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Kinkyads Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

Kinkyads Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
About Girls
Date with older guy 1%
Reply rate 87%
Beauty 91%
Popular age 25-26
Profiles 1.900.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The best and the most startling feature is that it is an entirely free site. All the features of the website are available to all the members.
  • The site has less number of fake profiles.
  • Most dating websites have a very disturbing homepage, which is full of ads and popups. Compared to those sites, Kinkyads looks clean, and every inch of space is not covered with ads.
  • You can message anyone you feel will be a good match for you. There are chat rooms, which you can enter for discussion.
  • The site has a meager population and has not spread to all the areas. You can still search for the nearest place where you can find a pool of users.
  • The site does not verify the users and their profiles. You need to be very careful when you talk to other users, as they can be fake.
  • The accessibility of the site is not right, as it doesn’t have a mobile app. People are nowadays using their smartphones more than their PC. The brand is losing out on many customers in this manner.
  • You cannot do anything on this site unless and until you register yourself. It is a bummer for the website is free for all, and every user is a premium and free user.

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The kink community is becoming restless as they don’t have a perfect platform to explore their sexual adventures. These people are into non-traditional methods of sex as they don’t find any fun in the regular traditional methods. Kinkyads puts this restlessness of the kink community to rest. Does the site have all the necessary features to face this community? You will find out as you read the full Kinkyads review.

Kinkyads is a hookup site for people who are into other sex practices like BDSM and role-play. A time when a site like Craigslist Personals provided the kink dating site community with a platform to meet strangers and hook up casually with them. It was a massive blow for them when the site was taken down. There was this huge void that was left by Craigslist Personals, which no one could fill. That is when Kinkyads came into the picture. It took the void as an opportunity and tried to capitalize on it. The site does not have a vast pool of members and is always evolving. The site has not quite reached its predecessor level, and it is still a long work in progress.

Expert’s Review of Kinkyads

Kinkyads Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

The people who join this site are from the kink community or people who want to explore what the community is into or about. These people are particularly into other practices of sex like BDSM and role-play. Do not join this site if you are looking for a normal dating site. The site has more than 1.5 lakh members. This population is not too large and can be termed below average. There is no restriction relating to the sexual orientation of a person. It means the site is open to gays, lesbians, and bisexuals. Moreover, the site is entirely free for all its users, and there is no concept of premium membership. This site is still emerging and will take time to turn into something big.

Website Design & Usability

The site has a neat structure with a well-organized layout. The app is not filled with ads at every nook and corner. It is a very bright thing as most users tend to lose their cool with all the ads and popups. The site’s usability is simple and straightforward, and you are not expected to find any complication of any sort. There is no app version, but it is said from users’ experience that the site operates well even in smartphones.

Special Features

Kinkyads Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

The site does not have any prominent features to woo the people. The only positive thing about the website is that every aspect of it is entirely free. You can find users by only using the search feature of the site, which can be modified with filters. Once you like a profile, you can ping the person on personal chat. If the other user responds, you can hit it off. The site has got various chat groups for discussion, which you can join to be part of kinky conversations. You can upload any number of photos and videos. The negative side is that there is no way to screen explicit content.

How does Kinkyads work?

The working of the website is straightforward. Even though the site is entirely free, no person can use it without making an account with the website. It may come as a bummer, for you don’t want your inbox to be spammed with a kink site’s messages. The site’s drawback is that it doesn’t have anything special to offer other than its search feature, which is a standard in almost all the dating websites and apps. Do not go for it if you are looking for a serious long-term relationship or marriage. The chat feature is free for all the users, and you can message any user you think might be your type. It is not a very good feature as there is a possibility that your account may get spammed by messages of other members.

Sign Up Process

Kinkyads Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

The sign-up process is fundamental and straightforward. The whole process doesn’t bother you with any long essays, and they keep it crisp and short. It is because the site doesn’t intend to provide you matches for long term relationships. Instead, it offers you a platform where you can go all out to find yourself a partner for casual alternate sex. First, you have to go to the sign-up page of the site. There you have to select your gender. You also have to provide the gender of the person you are hoping to meet through this site. The next step is where you have to give your email id. It would be better not to provide your personal or work email id as these sites spam your mailbox like some kind of war. It is better to create a new email ID to avoid any awkward moment of opening your personal or work email to see messages from Kinkyads about casual sex sites. You also have to choose a username for your account, along with a password. Choose a username that reflects you and your personality. The final step is where you have to give your location and date of birth. With this, you are done with your registration. All this won’t take more than five minutes of your time.

User Profiles Quality

The quality of the profile is very low. Primarily, there are very few members on the website. 1.5 lakh users are not much for a dating site. It means that this platform is already behind in the race with other sites and apps. Moreover, there is no way you can know if the user you are talking to is real or fake. There is even a possibility that the user might be a fraud and may trick you into paying money. It is terrifying for a dating site as it brings down the credibility of the site drastically. The user will not be able to develop a trust with the website and eventually leave the website for all the right reasons. The lack of verification process points towards two directions. No verification system keeps no check on the quality of the users. No verification is a threat to the security and safety of the users, and this point can lead to the eventual downfall of this site. It is the reason why the site has not been able to fill the void of Craigslist Personals.

Mobile Application

Kinkyads Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

It is again something, which can go against Kinkyads. The brand does not have a mobile app at this point. In the year 2020, even a laptop looks outdated. People are always on their smartphones, and that is where the market lies for such dating apps. Not having an app version means losing out on a big chunk of potential customers. The site already lacks users, so they are allowing it to slip away from their hands. Bringing in an app brings wider accessibility for people to connect with the app. The fact that the site is free makes people think lightly about the brand. The main thing the site lacks is users, and it is necessary to roll out an app for damage control.

Kinkyads Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps


The Doubles was introduced in 2018 and is growing quite fast. On this site, you will only be able to see just ads, nothing more. This site provides you with a good amount of people around but has some flaws too.

On this site, you are not allowed to show nudity. It sounds stupid, but this is the truth you might not like. If you promote nudity or something related to this site will remove or bounce your ad.

If you are transgender or a CD, then this site is not for you people because the Doublelist doesn’t have a place for transgender or CD.


Probably you might have heard about Reddit. But the fact you don’t know about Reddit is that they have a huge adult casual encounter following. One of the issues you have over Reddit is that all the ads are displayed on a continuous feed.

On Reddit, you are not allowed to promote or show nudity. After some hours of posting your ad, it goes far down, making it worthless.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Kinkyads Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

Having a membership of any site gives you access to using its versatile features, not available for free users. Since the website does not mention any membership fee structure on its website, we cannot show you. You can pay through any debit/credit card. As Professional

Idiots are the parent company of Kinkyads so that it will show proidiots.org on your billing statement.

Free Membership Features

Like other dating sites, Kinkyads also gives you free membership. But free membership always comes with some restrictions. In free membership, you might experience a hard time finding someone of your preference. The most important feature of this site is limited for free members that are messaging. You can join kinky ads for free, but you should go for a paid membership for extracting most of the site.

Premium Membership Features

Kinkyads does not have a vast range of features, but you can still search for people or ads of your choice. You have to search for the search option, and you might find things related to or close to your search criteria. You can even post your ads. You can post pictures and videos of doing whatever you like. You can also show your body, which is mostly not allowed on other sites.

Is Kinkyads really Safe?

Kinkyads Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

Before going for a new dating site, you must first check out its safety page. If the site does not provide you with any safety page, you should trust your instincts and move further. If you find something suspicious while surfing through the site, it is essential to contact the site helpline number. It is crucial to know that Kinkyads is for casual hookups or a sex site. But if you are searching for a long-term relationship or even marriage, this site is not meant for you.


Kinkyads Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

Hope you are clear with all your question or query which you had in your mind. This site is quite good for hookups and casual sex, but if you are searching for long terms, then you are in the wrong place. You can search for anyone like men, women, crossdressers, or transgender people. This site gives a platform to everyone. On this, you can upload any picture you can even show your body to others here, and no one will judge you for this. You can post videos of doing things you like to do to connect to people who like you in any situation. You can even block creepy people who you don’t like or are disturbing you. You can hook up with anyone anytime its easy over this site. You will also find local men and women who want to do a casual encounter with you. You might enjoy surfing the site, but be careful of scammers. This site does not have a verification process. Someone might be catfishing you, so be careful. Some people might also charge you for sex, so please confirm that before entering into it. Rest the website is one of the best sites for a casual hookup. One of the best things about it is that they don’t have frequent ads popups around. It makes the website more convenient and easy to use.

Kinkyads Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

You might have a lot of doubts in Kinkyads; some frequently asked questions about this platform are-

Can your pictures be copied and saved?

Don’t worry that Kinkyads has removed the feature of copying and saving pictures, so you are safe from these kinds of things.

Why are you not able to see ads?

If you are not able to see ads and more stuff, then there might be a problem. The problem might be in your browsing software, which is not letting you view ads. You can try to fix the problem by clearing the browser’s cache. It might help you out with the problem.

What is a feature ad?

Feature ads are of two type:

  1. Feature ads by the company
    These ads are when a company pays to Kinkyads to advertise their product.
  2. Feature ads by customer
    A customer pays to Kinkyads to promote their ad for 30 days at the top.

How to delete your Kinkyads account

So if you are done with Kinkyads, and you want to delete your account, then like other sites, you can quickly delete your account by just going to your account settings and then click on the delete option provided. Now you have to confirm that you want to remove it or not click on confirm, and now you are out of it.

How to message someone on Kinkyads?

So now, as you are a registered member, you can start chatting with people you are interested in them. Like other dating sites, it also provides you with the feature of chatting and messing new people you want to know. It is quite simple to chat, and you can send some kinky messages to another person and start having a conversation. You can use the search feature if you cannot find out the type of people you want to chat with or would consider to hook up with later on. After finding people in search feature, you can send a message to them and then enjoy it.

How to see who likes you on Kinkyads without paying?

It is quite tempting to see who likes us, but this is nearly impossible to do. You will have to pay to see who likes you.

How to block someone on Kinkyads?

If you are irritated with someone or feel insecure, you can block the other user it’s quite simple just to go on the profile you want to block then go to option and then select block user. And here you go away from creepy people. If you find something suspicious so please inform the help center so that they can take action, and your goodwill can protect someone.

How to cancel my Kinkyads subscription?

If you want to cancel your recurring subscription, it is quite simple and easy. You just have to do an email. You can write to cancel your subscription on email with your card last four-digit and send it to support@kinkyads.org, and now you are done. Your subscription is canceled.

Contact Information

Kinkyads Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?
  • Company Name: Professional Idiots, Inc
  • Address: 834 S Perry St Suite F #634 Castle Rock
  • Zip Code + City: 80104-1918, Castle Rock
  • Country: USA
  • Customer Support Email: support@kinkyads.org
  • Facebook: @Kinkyads
  • Twitter: Twitter
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