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My LOL Review 2021: Perfect or Scam

My LOL Review 2021: Perfect or Scam
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Pros and Cons

  • With many features that encourage interactions
  • Basic features are free
  • With the available mobile application
  • Profiles are not verified
  • Abound with fake profiles and suspicious members
  • No appropriate classification for age groups

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Teenagers are always looking for friends and company with whom they can interact. Most of them are not into serious relationships but are into casual dating. With the popularity of the internet, there are online dating sites that come about catering to different age groups. There is one particular website called My LOL that provides teens. This online dating helps teens who are looking for someone to connect, chat, or meet up.

My LOL has similar elements that you can find on a dating website plus a host of other features. If you are considering joining this website, or a parent who wants to be aware of what their teens are into, this review will help you see what My LOL is all about and if it’s a safe online dating platform for teens.

Review of My LOL

My LOL Review

My LOL is an online dating website cum social networking site with teenagers on its target market. The members can display their photos and information on the site, including sexual orientation, personal interests, and answers to quiz questions. What the website does is to encourage teens to socialize, make friends, and eventually date. The goal of this website is to connect teens across the globe where they can discuss their interests, chat, share photos, and make new friends.

It has several features that make it more engaging for its teen users. All in all, it is more of a social network rather than a dating website. My LOL is advertising its services as free, but it’s not 100% free. Some features can be accessed for a premium. The basic functionalities are free, but you have to pay to enjoy the special features. It somehow contradicts with the age group of the members on the site. Most of them are teens and not precisely capable of paying.

In My LOL site, the members are between the ages of 13 to 19 years old. These teens are from Australia, Canada, the UK, and the US. The site was founded in 2009 and is now in its 11th year. There are many negative feedbacks about the website to date for fake accounts. And this is not surprising because it has made little effort in verifying the users.

Website Design and Usability

My LOL Design

The website has a trendy and hip design, which is just right for the members who are all teens. It embodies the teen spirit – fun and exciting. It’s no wonder that most teens are hooked on the site not only of its design but for the features as well.

The designs of the icons are straightforward, easy to navigate, and pretty straightforward. There are no restrictions on the functionalities on the website, so even new members can browse the site without much effort. Once you are a member, you can send messages straight away also if you have not completed the profile yet.

In terms of functionality, My LOL has taken into account the profile of its members. With members who cannot pay money for paid memberships, most of the features are free. There is not much difference between the non-paying and paying users as their access works the same. The only exception is the advanced features that can be accessed by the paying members.

My LOL dating website has a downloadable app available. Both the desktop and mobile versions have safe functionalities and user interfaces.

Special Features

My LOL Special

This online dating website offers many other perks to its young members. Here are the unique features that add entertainment and security to the site.

Detection of Suspicious Keywords – This feature is in place, but as to its functionality, it remains a question. Theoretically, there should be moderators at My LOL who are monitoring the messages should ban the age-inappropriate topics and discussions. But in the forums, you can see a lot of alarming threads, and some users even use different keywords to work around the restrictions and are posting revealing photos.

Photo Moderation – According to the Admin of the websites, they screen the photos that are posted on the site. However, there are many nude and revealing photos proliferating the website.

Blogs – Any member of the My LOL community can post blogs of any topics as long as it conforms to the community policies. My LOL community can share and comment on the articles that they like.

Forum – Members can create and join the conversations going on in this feature. It is easily accessible because the popular threads are highlighted.

Chatroom – This is the most popular feature of the site where the community can talk. However, before a member can enter the chatroom, their photos should be approved first.

Vote – The members of the community can vote who will be on the popular member’s list. The person who has the most positive votes are featured on the homepage.

Shout – Members can post messages that can be seen by everyone online. They should have approved photos to be able to do this.

How Does It Work?

My LOL Work

My LOL has combined social networking with a dating website, which is more appropriate for its teen market because it provided a platform for socializing. The users can publicly display their images and information that would give the interested parties an idea about the owner of the profile. Members can also leave messages on the profile of the user and vote. Other features include the option to match or like another user with a heart icon.

The members of My LOL can become ‘friends’ with another member by sending and accepting ‘friend requests’ from other members. Much like Facebook, the updates and images posted on the site by the community as seen on the owner’s newsfeed. It can be filtered according to the owner’s preference, like showing only updates from their ‘friends’ or people who are near their area.

The instant messaging function is another highlight of the site, allowing users to chat with any members in private who are online. There are also public forums where open discussions between the members about various topics happen. Another page, ‘shouts,’ is for the members to have a place for open conversations.

On the tip of the platform is a bar that displays the profile photo of other members. This bar can be customized according to the age and gender you want to see. Paying members can have additional features, among them, are priority ranking in the searches and the perk to view the users who have checked their profile and voted for it.

Sign up Process

My LOL Sign up

To sign up with My LOL, you can have two options: using your registered email or by using Twitter/Facebook account. It’s open to teenagers between the ages of 13 to 19 years old. The majority of the members who are registering here are from the UK, Canada, US, and Australia. There is only one language here, English.

The registration process can only take a few minutes, and you can opt to skip the most critical step, the verification. Because this process is not compulsory, many posers and fake accounts abound the site. Although the site is adamant that there is a photo verification process, the images uploaded in the profiles are not monitored, too, and many of them are downloaded from the internet.

Users Profile Quality

The profiles on this dating website contain the necessary information, but most of them are just the age and location of the user. It has a dedicated ‘about me’ section for the users to expound about themselves. However, most of them are blanks. That’s because this portion is not compulsory, and only a few users only bother to use them.

What this site is big on are photos. You can find many photo albums that have loads of pictures, and the majority of them are provocative in nature. These folders are open to all users, and they can react to these photos using the available reactions like ‘Wow,’ ‘Cute,’ ‘Hot,’ and ‘OMG.’ The users who garnered the most votes are featured in the Popular Members section.

Verification is also not compulsory, so expect to have a lot of fake users. A couple of perks that paying members can use include a possibility to send a member ‘paid subscription’ as a gift. Another perk that they have is they can see the online status of the other members.

Mobile Applications

My LOL has an available app that can be downloaded both for Android and Apple users. This mobile app provides a good user experience. The mobile app can be downloaded for free. If you are not a fan of downloading the app, you can still open it on your mobile browser. It shows basically the same desktop features on your phone. So, you can enjoy the dating website with the same features that you have on both versions.

Alternatives and Similar Website Apps

If My LOL is not your suitable place to find your one true love, you can opt for other dating websites like the following:

  • JDate.com
  • Ashley Madison
  • Flingster
  • Elite Singles

Membership Price and Other Payment Method

My LOL Price

If you compare the membership prices in My LOL with other dating websites, you will find that the site to be cheaper.

The Cost of Privileged Membership/Packages

  • One Week The Mini 3.95 USD
  • One Month The Saver 9.95 USD
  • Three Months Best Seller 6.95 USD per month
  • Six Months The Clever 4.95 USD per month

As you can see, the longer the terms of subscription, the cheaper it will be. You can pay with a PayPal account or credit card, and taxes are applicable depending on the location.

The subscriptions are automatically renewed, but you can cancel the subscription on the Payment tab.

Free Membership Features

The free users of the website can enjoy the following privileges:

  • Create and edit their profiles
  • Browse through the database of users
  • Update their status
  • Use the chat room
  • Participate in the forum threads
  • Send messages
  • Add friends
  • Post a shout out

Premium Membership Features

For paying members of the website, the following are the perks:

  • View who checked your profile
  • See if the messages are read
  • Priority in the searches
  • See who among the members want to meet you.

Aside from the subscription fees, the My LOL site also has unique features that can be accessed by paying credits. You can earn the credits which you can use on the fee-based services.

These are the activities on the platform where you can earn credits:

  • Liking the site 50 credits
  • Tweet the site 50 credits
  • Sharing the site to friends 50 credits
  • Adding new photos every day 15 credits
  • Replying to a message 10 credits
  • Daily log in 5 credits
  • Reply to a quiz 10 credits
  • Finding a match (mutual likes) 5 credits per match, 5 matches a day
  • Voting on user’s photos 5 credits for each picture, maximum of 5 votes a day

This promotion is to encourage the users to be active on the site, and when they do, it will earn them lots of virtual coins. You can use these credits in the following:

  • Getting featured on the header menu at the site – it will give them a hundred times more visibility over other members. It needs 100 credits.
  • Getting a boost on the search results. It needs 200 credits.
  • Becoming the ‘first member voted.’ It needs 150 credits.
  • Becoming the ‘first member matched.’ It needs 150 credits.
  • Becoming a paying member for two weeks and enjoy all the perks of a premium member. It needs 1000 credits.

Is My LOL Really Safe?

My LOL Safe

Based on our research about the website, it seems that the management needs to update its security policies and take it more seriously, considering that their members are the most vulnerable teens. The idea of creating a casual dating website and social networking site for teens in one is good; if the membership is not vetted and verified, it can be exploited by scrupulous individuals who are preying on teens.

The company behind the website remains unknown, and there are reports that the site is prone to pedophilia is alarming. Thus, the need for stricter security measures is imperative.


My LOL has a great premise during its creation, but somehow it did not follow through on its implementation. The site needs better security features and moderation to protect the well-being of its members who are the vulnerable sector of our society. Even the current security measures can be bypassed, and inappropriate behaviors are visible in the site.

The site is known for several fake users who are adults (predators) posing as teens to prey on teen members. There was an existing petition from parents who wanted authorities to investigate the site to prevent unpleasant scenarios from happening.

How to delete My LOL Account?

You can delete your My LOL account by clicking on the gear icon that is located beside the username on the top-right corner of the homepage. When you scroll down at the bottom of the page, you will find the ‘To delete your account, please click here’ link and follow the instructions. On this website, you cannot deactivate the account; you have to close your account, which is free of charge.

How to message someone on My LOL?

My LOL has a Group Chat feature that allows members to directly message the other members you are currently log in on the site. You can also invite or enter private chats with other members. The instant messaging option can let you see who among the contacts are online and set your status to offline or invisible. It has real-time updates that show your contact typing a message.

How to see who likes you on My LOL without paying?

You cannot see who viewed/liked your profile unless you have a premium membership. To know how to be a premium member, check the Cost and Prices for a paid membership.

How to block someone on My LOL?

My LOL provides you the ability to block selected members from contacting you. It is useful if the member’s behavior becomes inappropriate and from you are getting responses from members you don’t have interests in.

To block them, you need to open the profile of the person that you want to block. On the top corner of the section of the page, look for the drop-down menu. Choose ‘Block’ and confirm the action. The blocked members will no longer be able to contact you and visit your profile.

How to cancel My LOL subscription?

If you don’t want to continue your premium membership, you can cancel it anytime and online. To do this, you need to click on the gear icon located beside your username. You can find this on the top-right corner of the homepage. Select the ‘Payment’ tab. Under ‘Renewal’ choose ‘Cancel.’


  • Company Name: MyLOL
  • Address: Unknown
  • Zip Code + City: Quebec
  • Country: Canada
  • Customer Support Email: support@mylol.com
  • Facebook
  • Twitter: @MyLOL
  • Blog
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