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Hinge Review 2021 – Is It Great or Scam?

Hinge Review 2021 – Is It Great or Scam?
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 76%
Popular age 26-32
Beauty 62%
Profiles 150,800
About Site
Visit rate 5.9
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • No flaking on this site. Most of the members, approximately 70 percent, seek honest affairs.
  • One could quickly and seamlessly change the location. You can do so by visiting the preferences section.
  • There are no expiry dates for matches and even conversations.
  • You can quickly move from messaging to phone call or a video call using the 'Date from Home' element.
  • It's run by one of the firms with a good reputation in the virtual matchmaking industry.
  • You just need to comment on a photo or like it if the person impresses you. That is a low investment form of communication compared to crafting a whole text to send to someone who may never see it like in most sites. Once you comment, it becomes simpler for the girl to begin the conversation.
  • Your interaction is restricted. Thus, you must upgrade if you want to take full advantage, the key elements of Hinge. For example, you can only get only ten likes in a single day. However, that is after meeting one condition-uploading up to six pictures.
  • You cannot send something similar to another member if your profile is not complete.
  • As a free user, you can only get like 10 matches presented to you in a day. This happens to be frustrating if you do not like any of them.
  • You cannot perform an extensive search using a free version of the site. For example, the only filters you can use are location, age, ethnicity, gender, and religion. And you can only access them once your profile is completed.

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Have you ever heard or read about Hinge before? Well, maybe yes or you never have. It is time to do so. This review gives powerful pointers to what it is and how it works. Traditionally, people would meet in social places. But things have changed. The traditional setting cannot be applied right now. People never have time to spend idling in social spots. Even most go there for business matters. And you will most likely admit that chores at home and work are usually overwhelming. This leaves you with no choice other than finding love online.

You see, Hinge is a good app dedicated to helping thousands of individuals meet potential partners. Most members on this platform look for sincere affairs. It mostly tries to compare you with friends of friends on Facebook. This way, you extend your social network and could meet more individuals. See, in this era of the internet, life has been made simple. You can quickly achieve a lot of things without moving out of your home. Similarly, you may not have to plan a trip to the city or big towns to find a good woman or gentleman to love. Dating platforms have got you covered.

Expert’s Review of Hinge

  • The Hinge has attracted over 5 million members from different parts of the world.
  • Most members are usually aged between 24 up to 32.
  • A large portion of the total membership comes from the US.
  • The site has a high member activity.

It is reported that more than 50 percent of the total membership hails from the US. The site also claims to possess equal proportions of gender. It was established back in 2012. However, in 2015, the site was improved tremendously. It changed its core objective to a website that helps people find relationships rather than just swiping through it concerning physical looks. It even advocates all its users to get rid of it once they succeed in getting a compatible partner. In 2019, it became a site for relationships, not entirely casual hookups.

Most Hinge users lie in the category of budding professionals. Their ages range from 24 up to 32. And a large proportion is looking for honest relationships. Thus, you may be convinced that most users are searching for partners with which they can settle down for marriage. There are no restrictions on race, gender, and ethnicity. You can find someone here despite your sexual orientation.

Website Design & Usability

Hinge Design

Everyone likes browsing on sites with exceptional layouts. And Hinge website boasts of a unique design. You see, when the Match Group bought it, it was rebranded. They redesigned it to a cleaner platform. The operators realized that the younger generation requires impressive websites. So, they changed the colors and the overall look. It is now better than it was before the rebranding. The interface now seems so remarkable.

See, the layout regularly promotes the contact elements of the site. This aims at encouraging members to use them. Now, they make use of vivid illustrations when making adverts and any tutorials for their users. Generally, Hinge proves to be very easy to utilize. You can access all the useful features right from the main interface of the platform. Right there, you find 4 tabs. Such tabs, shown as bubbles, are meant to reveal to you any possible interactions.

Special Features

You are most likely asking if there are unique elements in Hinge. Well, there are a couple of useful features. Hinge wants all users to embrace safe dating. Be it on the platform or out there during physical meetups. See, they are happy if they know you are safe. And most importantly, anyone who disrespects or says disappoints you has to be reported to the support team for immediate action. Here are the key elements of the Hinge.

‘Who Liked Me’

There is a heart tab where you can see anyone who liked you. However, this element can only be fully leveraged by premium account owners. Those that use a free plan cannot see the photos of those who sent likes to them. The images will be blurred. But for the fee-based subscribers, they can view the various profiles of those who liked them. You are, therefore, free to strike a talk with those members but only those that impress you.

‘We Met’

This is yet another Hinge element that was introduced recently. It is created to enable the sharing of meetup fetes once you meet your match. It is usually found under the 3 dots on the member’s conversation window. How did it go? What experience did you have? Were you satisfied with your match? Well, those are the most significant issues Hinge wants to know from you.


Hinge employs a unique style to present potential compatibles. You can like it or dislike it. The ones desired shall remain, but those despised disappears.

How does Hinge work?

Hinge work

Hinge is an excellent dating platform. It aims at enabling as many individuals as possible to find matches. Anyone who wants to find a serious person to date registers on Hinge. Upon successful signup, the person can utilize the various features to find a match. Also, there are many potential compatibles presented to you every time you log in. Pick one or any of them that looks good. Also, always chat with members as you make your selection. Finally, you can go for a date with your chosen match. If you find out that you made the right choice, you can leave the site. But in case it did not go as expected, you are permitted to stay in the site as you find another compatible.

Sign-Up Process

  • You should register with a phone number or your social media account, such as Facebook.
  • The process for signing up is organized step-wise.
  • You are expected to verify your phone.
  • One must be ready to upload up to six pictures.
  • You are capable of selecting the info to show in your profile.

Honestly, Hinge has a longer joining process than most dating sites. The reason behind this is the level of seriousness in relationships in Hinge. In such, anyone who is not after a serious affair may find the process a bit frustrating. But any person who needs a life partner finds it easy to complete. Every page will show up with blanks to be filled. Also, you are required to provide a valid email address after you decide to log in with either mobile number or Facebook account.

However, you will not be asked to verify your email. But anyone who wishes a mobile number, a code would be sent to it for approval. After you have provided the code as required, you can now head to these parts;

My Vitals

In this section, the system needs you to fill out your basic info. Here, you start by revealing your current location. You do so by just pinning it onto the map. It must, however, be your neighborhood. You cannot only indicate an entire state. This is easy because you can make use of your phone’s GPS feature to show the location. As well, one can manually enter the area. Gender and the preferred gender are the next to fill out. For bisexuals, you will get an option that would see both genders show interest in you. Other required info is your height, religion, kids, work, city, and ethnicity.

My Virtues

What are some of your perspectives on some controversial subjects? See, this is what they will ask after you are done with basic info fill out. For example, they may want to know what you think about politics, drugs, drinking, etc. and the answers you provide may appear in your profile or not. But that is upon you to decide which appears and which doesn’t.

My Profile

Yes, it is time to upload cute pictures. These pictures will be appearing in your profile. Here, it is a must that you upload six photos. If you opt to import from Facebook, then the system will get the most recent ones, six of them. However, you cannot delete the uploaded pictures. But if you have to, you can just replace them with other cool photos. See, your profile can stand out. To achieve this, provide all required pieces of info. And make sure any parts that require writing notes are creatively done.

Users’ Profiles Quality

Hinge Profiles Quality

Remember, the info that is displayed on your profile gets approval from the owner, that is you. In each user’s profile, personal info, any written response, and pictures can be viewed. One should scroll down to get a glimpse of the info and pictures shared by the user. To send a ‘like,’ click on the heart icon. Tap an ‘x’ icon that keeps hovering to be led to the next on the line. Most of the profiles contain full info about the member. You will have an opportunity to know the person better by reading the written responses. They reveal the personality of that member. You see, just like you took time to ensure your profile you complete, others have gone the same steps. So, you will not struggle to find info that pertains to a particular user.

Mobile Application

Yes, Hinge has a nice app. It can be downloaded from the app store. It is an excellent application that allows you to enjoy all the perks of Hinge on your mobile phone. Its design is stunning, and navigation is seamless. If you download the mobile application, you will find out that you no longer need a desktop to browse Hinge. So, go for the app from the respective stores, and you will enjoy it. In case you come across any issues, reach out to the support team to help you.

Hinge Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

Hinge Websites & Apps
  • MeetMe
    This app assists you find new persons who are near you. Most importantly, those people should share a similar interest as you. And it is free. It is fun and very engaging to meet new people on this site.
  • Plenty of Fish (POF)
    This is yet another global matchmaking platform. Most of its users are very friendly and respectful. And It focuses on creating lasting affairs.
  • OkCupid
    This is a free dating platform. It is among the fastest-growing sites. You can try it out.

Membership Price and Payment Methods

Hinge Price

This site requires that you pay the fee to gain access to the useful elements. One-month would go for 10.99 USD. A membership that lasts for three months would demand 6.99 USD for each of them. Six months of membership would require 4.99 USD for each of them. You can make your payment for a subscription using a credit card or via mobile money services.

Free Membership Features

  • You can have a look at other members’ profiles.
  • You could know those that liked you.

Premium Membership Features

  • With this paid plan, one can send many ‘likes.’
  • You will be able to know or see those that liked you in one place.
  • You can control your preferred matches easily. The cutting-edge search filters aid this.

Is Hinge Really Safe?

Hinge Safe

Yes, Hinge is a very safe site to find love. However, the site advocates everyone to remain vigilant when utilizing the platform. If anyone comes across any suspicious profile, they should report it immediately. That way, there will be zero scammers. But in reality, there are few to zero fake profiles. So, never be afraid to register.


Hinge Conclusion

Hinge is such an excellent spot for anyone looking to find a compatible partner. Hinge is more than a simple dating site. It centers on creating lasting affairs. Thus, those who intend to have lasting romances should join the site. In this platform, there are millions of like-minded individuals ready for a sincere, intimate relationship. Anyone can quickly get a partner from this platform. The features embedded in this site are advantageous in finding matches. But if you are not after a serious affair, you may not find this helpful platform. See, other sites offer hookups for casual sex and friendships. You can try them out. You will be able to achieve a lot with this dating platform. You may someday give a five-star review about the site only because it helped you find a suitable partner that you ended up getting married to. You just need to make a move. Attempt to join the site. You will love it.

Hinge FAQs

Here are the answers to the questions you may have concerning the use of Hinge. If your issues are not addressed by the responses provided in this FAQ section, kindly reach out to the support team. They will be happy to help you.

How to successfully delete the Hinge account?

Go to settings and click on the ‘Account.’ You will then tap the ‘Delete Account’ option and confirm that you want to get rid of it. It will be permanently deleted.

How to message fellow members on Hinge?

Upon liking someone’s profile, just include a message to them. they will receive it.

How can you see who likes you on Hinge without paying?

Free account users must view the profiles one at a time. That is the only way they can have a glimpse of who liked their profiles.

How can you block someone on Hinge?

The best tactic to block a disturbing member is to report them to the support team simply. Once reported, they can never reach out to you.

How do you cancel a Hinge subscription?

You can tap your account settings and cancel your subscription. It is straightforward.

Contact Information

  • Company Name: Hinge Inc.
  • Address: 508 LaGuardia Place, NYC, New York, 10012
  • Zip Code + City: New York
  • Country: United States of America
  • Customer Support Email: Hello@hinge.co
  • Facebook: Hinge
  • Twitter: @hinge
  • Blog: Hinge.co
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