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Match vs OkCupid – Full Guide for Comparing

Match vs OkCupid – Full Guide for Comparing

The Match vs. OkCupid test shows these dating website’s specific, common features and differences, including their advantages and drawbacks. They look decent and attractive but have unique focuses that are relevant to a particular audience. Which platform will be your number one choice this year? Let’s see.

Two dating services are famous and beloved by millions of singles worldwide. Their communities are enormous, and their reputation is spotless. Moreover, the same company (Match Group) operates the services. It seems challenging to choose the best, but the ultimate OkCupid/Match comparison chart will cope with the task to take away the doubt.

The first thing to note is that OkCupid doesn’t require money to use it. Yes, you got this right: neither credits nor subscription. You may pay for extras, but you don’t have to. is a paid site with some free basic features. However, this peculiarity doesn’t prevent the service from being extremely popular. What’s the matter? Let’s check out both sites’ functionality to understand: whether Match is so expensive as some people say and whether OkCupid really can provide a full-fledged experience for free.

Both sites are usable products with straightforward navigation that is easy to effort even for non-tech-savvy people. is functional but lacks authenticity, being similar to many other dating resources. OkCupid is no less simple, but it set a playful tone to make the user experience more engaging. Besides, it makes nick’s choice a breeze when telling which of them are not available. While OkCupid discloses hundreds of potential matches to new visitors, got very generous with a dozen of choices.

Nevertheless, that’s not a big deal compared to Match’s extensive set of search filters. They help to narrow your search and save time on browsing irrelevant profiles. Their massive amount on the site clears up any lingering doubts about matches’ accuracy and quality. So, won this round.

How to Choose a Better One?

Indeed, only your preferences and expectations are the yardstick of a particular platform’s efficiency. Even the best dating site won’t work if it doesn’t cater to your needs. Hence, you should start your research from the service’s focus and mission.

Match’s mission is as old as times and expresses the overall idea to help people find the relationship they want to have. Frankly speaking, the site handles well, considering multiple success stories, reviews, and its enduring popularity. OkCupid claims a similar goal but is shifting to love and happiness for all genders and sexual orientations. The site openly declares the intention to protect the LGBT community and provide its members with the tools necessary for efficient dating online.

So, straights, queer people, trans, and daters with any sexual preferences can join OkCupid and count on success. Meanwhile, works better for straight singles with traditional values. Besides, it earned a reputation as a platform that helps find true love, while OkCupid has the twinge of frivolity. This feature makes it a perfect place for high-quality and safe hookups. In other words, this part of the Match vs. OkCupid review ends in favor of OkCupid as the more versatile site.

Now, you should think about the matchmaking algorithm a particular platform uses. Both these services provide suggestions based on intelligent matchmaking. However, Match’s system surpasses OkCupid’s one that makes your connection more relevant and saves time on searching for a partner. At the same time, OkCupid offers decent results that are almost top-notch, considering the site’s free status. Anyway, rocks in this case.

Match vs OkCupid: What’s about Price Comparison?

The OkCupid/Match pricing and free features are different. Match allows standard users to register, build a profile, send “likes,” browse, and view other members’ profiles. Besides, you can take part in its branded matchmaking game and get SingledOut matches. This functionality is enough to explore and test the site without full-fledged interaction. It’s necessary to pay to set up connections, communicate and find real partners.

Apart from typical registration, browsing, and profile creation, OkCupid makes it possible to find matches based on primary filters and send/get messages for free. You can also see people you’ve liked and use the Double Take feature. Of course, OkCupid wins this battle since free messaging is a wild card. What about paid options? Does Match or OkCupid make the game? fee-based services:

  • Incoming and outgoing messages are available.
  • You can use Instant Messenger.
  • People who have viewed your profile are visible.
  • You’ll get a notification if the receiver has read your message.
  • MatchPhone is at your disposal, meaning the opportunity to make calls.
  • The system includes your profile in daily matches.
  • You can unlock a safe mode to browse others incognito.

How much do these options cost you? Match offers several packages:


  • 3 months: $14.99 per month ($44.99 totally)
  • 6 months: $11.49 per month ($68.94 totally)
  • 12 months: $8.99 per month ($107.88 totally)


  • 3 months: $12.99 per month ($38.97 totally)
  • 6 months: $9.99 per month ($59.94 totally)
  • 12 months: $7.99 per month ($95.88 totally)


  • 1 credit: $0.99 per credit ($0.99 totally)
  • 5 credits: $0.80 per credit ($4.00 totally)
  • 10 credits: $0.60 per credit ($6.00 totally)

OkCupid paid features:

  • See people who liked your profile.
  • Read Receipts are available to see whether your message was read within a conversation.
  • The system removes ads from your interface.
  • You can unlock advanced filters.
  • Daily Auto Boost enhances your profile’s ranks.
  • The site outs your messages first.
  • The opportunity to view public question answers appears.

What is these functions’ price?

A-List Basic Plan

  • 1 month: $7.95 per month
  • 3 months: $6.35 per month ($19.05 totally)
  • 6 months: $3.95 per month ($23.70 totally)

A-List Premium Plan

  • 1 month: $24.90 per month
  • 3 months: $22.90 per month ($68.70 totally)
  • 6 months: $19.90 per month ($119. totally)


  • 1 credit: $1.99 per credit
  • 5 credits: $1.89 per credit ($9.45 totally)
  • 10 credits: $1.69 per credit ($16.90 totally)

The Match vs. OkCupid has revealed that both combine subscription and credit-based models and have average prices. However, Match’s paid features beat OkCupid’s functionality.

Match vs OkCupid: Who Can Join?

The portal is available in 60 countries and hosts 21.5 million people for arranging dating, casual, and long-term connections. It is open to LGBTQ people but doesn’t stress their priority. The prevailed age group is daters from 35 to 44, and 77% of users are Caucasians. Only 9%, 8%, and 5% are African-Americans and Asians, respectively. The male-to-female ratio is seamless: 49% men and 51% women are on the site. Almost half an audience has bachelor’s degrees.

People on OkCupid are mostly 18 to 29 years old. However, you’ll find many partners in their 30s and 40s. Note that it will be challenging to contact senior data since only 7% of the community is over 45. The platform covers many countries apart from the USA, including Germany, France, the UK, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, the Philippines, and Thailand. Generally, it has 50 million members worldwide. Only 35% are women among them since the rest of the audience are men. That’s why OkCupid loses the score in this competition, regardless of its vast community.

Match Features

Are Match or OkCupid easy to join? Both sites are designed with simple registration forms. Match also offers a profile builder to show your presence as soon as possible. Besides, it requires no account verification that is a bit weird. What about Match/OkCupid’s extras? The service has the following features:

  • The members can customize the date they want to get by choosing the desired dress codes, date venues, and other stuff.
  • The platform offers the Real Talk section, meaning a set of topics for discussions that helps users find talking points.
  • The Boost add-on is a frequently met feature that pushes your profile closer to the top.
  • The Reverse Match allows you to experiment and try to find common ground with daters that are incompatible with you by default. Who knows what it might lead to?
  • The MatchPhone voice calls make it possible to reach out to other members by phone and keep your personal number private.
  • The Match Me option raises you up to the top for one day in a particular user’s profile.
  • Vibe Check is a video chat that is available to mutually matched people. is famous for its high success ranks and tons of happy love stories. You’ll find myriads of photos of people that met each other on the site and married. This site generates more reals dates than any other platform in the dating industry. According to the stats, over a million babies came into being from couples.

The service has designed a mobile app for Android and iOS devices. Its layout and design provide excellent usability and boasts the same functionality as their desktop versions have.

OkCupid Features

OkCupid’s signup process is a bit lengthy. The system asks you to pass a personality test that takes time but allows measuring your compatibility with potential partners. OkCupid works even better on smartphones and tablets, thanks to the opportunity to swipe when playing Double Take. Generally, the apps are equal in terms of mobile use.

OkCupid doesn’t open any stats, making it challenging to make a conclusion. That’s why Match becomes an undeniable leader. OkCupid offers several add-ons:

  • Double Take is a paid feature that provides more information about a particular user. Use this feature to know a person better before an offline contact.
  • The Boost feature highlights your profile, making it visible more frequently in search results.
  • The Stacks work as categories to sort out your multiple matches, making it more manageable.
  • OkCupid blog publishes valuable tips and other information to keep you informed and full-armed.

If you compare Match vs. OkCupid based on their additional options, you’ll more likely prefer Match. It is really packed with incredible extras that are both helpful and entertaining. OkCupid’s offers are just decent and similar to many other dating apps’ features.

And the Winner is: Match or OkCupid

The Match vs. OkCupid check highlights as the winner based on the facts mentioned above. It makes any dater happy with the authentic extras, security features, and open stats. The latter is very optimistic that is crucial for lonely singles. OkCupid might be the better choice for the LGBTQ part of your society and those into hookups. Still, versatility plays a role; hence, the website and mobile app throw down OkCupid unconditionally.

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