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Kasidie Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

Kasidie Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 52%
Popular age 26-40
Beauty 46%
Profiles 280.000
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Visit rate 3.1
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The broad and active member base
  • The platform provides travel and meeting place suggestions for a casual hookup
  • Provide a list of local and international real-life events
  • You need to subscribe to see other users' profiles.
  • Not all cities are available in Kasidie.
  • There are plenty of chat rooms and forums, but mostly it’s empty and quiet because users prefer to meet in clubs and parties.
  • Limited features for free sign-ups

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Kasidie is a unique adult dating site that serves people who are interested in casual sex and quick hookups. It’s galore of hotties and cuties looking for low-commitment or no-strings-attached relationships. So if you’re looking for long-term commitments or marriage, this is not the right place for you.

But if fling and “quickies” are what you are searching for, Kasidie is what you need. But is the site the perfect choice for a swinger like you?

In this review, we’ll share all the essential details you need to know before signing up with Kasidie. You’ll learn the signup process, membership price, the safety of the site, and much more. Keep reading, and we hope it will give you some ideas about what Kasidie is all about.

Expert’s Review of Kasidie

Kasidie Review

Kasidie was launched in 2006 and continues to gain popularity from swingers around the world. Kasidie’s staff are mostly swingers themselves, so they know what they’re doing. They understand how the swinger society works and feel they can help all swingers socialize with each other. However, they realize that not all swingers readily admit they are one; thus, this platform allows all swingers to be free in expressing themselves.

Similar to Fetlife, Kasidie offers its members the opportunity to network, join the community, and share information. With their motto “Remember my name, you’ll be screaming it later,” the site has a reputation for serving and consummation of one’s sexual yearnings. It may sound naughty for a non-swinger, but all swingers believe they have a right to be who they are and enjoy what they are doing.

The dating site is offering a list of places and events for swingers who are seeking for a partner to enjoy quick sex. People might think that the site only caters to swingers, but curious people are welcome to join. There’s no harm in attending a party and making new friends!

As we have mentioned earlier, Kasidie is a dating site that helps swingers meet other swingers. It is designed for people seeking to find sexual partners, as well as someone who enjoys associating with an open-minded society. It’s an adult community site created for daring individuals.

Swingers are also known as “Sybarites,” – a group of people that share the same interests in sexual fulfillment. And this includes fetish, group sex, BDSM, role-playing, voyeurism, and soft or full swapping.

According to recent web stats, the website ranked in the top 15000 sites in all the US. The platform attracts more than 600000 users yearly.

Website Design & Usability Of The Dating Platform

Kasidie Design & Usability Of The Dating

Kasidie’s website feels like you’ve stepped into a carefree club in the city. It’s lustrous black colors, and minimalist appearance makes it appealing and sexy. The image of a lustful lady on the main page gives viewers the anticipation to dive deeper.

The overall website design is simple and uncomplicated. It’s easy to navigate and user-friendly. Even a newbie will know how to ‘play’ around with it.

Kasidie’s website provides users with advanced search tools to find friends, groups, clubs, and bars within your area. You can refine your search result by editing the filters and targeting a specific location.

The website has a useful directory for all users that lists services, products, and travel activities. Some of the range of categories include clothes, gifts, sex toys, clubs, blogs, podcasts, and travel.

Special Features on Kasidie

Here are Kasidie’s special features that all users can use.


You can purchase erotic merchandise and sex toys here. You don’t have to be an elite certified member to buy things or to browse the shops. Most of the shops here are available offline too, so if you think you need to visit a physical location, check out the sex shop listings and find the nearest store in your area.


This feature allows you to have sex with other people when you’re traveling. Post your travel itinerary on Kasidie and get a chance to meet other users from your travel destination. You can also see other user’s travel plans. If you notice other members are traveling to your area, you can initiate a conversation and connect with them.

Club Listings

You can see clubs, parties, and events listings near your area with this feature. Go to “Club Listing” and add your location. Then it will list down all clubs, sex, or erotic parties and events that are happening in your city. A few popular international events were held previously. One was in Jamaica, which was called Sexy Olympics, and another was a nudist music festival held in Mexico City.


This feature allows you to post your desire and availability for a short term encounter and rate it on a scale of 0 to 5 on the “Sexometer.”

How does Kasidie work?

Kasidie work

Most of the users on Kasidie are looking for hookups and casual sex. This means when you’re online, you’ll find many users who are raunchy and ready to have sex.

There are four ways to search for people you are interested in:-

  • You can do a profile search.
  • You can search using a username.
  • Through forums – you can search based on topics that people love to discuss.
  • New member search – members that recently joined the platform.
  • You can also browse through the list of clubs and upcoming events near you or places you’ll visit.

Even though the site provides chatrooms and forums so people can meet there, many users prefer to check on the listings and meet in person. So, if you need to fulfill your needs ASAP, check out where people are gathering at and be ready to have fun.

If you have used MySpace and Facebook before, you’ll get used to Kasidie quickly. It has the same feature where you can check-in when you attend any party, clubs, and events.

Kasidie Sign Up Process

Kasidie Sign Up

Like most swingers’ dating sites, new users can sign up as either a couple or a single person. Upon registration, you’re required to state your level of interest in the various sex activities described in swingers’ slang like “hall pass” and soft swap” The sign-up process is easy and straight forward. You can complete it in less than 10 minutes.

Kasidie is focusing on casual sex and hookups, so the amount of information they need is minimal. You’ll start by visiting Kasidie’s registration page. Then select your gender and the gender that you’re hoping to have sex with. You can create a username and add a little bit about yourself.

You need to upload one clear photo of yourself, showing your face and body. If signing up as a couple, you need to upload a photo of both of you together. You can proceed with the registration after you upload a photo. Signing up without a picture won’t be permitted. However, Kasidie’s profile photo requirements are not strictly demanding. As long as you are not using a photo of your kids, pets, avatar, or random landscapes, it should be alright. You’re not allowed to use a nude photo as the profile image as well.

There is a list of questions that you can answer at the end of the process, but it’s optional. There’ll be 30 to 40 questions asking about what you like sexually, your sex lifestyle, and personal interests. You also need to rate each sex act on a scale of 0 to 5 on things like erotic email, sex videos, and handjobs, for example. Like most dating sites and apps, the more information you provide, the higher chances you have of meeting someone.

Users Profiles Quality

Even though this is a casual hookup site, there is no reason to be lazy. Add a little shine to your profile by completing your bio and answering all the questionnaires so people will know you better. A good Kasidie profile will include a few photos and a detailed ‘about you.’ Keep in mind that all images uploaded to Kasidie.com will be watermarked.

Users can also ask Kasidie’s administration to verify your profile. Once verified, Kasidie will add a “Certified Member” badge on your profile. A verified profile will appear trustworthy and boost the chances of making more new friends and getting invites to events and parties.

You can get your profile verified by:-

  • Emailing your username and email to certification@kasidie.com
  • Get a friend who is also a Kasidie certified member to vouch for you.
  • A club owner, Kasidie staff, or an event planner for Kasidie that you have met in person can also verify your profile.

All profiles have customizable privacy settings.

Mobile Application

Kasidie’s mobile application is not yet available. But if you’re using your phone to browse, you can use it for their mobile version of the site. Kasidie’s mobile site looks fresh and modern. The functionality is the same in both desktop and mobile versions.

Kasidie Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

Kasidie Websites & Apps

Adult Friend Finder

If you plan on taking your regular sex life to another level, you might want to consider signing-up on Adult Friend Finder. You need to be open-minded and have an interest in random sex acts. You can meet with swingers on this platform who are ready to have sex with you.


Don’t mistake the platform for people who are looking for a serious relationship only. Tinder is a haven for singles, couples, and swingers who are looking to have fun physically as well as intimate relationships.


Swingles have more than 50,000 active members who are ready to have fun and explore numerous sexual acts. If you’re looking for a sexual experience without the burden of commitments, check out Swingles and start looking for potential sex partners.

Red Hot Pie

This site is the ideal place to search for erotica parties and events. You can host your party and invite RedHotPie members to come.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Kasidie Price

If you want to start connecting with other users on Kasidie, upgrading your membership will be a great idea. By upgrading your account to Elite Certified, you will receive exposure and open more opportunities.

Here’s an overview of the membership price of Elite Certified on Kasidie’s site.

Duration Cost
One month $19.95
Three month $15 per month
Six month $12.66 per month
One year $10.82 per month

You’ll get to save 50 percent of your monthly payment if you choose to sign up for a full-year membership.

You can make payments via Mastercard, Visa, and Discovery.

Free Membership Features

Kasidie’s free members will enjoy these features:

  • Create a free profile
  • Browse through events and parties
  • Browse through and add clubs near you
  • Read updates on the forum
  • See who is the newest member
  • Show who is online

Premium Membership Features

The site is free to sign up, but you’ll have to pay to enjoy certain features. The reason Kasidie is charging its users is to keep them honest and assure all swingers are committed. Not all users prefer to be known as a swinger in public. So by agreeing to pay, you are showing that you are vested in this platform and the swinger lifestyle.

For premium members, they get to enjoy these features:-

  • Join the chat rooms.
  • Send an email to another user.
  • View other people’s profiles and photos.
  • Join Kasidie’s forums.
  • Remove ads.
  • Organize and join parties

Is Kasidie Safe?

You can conceal or blur your photo if you want to hide your identity. And you don’t have to use your real name in your profile.

Like any other dating websites, you are advised to practice safety and take proper precautions. Never share any personal information like your home and work address, security number, and contact number with any user on Kasidie. If you decide to go to the events on Kasidie’s listings, make sure someone like your family or friends is aware of your whereabouts.

Overall, Kasidie is a safe swingers website as long as you know what you want and are sincere in meeting someone that shares the same interest with you.


Kasidie is created especially for swingers. If you’re looking for a serious relationship, this is not the right place for you. The platform promises to deliver a swinger’s dreams and all of their desires. There’s a high chance that you’ll meet a good number of casual sex partners and friends if you decide to join their community. The site may not have a more extensive user database, but all of their users are legit and active.

Overall, even if you have to pay to become an Elite Certified member, it is still quite affordable. If you want regular hookups and to save some money, go for the 1-year plan.

How to delete a Kasidie account?

If you’re no longer interested in using the platform, you can delete your account. Go to your Profile and click on “Menu.” Choose “Delete Account”

How to message someone on Kasidie ?

All certified Elite users can use instant messages feature and chat rooms to interact with each other. You can set who you like to receive a message from. You can choose from “a friend” or “anybody.” You can send a message to another member by clicking on the bubble button on their profile. They will receive a notification to “accept or deny” chatting with you. If you are on the paid tier, you can know whether he or she is online. If not, you can send them an email instead.

If you have a camera and a microphone, you can video chat. Just send an invite to the user you plan to have a video chat with to start the conversation.

How to see who likes you on Kasidie without paying?

You can’t see who likes you or wink at you on Kasidie because the platform has no such feature. You can only view who views your profile if you’re a paying member.

How to block someone on Kasidie ?

If you think someone on Kasidie is harassing you or is abusive, you can simply block the user. When you decide to block another user, she or he can’t view your photos, postings, and Check-in status.

You can block other users by going to “My Profile.” Click on the “Profile Settings” and select the “Block User” option.

You can also report a user to Kasidie’s customer service if you think he or she is dangerous to other members of the Kasidie community.

How to cancel Kasidie subscription?

So you had a few months of fun on Kasidie, and now you decide to take a break or quit Kasidie. You can cancel your subscription by following these easy steps:-

  • Go to Menu and click on “Profile Settings.”
  • Click on “Cancel Subscription.”

If you have a problem canceling your membership, kindly contact Kasidie’s customer service.

Contact Information

If you need to contact Kasidie to ask about your subscription, problems with signing up, complaints, or for advertisement purposes, you can contact them via these channels.

  • Company Name: Kasidie Entertainment, LLC
  • Address: 6370 W. Flamingo Road, Suite 27
  • Zip Code + City: NV 89103 Las Vegas
  • Country: United States
  • Customer Support Email: admin@kasidie.com
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Blog
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