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Is Married Secrets Dating Site a Fake?

Is Married Secrets Dating Site a Fake?
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Pros and Cons

  • Married Secrets paid membership comes in a one-month, three-month, or six-month plan. With paid membership, users can access several advanced features.
  • Payment can be made through money orders, checks, or even credit cards.
  • There are many users. This implies that it is possible to find a person near you to date.
  • The site does not have exclusive membership. Any married or single user is allowed to use the service.
  • This platform is not discreet enough as it promises its users.
  • New members may create a profile for free, but they can never be allowed to communicate with anyone else until they subscribe.
  • Married Secrets matchmaking platform does not offer advanced searching ways to enable people to look for matches as per what they like.

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Married Secret is not a scam. This is a discreet online dating platform for people who are married. So, the platform is all about discreet dating of married people who expect not to get caught. The site has an unapologetic strategy for dating life. It targets people who are married or are in serious relationships. Many at times, these are people who are not happy with their partners. These people feel lonely and bored. So, this site offers them a discreet place to find more interesting partners.

It has also been found that many of the good-looking users at Married Secrets platform are private investigators. They have big quantity of females who may be single or married. They are here to enjoy romantic relationships with people who match their requirements.

Married Secrets Dating Platform Introduction

Married Secrets is an online dating service that focuses on individuals that want friendship or casual romantic relationships. If one is interested in a long-term affair, this can never be the proper matchmaking platform to use. This dating service claims that thirty percent of its users are made up of married individuals. The rest of the members are unmarried and wish to enjoy a good time with their matches. The Married Secrets online site offers sufficient features through its unpaid service. People may have private profiles and get many messaging features like email accounts, pictures, and confidential billing. The private information can only be seen by selected users.

Married Secrets dating site is also managed well. Every picture and profile gets verified by the administrator before getting revealed to the public. Users need to have a working email address to finish the verification stage. Married Secrets service can be used in interacting with individuals who meet your requirements.

Married Secrets Matchmaking Platform Review

Married Secrets Matchmaking Platform


The Married Secrets dating platform was designed in 2003 for married people who want to have secret affairs besides their marriage. Thirty percent of the people using this site are married. Anyone can join this platform; you do not need to give any explanations or excuses. The site is all about people wanting to have casual affairs. There are thousands of genuine users on the site, it is possible to find a match who resides near you. Most of the site profiles are real, and users can report the fake ones because the site does not allow such. The Married Secrets dating platform also has a great customer support team. Registering at the site is free.


Before you register at the Married Secrets dating platform, you need to know how many users are there. It is important to know this because it will help you know if you are likely to find a match there. Many people who register at this site are interested in adult relationships through casual sex and NSA hookups. What this implies is that you are going to encounter many people who want to hook up with you immediately. If you are looking for a serious relationship that can lead to marriage, this is the wrong dating platform to use. However, if you just want to have sex without any strings attached, then the Married Secrets is here for you.

The Married Secrets platform has hundreds of thousands of users.


The site allows anyone who is above eighteen years old.

Sexual orientation

This is who a person is sexually interested in. Some people like people of their gender and others like people of their opposite gender. All kinds of sexual orientation are allowed at the online Married Secrets matchmaking platform. When you sign up at the site, you will be asked to specify your gender and the gender of the person you are interested in having an affair with.

Race and ethnicity

The users at the Married Secrets platform are from America, UK, Europe, Canada, and Australia.

The Site Structure and Functionality

The Married Secrets dating service has both the PC and mobile versions. Both versions look neat and a bit plain. They have nice colors and they are not so engaging. Nevertheless, they are very functional and users do not have to be tech-savvy to operate them.

Top Features

Married Secrets Top Features

There are a few special features at this matchmaking platform.

  1. Private photos

The Married Secrets matchmaking platform allows users to have pictures that are protected by a password. Only the selected users can view these pictures.

  1. Chatting program

This is a chatting window that enables users on paid membership to communicate with any active person. Even free users can communicate with paid membership users.

  1. Searching engine

The Married Secrets platform has advanced searching features. These features allow people to look for matches by preference and region.

How Married Secrets Matchmaking Service runs

Married Secrets Matchmaking Service

At the Married Secrets matchmaking platform, users can meet married individuals around where they stay. To find a match, users should search for other users’ profiles. They can use filters such as weight, gender, age, and height to find a perfect match. It is possible to search users on the kind of encounters one is interested in, the options range from short-term relationships to undecided.

And since the Married Secrets platform is not for serious relationships, there are not many filters by interests or personality. The platform is perfect for married people interested in cheating on their partners during holidays, business trips, and more. Users can even decide to meet matches from a particular region.

The Married Secrets service also has a mobile app. The app has similar features to those available on the PC site. The only difference is that the app is easier to use compared to the PC site. Users can use the swiping technology to search for matches on the go.

The Process of Signing up

Married Secrets

Registering at the Married Secrets platform is quite simple. Since the site is not about serious dating, the details users need to provide are not many. The registration process takes between five and ten minutes.

To sign up, go to the registration page at the Married Secrets website. You begin by choosing your gender and the gender of the person you want to meet. You will then provide your email address and a password that you will be using on the website. Users are also allowed to pick a username after that. There is so much to say when it comes to choosing a good username. In simple terms, ensure you use descriptive words that capture tone and attitude. This will enable other users to know who one is and what he/she is after in the Married Secrets platform.

Lastly, new users at the Married Secrets websites must specify their location and date of birth. After this, the registration process will be completed. So, users can log in and begin interacting with other users.

Building a Profile

Married Secrets Building

After registration, what follows next is creating the Married Secrets user profile. Users should begin by logging in to the website. It is true that the site is not for serious relationships, but that does not mean people are allowed to be sleazy. The user profile is a chance for members to be the most attractive and desirable. Many dating websites ask users certain questions to assist in finding their perfect matches. In the Married Secrets platform, the questions are concise, and so it is simple to answer them all. The questions there are about people’s bottom lines, desires, and ideals. Users who provide many details are likely to meet matches who are highly compatible with them. Providing information in an online dating site is not fun, but users should try to fill their profiles because it will bring them good benefits in the end. The best online dating profile is required to contain photos of the user. It can be boring and discouraging searching for a match on a platform where users have not shared their photos.

The Availability of Mobile App

The Married Secrets matchmaking platform has a mobile app for Android devices. The app is nice and it provides a great experience. Normally, it is convenient to remain logged in when using an app, but most people may not want to download it. If you are one of those people, you can use the mobile website instead. You just need to open the Married Secrets site on your mobile browser. And whether you are using the app, mobile site, or desktop site, you will have the same experience.

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Married Secrets Paid Membership

Once you log into the Married Secrets website, you will see several communication tools and your profile. This encompasses email accounts, private pictures that can be seen by the chosen users, and discrete charges.

The Married Secrets matchmaking platform is highly controlled. Each user’s profile and pictures are passed through a verification procedure before they get posted. Users are also supposed to give a working email address to finish the process of signing up.

The Married Secrets online matchmaking platform is non-exclusive and welcomes any person to join and build a profile. When you join this platform, you will think it is free because that is what they have indicated on their homepage. But this isn’t the case. The site has a premium membership. Users can pay in 1, 3, or 6 months to access the paid features.

Payment at the Married Secrets matchmaking platform is made via credit card, money order, or even by a cashier check. Free users have few features to enjoy on this platform.

Free Users Features

  • Signing up
  • Creating a profile

Communicating with other users.

Is Married Secrets Matchmaking Platform Secure?

Married Secrets Platform Secure

Before joining any online dating platform, you must first ensure if it is safe or not. You can find out whether an online dating platform is safe by researching online. Especially when you are into casual hookups like in the Married Secrets matchmaking site, you have to be sure of your safety. There are many scammers these days, which is why it is also advisable to check the dating site safety tips to know how it ensures the safety of its users. If the site lacks safety tips, then chances are it could be a scam.

The online Married Secrets matchmaking site requires its users to report suspicious individuals. Reporting helps in protecting not only you but also all other genuine site users. The site also encourages people to depend on their instincts when using the service. For instance, when communicating with a new person on the site, if you feel fishy, do not go on. The website admins must always be informed about anything weird taking place on the platform. So, always contact them whenever you sense something wrong. Users are also free to cancel their Married Secrets membership whenever they want. They only have to contact the site moderators to cancel.


Married Secrets Conclusion

If you have been looking to know more about the Married Secrets matchmaking platform, then you must have found this review was useful. The site understands that its users are after fast hookups and casual relationships. So, they do everything possible to make the platform fit for them. The only bad thing is that the site does not offer the level of secrecy it promises. There are no confidential chatting features for married users. Also, the available features are few compared to most dating platforms, but is it simple to use. And for people who wish to extend their probability of getting a match beside their marriage, this is the best site to use. If before you were not sure whether you should join this site or not, hopefully, you are now able to make a decision. You can also check online for other offers, such as promo codes. There are also many other dating platforms where you can hook up with any person you want. But if you are looking for a casual affair, you should give the Married Secrets site a try.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Delete Your Married Secrets account?

An account at the online Married Secrets matchmaking site can be deleted through the Account Settings section.

How Messaging is done on Married Secrets Matchmaking Platforms?

Once you have signed up and logged in, what follows next is finding matches and messaging them. Many matchmaking platforms have messaging features that allow users to interact with other people on the site. The newly designed dating platforms have advanced communication features, such as video calls. This allows users to know their matches much better. At the Married Secrets website, once you meet the person you like, you can send him/her a message. You can also know the active people and those who are offline whenever you are looking for someone to chat with. Users are supposed to use the searching feature to find people who match their requirements. After getting the person you like, go ahead and start chatting with him/her.

Can you see who likes you on the Married Secrets Site Without Paying?

Yes. The only service that needs people to make payment is messaging.

Can you Block a Person on the Married Secrets Site?

Yes. Users may block any individual from sending them messages. And if people need to block people who have not texted them, they can block them at their profile. The profile blocking option is found at the bottom of users’ profile pages.

How do you Cancel the Married Secrets Subscription?

Users on the Married Secrets platform can cancel their subscription by stopping the automatic renewal option. This option is located at the Manage Subscription area in the “My Account” section. Users should cancel their Married Secrets subscription early enough before renewing happens automatically.

Contact Information

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  • Zip Code + City: 77393, Texas
  • Country: United States
  • Customer Support Email: Not Found
  • Facebook: Married Secrets
  • Twitter: @MarriedSecrets
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