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Miss Travel Review 2021 – Perfect or scam?

Miss Travel Review 2021 – Perfect or scam?
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Date with older guy 54%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 89%
Popular age 32-38
Profiles 654 765
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Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • It is a unique dating site that helps travelers find company.
  • It let’s generous and wealthy travelers pay for those who don’t have funds to travel widely in exchange for their company.
  • Miss Travel offers a medium for men to find women to accompany them on luxury travels.
  • It offers women an opportunity to find intimacy on free worldwide trips.
  • If a couple wants to split expenses, they can easily do that without having one person shoulder the entire financial burden.
  • Women constitute about 70% of the user base, making it easy for men to find travel partners from among a full pool of interested women.
  • A particular dating site like Miss Travel may attract scammers or people with malicious intentions.
  • The prospect of traveling to a different city or country with an unknown person from the internet may be unsettling.
  • Exchange of company for financial coverage has prompted several reviews to call Miss Travel a site for sugar babies and sugar daddies.
  • Financial scamming is a real possibility if one is careless about handling personal and financial details.
  • The fact that men only make for 30% of the registered users makes it difficult for women to widely explore their traveling dates and look for preferred qualities in them.

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The internet has been an essential part of our lives for a decade now. In case of any query, a person browses the internet and gets it resolved. The internet connects people across the world. It is the reason why dating websites have been so trending today.

Miss Travel is a popular online dating forum for singles who have a passion for traveling. If you are looking for like-minded partners to see the world with, Miss Travel can hook you up with the perfect partner. Whether you are looking for someone to foot your Bill’s or someone you want to sponsor a trip for, Miss Travel has options for all your traveling whims and fancies. This site connects those who love traveling and also helps them find intimacy via their passion for touring. Founded by Brandon Wade, Miss Travel is a one-of-a-kind cross internet travel and dating site. It not only caters to your wanderlust but also your romantic demands. It helps connect generous and wealthy people with those who would like to travel but lack the means to do so. Often, the process leads to the partners establishing an intimate relationship during their travels together.

Expert’s Review of Miss Travel

Expert’s Review of Miss Travel

Miss Travel happens to be top-notch luxury travel plus dating site for singles looking for company on expensive luxury travels. The site’s tagline is “who needs money; beautiful people travel free!”

While the site functions on the concept of mutual benefit, it’s the ultimate goal is to connect passionate travelers and enable them to find love among each other. It operates by allowing wealthy, generous men and women looking for attractive partners to travel around the world. Because the site pairs rich and noblemen to sponsor trips for young and beautiful women in exchange for their company has led many to believe that Miss Travel is a site for sugar daddies and sugar babies. However, new users continue to register on the site every day as it enables passionate tourists to find travel buddies and love in the same process.

Website Design & Usability

Website Design & Usability

The Miss Travel interface is soothing and romantic with an elegant purple and white color palette. It is both simplistic and elegant though some may feel it’s a little underdone. The design is simple, and the layout is easy to understand for users. The site is neat and well designed, and there is no clutter to strain the eyes. The Search, Favorites, and Upcoming trips options are neatly laid on a dashboard at the top of the Home page. Prospective travel partners can be explored in a nearly arranged tilework when one clicks on search while also searching for specific people from specific locations on a panel at the top. The highly simplistic purple layout is easy to follow, and the neatness of the site does feel soothing for viewers.

Special Features

Special Features

Miss Travel has a limited number of unique features, but the site does have to make it incredibly easy to look for travel partners.

Create a Trip: This feature allows users to post about a trip they have scheduled recently. Once the site administrator approves the tour, it will appear on other members’ dashboard. They can approach the poster to join them on their trip.

The site demands details like location, who’s paying for who and the travel dates. In a few simple steps, two people can connect and plan a once in a lifetime, mesmerizing trip.

Add to Favorites: Miss Travel allows users to enlist personal profiles under the Favorites option on the dashboard. It appears atop the member’s display picture in the search room.

Search filters: Miss Travel allows users to use advanced search filters to narrow their prospective travel buddies according to their personal preferences.

Lists: The site has all the information stored in comprehensive listings. If a user goes to the Favorite profiles, they will find listings that show people who have added you to their favorite lists and those who have visited your profile recently. These lists make it a lot easier to keep a tab on a user’s profile activity.

There are features like:

  • Take Me To Your Place: This allows users to ask other users to invite them to their homes.
  • Travel with Me: This allows users to propose travel plans to prospective partners.
  • Come to Me: This allows users to invite prospective partners to their homes.

These features make it simpler for members to be able to interact better and hone their intimacy.

How does Miss Travel work?

How does Miss Travel work?

Like the user-friendly interface, Miss Travel also functions in an easy to comprehend, user-friendly manner. You simply have to join, build a well rounded, appealing profile, connect with like-minded travelers, bond with them, and travel.

The first step requires you to sign up, provide some details, create a profile, upload photos, and get going.

The second step is to explore the thousands of registered users on the site and try to mingle to find your ideal travel buddy.

The final step is to plan and go on a perfectly planned, luxurious vacation with your unique travel companion.

You can find your traveling partner and your travel partner in three easy steps if that is what’s meant to happen.

Sign Up Process

Sign Up Process

The registration process on Miss Travel is unbelievably easy and time-effective. In about five minutes, you can join the biggest online luxury travel dating community. You have to provide your e-mail address as the site requires an e-mail verification. The first step is about choosing a username, following which you have to verify the e-mail address. It is an essential step. A working e-mail ID, a username, and a password later, you will be asked for some information that is compulsory to put in. It includes ethnicity, body type, relationship status, whether you’re interested in men, women, or both, the kind of relationship you’re looking for, location, and a brief description of yourself. There are some optional information fields that you may or may not fill up right after this. These optional information fields include height, education, religion, whether one has children or not, smoking habits, drinking habits, and a brief description of why the user wants to travel. These details can be updated at any moment in your profile settings even though the username provided right at the start remains unchangeable.

User’s Profile Quality

The profiles on Miss Travel are informative and straightforward. Most of them have a very detailed “about me” and “why I travel” section. Upcoming plans and trips are also displayed on this page. Even though the information can be changed at any moment, the username one provides at the start is permanent. It is mostly the “about me” and “why I travel” sections that are most widely read to screen travel partners. Users are allowed to upload unlimited photos. Whether to let them be visible to all or only select people is up to their discretion itself. Anyone can view public images. However, privacy settings allow users to determine who can and cannot see the photos they upload on the site. Browsing through a user’s profile can provide one with all the relevant details one may need to know.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

Unfortunately, there is no mobile application available for Miss Travel either for Android or for iOS. The only way to register on this luxury dating platform is by registering through the website.

Miss Travel Alternatives and Similar Websites and Apps

There are quite a few alternatives to Miss Travel. The dating industry is getting increasingly competitive, and an idea as compelling as travel dating is bound to be utilized by other sites and apps. There are many options when it comes to online matchmaking nowadays. Match.com happens to be a site that connects people based on mutual interests, including traveling and sightseeing. TravelHostDate is another healthy competition for Miss Travel, as the THD team verifies every profile on sight. YourTravelMates is another such site that connects passionate vagabonds and enables them to create memories of a lifetime together. Tourbar and GirlsTravelling are two other sites that connect people based on their mutual love for traveling. Millions of people worldwide turn to these applications and websites to get off the beaten dating track and find something unique and worthwhile.

Membership Price and Payment Methods

Membership Price and Payment Methods

The registration process is free for women, while men have to pay to enjoy premium features. For generous and wealthy men looking for beautiful women to accompany them on luxury travels, there are three payment plans on a monthly, quarterly, and bi-annual basis. The 30 days membership plan is for $59.99 per month. The 90 days plan costs $54.99 per month, and the 180 days membership plan is for $49.99 per month. Users can use Credit and Debit cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express Discover) to register on the site and start using the features in each of the respective membership plans. The membership plans also come with premium membership features that are not available to free users.

Free Membership Features

Free members can explore widely. Ladies do not have to pay a subscription fee to be on the site. They can access several interactive and exploratory features to screen out their ideal travel partners. However, they cannot access unlimited messaging features or invisible browsing. Free users cannot feature their upcoming trips in member search results. They can neither avail the feature which shows new users daily on a member’s dashboard.

Premium Membership Features

Premium Membership Features

Premium users can avail of several features that free users can’t access. Some of them, as mentioned on the website, are as follows.

  • Unlimited messaging with members all across the world
  • Incognito browsing
  • Featured Trips in other members’ search results
  • New users are featured daily on a member’s dashboard.

Is Miss Travels Really Safe?

It is a frequently voiced concern when it comes to any online dating site. However, a site that enables strangers to bond on an online platform and take trips together is bound to attract safety questions. Users are advised to use their best judgments in screening prospective travel partners. Some useful tips to remember while traveling are:

  • Always verify the users that you are connecting either. Look up the person you are supposed to meet beforehand and check his credentials.
  • Go only to places you are comfortable in.
  • Establish boundaries and expectations from before going on your trips. Clear out details like who is supposed to pay for what and the like.

Miss Travel itself mentions several safety tips to be followed in the site itself.

  • Keep friends and family notified of your whereabouts. Keep your friends and family informed of important details like your location, arrival and departure time, hotel information, passport, and personal contact information. In case you’re staying at a private residence, share the address, zip code, and the duration of your stay with family and friends.
  • When meeting someone abroad, make sure all flight and hotel reservations are to your name, so you have complete control over your lodging and traveling situation. Don’t travel out of the country to meet someone you’re not sure about or don’t know too well. When meeting someone for the first time, make sure it’s in your home country/city. Once you meet your travel companion, let your family and well-wishers know where you are and safely landed. The website emphasizes that it is of utmost importance to tell your locat6to more than one family member or friend.


Miss Travel is a relatively safe and happening online travel dating platform. While there are questions of safety constantly being asked in cases of sites, Miss Travel has amassed huge popularity among users with over 2 million registered users. The site is jam-packed with effective features that help find a travel buddy easy for starters. If you’re planning to travel to a new destination with a new partner to gain some fresh perspective on life, this site is perfect for turning to. It is a generally reliable website with a low rate of scam profiles. If you have a well constructed, appealing profile with genuine and fun pictures, if your “about me” and “why I travel” answers are unique yet relatable, there is a high chance that you will find your ideal travel partner in Miss Travel.

There are a few FAQs that frequently arise about Miss Travel, and it’s functioning. The unusual matchmaking dating site has given rise to numerous questions and concerns among users. Even though this review is meant to provide all possible details about this widely discussed luxury travel dating site, it’s possible that you still have a host of unanswered problems. The following few paragraphs will attempt to address and answer as many of those problems as is possible.

How To Delete Miss Travel account?

It is very simple to delete a Miss Travel account. Just log in to your account and click on “Settings.” It should be located in the upper right-hand corner of the profile dashboard. There is a “deactivate your account” button. It will deactivate your account removed temporarily. After a brief investigation and some time, the account will be permanently deleted.

How to message someone on Miss Travel

You can easily message someone by clicking on the Envelope on the top dashboard. It immediately directs you to your inbox, sends messages, and allows you to compose new ones.

How to see who like you on Miss Travel without paying?

It is not possible to view who liked your profile on Miss Travel for free. One needs to be a premium user to be able to access this service on Miss Travel.

How to block someone on Miss Travel?

It is very simple to block someone on Miss Travel. Simply log in to your account. Click on the profile of the member whom you want to block or remove permission from. Following this, click on the “block” link located under the member’s profile picture.

How to cancel Miss Travel subscription?

Canceling a subscription on Miss Travel is very simple. All you need to do is go to your account settings by clicking on your Miss Travel username situated in the top right

corner. From there, select Settings from the drop-down menu. There is a subscription tab. Click on that, and you will find the “cancel subscription” option.

Contact Information

  • Company name: Miss Travel
  • Address: 3250, Pepper Lane, Las Vegas, NV 89120
  • Zip Code + City: NV 89120, Las Vegas
  • Country: United States of America
  • Customer Support E-mail: support@MissTravel.com
  • Facebook: @DateMissTravel
  • Twitter: @DateMissTravel
  • Blog: No Official Blog
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