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Could Muddy Matches Matchmaking Service be a Scam?

Could Muddy Matches Matchmaking Service be a Scam?
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Muddy Matches users sign up here as well:

Pros and Cons

  • Profile details are split into various parts for fast reading.
  • Users can modify their profile details after creation.
  • Part of the Online Dating Association
  • Muddy Matches site users must pay to access the messaging service.
  • It takes twenty-four hours to approve new accounts.

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Muddy Matches is not a scam. The online platform has many users. The high number of users proves that the service is great since things like legitimacy, reliability, and trustworthiness are what attract many users to any platform.

Muddy Matches Online Dating Platform Introduction

Muddy Matches matchmaking platform does not center on country life and it is not only meant for countryside users. Individuals in towns and cities can also join provided they are willing to explore the lifestyles in the countryside. This platform specifies that no individual is completely muddy and completely townie. So, any person can use this platform.

More Information About Muddy Matches Matchmaking Platform

Muddy Matches Review

Muddy Matches history

Muddy Matches is the matchmaking service designed for countryside users. It was established by 2 sisters in the year 2007. These two ladies aimed to connect individuals who are into country things.


There are two hundred and fifty users from the UK. Normally, there are fifty thousand users who are online each week. Sixty-two percent of the users at the Muddy Matches platform are women. Men make up for thirty-eight percent of the platform members.

Muddy Matches matchmaking platform is located in the UK which means that many of the people are from that place and some sections of Ireland. So, if you are interested in a match, expect him/her to be from either the UK or Ireland. If you want a life partner or a pal, you’re free to sign up at the platform. Whether young or old and whether you are female or male, you’re allowed to register at Muddy Matches platform. And do not forget that it targets country individuals and that if you are from town, you are allowed to join provided you like country lifestyle.

Muddy Matches welcomes townies and muddies. Muddies are those users who reside in the countryside and townies are the individuals who are more town-based and like the countryside. As per the owners of this platform, no user is completely muddy or completely townie. This is a perfect platform to meet like-minded individuals.

Age distribution:

  • People between eighteen and twenty-four years make up for seven percent of the website users.
  • People between twenty-five and thirty-four years make up for twenty percent of the website users.
  • People between thirty-five and forty-four years make up for twenty-three percent of the website users.
  • People between forty-five and fifty-four years make up for thirty-two percent of the website users.
  • People above fifty-five years make up for eighteen percent of Muddy Matches website users.

Race and ethnicity

Since the Muddy Matches members reside in the UK and Ireland, users should expect ethnicities like the British, Asians, Indians, Irish, Chinese and Arabs.

Sexual orientation

This refers to who users are attracted to. Some individuals are attracted to users of their sex and others are attracted to users of their opposite sex. Sexual orientation is part of a user’s identity at Muddy Matches and no matter who you are attracted to, you’re free to join this matchmaking platform.

Muddy Matches Platform Design and Usability

Muddy Matches Review

Muddy Matches offers both the desktop and mobile versions. Both of them are neat and they seem somehow plain. They have attractive colors and they are not so engaging. However, they are highly operational and people will never have to be tech-savvy to learn how to operate them. But Muddy Matches platform pages take long to load and at times they might fail to function completely.

Muddy Matches Features

Texting a user at the Muddy Matches matchmaking platform requires making payment, however, there are certain great non-paid features.

  1. Safety Tips

Muddy Matches platform admins are aware that online services are not always safe. But they again convinced that if people learn the best ways to avoid any fraudulent activities, they can be safe. This part of the dating platform is where safety guidelines and advice are shared.

  1. Relationship tips Blog

There are blogs or posts at the Muddy Matches platform. They have content that offers advice to users on how to date correctly. They cover topics such as how to succeed in online matchmaking and there are crucial relationship links and dating tips.

  1. GDPR Hub

It is the Muddy Matches part that offers basic details regarding the protection of general data. This section was designed to assist in keeping users’ information safe. It is part of the privacy policy for this dating platform.

  1. Users’ Stories

Muddy Matches matchmaking platform has success stories of people who have utilized the service before and met the person they wanted.

  1. Muddy Townie Quiz

Users can take this quiz whenever they are free. This quiz shows how townie or muddy an individual is. It additionally provides a little description of users’ findings.

  1. Country Calendar

This is where Muddy Matches users check events that happen in their neighborhood. Among them are horse racing, farming exhibitions, games, speed dating, and other sports dating websites activities.

  1. Countryside matchmaking

The website has interesting articles for users to read whenever they are free. They include:

  • Dating individuals who are horsey.
  • Countryside matchmaking.
  • Meeting country enthusiasts.
  • Countryside love.
  • Equestrian matchmaking.
  • Dating a farmer.
  • Farmer needs a spouse.

How the Muddy Matches Web Matchmaking Platform Operates?

Muddy Matches Review

Upon entering the Muddy Matches online matchmaking platform, people may look for individuals that meet their requirements. Finding good partners is made easier through having detailed profiles. This site does not give users suggestions, everyone is supposed to find the matches using a manual searching method.

The Process of Creating an Account at Muddy Matches

  • Members begin by providing their two names.
  • The process of creating an account takes between five and ten minutes.
  • The registration process has five steps.
  • Members are supposed to provide plenty of private details.
  • Members may share their photos though it is not a must.

The first page at the Muddy Matches matchmaking platform is meant for registration. New members are supposed to provide their name, mailing address and a password. Once a person does all that, he/she can proceed to a five-steps registration procedure whereby so many other private details are required. This is where the users describe themselves and where they come from. Users must also indicate whether they come from a city or the countryside. However, there isn’t any option to select, you will use a slider to adjust where they fit. So, a user may be fully townie, fully muddy, half townie, half muddy or anything between townie and muddy.

The Quality of Profiles at Muddy Matches

Muddy Matches Review
  • Muddy Matches members are allowed to upload many photos but only 3 of them will appear on their profile.
  • When using the free service, people will see other members’ profile details.
  • The photos are additionally very clear for members on the free membership.
  • The details on profiles are split into various parts, among them looks.
  • There is also a text box where users write something about themselves.
  • Profiles on the Muddy Matches matchmaking website are very detailed.
  • Users can edit their profile details later if they wish to.
  • Every user on this platform will view other people’s profile pictures without having to make any payment.
  • Details that users can provide separately include looks, background, lifestyle, what you want, games and their interests. Users may additionally modify details about themselves later but they must write something before accessing the service.

The profiles at Muddy Matches matchmaking website give detailed descriptions of the users. However, they are not as extensive as other matchmaking services. One most refreshing thing whenever it comes to this is that all related questions are put together in one box. They have a place for inquiring about looks, there is another for education and background and there also one about lifestyle. The fact that these information sections are not scattered everywhere helps a lot.

Muddy Matches Mobile Service

  • Muddy Matches matchmaking app contains the appropriate information.
  • The application is good and easy to operate.
  • The app is downloaded for free on Apple Store and Google Play.
  • Both the Apple and Android devices have an app.
  • The design and color of the Muddy Matches application are similar to that of the desktop website.

If you already created your account, you can get the Muddy Matches matchmaking app for free. Users can enter the site using the app. They can even modify their profile information, look for a match and upload pictures using the app. Users can even view other people’s profiles and pictures and they can see who checked theirs through mobile apps. Besides all that, users can add and see their favorites, manage the settings and get notifications about posts, adverts, and activities.

But just like Muddy Matches desktop version, users will only send, read and reply to texts if they have signed up for available plans. Those who have not subscribed yet can also subscribe through the mobile version.

Alternatives of Muddy Matches Service or Other Similar Matchmaking Services

  • C-date
  • Match
  • Ashley Madison

The Cost of Muddy Matches Service and the Methods of Making Payment

  • One month: The service fee is 24.00 GBP.
  • Three months: The service fee is 15.00 GBP per month. This totals up to 45.00 GBP.
  • Six months: The subscription fee is 11.50 GBP per month. This totals up to 69.00 GBP.
  • Twelve months: The subscription fee is 7.50 per month. This totals up to 90.00 GBP.
  • The method used to make payments at the Muddy Matches dating website is Credit Card.

Users make the required payment so that they can enjoy the services. Making payment is simple; users will just have to click the subscribing icon which is located at the upper-right section of the platform. Users’ subscription gets renewed automatically after expiring. Muddy Matches service users can also cancel their subscription whenever they want at the Manage Subscription section of this platform. For anyone that wishes to cancel their premium subscription, do it forty-eight hours before the time of renewing. Otherwise, those changes will not be applied.

Upon clicking the icon for subscribing, users can additionally see the upgrading option which is the premium service that allows users to communicate with others through messages. In the basic subscription, Muddy Matches users are supposed to subscribe before exchanging messages. This allows users who have not subscribed and those who have subscribed to reply to messages. It Improves the number of replies gotten and users only need to pay GBP4.40 per month besides their basic amount as the extra fee.

The Features That Free Members Have Access To

Muddy Matches Review
  • Muddy Townie Quiz
  • Dating Advice Blog
  • Country Calendar
  • Profile Completion
  • Picture Upload
  • Browsing other users’ details
  • Adding other users to favorites

The Features Enjoyed Under Paid Membership

  • Getting and sending texts

How Safe is Muddy Matches Matchmaking Platform?

Muddy Matches Review

People may use the Muddy Matches dating account without confirming their identity. Such implies that there is no protection against the existence of fake accounts on this platform. But all photos get approved first before being posted. This prevents the users from sharing images that are not theirs. Again, Muddy Matches members have the option to report a profile that they think is fake.


Muddy Matches Review

Muddy Matches is a nice matchmaking platform for people who like the countryside life. This place does not only welcome muddy individuals who are interested in partners because it is additionally a place for social activities. And even though the website was designed for muddy people, townies are allowed to use it too. But the townies are few, probably because they feel uncomfortable interacting with the muddies. Also, some people feel that the subscription fee might not be worth it since it only allows users to send texts. Last but not least, though a lot of people at Muddy Matches are after a long-term affair, it is difficult to find the right match because there are many fake profiles. This site has a verification procedure but they do not have safety techniques to know which accounts are not real. Because of this, people should consider checking other online dating platforms. There are platforms that have better features than the Muddy Matches platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Users Delete Muddy Matches Accounts?

At the “My Account” section of the site, there is an option for canceling membership. If you choose to cancel, all your information will be erased.

How Do You Send Messages to Other Users at Muddy Matches?

  • This platform has an extensive search criterion.
  • Members may search for individuals that match their requirements by using fields like eye color, ethnicity, height, and others.
  • There is an option for saving search settings.
  • Muddy Matches also allows people to add the users they like to their favorites list.
  • Users must pay to communicate with others.

Muddy Matches is among the few matchmaking platforms that have an extensive searching option. They have several filters and options used to make the findings more specific. That improves one’s probability of meeting a perfect match. Users may also search for people using the muddy-townie criteria. If users find the partners that meet their requirements, they are supposed to subscribe to Muddy Matches paid membership. This will enable them to send texts to the people they want.

Will Users Know Who Likes Them When Using Free Muddy Matches?

Free members will know the individuals who checked out their profile or put them to their favorites section. The only service that requires users to give payment at the Muddy Matches platform is texting.

Ways of Blocking a User on Muddy Matches Platform?

Do it with the blocking sender option if the person sends you a message. But if the person hasn’t communicated with you, you should use the “block this person” option. This option is found at the bottom of a person’s profile page.

Ending the Muddy Matches Service Paid Membership?

You can cancel by stopping automatic renewing. It is found at the Manage Subscription section found in My Account section. You must cancel forty-eight hours before the term gets renewed automatically.

Muddy Matches Company Details

  • Company Name: Muddy Matches Ltd
  • Address:Paddock View, Grange Farm, NrWellingborough, Northants, NN29 7HJ
  • Zip Code + City: NN29 7HP Wellingborough
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Customer Support Email: info@muddymatches.co.uk
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Blog
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