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Hinge vs. Bumble – Full Guide for Comparing

Hinge vs. Bumble – Full Guide for Comparing

Dating apps have been more popular now; people find an easier way to find the perfect ones. There are so many good dating apps; two of them are Hinge and Bumble. To know the difference between Hinge vs. Bumble, read the details down.

Hinge, famously known for its campaign, is a dating app created to be the best one. You can feel the seriousness of Hinge’s goal – to get you someone of similar value. Developed in 2012 by Justin McLeod, the app launched its services in the following year.

Having a difference of focus, Bumble aims to lift women’s spirits to have the first move. Whitney Wolfe, its founder, challenges the mainstream idea that women can’t be active in relationships. Since the app’s launching in 2014, Bumble has been putting women in charge of creating new connections and interactions.

Both brands get positive responses from most of their members. The difference is the type of connections. Hinge stands on its slogan, assisting singles in finding a long-standing relationship. In contrast, Bumble is not limited to only dates. For anyone new to Bumble, you might be surprised to know that its members are searching for besties and professional networking.

Hinge app’s design has become much more appealing with its aesthetic sides. The design is minimalistic yet colorful with fine-drawn animations. The bottom of the main interface includes all features.

The discovery feature is to view other profiles and send likes. You can engage in comments of photos and prompts. No more boring conversation; you might send any pop-ups opinion on other accounts as a conversation starter. For a more private chat, use messages also to see what others say about you.

Bumble stands out for its bright color of yellow. The design is straightforward and minimalistic to enhance the user experience. Its simplicity lightens the overall use of the app. All features are at the bottom of the interface: your profile with its setting, potential matches, filters, and Beeline (to see who liked you).

Hinge vs. Bumble, in terms of design and usability, are of equal benefit. Both brands promote a user-friendly interface with an eye-catching design to boot. However, for its unique idea of encouragement, Bumble catches more interest.

How to Choose a Better One?

Hinge vs. Bumble, which brand is better? To answer such a question, you have to know what you’re searching for. Even though they’re surfing through the same dating apps, that doesn’t mean they’re similar in motion.

For singles who desire to have a long-standing relationship, Hinge is your perfect dating app. While for singles who only need a casual relationship, Bumble gives you many opportunities to find new best friends and form professional networking.

Now, let’s take a look at the brand’s quality of members. Profiles on Hinge are created properly for serious dating. You can view their profiles to see detailed information about the person. You can scroll down to read about other prompts, the about me section, photos, and captions to have a good view.

Bumble, contrastingly, doesn’t require a detailed profile for members. You might find, and then swipe left/right, very short accounts or long ones. However, to avoid scammers, Bumble has a verification process to give your profile a blue check icon.

In terms of accounts, Hinge got the better layout and quality.

Hinge vs. Bumble: What’s about Price Comparison?

If you want to increase the odds, be willing to spend a few of your fortunes. It is undeniable that the upgraded version offers greater advantages.

Hinge calls their upgraded version as Preferred Member. You can pay with either a credit card or through your mobile phone. With details from the table below:

Subscriptions Duration Price/Month The Total Amount
1 month $9.99 $9.99
3 months $6.99 $20.97
6 year $4.99 $29.94

For new members, Hinge offers a 7-day free trial. If you’re satisfied with the Preferred Membership, you can pay the regular amount of subscription after. To cancel, make sure to go to your account settings or to whichever payment method it is.

Hinge also offers one free Rose to members. Roses function as a Standout to your liked profile(s). To effectively share Roses with many, you can buy them in:

Roses Pricing Price/Roses The Total Amount
1 Rose $3.99 $3.99
6 Roses $3.33 $19.99
12 Roses $2.49 $29.99

Bumble has two different types of paid packages. The first is BumbleBoost, in which you can pay a set amount of money for a certain duration. Here’s the list:

BumbleBoost Subscriptions Price The Total Amount
1 Week $5.99 $5.99
1 Month $12.99 $12.99
3 Months $10.00 $29.99
Lifetime $59.99 $59.99

For new members, BumbleBoost offers discounts to the 1-Month and 3-Month subscriptions. You will save 49% off the price for 1-Month, and 61% off for 3-Month. In the Bumble subscription policy, you can cancel the auto-renew paid version at any time in the payment setting.

The second is buying coins, known as Bumble Credits. Whichever version, the payment methods available are through credit card, PayPal, Google Wallet, and your mobile phone.

Bumble Credits Price
5 Coins $5.99
15 Coins $14.99
30 Coins $24.99

After the price, here come the advantages of membership:

Hinge Preferred Member BumbleBoost Subscription
Accessibility to see who liked your profile Able to see ‘liked’ your profile
Unlimited likes to send SuperSwipe for standing out
Advanced filters of your preference matches Rematch with expired liked profiles
Getting the double amount of dates Get the spotlight in your location-based area
Be prioritized to Hinge support experts No 24-hour limit of matches

Compared to the Hinge vs. Bumble pricing list, we are confident to say that Bumble offers a sweeter deal. The brand gives members many options to choose from, besides, cheaper than Hinge. Also, it provides a lifetime subscription for less than $60 in one payment.

Hinge vs. Bumble: Who Can Join?

Hinge and Bumble majority of members are under 40 years old. Both brands have an approximately equal number of males and females. Hinge has over 5 million active members, while Bumble doubles that number.

As explained before, anyone of any gender can join online dating services. Both provide more than 50 options of gender. It includes male-female-related gender terms and non-binary.

The difference, however, lies in each app’s primary goal. Hinge is earnest to attend to your need for a long-standing relationship. It isn’t your common casual hookup dating apps. Meanwhile, Bumble isn’t fixed on dating. It gives you three different options of connection to make. You can, at any time, change the setting to search for dates, friends, or professional partners.

Based on the probability of getting a long-standing date, Hinge has a nice ring to it.

Hinge’s Features

  • Most Compatible
  • The “Most Compatible Matches” feature means that you will have a higher success rate to date with them.

  • We Met
  • The feature “We Met” requests you to write opinions or responses of your dates. It strives to give you more good matches through the feedback of your real-time experience.

  • Success Rate, App & Sign-Up Process
  • Hinge is famous for having a high success rate of successful dating! Up to 90% of matches connected, and around 72% of matches lead to a second date.

You can join the number by downloading the dating app on Apple or Google Play Store. To join in, you must be at least 18, and as long as you have no bad records, you are free to join! Almost similar to Instagram, you can view profiles, comments on their prompts and photos. It’s more interactive and less tedious.

Hinge needs access through your Facebook account to sign up. Plus, you might use your mobile phone number. The process of signing up is a bit complicated but easy to follow. After signing up through the two options, you have to verify the account by your email address. Next, there will be guides to fill in your location, preferences, and profiles.

You need to provide general facts about yourself; Vitals, Virtues, and Vices. The location of your area must be specific to your neighborhood. You must give other points on your preferred gender, your current single status, height, religion, occupation, latest education, ethnicity, origin, and views of the world’s issues.

Hinge obliges you to upload six photos. You can pick ones from your Facebook gallery or camera rolls. Then, to create a more detailed and intimate profile, you have to write short answers to the questions. All of the information above, you have the control to show it publicly or hide them.

Bumble’s Features

  • SuperSwipe
  • SuperSwipe grants you the spotlight to be at the top list of your liked matches. You have to buy coins, then swipe the member’s profile to your liking. They will get the notification that you’re sincerely interested in them.

  • BumbleHive
  • Bumble supports all members to join legit events. With BumbleHive, you can participate in the events and gain greater chances to have fun, find casual/serious dates, get besties/hotties, and gain business-related knowledge, connections, and others. BumbleHive also provides event conferences for you to discuss matters related to career building and so on.

  • BumbleBizz
  • BumbleBizz raises your opportunity to create new professional networking. It allows you to find new business partners, sponsors, and any business-related field.

  • BumbleBFF
  • Bumble BFF, or Bumble For Friends, is for you who wants an intimate but non-sexually romantic committed relationship. In short, a spiritual kind of love. Should you find cool persons with character, don’t miss them out. To activate this service, go to the setting of your account. There is the option to switch mode. Click on it, and then change your mode to BFF. Voila! Now, you’re good to go.

  • Backtrack
  • Bumble allows you to have three rematches each day, but you need to upgrade your account to the paid version. Had you accidentally swipe through profiles, you can backtrack them all.

  • The BeeHive
  • The BeeHive is a stock-up blog post on “how to Bumble.” It has guides to create profiles, facts of mistakes by members, and event updates.

  • Success Rate, App & Sign-Up Process
  • Bumble is an online dating app created to build up casual or professional connections. Despite the setting, there are up to 80% of matches connected. Later, these matches lead to a date. So, no need to worry about not finding your fated one! On the app, Bumble has the roulette-type matching system that is swiping, to the left for a “no” and to the right for a “yes.”

The comparison of Hinge vs. Bumble, the second is a lot easier to its sign-up process. You don’t have to fill in any queries. Just sign up through your Facebook account, then, Bumble will access and copy all of your Facebook profile information. Or, if you’re uncomfortable with this sign-up process, you can join through your mobile phone number.

Bumble is a location-based dating app. So, you always have to activate your GPS to search and swipe profiles. Also, the filter of distance allows you to set the minimum and maximum range for potential matches.

Next, you can upload one to six photos. To complete your profile, you can fill in some general facts about yourself such as profile prompts, about, occupation, latest education, gender, and so on.

Considering every point, Bumble has the upper hand on features and the sign-up process, while Hinge wins a higher success rate.

And the Winner is: Hinge or Bumble?

About Hinge vs. Bumble’s comparison, Bumble takes the lead for winning five out of seven points. The site develops into something more than just dating. It encourages women to take more parts of a relationship. It offers a cheaper pricing membership, a more straightforward sign-up process, and many interactive features.

Bumble is the dating app we’d like to recommend to you. Even more so, if you’re new to the field, you can start with a casual and non-platonic friendship and then move to professional networking. Last, if you’re confident enough, go for the dates!

While Hinge is still a good option, you want a long-standing relationship from the get-go. However, the choice to select between Hinge vs. Bumble is up to you, just take a breath and go on with your preference.

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