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LuvFree Review 2021 – Fake or a Place to Meet People?

LuvFree Review 2021 – Fake or a Place to Meet People?
About Girls
Date with older guy 5%
Reply rate 84%
Beauty 88%
Popular age 25-35
Profiles 160.250
About Site
Visit rate 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • A new approach to dating apps with zero-tolerance policies for scammers.
  • Service without any hidden fees.
  • They have great searching tools so you can locate exactly what you are looking for.
  • The site has a cool blog page where users can share their experiences and what they have on their minds.
  • The team at LuvFree is constantly monitoring the site. Any suspicious accounts get blocked. That makes the site much safer and enjoyable.
  • Since profiles are monitored by the quality control team, it is unlikely to come across fake accounts.
  • They have great privacy and security policies. Countries that have been identified as a place with too many scammers get blocked. They work hard to make the website and user experience safer.
  • The user interface is intuitive and clean.
  • They have great privacy and security policies. Countries that have been identified as a place with too many scammers get blocked. They work hard to make the website and user experience safer.
  • The user interface is intuitive and clean.

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LuvFree is one of the secure dating websites you can find. Ever since online dating became popular, many companies and individuals took advantage of this fact to make some profit. Most websites would force you to pay huge fees to chat with someone. Some other users would post fake profiles with the aim of swindling people. LuvFree is combating that.

Irrespective of having a free service for users, they provide a lot of value. You have all the functionality you could want out of a dating website without hidden fees.

LuvFree derives most of its profit from adverts. Users do not have to pay for the service. In the same way, they do not bombard users with annoying ads. All advertisement on the page is non-intrusive but useful. On this platform, you will have a great experience for free without constantly having to skip pop-ups or have ads covering the content. They provide a great service for users trying to meet their special one. At the same time, they strike a perfect balance between advertisement and content on their website, which leads to a great experience notwithstanding.

LuvFree goes to great lengths to assure that users are in a protected environment. The Luvfree team is constantly revising reports made by users. If you file a report on the website, you can be sure someone from the team will look at it promptly. Moreover, any profile that is proven to be using the platform with dubious motives will be blocked. They take a lot of pride in being a free and safe platform. Luvfree will not ask you to pay for a subscription or any other service. If someone does ask for money, you are encouraged to file a complaint about such a profile. That will most likely get them blocked.

It is great to see this new approach to online dating. After all, many people are reluctant to try this kind of service because of the bad experiences they had. Many other platforms are filled with fake profiles. People updating pictures of models and then asking others for money. Sometimes the platforms themselves charge huge fees before letting users interact with one another. Those times are now behind us, with websites like this one the whole online dating world is taking a leap. It is now becoming a more trusted and loved way of meeting people. This is what sets LuvFree apart, and what makes it an ideal platform for online dating.

Luvfree From The Eyes Of An Expert – Review

LuvFree Review

LuvFree came into existence to fulfill the concept of people who want to meet online. It was envisioned as a safe place without all the hidden fees that plague traditional dating sites. And this is accomplished by deriving all its profits from ads. Nonetheless, the platform is extremely concerned with user experience. That is why the ads are not intrusive or annoying. They also put a lot of effort into making sure there are no fake profiles or scammers taking advantage of the platform.

People from all over the world register on Luvfree to meet their soulmates. Luvfree has a huge selection of active users. In the search engine, you can choose who you are interested in. Every search criteria from sexual orientation, age, race, ethnicity are there. No matter how specific your search gets, you will still have hundreds of results. Having so many active users indicates that pretty much anyone can find what they are looking for on this platform. Always keep in mind that, regardless of how much someone tries to control the platform, somethings slip through the cracks. So you should be vigilant and if you feel someone is trying to scam you, report it right away. People get sneaky when trying to make a quick buck, so if someone you just started chatting with asks for money, you should report that immediately.

How Good Is The Website Design & Usability

LuvFree Design

The website is strictly user-focused. Even though the company’s profit comes from ads exclusively, that does not get in the way of the user’s experience. The website welcomes you with a short explanation of the company’s values, user login, and the quick search options. The style of the website may seem a little outdated but that comes as a compliment. The page is focused on usability and simplicity, rather than aesthetics. Everything in sight is easy to read, the texts are well organized and all the buttons are labeled. No cluttered or out of place elements, overall, a great design.

What Special Features Do They Have?

They have a lot of interesting features that other dating sites lack. Things like having comments in profiles, virtual kisses, friend lists, and more, make it look a lot like a social media platform. This makes the experience much more fun for users. Besides, the search engine is remarkably extensive and useful. The search options give a lot of flexibility to users. Once you open the search page, you will see a wide variety of options to choose from. Race, ethnicity, age range, and even religion are parameters you can choose. This platform allows you to search by specific locations. This comes handy for people who are not interested in traveling. In the search options, you can add your zip code and how far from there you want your matches to be located. By setting a closer or wider radius, you control the location of the people you will potentially meet.

In the same manner, if you are interested in a specific city or even the whole country, you can set a search to match this. Let’s say, you are planning a trip to a nearby city or even a holiday somewhere in Europe. With this functionality, you can meet people in those places to hang out once you get there. Another amazing feature they have is the Blog. On the website, you will discover an entire page dedicated to users who want to share their experiences and thoughts. Any registered user can start a blog. There, they can share anything they like. However, the quality control team is constantly monitoring the post and making sure they are in line with the policies of the site.

How LuvFree Platform Operates?

LuvFree Search

LuvFree works as many other dating websites. Nonetheless, there are many advantages LuvFree offers over other sites. After registering, you will have access to the search tools on the website. Once you have found your potential candidates, all you have to do is go to their profiles and send them a message. Keep in mind, to stop scamming attempts, there is a limit to how many messages one person can send in a 24 hour period.

A unique approach to online dating. With features like virtual kisses, mailing systems, “who viewed me” tags, and ratings for users. The experience becomes much more fun and interesting. They go to great lengths to make sure users’ experience is great. Moreover, the service is free. No hidden fees or subscriptions, just by signing up with a free account you get all the features offered here.

Steps To Create Your Own Profile

LuvFree Sign up

On the main page, you will see the “Join” option. Click here and fill-up the form. It may seem they request a lot of information, but this helps to assure you are a real person. Moreover, all that information allows the system to get better matches for you. You will have to go to your email inbox and confirm that the email address you provided is correct. Then your profile will go into revision. They do that to reduce the number of fraudsters registering on the site. This process may take around 24 hours. If everything is ok, you will see the status of your profile change to “Active” and now you are ready to start using the platform.

The Users Profiles Quality | Are There Too Many Fakes?

They have a strict scanning process for new applicants. All profiles go through the website’s quality control team, which ensures any suspicious applications will be blocked.

If a profile starts showing dubious behavior, filing a complaint about that profile is enough to have the team look into it and potentially block that user. This process ensures users are safe while using the website as all fake accounts are blocked.

Mobile Application | Is It Any Good?

LuvFree App

The mobile app gives you most of the features the website has. A clean and uncluttered interface makes for great user experience.

From the App, you can:

  • chat with your contacts
  • update your pictures
  • use the search options to locate potential partners
  • send messages, virtual kisses, etc
  • add people to your favorites list
  • block profiles

The app is available in Google Play Store. For now, it is only available for Android.

Are There Reliable Alternatives Other Than LuvFree?


Some of the main advantages are the comprehensive interface, thousands of active users, and no subscriptions. But in case you would like to see other options, you can check:

  • C-date
  • Match
  • Ashley Madison

How Much Membership Price and Payment Methods They Offer

LuvFree Membership

LuvFree offers a completely free service for people who are looking into online dating. There are no paid memberships. As a free user, you get full access to its functions. They profit from advertisements, which allows them not to charge users using their platform.

What Features You Get With A Free Membership

With a free account, you get all the features LuvFree offers.

Features A Premium Membership Offers

There are no extra charges for extra features. All is included in a free account.

Is LuvFree Really Safe Or Full Of Scammers?

LuvFree Safe

With their policies and scanning process for new profiles, they assure a safe experience for users.

  • They put a lot of effort into weeding out fake profiles
  • They block countries known for their scams
  • Block people trying to sign up using VPNs.

In the same manner, they have a team constantly looking into existing profiles and claims made from users. If a profile has received complaints of being malicious, the team will look into it and possibly block that profile. All these efforts and zero-tolerance policies make for a safe and cheerful experience on LuvFree. They do not mess around, as soon as a profile is proved to be misusing the platform, it will be blocked. Any attempt to ask for money is not taken lightly and the team follows the activities on the platform closely.


LuvFree is one of the best options for people interested in online dating. The platform gives users a lot of options for meeting people they may be interested in dating. In the same manner, they offer extra functionality other dating sites lack. Things like virtual kisses, friends lists, blogs, popular tags, among others, make for an enhanced experience. Luvfree is also focused on security, with their scanning process for new users and monitoring the site activities, scammers and fake profiles are minimized. If you are looking for a protected, easy to use and effective online dating platform, Luvfree is a great option. A very different approach compared to other platforms. There are no fees, your free account gives you all the features present on this platform. There is no need to pay for unlocking extra features. This makes it special and highly desirable for users.

LuvFree FAQ

How Can a User Delete Its Account on Luvfree?

The process is much quicker than on similar websites,

  • go to “My Panel”
  • at the top corner, you will see the “Manage profile” option
  • Click here to “Delete account”.

Please, keep in mind that once a profile is deleted, everything is deleted. All pictures and information are wiped out. Such a profile cannot be recovered. If you change your mind afterward, you will have to create a new profile.

Chat with other users on Luvfree

  • Go to the profile of the person that interests you.
  • Click the “send message” option under their profile picture.

Please, remember that to send messages to other users you have to be logged in.

How to Find Out Who Liked Your Profile on Luvfree?

By going to your “Communicator” on your profile, you will see those that have been adding you to their “hotlist”. On that same page, you will see information on how people interact with your profile. This will give you a good understanding of who is most interested in your profile and potential candidates to message and meet.

How can a user block someone on Luvfree?

By going to the profile of that user that is being annoying, or for any other reason needs to be blocked, you will see the Block option under their picture. Once you click on that, the user will no longer be able to message you.

What If You Need to Cancel subscription on LuvFree?

There’s no charge for subscriptions. Nonetheless, if you wish to stop using the service, you can delete your account by going to your “manage profile” options. Please, remember that this platform makes its profits from advertisements placed on the website. If you notice an attempt from someone trying to charge for extra functions or whatever. Be sure to report such a profile. That way, LuvFree will have fewer fraudsters to be worried about.

Contact Information

  • Company Name: LuvFree
  • Address:
  • Zip Code + City:
  • Country: United States
  • Customer Support Email: support@luvfree.com
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • blog
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