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MouseMingle Review 2021 — Perfect or Scam

MouseMingle Review 2021 — Perfect or Scam
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Beauty 45%
Profiles 400 350
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Pros and Cons

  • Niche Platform: MouseMingle is a dating Platform dedicated explicitly to singles who are Disney admirers and also want the same qualities in their partners. This website is a paradise for such people as they bring them closer to people with similar interests.
  • Trips Together: You will likely find a friend on this dating platform who is ready to come along with you for the next Disney trip. There is no need to visit alone when you have like-minded friends coming together.
  • Not all things Disney: Though most of the members are Disney fans, there is still no guarantee if one will find a perfect match. There are many other factors like compatibility, similar interests, hobbies, habits, which should also be taken into account.
  • Profile pictures on the Homepage: The user can see various profile pictures of different users on the homepage, but it is not very organized under heads, to see images from similar profiles under one head.
  • Premium Subscription: A free user cannot view anyone's complete profile until he upgrades his membership to the premium plan. He can only see the profile pictures of all users placed haphazardly on the home page.

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MouseMingle is an online hub for all the Disney celebrants, to find their own Disney Minnie on the platform. Some people join the dating arena with individual reservations in mind. Do they have some prerequisites laid out before they even begin searching for love? They have been there and “seen it all” but haven’t found a partner who is crazy about certain things as they are? You might have a passion that may be your most significant criterion to judge a date? Do you want a partner who is obsessed with Disney characters as you are? It seems complicated to find a date amongst the population who enjoys Disney as you do. The diehard fans of Disney have become particular about their better half to be a Disney fan. It is a niche platform that helps people find serious relationships and life partners.

MouseMingle is a dating website helping people find their life partners or buddies passionate about Disney trips and identify with Disney characters. The entire site is filled with people who are either seen sharing pictures with Mickey Mouse or at least seen dressing up as one of the characters. The website looks like a small cocoon where you may find people as a mirror image of yourself.

Expert’s Review of MouseMingle

MouseMingle Review

MouseMingle is for all those who want to be crazy about their Minnie’s and flatter them the way Mickie does. You ever did not get a match in the theme park, and now you are on one of the online dating platforms to look out for your soulmate. Mouse Mingle platform is no better than crossing paths with your dream date at a themed Disney park.

  1. MouseMingle History: Mouse Mingle was founded in the year 2015 by Dave Tavares. He is a Disney fanatic himself after visiting Disneyland with his friends in 2011. The founder thought of starting a platform where he can cater to most people with the same interests as him. He created this platform for all Disney, Marvel, Star war lovers.
  2. Quantity of Members: The members using MouseMingle are in huge numbers. The hundreds of thousands of users belong to different parts of the world. Therefore, you can search for the members who have been to Disneyland, specifically near your location. When the conversation picks up, you can evaluate your partner based on specific pointers you liked about Disneyland near you.
  3. Sexual Orientation: MouseMingle is not restricted to people with any specific sexual preferences. It accepts all the members into the platform, be it gay, lesbians, or straight.
  4. Age: Though age is an essential factor in your search for a life partner, the platform just does not belong to users of a particular age group. The members of MouseMingle are singles who are either young or middle-aged men or women. Age is one of the fields the user is asked to fill at the beginning of the process to make sure he gets relevant match results belonging to his age group.
  5. Race and Ethnicity: Mouse Mingle must include all single members irrespective of their race or ethnicity. Anyone who is a Disney fanatic and has a great love for its characters and also interested in meeting people who share the same passion for Disney characters is welcome to join the MouseMingle platform.

Website Design and Usability

MouseMingle Design and Usability

The MouseMingle website has a very simplistic design. The front page is laid out in a grid format with all its members sharing their photos, either with Disney characters or Disneyland showing up in the background. For someone who is a Disney fan, visiting this website might bring back memories of that place, and they may want to browse more if someone looks attractive. However, the website’s color theme is fundamental and has nothing to do with Disney or Disney characters. It may be disappointing to some users. Also, too many photos stuffed in the home page of the website hamper the web page’s loading time to a great extent.

There is very little text on the homepage, preventing straightforward navigability within the website. The user may have to search for options to take any action on the webpage, as all one could see on the homepage are picture icons. It seems that either the user has to sign-up to view a user-friendly version of the platform, or they may have to upgrade their membership.

Special Features

MouseMingle Special Features
  • Option to filter Disney Preferences: The main intention of introducing a site like MouseMingle was; users were not able to filter their matches according to their Disney preferences. All traditional dating websites did not allow users to find their life partners based on their specific Disney likes and dislikes.
  • Private Chats: As a part of premium membership, you can initiate a private chat with the other users and invite members into a private chat room.
  • Status as offline: The member can choose to become invisible to people he does not want to interact with. He can change his status to “invisible” so that others may not be able to search him.
  • Real-time notification: The user can view if the user at the other end is typing a message for him. It is notified to him in real-time.
  • User Ratings: The user at the MouseMingle platform can immediately rate the profiles of other members. The ratings may be an indication for other users that how popular this profile is amongst its counterparts.

How Does MouseMingle Work?

MouseMingle Work

MouseMingle provides the opportunity to its users to flaunt their selfies at a Disney theme park on the first page of the website. The user can see the gist of the kind of Profiles this platform has. He can click on any picture and know their name and rating; however, to view their complete profile, the user needs to log in. The user can sign up with a brief form with basic details like age, name, location, gender. He then enters any of his valid email addresses to link up his account with his MouseMingle account. The system verifies if the email address you give is valid by sending an email to the same. Once you confirm your email, the account gets activated.

The system takes you to the next page with a detailed questionnaire having nearly 17 questions to answer in detail about

  1. What specific Disney songs do you like?
  2. Which Disney characters are you obsessed with?
  3. What activities do you like doing the most in your favorite theme park?
  4. How frequently do you visit Disney world near you?

The website has specific algorithms to find the most suitable match based on the answers, and it is entirely accurate to give you a match precisely like you in most parameters.

You can search for people based on their location or any specific interests and start the communication. You have the option of entering into private chats with profiles you like. Also, you can sort profiles based on their online status. By the way, you can view if your contact is typing a message for you.

Sign-up Process

MouseMingle Sign-up Process

The sign-up process is swift, and the user is through it in less than 15 minutes. It involves filling a basic form with some mandatory fields like age, gender, location, and email address. The email address is then verified by sending an activation link on the same. You need to log in to the email address and click on the activation link to confirm if it’s you. You should also choose a username and password that is quite expressive about your likes. The username may itself speak volumes about your interests. Once your email address is verified, your account is activated.

Once you become a member, the website leads you to a detailed questionnaire related to everything Disney and what are your specific preferences for every question. It is a mandatory step in your registration process as all your search results are derived from these criteria. It is also the best spot to describe yourself and your Disney preferences in detail.

Users Profiles Quality

MouseMingle Profiles Quality

The user profiles in MouseMingle are more likely to be real, as those with no interest in Disney may not want to be a part. Moreover, even if a profile gets registered for it to appear in search results, it is required to fill a list of description questions, which might be a significant deterrent for fake users. The conversations are mostly genuine as the primary intention of users joining this website is to find a soulmate and their love interests. Here is how you can make your profile more appealing:

  • Attractive pictures: The homepage is full of profile pictures from different users showing off their Disney fanatic. Some people are dressed like Disney characters, while some are clicking photographs with one of those. Some people are just standing In front of their favorite Disney themed park. These pictures also speak a lot about your idiosyncrasy for Disney. One who shares the same level of madness for Disney themes may straightaway visit your profile. You need to make sure the pictures you put in your profile must be clearly visible and attractive enough to make people approach you.
  • Win the Questionnaire: If you want to find the match of your choice by finding someone who is most compatible with you, you need to make sure your profile is complete with all the answers that best describe you. You may have to put in some extra effort to fill all the detailed information, but that effort will pay off. If someone clicks on your profile and finds that it is elementary with only a few details, he may not take the conversation ahead with you.

Mobile Application

MouseMingle has a mobile app running on all Android and iPhones. It is quite a user-friendly app, with most elements directly accessible with the main page. It is a compact version of the website and helps the users to access it, anyone, as it’s quite handy and easy to remain logged in. You can decide to use the mobile version of the website or decide to download it from the AppStore. It will entirely depend upon the frequency of use and user experience you prefer.

MouseMingle Alternatives and Similar Website & Apps

  1. Christian Mingle
  2. eHarmony

Membership Price and Payment Method

The MouseMingle app is free to join for anyone who is a Disney celebrant. However, if you want to get the most out of it, you need to fill in details about your preference and have clear goals and criteria in mind. It is easy for anyone to lose focus and land up with the wrong choice if they have not perfectly laid out their match criteria. Once you have evaluated the extent or frequency of your use of the website, you can choose a membership plan.


  • Duration Costs Total
  • Monthly $12.55/month $12.55
  • Quarterly $9.81/month $29.45
  • Yearly $8.29/month $99.53
  • Payment Method: PayPal

Free Membership Features

MouseMingle Membership Features
  1. Free Sign-up: For anyone who is a Disney fan, you can join MouseMingle for free. There are no hidden costs involved with the sign-up.
  2. Build Portfolio: You can upload as many profile pictures you like in your album. There is no limit to it.
  3. Self-Description: The site asks you descriptive questions to narrow down specific preferences on Disney. Creating a detailed profile is free of cost in MouseMingle.

Premium Membership Features

For any kind of conversation with the other user or viewing any user’s full detailed profile, people have to take premium membership in MouseMingle.

  • Profile Likes: You can like profiles and express your interest in interacting with them further.
  • Chat features available: You can send a chat request to someone you find appealing and begin the conversation with them. Simple text messages are allowed for every user on the app
  • Who’s online: Once you have registered, you can see online users and begin communicating with them.
  • Specific Search: As the profiles are detailed in MouseMingle, you can search a person with a particular interest matching yours and may be able to find a life partner in him.
  • Video Chat: Like most dating apps, video and voice calling features are available for the premium members. This feature helps the user to know someone in more depth.
  • Fewer Ads: You want to have less distraction in your browsing experience; you can take up a premium plan to see fewer ads on the website. This ensures a smooth flow of the system.

Is MouseMingle Safe?

MouseMingle Safe

MouseMingle site uses cookies and other technology to identify the browser and operating system of the users. This mainly helps to know the number of visits of specific users on the website. If the user logs in from devices the site does not recognize, the system will immediately raise the alarm and set access restrictions for the user. The site restricts the users to put their contact details in their public profiles so that no fake profile can contact them until they know each other well. The data is kept secure behind the firewalls to restrict any unauthorized access to the system. All users’ data is sent over an SSL connection so that no one can access or make use of such information for any fraudulent purposes.


MouseMingle Conclusion

MouseMingle is a niche dating website that caters to Disney fans’ whims and their love for Disney characters. The founder of MouseMingle Dave Tavares founded it to create a dedicated platform for Disney lovers to find their travel buddies or soulmates easily. No other website could have judged the need for such a platform designed explicitly for Disney lovers.

Here is a list of FAQs you might be interested in.

How to Delete the MouseMingle Account?

  1. Click on the Settings option under your profile icon
  2. Click on the option “Delete Account.”
  3. Confirm on message box by clicking on “delete” option again

How to Message Someone on MouseMingle?

To send any message to a user in MouseMingle, you need to subscribe to the premium membership plan. You cannot interact with other profiles without upgrading your account.

How to See Who Likes You on MouseMingle?

To access any feature beyond creating a basic profile and browsing, MouseMingle suggests subscribing to its paid plans.

How to Block Someone on MouseMingle?

  1. Click on the other user’s profile
  2. Click on the “More” button
  3. Click on Block option

How to Cancel MouseMingle Subscription?

  1. Click on your PayPal account
  2. Click on the gear option beside the Logout option.
  3. Press the “payments” option
  4. Press the button, “MouseMingle.”
  5. Click on the option “Cancel.”

Contact Information

  • Company name: MouseMingle.com
  • Address: 223 S Oak St, Orange, CA 92866, United States
  • ZIP code+country: CA 92866, California
  • Customer support mail: support@MouseMingle.com
  • Facebook for MouseMingle.
  • Twitter
  • Blog
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