focuses on serious relationships
  • Can use games and winks to communicate among members
  • Is a sister site of Match.com which is a well-known dating site
  • Multiple questionnaires during sign-up help create better membership profiles
  • Canceling a subscription may not be straightforward.
  • The site is not entirely user-friendly.
  • There is no mobile app.
  • Lack of standard social media features like video chat or discussion forums.

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As the name suggests, Chemistry.com emphasizes finding matches for people that are compatible with each other. Whether emotionally or physically, the dating site seeks to find the best candidates for those looking for a more serious relationship. The tests that all new members need to take is to ensure that potential matches have a ‘chemistry’ together, and not just interested in looks.

Chemistry has a lot of robust features that make it easy for you to find someone special. However, it’s not a free platform, and to get the most out of your membership, a paid subscription to Chemistry is necessary. Even so, there are success stories from happily married couples that managed to find the love of their life on the platform. They just needed to be consistent and didn’t give up on the first try. However, there are also not such excellent outcomes from some of the users as well. And not everybody will be satisfied even after paying for the site. To give you a clearer picture of what you’ll get out of Chemistry.Com, read on our review below.

Expert’s Review of Chemistry

Chemistry Review

The same people responsible for Match.com are behind the creation of Chemisty.com. Dr. Helen Fisher, a researcher, and anthropologist, who is an expert in human behavior and the romantic attraction, was hired by Match to design the system at Chemistry. She was responsible for the complex, hormone-based, and personality-based tests that Chemistry uses on their site. So that means, there is a logical and more profound reason why the questionnaires are essential. It’s not just to find someone with similar interests, but to understand the real person behind the profile.

Chemistry.com will try and match profiles not just because both people are compatible, but because they have a ‘chemistry’ together. If you ever hear of relationships that resulted in dissolution, it was probably because the two people had compatibility and communication issues. Chemistry wants relationships to thrive and flourish. And since 2005, they have been doing precisely that.

As with any site that attracts a more mature minded crowd, Chemistry is intended more for those with stable jobs and is looking to settle down. According to Quantcast, 30% of Chemistry’s members are earning over 150k annually, and the majority of its users are Caucasian. Most members are from the 25 years to 54 years old age group. Currently, only people from the United States and Canada can join the site.

People looking for casual hookups might be disappointed here. However, Chemistry.com does cater to same-sex relationships as well as heterosexuals. When it comes to the number of members, Chemistry does not boast the prominent figures like it’s sister site, Match.com. But unlike Match that caters to a broader demographic, Chemistry serves those who are looking for the security of a long-lasting relationship.

Chemistry’s Website Design & Usability

Chemistry Design & Usability

Chemistry uses a very clean design look for its homepage. It uses a combination of white, blue, and gray colors and looks modern since it’s the latest update. On the website, there are profiles of random singles – which compliments the company’s goals of connecting people looking for relationships.

As mentioned, Chemistry is only available in two countries at the moment. So if you’re in the United States or Canada, it’s pretty easy to sign-up from the homepage. Just choose your gender preferences in your future mate, and hit the ‘Search Now’ button. The site will guide you on each step of the way until your Chemistry.com profile is complete. Once you have a profile, you can start sending winks, chat with other members, and also view your stream, among other things. You can see the community guidelines on one of their pages before deciding to join. The profiles that are available on the site can be browsed freely, even without a paid subscription, although most features are only available for paid members.

Chemistry’s Special Features

Chemistry has a limited amount of features for free members. But the paid options can make your membership worthwhile depending on what you’re after. Some of the highlights for Chemistry’s members are :

In-depth matching algorithm

When you’re looking for someone to spend your whole life with, you want to connect with that person on many levels. Dr. Helen Fisher has been a human behavioral expert for 30-years, and she knows what it takes to form deep relationships. The questionnaires that everyone has to consider when signing up is crucial to make that happen. She designed Chemistry.com’s detailed matching system to access compatibility and chemistry so everyone can find that special someone.

Match streams

Similar to Facebook’s newsfeeds, you can view your matches activity and their various responses to questions posted on Chemistry’s website. Other members can see your streams as well once you become a match. This is a fun feature of keeping up-to-date with your matches’ thoughts and musings even if they’re offline.

Communicate and flirt

Chemistry.com allows its users to email(via the platform itself), send winks, and play games with other people. Only paid members can chat with one another. However, you can send a playful wink even as a free member.

Add members to favorites

If you enjoy your communication with another member, you can add them to your favorites list. This feature makes it easy to find those you have a real connection with, and perhaps finally taking that next step of meeting them in-person.

Free profiles to browse

You can freely browse the various profiles available at Chemistry.com without paying. The site only limits your communication with other members as a free user. But you can peruse as much of the profiles as you want before you decide if a paid membership is worth it.

Multiple profile exposure

Chemistry.com is part of the MarriageMinded Community. That means once you’ve completed your profile, it won’t just show up on one site, but on other websites that are part of the same network. You’ll get more exposure from a one-time effort of creating your profile, which usually means more matches.

Professionally written profile

You might have the best personality in the world, but if you can’t convey that in the written word, then you might jeopardize your profile unwittingly. So what’s the solution? With Chemistry’s ProfilePro feature, you can hire professional writers to write the ideal bio for you. All you need to do is provide them with relevant details about yourself, and they do the rest. You can also list down the qualities you’re looking for in a person so that they can list those requirements in your profile too.

How Does Chemistry Work?

Chemistry Work

Chemistry works by pairing members on a personal level. With over 350,000 members, everyone has an equal chance to find the right person by answering the website’s personality assessment. This test is quite elaborate and will require a considerable amount of effort to complete. The questions can seem random. For example, they’ll ask about your appearance and how you rate yourself, to questions about the size of your ring finger and your favorite colors. There are about 20 questions in total.

Once you answer the questions, you’ll get assigned a category type; Explorer, Builder, Negotiator, Explorer, or any two combinations of the four category types.

By completing your profile, the one-of-kind algorithm will do its work and find your potential matches. You can also search for other members based on various search filters that you can edit to suit your needs.

Once you are shown potential matches, you can decide on three things. These options are, ‘I’m interested,’ ‘Haven’t decided’ or ‘Not really.’ The same thing will happen with your profile, which is shown to other members that are potential matches.

The Sign-Up Process

Chemistry Sign-Up

Signing up is pretty straightforward with Chemistry. You just need to specify whether you are looking for men or women, and the process begins. Chemistry is only available in the US and Canada, so after entering your zip code, you’ll be asked for your username and date of birth. Only then will you be presented with the set of questions mentioned previously, which you will have to take some time to answer.

You need to upload at least one clear photo of yourself to Chemistry. This photo will be reviewed manually by the people at Chemistry.com. They don’t allow pornographic images, so take care to pick only decent photos of yourself. Headshots are preferred for dating sites such as Chemistry.com as it shows a clearer picture of your facial features. Also, avoid taking group photos or where your face is unclear. You don’t want potential matches to try and guess what you look like. Honesty is the best policy here.

The Quality Of Chemistry’s User Profiles

Chemistry Profiles

What’s good about Chemistry is that its personality test and matchmaking algorithm is pretty complex. This would mean that as long as most of the users are honest about their answers, then members can find potential matches quickly. Chemistry doesn’t encourage you to list down your personal info for everyone to see. Instead, you should only put your hobbies, interests, opinions, and other non-compromising information in your profile.

Users can upload up to 30 photos to Chemistry. And since members of all levels can view anyone’s profile, it’s best to upload only the best pictures of yourself. Some users go the extra mile and upload interesting photos of themselves, while others can be bland and plain looking.

In terms of profile information, Chemistry does not make it a requirement to fill in all the fields. However, some people do take the time to fill out their profiles as thoroughly as possible. Multiple sections can be used to enter your details. There is the ‘About Me,’ ‘Personality Traits,’ About My Match,’ and ‘In My Own Words’ section. Users who complete all these fields are the most serious in wanting a relationship and can be a good candidate for a match. Therefore, ensure that you do the same for your profile so others would want to get to know more about you as well.

Chemistry’s Mobile App

Currently, Chemistry’s dating platform is not available as an app. Only the website version is available. However, their site is mobile-responsive, and it can function reasonably well on any phone’s internet browser. This saves you storage space as you don’t have to download anything. There are no plans soon for an app version, so members will have to make do with using the website for now.

Alternatives to Chemistry. Com

There are several sites on the dating market besides Chemistry that can be worth your time. They might have similar match-making algorithms or are targeted towards people within the same age group. Below are a few you can consider besides Chemistry.


This is a dating app and match-making platform that is similar to others in a lot of ways, albeit with one key difference. The platform prioritizes women’s privacy and ensures that they feel safe and secure when using the app. Adding to that, conversations can only be started by women, which avoids spam or rude comments by horny males who can’t take a hint.


This is another site that will ask you a series of questions to find your matches, just like Chemistry. Questions can be personal and quirky. But it all seeks to decode your exact personality and find matches that complement your traits. OkCupid has been around for quite some time and has a much more massive database of users than Chemistry. Also, they have a more diverse choice of gender identities and sexual orientations for members.

Chemistry’s Membership Price

Chemistry Price

Chemistry offers a single type of premium membership plan. A monthly, quarterly, or bi-annual billing schedules are available – with longer-term payments providing the lowest price. The following are the total cost for all three options:

  • One month – $39.99
  • Three months – $80.97
  • Six months – $125.94

Paypal payments and major credit cards are accepted.

Free Membership Features

The free membership of Chemistry allows you to create your profile, upload your photos, take the personality test, and unlimited viewing of other members’ profiles. But you can’t do essential things like communicating with someone. The system is set up so that once you think you have a potential match, you need to pay to contact them.

Premium Membership Features

As a paid member, you can send winks, email, chat, and engage with other members in fun ways like playing games and flirting. Also, you get noticed more frequently with some of the features below:

Highlited profiles and messages

Whenever someone likes or views your profile, it gets highlighted in a bright yellow color. This will also happen whenever your profile appears in search results.

Get notified of your message status

This allows you to get notified when someone has read your email message. If you are sending a lot of notes, it helps to see who’s responding with this neat feature, so you don’t waste time with inactive profiles.

Is Chemistry Safe?

Chemistry Safe

Just like any dating site, you should take care and only share general information about yourself, especially when you create your profile. Previously, Chemistry doesn’t allow manually searching for other members, but now that feature is available. That means someone can find you either through Chemistry’s search feature or by their matching algorithm. Either way, if you indicate that you are not interested in a member once a match is made, the system will no longer show your profile to that person. Hiding your profile and blocking someone is also possible should you feel that it’s necessary to protect your privacy.

Moreover, there are multiple dating safety articles available on the site for anyone to read. You should view their guidelines on dating and meeting someone in person. Chemistry is as safe as any dating platform as long as you follow the necessary steps to protect yourself.


Chemistry.com can be a good option if you’re in the United States and Canada. Their membership base is a bit limited when compared to other dating sites. But since you can create a profile for free and browse other members’ bio before you commit, you have an opportunity to test drive the site. For singles and people over 30, Chemistry.com can be the answer to their quest for a life-long partner.


How to delete my Chemistry account?

Deleting an account can be done by logging in via the website and going to the ‘Settings’ option. You can find this in the top right corner of the screen.

How to message someone on Chemistry?

You can text someone via SMS using Chemistry’s ConnectMe phone number. This works like a standard SMS, except you don’t have to reveal your phone number as it will be shown as an unknown number. Another way is to send an email via Chemistry’s ‘Send Message’ feature. You can do so with any members’ profile as long as you have a paid subscription.

How to see who likes you on Chemistry without paying?

You can see who likes you when you receive a ‘Flirt’ from someone on Chemistry. But this is a paid feature only. You can’t read flirts if you haven’t upgraded your membership.

How to block someone on Fetlife?

There is a block icon on every members’ profile. Click that and confirm your action to prevent any future communications.

How to cancel a subscription to Fetlife?

If you subscribed via external payment processors like Google Play or iTunes, canceling an account on Chemistry.com won’t cancel your billing. To permanently stop a recurring payment in this situation, you can check your active subscriptions under Apple or Android’s platform and cancel from there.

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