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MyTranssexualDate Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

MyTranssexualDate Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 60%
Popular age 26-32
Beauty 52%
Profiles 650.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Clean and simple layout
  • Browsing profiles and pictures is free for everyone
  • Messaging is free for trans users
  • Good quality of profiles
  • No smartphone apps
  • Search does not use an algorithm

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MyTranssexualDate is a website dedicated solely to connecting transgender and transsexual women with men who appreciate them. It is a unique website that works to eliminate the stigma surrounding trans women. It also aims to rewrite twisted and highly sexualized portrayals of trans women. The team at MyTranssexualDate achieves this through consistent moderation of the site’s activities.

The LGBTQ community has faced tremendous resistance in various parts of the world. Even today, the community does not enjoy complete acceptance due to its stance on sexual identification. Certain factions of the community are more accepted than others, depending on their geography. However, the LGBTQ community as a whole still has a long way to go in terms of being integrated into society.

Not too long ago, the acceptance of and tolerance for the LGBTQ community was not very high, even in the US. In some parts of the country, members of this community still face resistance in becoming functional members of the society. A significant proportion of the population tolerates them as long as they keep their practices to themselves and indulge in them without making them public.

MyTranssexualDate was started to normalize transsexual relationships. Another purpose of the website was to provide the transgender and transsexual members of the community with a platform for connecting. It also aims to assist the community in creating meaningful connections with people who appreciate them for who they are.

Expert’s Review of MyTranssexualDate


MyTranssexualDate is a true success story in today’s world. This niche dating website has gained a lot of recognition in a short period. In an already saturated online dating scene, dominated by services that have existed since the early days of online dating, MyTranssexualDate has carved a place out for itself.

One of the reasons why MyTranssexualDate has managed to set the bar high for transsexual dating is because it is owned and managed by members of the community. The service was created by a trans/cis couple who were aware of the challenges the transsexual community faces in their search for love. The French entrepreneur, Cyril Mazur, and his wife, Maki Gongoyon, a transgender beauty queen from the Philippines, launched the website in 2013.

Another reason for the company’s quick success is the team behind MyTranssexualDate. The team, which comprises primarily of trans women, keeps a close check on the website’s user activity. Any activity that goes against the terms of use set by the moderators is flagged and removed. The team focuses on providing the community with an authentic experience free of bias and social stigma.

What MyTranssexualDate provides is the opportunity to become involved in a serious relationship with a transgender or transsexual female. MyTranssexualDate does not entertain one-night stands or kinks associated with transsexual women. It is clear in the definition of its services and strictly prohibits casual hookups, paid sexual encounters, and discussions of kinks such as BDSM.

In the seven years that MyTranssexualDate has been active, it has gained almost 700,000 users from many countries around the world. The website also sees the average monthly traffic of fourteen million page-views. This, for a website with a niche market, is an impressive feat. Some of it can also be credited to the website’s high accessibility. It has been made available in nine languages to attract more users.

A bulk of the users on MyTranssexualDate are based in the US. Another large portion is scattered across Europe in the UK, France, Italy, and Germany. Of the 700,000 users, almost 110,000 are registered from the USA. MyTranssexualDate, therefore, presents a great opportunity for the budding trans dating community in the US to search for a meaningful relationship.

Website Design & Usability

MyTranssexualDate Design & Usability

We like that MyTranssexualDate does not go overboard with its design and color scheme. It favors a simplistic layout with pleasant colors. Smooth fonts over a white background look clean and are pleasing to the eye. This is a critical component of any website as you spend a lot of time on such services looking for the perfect individual. Therefore, you don’t want to be faced with a website that will induce a headache.

All the website’s features are laid out neatly across the top bar. The menus are divided into two sections. The left side of the bar features three options – My Profile, Online, and Search. Through the My Profile feature, you can navigate to your profile and edit information that you want to be visible to others. The Online feature displays a list of all users that are online on the website. The Search feature lets users find matches based on their preferences.

The top bar’s right side presents features in the form of icons, much like many social media websites. These features include the inbox, a visitor section, a favorites section, and account settings. The visitors’ section displays a list of all users who visited your profile. Similarly, the favorites section holds a list of users that you have saved from the search section.

As you navigate to each page through the primary menus, you will be met with a secondary menu in the form of a sidebar. This menu varies depending on the type of page you have navigated to. For instance, the Search section holds a secondary menu of search settings and filters that you can use to narrow down your recommendations. This navigational style keeps things simple and easily accessible.

Special Features

MyTranssexualDate Special Features

MyTranssexualDate is a fairly simple website that does not overburden itself or users with excessive features. Limiting its core services brings several advantages. The first advantage is the responsiveness of the website. Because the website is not under the pressure of extensive features, navigation between pages is smooth and effortless.

Another benefit of keeping the service simple is that MyTranssexualDate can afford to keep its premium membership prices low. This makes its premium services accessible to a lot more people. However, this does not mean that MyTranssexualDate lacks features. It offers a strong set of features that help you better search for a viable match. Following are some of its most useful features:

  • Social Media Linking – MyTranssexualDate does not shy away from the service it offers. It intends to make transsexual dating a mainstream occurrence. To this end, the website allows you to link your dating profile to your social media profile. This can be used to login to the website through Facebook. It also enables users to share certain updates from the website on their social media profiles.
  • Active Moderation – We have been on a lot of websites, and we have noticed that moderation is fairly non-existent. Many dating websites hide the moderation feature under layers of settings to make it as difficult to get to it as possible. However, this feature is a central part of MyTranssexualDate. You will find the option highlighted in blue at the bottom of each profile. The moderation team is active, so you can expect swift action.
  • Photo Uploads – This is a standard feature for a dating website. After all, how do you expect people to connect with you when they don’t even know what you look like? Unlike most websites, however, MyTranssexualDate does not limit photo uploads on its premium membership. Users can upload as many pictures as they wish – they can even use it as a backup of their most important pictures. Privacy can be set for all uploaded pictures.

How Does MyTranssexualDate Work?

MyTranssexualDate Work

MyTranssexualDate works a bit differently than what we have observed on other dating websites. The website is centered on giving trans women a platform to find true love. The owners are also aware, through the first-hand experience, how difficult it can be for trans women to find a meaningful relationship. Because of this, the website’s core features are absolutely free for trans women.

Trans users are still given the option to subscribe to a premium package for other benefits, but all communication features are unlocked by default. The only requirement for trans users to become eligible for messaging privileges is completing their profile and uploading an authentic picture on their account. However, premium membership is crucial for male members.

Premium membership is necessary for male users to send and receive messages. This puts male users with a free account at a disadvantage. It is among the few drawbacks of MyTranssexualDate, considering that other dating websites allow free members to receive messages from premium members.

The search feature is what members will be using the most of since MyTranssexualDate does not offer much of anything else. It’s a powerful searching system that we found sufficiently capable of delivering good matches. Searches can be filtered on the basis of age, location, physical attributes, preferences, marital status, and other attributes. Male users can also search for women on the basis of whether they have undergone, or intend to undergo, a Sex Reassignment Surgery.

Sign Up Process

The signup process is simple, but the time it will take for you to signup varies. If you opt for Facebook registration, it will take you about a minute. If you go for manual registration, the process could take anywhere between three to five minutes. Some basic information like age, gender, and the location is required for the registration process.

Once the registration is completed, users are required to confirm their email address to activate the account. For male users, this is all they need to do to unlock the website’s free features. Since trans users get more benefits with their free account, they are required to fill in additional details on their profile and upload a picture to avail of communication and other features.

User Profiles Quality

MyTranssexualDate User Profiles Quality

Two primary aspects of MyTranssexualDate ensure a high level of profile quality. This is a website designed to connect transsexual women with cis men who are interested in a relationship. MyTranssexualDate opens its core services to trans women for free, but on the condition that they fill up their profile to a sufficient degree.

This means that any female user who wants to make use of the website’s features must fill in their profile. This ensures that the majority of the profiles on MyTranssexualDate contain updated and relevant information. The other aspect that maintains a good level of quality profiles is strict moderation. Any profiles that do not meet the standards of MyTranssexualDate are removed.

Each profile features a completion level that is only visible to the user. This is an indication of how much information you have filled up about yourself on your profile. Trans users are awarded a verified badge once they complete their profile to a sufficient degree. Although the profiles do not feature many sections, the description section allows for essay-type information to be filled up about yourself and your preferences.

Mobile Application

MyTranssexualDate is a great website, not just in terms of features but also in terms of usability. We would have liked it even more if it was available in the form of mobile apps. MyTranssexualDate, however, does not offer smartphone applications for any platform. That being said, we found that we could live without the app.

This is because the website has a mobile-friendly version that is optimized for smart devices. The mobile version of the website carries over its simplistic layout and gives it the feel of an app. All the options are where they should be, and navigating is also a pleasant experience.

MyTranssexualDate Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

MyTranssexualDate Websites & Apps

The world of transsexual dating is not a saturated one. Most of the websites that exist offer hookup services rather than meaningful relationships. Following are some websites to consider if you are looking for a serious relationship:

TS Dates

  • More than 78 million users
  • Open to transgender and transsexual men and women
  • Active user base
  • Good set of features

TG Personals

  • Frequently featured as a top site
  • Open to several sections of the LGBTQ community
  • Open to cisgender individuals as well
  • Easy to use


  • Open to all genders
  • One of the most active dating websites
  • Inclusive of all genders and sexual preferences
  • Smart matching algorithms

Membership Price and Payment Method

MyTranssexualDate price plan

MyTranssexualDate only offers one premium membership tier that unlocks all the features of the website. Following are the subscription charges for the premium membership:

  • 1 month – $29.90
  • 3 months – $68.70
  • 6 months – $101.40
  • 12 months – $130.80

Payment Methods

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • PayPal
  • Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin)

Free Membership Features

  • Profile creation
  • Upload sixteen pictures
  • View profiles and pictures
  • Use search filters
  • Send and receive messages (only trans users)

Premium Membership Features

  • Upload unlimited pictures
  • Get highlighted in search results
  • Send and receive messages (cis male users also)

Is MyTranssexualDate Really Safe?

An important consideration for such a website is safety. We are all well aware of the biases that exist against the trans community. This means that harmful elements can find their way on the website with negative intentions.

People who are looking to exploit MyTranssexualDate’s user base can make their way to the website. Although the moderation team is actively on the lookout for suspicious profiles, you should exercise necessary caution on your end. If a user is acting suspiciously or making uncommon demands, report their profile so the moderation team can review it.


Do we think MyTranssexualDate is the most feature-rich dating website out there? It is far from that. However, the website doesn’t claim to be that either. It is and claims to be a one-of-a-kind dating website for trans women to find true connections, and perhaps a meaningful relationship. It is a safe avenue for the transgender and transsexual community to explore online dating without the fear of being exploited. And in that, MyTranssexualDate excels extraordinarily.

How to delete MyTranssexualDate account?

Navigate to your account settings from the top right-hand corner of any page. Scroll to the bottom of the settings page and click on ‘To deactivate and/or delete your account, click here.’

How to message someone on MyTranssexualDate?

Make sure you have the premium membership if you are a male member. Navigate to the profile of the user you wish to contact and select the relevant option.

How to see who likes you on MyTranssexualDate without paying?

All members require a premium membership to view who has favorited them.

How to block someone on MyTranssexualDate?

Every user profile has options to Block the user or report the profile to a moderator at the bottom of the page.

How to cancel MyTranssexualDate subscription?

Premium memberships aren’t auto renewed. Once the membership ends, you will be notified via email. You can then choose to renew it or continue as a free user.

Contact Information

  • Company Name: My Transsexual Date
  • Address:

Building Bridges Limited,

22/F, 3 Lockhart Road

  • Zip Code + City: Wanchai, Hong Kong
  • Country: China
  • Customer Support Email: support@mytranssexualdate.com
  • Facebook: @myTSdate
  • Twitter: @MyTranssexual
  • Instagram: @mytranssexualdate
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