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Jdate vs Jswipe – Full Guide For Comparing

Jdate vs Jswipe – Full Guide For Comparing

The two dating sites enjoyed a fair share of services, where the Jdate catered for Jewish singles, and the latter can be referred to as Tinder of Jewish people. Until 2015, Jdate filed a lawsuit against Jswipe, claiming why the website is using the letter j in its brand name. Guess what? The dispute ended well, and the two websites teamed up together. Even though the two brands share the same roof, there is a big difference in how they operate.

Jdate design and user interface

Jdate was first established in the year 1997. It is one of the influential websites under Spark Network, aiming to provide a platform where people can meet and date. It is also crucial to note that Jdate has undergone several redesigns to ensure the best services to its discerning clients. The website is open to both believers and non-believers, where it specifies if you are ready to change to Judaism or not.

The website is best known for its excellent user interface. If you do come, the website offers a welcoming main page, which displays members’ preferences and hobbies in pictures instead of plain texts. The website also provides a decent matchmaking engine, which promises plenty of dates within a day. If manual searching is your thing, you can change options as well. Believe it or not, the website also offers another option – the secret admirer, where you can mingle randomly with selected profiles. With several features, the website still manages to work on both desktop and mobile versions. The free downloadable app is easy to use – one of the convenient methods many people prefer.

Jswipe design and interface

The website announced its establishment in the year 2014. It is no surprise that the dating websites ditched the concept of Tinder when it comes to matchmaking, where users can swipe left or right to find their perfect matches.

Jswipe is an excellent website best suitable for those seeking a serious relationship. Perhaps, that is why its profile pictures are less erotic but have plenty of information compared to Jdate.

Another important thing you will notice about this website is that after 18 days, all messages will get permanently deleted.

How to choose a better one?

If you are new to the dating world, websites are different based on features, popularity, sexual orientation, among many. The two websites, of course, offer the best free of use. But, each of them works differently.

For instance, when it comes to the best website for sending pictures, it appears that Jswipe supports the feature. Jdate, on the other hand, does not allow sending of images.

When you talk of Jdate, the website offers events both online and offline. Unlike Jswipe, which does events online only.

Your location and the quality of members matter a lot. It is noteworthy that Jswipe is not suitable for those living in smaller cities. But it is one of the best dating websites for younger daters looking for a serious relationship.

Overall, finding the best dating website between the two comes down to your dating preferences and needs. Keep reading!


Although the two websites belong to the same company, their popularity differs. Jdate’s popularity appears to be low when compared to its counterpart. Maybe it is because only members from the Jewish community are allowed to register.

The current survey reports about 50,000 active members every week with about 185,000 within a month. On the other hand, Jswipe reports about 85,000 active users within a week. The majority of members registering at the Jswipe website are Jewish, where 300,000 hails from the USA. But there are also other members from countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom, Israel, France, Germany, among others who want to join the site.

Most of the population on the Jswipe website is younger adults. But you will also find older people as far as 65 years and above. Most of them are straight singles looking for a Jewish relationship. In terms of gender distribution, Jswipe has more males than females, providing women with an exciting opportunity to meet their matched preferences.

Coming to Jdate, the majority of members hail from the USA (about 240,000). Although the website is open to both men and women, most users are females between 35 and 49 years. So, men have higher possibilities of meeting a potential match.

Jswipe vs Jdate: What’s about Price Comparison?

Both websites enjoy the free sign-up process. But if you want to enjoy some perks, the two websites require members to subscribe to premium versions. In comparison to pricing, Jswipe is average and offers plenty of features on the free version. Some of them include unlimited browsing, upload photos, view profile pictures, and even creating an account. On the other hand, Jdate is above average and offers a few free services. Free members can search other members, but they cannot send or receive messages.

Subscription duration Jdate Jswipe
1 Month $59.99 $24.99
3 Months $134.97 $44.99
6 Months $179.95 $59.99

So, do you need to subscribe to enjoy Jswipe? Absolutely yes, if you want to enjoy unlimited swipes, sending & receiving of messages. Both websites allow payment using credit cards or PayPal. Members at Jdate can make payments using mobile phones.

The winner is Jswipe.

Jswipe vs Jdate: Who can join?

Both websites allow all people to join regardless of age, gender or skin color. However, Jswipe caters to younger adults who are looking to build a long-lasting relationship. But the website also allows old members to join.

Jdate, on the other hand, is specifically designed for Jewish members looking to spice up their relationship. But the website also allows members from different communities to join. You can conclude that it’s a win for Jswipe.

The profile quality

Jdate allows users to search profiles of other members through filtered search criteria. There is no subscription required to enjoy this feature. Some of the features you can enjoy as a Jdate member include searching your preferred match based on his/her age, gender, or location.

On Jdate, creating a profile is quite restricted as compared to Jswipe. Because once they detect a fake account, your account will get suspended immediately. So, it is a good idea to upload more of your photos to make your account noticeable. However, you can add/change your profile once you register. It is also worth mentioning that Jdate ensures the safety of all its members. Even better, the support center will take action against any member with aggressive behaviors.

For Jswipe, the website requires no verification process. This means profile information is not detailed. But what makes the website a supergiant is how it determines if you are a Jewish or a non-Jewish using Kosher and non-Kosher options. But creating an account with this website takes no minute because you are required to fill in little information.

Jdate Features

Jdate is a dating website that focuses mainly on real dating. So, it does not sacrifice its features. It comes with compelling features to elevate the overall user experience. Some of the features the website offers include:

  1. Jdate events

It is one of the crucial features the website offers. Jdate allows offline events where members can meet in person and share their thought and desires.

  1. Kibitz corner

The feature provides you with a chance to answer daily questions and see what other members answer. The website offers you an opportunity to start a connection, especially if you are new.

  1. J-life

This is Jdate’s online magazine, where you can find tips, advice, and stories from successful dating that has blossomed online.

  1. Secret admirer

The feature allows members to determine if the liked profile matches their feelings.

Jdate mobile app

Jdate is specifically designed to be convenient for both iOS and Android users. The mobile version is no different because all features get transformed from the website. The mobile app is easy to use, and navigation does not need more tapping and swiping. The app aims to make browsing quick without delays. The profile section is nothing than just short of excellence. Although free members are limited to some perks, some features like matchmaking make Jdate a perfect choice for many people.

Signing up at Jdate

Jdate offers one of the easiest and simplest registration processes. It will take a maximum of 3 minutes to complete signing up with Jdate. All new members will get required to provide their details, including name, age, address, and many more. You will also be required to fill in extra information such as ethnicity, height, skin color, among others. The more detailed your profile is, the more likely you to meet a potential match. However, it will take some time for the admin to approve.

Jswipe Features

Some of the primary features that you can enjoy as a Jswipe user may include:

  1. Passport

The passport features works like a VPN. But instead of changing an IP address, you change the location. Passport is a paid feature that allows users to connect with other members from a different location.

  1. SuperNote

Available for paid users, this feature allows you to send messages to individuals who have not even swiped right on your profile.

  1. Optimize photo

The feature allows paid members to optimize their profile photos so that you can get plenty of right swipes.

Signing up at Jswipe

The website offers a one-tab registration process through Facebook. So, if you want to try Jswipe, you better create a Facebook account.

The registration process is simple and straightforward. There is no registration fee needed. Once you launch the application on your compatible device, click on the sign-up button. By clicking on the sign-up button, it means you are allowed access to fill in some information that will get displayed. Then the app will automatically synchronize details on Facebook to your Jswipe account. The signing up process will not take much time because there is no need to fill questionnaire forms.

The overall rating for the two websites is as follows:


  • 4/5 Signing up
  • 4/5 profile quality
  • 4/5 mobile app
  • 2.5/5 sending and receiving of messages


  • 3/5 signing up
  • 3/5 profile quality
  • 3/5 sending and receiving messages
  • 3/5 mobile apps

Jswipe mobile app

The mobile app is user-friendly and allows members to enjoy a wide variety of features, so you can be sure of connecting Jewish singles from nearby locations. The app allows users to swipe notes, swipe passports, and preview other singles at ease to improve the overall user experience. The mobile app was specifically designed to help users with convenience. And this is an accomplishment, thanks to its catchy interface.

And the Winner is: Jswipe vs Jdate

Although these websites aim for distinct users, there is one that is superior to the other. Even though Jdate features a traditional way of functioning, it offers excellent matchmaking that you need to find a perfect Jewish match. But when it comes to sending and receiving messages, all websites can get bypassed by paying a subscription fee.

Jswipe is best suitable for young adults. That is why it offers an excellent matchmaking feature and a perfect choice for those seeking a website with highly integrated technology to help them find members close to them. Even better, their service is available for free and does not require any subscription fee.

The Jswipe vs Jdate review’s comparison is based on key criteria such as expert reviews, the analysis, and ratings. The ultimate winner for Jdate vs Jswipe review is Jswipe.

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