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MyDirtyHobby Review 2022 – Perfect or Scam?

MyDirtyHobby Review 2022 – Perfect or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 64%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 600 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 7.5
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Popular webcam site.
  • Tons of homemade amateur videos
  • MyDirtyHobby has a strong and faithful community.
  • You can register both as an amateur and a viewer
  • Hot models.
  • German, English, Dutch languages included
  • The site has a MyDirtyBoss game
  • Hot photos in galleries
  • You can stream videos
  • “Dirty cent” system
  • Access to live cam
  • Many channels
  • Many reviews
  • MyDirtyHobby has its niche on Pornhub
  • Over 1,000,000 videos
  • Many ethnicities included
  • A diverse selection of categories
  • Frequent updates
  • Nice design
  • You cannot download videos
  • Everything costs credit

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MyDirtyHobby is a webcam site where you can stream videos of beautiful women. Here you can watch photos and live streams of hot babes, support them by paying for credits or become a creator yourself. It is the site with amateur girls who just want to have fun. Although they are not professional porn stars, MyDirtyHobby has a vast selection of categories, from teens to MILFs. Here you can watch solo action or performers playing with partners and friends. Interaction on MyDirtyHobby costs credits where stars charge per minute. In this MyDirtyHobby review, you will learn everything about this site, from fees to performers, quality, design, and many more.

Expert’s Review of MyDirtyHobby

Expert’s Review of MyDirtyHobby

MyDirtyHobby is a German webcam site, established in 2006. Although it is not a dating site, you can connect with girls by streaming their videos and reacting to them. This site has substantial experience, being active on the market for almost fifteen years! It is a well-known webcam site that has thousands of reviews and many fans all over the world. MyDirtyHobby even made its entrance into Pornhub, being an independent channel with their videos. Similarly, many other porn sites stream these videos, sometimes just as a leak. The site is available in German, English, and Dutch languages, although most fans are from Germany.

MyDirtyHobby has a large community. As stated in the MyDirtyHobby review before, the site has mostly German and American male viewers. There are more than 40,000 registered girls with an average of 4,000 females online on this site. MyDirtyHobby states that the site has over 370,000+ videos and more than 3,80 million pictures. It is hard to know the exact number of followers given than MyDirtyHobby is equally as popular on other adult sites.

Surprisingly, many women attend this site. You would think that MyDirtyHobby is marketed at males only, but you can easily communicate with not only female creators. Although males are a primary focus here, females are ready for a personal chat if they are equally interested in the connection. However, males and transgender people become amateurs either, sharing their stories on the timeline.

When it comes to sexual orientation, MyDirtyHobby is a site primarily for straight males (or bisexual and lesbian females). The division of genders and sexual orientation is not harsh because it is not a dating site. But if you want to know about creators, this site provides videos of solo, hetero, and lesbian sex. Streamers can be any sexual orientation and have multiple partners in the video/live stream. However, when registering your account, you can choose plenty of options, including solo straight, solo gay, a straight couple, gay couple, shemale and transsexual.

Most females are 20-30 years old, although there are older women who perform in the MILF category. If you see a “teen” tag, it is primarily the name of the category and does not correlate with amateurs’ age. “Teen” performers are of legal age. The age of an average male viewer is above 30.

MyDirtyHobby is open about cultural friendliness. Although it is a European site, you do not need to be European to sign up as an amateur. Though many girls are from Germany, you can also see performers from the US, Great Britain, Canada, France, Russia, or Asian countries. Male viewers are mostly German. On MyDirtyHobby, you can find white Latina, black, brown, and Asian girls.

Website Design & Usability

Website Design & Usability

MyDirtyHobby has a hefty design. It looks like a standard webcam site with big photos of females’ assets, nude pics, gifs, and video previews. Like on many similar sites, MyDirtyHobby has some promotional banners and ads. The design is immaculate, without additional options or bars. All you can see is a gallery of women, their videos, and other bits. The Options panel is embedded into the left side of the screen and doesn’t poke through, distracting you from the view. The color scheme is white, not very popular with adult sites, and you cannot change it into black. It might be the only drawback of the design.

When it comes to practicality, MyDirtyHobby is an immaculate webcam site. The search is intuitive. It does not differ from other adult sites, making getting used to it right away. MyDirtyHobby does not use pop-up ads that usually make a whole experience unbearable. You can use it safely without a twitch to download malware.

Special Features

Special Features

MyDirtyHobby is more than a webcam site. The idea of combining a chatting platform and an adult site is genuinely fascinating. Here, you can talk to performers in the comment section, by using the chat or message them. However, MyDirtyHobby has more exciting features.


In this section, you can see posts of other users, both male, and female, read their hot stories and share your own. As a member, you can view photos and videos of people undressing, posting about their recent experiments, share their fetishes and hobbies. The community is very active, adding new posts daily. From the left menu, select the Community tab and see the timeline of random people. From there, you can check channels of registered users and see what else they got.


MyDirtyHobby has developed a game that is called MyDirtyBoss. You can access it straight from the website. In this game, you can explore stories of beautiful ladies you hire on a job as a boss. You can turn them on, get cash, and level up. After it, you can successfully sell your company and buy a new one. Everything in this game is highly customizable. You can also collect pics of your workers and screw each one of them in many inventive ways. It is a highly interactive sex game that is an addition to the site.

You can make money here.

As stated in the MyDirtyHobby review before, the site works with a credit system. You do now need to buy a subscription. However, each interaction costs you something. You buy credits to pay for videos, pics, and webcams. Once you’ve purchased a clip, you can watch it as many times as you want. Return to it whenever you feel ready. But the only drawback is, you cannot download a video. You can only stream and watch on the site.

MyDirtyHobby uses an effective credit system. Time costs money, and all know that. A short video will cost you a few bucks. However, the longer the Video, the more the creator charges for it. If you feel the content is good but too pricey, you can return it to your credit card by uploading something yours. You can do it anonymously, like showing clips of your feet or other bits and get cash as a creator. Not only can you attend this site for free, earning back everything you’ve spent. You can make good money as a performer.

How does MyDirtyHobby work?

How does MyDirtyHobby work

As you may have understood from the MyDirtyHobby review, this site is not much of a dating community. Although it has some social media elements, such as comments, texts, and streams, it’s not precisely where you would go to find a date or a romantic relationship. But who knows, maybe your experience will go further than MyDirtyHobby hookups. However, MyDirtyHobby does an excellent job of connecting people based on their hobbies and interests. Some users discuss their kinks, threesomes, and other jazz.

To start your experience, you need to enter the site and sign up. You can see the gallery, community videos, and live cams. To start watching videos, you are asked to replenish your account with credits. You can buy credits in many ways. After purchasing them, just buy any video you would like and get back to it whenever you want it.

Sign Up Process

To sign up on MyDirtyHobby, you need to enter the site and find a Register button in the top vertical menu. Once there, you can come up with a username, a password, and provide your email. After that, you have to choose your sexual orientation/gender. Your options are male, female, couple (m,f), couple (m,m), couple (f,f), shemale, transsexual. Upon completion, MyDirtyHobby gives you your first 100 free dirty cents. The signup process is straightforward.

In case you already have an account, just type in your password and email.

Users Profiles Quality

Users Profiles Quality

On MyDirtyHobby, profiles are surprisingly high-quality. Usually, creators and people on dating sites don’t like filling the profile with information. However, on MyDirtyHobby, you can see all sorts of details about the creator. Moreover, you can read about them.

The first thing you are going to see on a person’s account is their photos. They are usually high-quality and are free to watch for any user, even if you are not registered yet. Under their gallery, you can see the creator’s username and their online status. You can also choose “Chat with me!” to text the creator. And to remember this user, you may add an account to your favorites.

Under this information, you can see the creator’s Latest videos and their profile information, which includes a nickname, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, country, and spoken languages. Here you can see their posts, users with similar content, and pictures. You may also hop on the blog to see the creator’s news.

Overall, performers provide good quality content. However, in some MyDirtyHobby reviews, users complain that not all the homemade videos are high-quality. But that is quite understandable from the amateur. Additionally, visitors claim that some users upload videos of professional pornstars into their accounts to gain cash. However, it does not affect the quality of a website.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

MyDirtyHobby does not have a mobile application. The need for a mobile app is questionable because it is more an adult site than a dating community. Since most people don’t spend too much time on webcam sites and value their privacy, MyDirtyHobby mobile is not an essential application. You can easily use this site by using an optimized web version for a phone or a tablet. The optimized version has the same facets as the original website, plus the compact resolution.

MyDirtyHobby Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

Homemade porn and webcams are getting more popular by the day. There are many sites where you can stream porn videos, but none of them double as social media with a community and can chat. MyDirtyHobby is unique in that sense. However, if you want to try more similar sites, here are some of them:

  1. Web Watcher’s Blue. It is one of the first homemade sites, created in 1998! It is the original gangsta of porn sites, combining thousands of amateur videos for every taste, from classic to kinky. Web Watcher’s Blue has a social media presence too, which makes it similar to MyDirtyHobby.
  2. Homegrown Video is a homemade porn site with even more history. It dates back to times when porn was exclusively on VHS tapes. Even then, Homegrown Video had its niche market of people who wanted to purchase tapes from hands. Now it is a massive homemade porn website, both with amateurs and professional actors.
  3. Wife Bucket is a home-video site than concentrates its attention on married couples (especially MILFs). Women who star there are 30 and over. It is a popular dating site among niche porn lovers who bring new submissions every day.

Membership Price and Payment Method

As stated in MyDirtyHobby review, this site has a credit system. To purchase credits, you need to pay real money. On the contrary to memberships, you don’t need to overpay for videos you will not watch. If you have a busy month and don’t have time to visit the site, it does not matter since you don’t lose money. With MyDirtyHobby, you only spend money on things you like.

Here is the full credit cost:

800 Credits: €10.00
1200 Credits: €15.00
2000 Credits: €25.00
5200 Credits: €50.00
7800 Credits: €75.00

You can pay for credits using Mastercard, Online Check, or VISA.

Free Membership Features

As a free member, you can still do plenty of stuff on MyDirtyHobby. Not only can you register for free. You can also watch the gallery, scroll through every photo, and go to the user’s accounts. You can read the personal information of every creator, read their blogs with pics attached. Moreover, you can attend the Community page for free, seeing posts from other users with texts and pictures.

Premium Membership Features

As a premium member, you can do tons of stuff on MyDirtyHobby. You can have everything a standard user has, and even more. After buying credits, you will be able to open any video and watch snippets. Additionally to pictures, you will see live streams, webcams, and pre-recorded porn. You will be able to open any video and return to it whenever you feel ready. All your purchased videos will be in a separate folder.

Additionally, as a premium member who purchases credits, you can text a creator to try MyDirtyHobby hookups. This way, you have all the chances to get to know a solo performer or a couple and meet up with them in real life. You can express gratitude and ask questions. You will also see Channels that MyDirtyHobby picked up for you – a list of exciting performers, based on your preference. You will also be able to search for videos by tags, which shortens the time before finding the right Video. And finally, you can watch webcams to observe the amateur in life.

If you are running out of credit, you will not be able to purchase a long video for every two-minute count.

Is MyDirtyHobby Really Safe?

MyDirtyHobby is a 100% safe site. First of all, it is scammer-free. All users upload their photos and videos to get money, but no one will ask you for an additional fee. Every purchase is made on the site. The price list is completely clear, so you do not need to donate to performers, like on other webcam sites. If you are a creator, MyDirtyHobby is a solid choice, because the site pays you regardless of how generous your audience is. The price is fixed, which makes MyDirtyHobby a stable place to make money.

If you are a client, you can breathe calmly because it does not use any unwanted information. The site is strictly anonymous, taking only essential information from you, such as cookies, billing information, and email. When you are on the site and decide to pay for credits, the paywall is powered by the SSL protocol, so that your information will never belong to third-party apps.

And finally, MyDirtyHobby does not have annoying and potentially dangerous pop-up ads. External links and suggestive sites do not interrupt your experience, redirecting you to different pages. Here, you can be sure to avoid obnoxious advertisements and viruses.


MyDirtyHobby is an excellent homemade webcam site for amateur creators and their fans. It is a good place to communicate with a creator, establish a community connection, and start earning money on your own. MyDirtyHobby is anonymous, high-quality, and modern.

How to delete MyDirtyHobby account?

To delete your MyDirtyHobby account, write a short message to the support team.

How to message someone on MyDirtyHobby?

To message someone here, just click on the “Chat with me!” button on their profile (near their photo).

How to see who likes you on MyDirtyHobby without paying?

MyDirtyHobby does not have such an option.

How to block someone on MyDirtyHobby?

You cannot block users on this site.

How to cancel MyDirtyHobby subscription?

To terminate a VIP subscription, please contact the team.

Contact Information

  • Company Name: MyDirtyHobby
  • Address: Block 1, 195-197 Old Nicosia-Limassol Road, Dali Industrial zone, Cyprus 2540.
  • Zip Code + City: Nicosia, 1065
  • Country: Cyprus
  • Customer Support Email: support@mydirtyhobby.com
  • Facebook https://www.facebook.com/public/Mydirtyhobby
  • Twitter https://twitter.com/mydirtyhobbyen
  • Blog https://www.mydirtyhobby.com/community
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Customer reviews
Janet Castro
by Janet Castro Jan 13, 2022
I've come wondering for a while before you sign right up for this purpose provider. After that, I made the decision to utilise, and that I've never featured right back. You will find some lovers to talk with, and I also cherish searching pages. There are a lot very hot everyone and interesting characters on this internet site! I like every moment of passing time around and anticipate to see my favorite finest fit.
Daniel Wright
by Daniel Wright Jan 09, 2022
I have been through incredibly messy breakup after 36 months of significant relationships. I've simply discovered that my own sweetheart was in fact cheating on me continuously. After 90 days of melancholy, my pals stimulated me to subscribe to website. These people informed me which would help unleash my self and forget concerning the worst. Thus, I've recorded on the site and make a member profile. I should state that I accepted a pretty careful and responsible solution to the personality review and performedn't miss a tab. In addition linked several of my personal most readily useful photos. In the beginning, it was not going really well for me personally since I couldn't start chatting individuals consistently. Spotty and clichéd email normally matter. Subsequently, I make many good friends to speak and go over several ideas. There was an optimistic experiences for the thinking and ego. However, it absolutely was good to hear from other people that i'm sensuous, hot, brilliant, etc. before long, simple massaging became a whole lot more explicit, i sensed that I am already offered to time once more. Very, I managed to get a date with among my favorite I've mat on this site. Anything went without problems, and then we received an enjoyable experience. By doing this, We begun fulfilling others both on the web and traditional and slowly putting apart my own previous painful dating. Online dating transformed my life for your far better, so this website got an essential part inside change.
Miguel Garner
by Miguel Garner Jan 06, 2022
We signed up for this websites a-year and a half in the past, so I would be out for quite a while. Too, i used to be delighted to get many fits every day, which forced me to expect best. Quickly, we achieved an excellent guy, sensed the biochemistry and connection between usa, and we go along nicely now. I would state that the premiums membership costs are affordable and low-cost.
by Moshe Dec 29, 2021
This service membership offers a basic concept and direction-finding. Premium bags are generally affordable, and communicating options are handy. Those viewing try respectable, with lots of interesting anyone. Having been pleased ascertain this open-minded individuals that go much beyond stereotypes and imposed cultural procedures. In other words, my personal exposure to this application is great all sides. I've no gripes and remorse. This application let me to have a great time even when I can not find a person for a night out together. I enjoy chatting like it produces me with understandings, speaking of love, human instinct, newborn relationship stage, etc.
by Jasmine Dec 29, 2021
Really like this service. I made plans to meet consumers for a coffee plus a party. I do think it had gone relatively effectively. I have perhaps not determined so far regarding upcoming times, but I'm to my way to select one that will be actually specific. Okay, wanted me opportunities, people.
Gloria Anderson
by Gloria Anderson Dec 24, 2021
Having been instead questioning which it would get anywhere, so I will quickly realize one thing important on this internet site. My best mate is into dating online, and I've simply enrolled with the website for entertainment. Well, okay, frankly communicating, Not long ago I wanted to show that dating online does indeedn't capture and inform him or her later, “There that you are, buddy, I said so.” But i must say i obtained online flirting addictive and launched chatting with actually fascinating individuality. I've brand-new close friends as well as some people. Therefore, I'm getting a romantic date not online appreciate unique activities.
Jackie Johnson
by Jackie Johnson Dec 14, 2021
I had been really surprised to view this type of a functional romance app. I've come enrolled in a year already. After a number of mediocre dates, I recently uncovered my favorite perfect accommodate. It happened a few months in the past, and we're nonetheless feel happy together. I'm not really looking beyond that now. Nonetheless, i'll be satisfied if our interaction develop. Hence for now, I'm delighted and want to say thank you to the software for delivering us all collectively.
Betty Bowen
by Betty Bowen Dec 14, 2021
The smartest purchase I've ever made was signing up with and making use of this excellent website. I'm a relationship currently, and with thanks to the application for such good fortune. We've been together for a month together with a fantastic opportunity with each other. Very, i suppose I became happy to meet my best friend considering that the entire system is good on the internet site. All its choices provide the an opportunity to decide upon a great deal regarding the mate prior to getting the main time. On the internet speaking is absolutely helpful to grab an individual who meets their criteria and dreams. Our appeal on this website produced much satisfaction and adventures to my life. Thus, I'd advise they to every one everyone seeking standard fights.
by SINGLETON Dec 09, 2021
Used to don`t locate a person to go steady because it is early for my situation so far . Im a beginner on the website. Continue to, I'm pleased with how this app is straightforward to work with. Everything is user-friendly, but accomplishedn't must spend time and work things out as soon as I signed up for the website. I also like just how write pages come out planned. It's most easy look through photo, forward emails, enjoys, and study about users' looks and heroes. We fix the spot since long distance is crucial I think and am happy to read a large number of suits that offer men and women nearby me personally.
by Amelie Dec 01, 2021
I really like this specific service. After getting a subscribed individual for up to 8 weeks, I ran across newer associates, generally there is nothing to grumble about. The interface lets you create an appealing profile with several attractive photo. Any time you don't really feel they important to fill all area, you could potentially bypass them. I suppose that pictures include a key point given that the sleep it is possible to outline while messaging and communicating. I don't have actually a partner for dating today, but I'm to my way. My home is a rural place, and a lot of fights are definately not me personally. However, considering our existing preferences and our very own on line conversation, I most certainly will get out pretty soon. In any event, the application operates, along with area rocks. I declined some freaks, but I've met nobody so terrible on obstruct all of them from calling me personally.
by GOODMAN Nov 28, 2021
I recently uncovered me personally attempting to unwind and rise into reaction sexual intercourse if not casual matchmaking after a split up. However, I managed to get no idea of how you can make they online. Nothing skills forced me to scared. I tried swiping, but these a shallow solution is not my durable accommodate. We try to look for the software wherein individuals are generally starting up, but I still needed a good website. This package turned a middle crushed personally. No-strings-attached contacts, reasonable pages, and meets, easy user interface, forums. Often all I actually ever hoped for. I proceeded certain beautiful times, and now I absolutely feel better. Excellent services for single men and women with free of charge choices and close functions. The nice design try a fantastic contact.
Rodney Mills
by Rodney Mills Nov 24, 2021
Exemplary services for those who are unafraid of internet dating and open dialogues. The app was well-organized and has now a lot of signed-up people. Messaging is straightforward, and all of other options are easy to access and read. As for myself, I've currently discovered someone with who our personal biochemistry certainly clicking.
by Anais Nov 19, 2021
I'm an open-minded bisexual guy and really like studies. I'm definitely not monogamous, around at this time. Truthfully, your way of life is much from standard societal norms, and that I frequently feeling depressed actually among friends and family or best buddies. A lot of them are actually joined, i'm heading stir crazy when I feel the company's significant styles. Very, without a doubt, it's very challenging to get a hold of and go out with like-minds for those who live in a huge town, wherein everyone is too busy to create brand-new joints. Hence, this chaos is the reason for joining this site. And my practice is definitely seamless. I been able to pick people that decide alike things and read the aspire to continue to be complimentary, without dedication, promises, and this some other hooey. Another awesome factor usually there I've found some bi-curious individuals. I really like the functionality on the website since it's really sufficient for original interactions. Perhaps, people would like a whole lot more perks, but in my opinion, you need to get a night out together have a look at in-depth discussion. While browsing profiles, we determine most blank type. If only someone could pay out way more awareness of their particular presence on the site. Talking about the site's capabilities, everything is acceptable. No problems with log in, communications, etc. assistance service is very effective and its readily available night and day. I'm happy to put a virtual location for the wishes and dreams. It's fantastic after the area really doesn't force the principles but is on a single webpage.
Linda Martin
by Linda Martin Nov 11, 2021
This website is wonderful for myself. As I'm slightly fed up with swiping, it grew to be a middle floor for my favorite specifications. I don't strategy any major associations now, but We won't try to escape when I encounter my favorite enjoy. Website does indeedn't force me personally and allows receiving all features of standard matchmaking. Besides, I enjoy that your software comes in handy to use, whether it's about routing or paying. Cost happens to be normal, and that I you shouldn't grudge dollars with them since I have have the best worth for prices they need. I've previously satisfied some reasonable persons and find hot schedules. Besides, I message with several customers to talk, make fun of, and negotiate various guides, like gender. I feel that i'm throughout my group since group really welcoming. Individuals don't determine an individual, the way it could be if you've got acquired some body in a bar.
Jessica Henry
by Jessica Henry Nov 04, 2021
I'd like other daters to know that this service 100% performs optimally without methods. People who truly crave to receive in contact with someone special won't feel dissapointed about their own preference if enrolling in the platform. The main thing is absolutely not to quit. I have currently achieved my personal beloved, therefore we are currently happier. I'm arousal and concord, and therefore means a whole lot. Thus, we've been crazy, and it's never too far gone for anyone of any age and requirement. I will suggest website, hence simply is.
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