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OkCupid vs. Tinder – Full Guide for Comparing

OkCupid vs. Tinder – Full Guide for Comparing

Tinder is one of the most amazing dating apps you can come across. It has both a mobile phone app and a website version. All individuals of legal age can sign up and discover the swiping experiences and find a match. The signing-up process will take you about five minutes. You are likely to be catered to whatever the intention you have to join the website. Whether it is for a casual hookup or a long-term relationship, you will find Tinder very appropriate. Its popularity is a result of the ease to swipe via phone. However, you will have to be familiar with the app’s icons before you start engaging them. It will prevent you from wasting some of the privileges you are given, which may be limited. The Tinder app can be freely downloaded from the App Store and Google Play store for free. If you are on a Windows phone, worry not; you can download “6tin,” a third-party app of Tinder. Your Tinder profile can be easily connected to your accounts on Instagram, Spotify, or Snapchat.

OkCupid has a website that is simple to use and most appealing to the members. All its features are easy to access. OkCupid suggests users on Double Take who have high percentage compatibility with you. The score is based on the answers you and the other user gave in the personality questions. OkCupid allows anyone to send a message, but this only happens when the two users like each other. You will be able to read the letter sent to you by other users. Whether you are looking for short-term dates, hookups, or even long-term dating, you are rest assured OkCupid will cater to your needs. Besides the website, there is a mobile phone app available that has an excellent user interface. It offers similar features, just as you could enjoy using the website. The options are highly organized in tabs, and to see other members’ complete profiles, you will need to scroll down. You can switch on mobile notifications on your mobile phone to be notified whenever there is a new match. Besides, you can save your likes for better-looking matches later on when you are on the free version.

How to Choose a Better One

Both OkCupid and Tinder have unique features that make them stand out from the rest. But you may be wondering which the best of the two is. We look at them comparatively in our Tinder vs. OkCupid review.

In terms of membership, Tinder seems to enjoy a large base of users around the world more than OkCupid, and you stand a higher chance of meeting your match since you have a huge pool to choose from. According to this factor, Tinder is the best.

In terms of the type of matches, OkCupid involves a thorough process where users are matched based on the answers they give to the questions. It provides quality matches than Tinder which only depends on the likes. Due to this, OkCupid is the better website.

Most features on OkCupid are enjoyed on the free version, unlike on Tinder, where you need to be on a paid premium to enjoy much of the services. Therefore, here we conclude that OkCupid is the better one.

Tinder allows all members, including the LGBT family, including many users on board irrespective of your sexual orientation, making it better than OkCupid.

Considering the ease of joining, Tinder has an easy process to sign up, and you can even use other social networks like Facebook to sign up and transfer your details to your profile. It will take you very few minutes to sign up for Tinder. Therefore Tinder is much better in terms of the signing up process.

OkCupid vs. Tinder: What’s about Price Comparison?

Both Tinder and OkCupid have different payment plans, which you can carefully study and select the best one that fits your ambitions and financial plan.

Tinder Gold (If you are under 28 years of age.)

Plan Monthly Cost Total Price
One month $ 14.99 $ 14.99
Six months $ 8.83 $ 52.98
One year $ 6.92 $ 83.04

Tinder Plus (If you are under 28 years of age)

Plan Monthly Cost Total Price
One month $ 4.99 $ 4.99
Six months $ 3.00 $ 18.00
One year $ 2.33 $ 27.96

Tinder Gold (If you are over 28 years old)

Plan Monthly Cost Total Price
One month $ 29.99 $ 29.99
Six months $ 18.83 $ 112.99
One year $ 12.50 $ 149.99

Tinder Plus (If you are over 28 years old)

Plan Monthly Cost Total Price
One month $ 19.99 $ 19.99
Six months $ 12.50 $ 74.99
One year $ 8.33 $ 99.99

When it comes to OkCupid, there are many payment plans available that you can choose to subscribe to. We have Basic, and Premium plans available. Their prices are as follows:


Plan Monthly Cost
One month $ 19.95
Six months $ 14.95
One year $ 9.95


Plan Monthly Cost
One month $ 34.90
Six months $ 29.90
One year $ 24.90

OkCupid vs. Tinder: Who Can Join?

Who can join Tinder? Anyone who is minimum 18 years of age is eligible to join and enjoy the Tinder services. You might be blocked from using Tinder if you entered the wrong birth dates showing that you are below 18. You remain blocked from the service for the period shown on your screen. Tinder allows users of all genders. That is, both male and female users are free to sign up and enjoy the services. On the other hand, Tinder caters to all people’s needs irrespective of the kind of relationship you are looking for. Whether you are discovering a causal relationship or a serious long-term relationship, Tinder will provide you with solutions.

Like any other dating website, OkCupid allows only 18 years and above to join and create a profile. Whether you are looking for short-term dates, hookups, or even long-term dating, you will be able to fulfill your objective with OkCupid. OkCupid also allows users of all sexes to join. Both male and female members are allowed to sign up, create a profile, and answer questions to be matched on OkCupid.

OkCupid Features

OkCupid has several amazing features that enable you to experience such a time of your life on the website and hook up with a match you are most compatible with in terms of views, hobbies, and interests. Some of these special features include:

  • Double take. It allows users to be matched on OkCupid. You will need to swipe either right if you are interested in the person or swipe to the left when you are not interested.
  • See who likes you. When you pick a user on OkCupid, you can follow them up by going to the ‘who you like’ list that is found on the ‘likes tab.’ You can then message them freely as they will see the information on the Double take that you messaged them.
  • Boost. It is an add-on feature where your profile on OkCupid gets highlighted, and by that, it gets shown more frequently on other OkCupid users’ Double take suggestions and OkCupid search. It gives you preference and a chance of being found by many OkCupid users.
  • OkCupid Blog. This Blog publishes tips on how you can have an exciting and lasting experience on the OkCupid app and website. Here you will get the advice you need to succeed. It helps you maximize your time on the platform.
  • Stacks. OkCupid is a huge dating website with so many users. You can categorize them into smaller groups like ‘nearby,’ ‘online,’ ‘recommended,’ or even those who answered most of OkCupid compatibility questions.
  • Incognito mode. You can keep an active profile on OkCupid as you remain 100% hidden to any user on OkCupid whom you had not texted before or liked before. You can still hide it from someone you have already texted or liked by clicking on the hide or the block button.

Tinder Features

Tinder has a lot of outstanding features, which puts it in a better position than the rest. They include:

  • Log in. You can enter the site using Facebook or any other social site, and Tinder automatically fetches your information from the social website. You don’t need to go through the tedious process of feeling the profile, and it saves you time.
  • Geolocation. It provides information about the location of the user. It helps the app to match you with members from the area you so wish to be reached.
  • Filters. It has search functionality based on filters to adjust your searches by discovering the many users depending on their sex, age, and even the distance.
  • Matching. It occurs when both users swipe right to each other. It is after a match has been established for a chat to be initiated.
  • Chats. When you find your match on Tinder, you can now initiate a discussion. It can be through starting a private conversation with the other user by using the basic chat features. You can send and view messages from other users.
  • Push service. Tinder also provides you with a notifications service where you are informed wherever you have a new message, like, or a match.
  • Swiping feature. It is the most crucial option on Tinder. In the beginning, a list of users shows up, indicating the possible matches based on geographical location, the total number of mutual friends, and some primary interests. You can now swipe right if you like the match or swipe left if you do not have interest in the person and reject them. You can also super swipe on a user by swiping upwards, and the super swiped matches will include a blue star. You get five super swipes daily when you are on Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus and only one super swipe while on the free version.
  • No advertisements. If you opt for the Tinder app’s paid version, you will be privileged to turn off all the annoying advertisements from showing up while you are browsing.
  • Hiding option. You can also hide your age and distance on your profile.

And the Winner is: OkCupid or Tinder

Is OkCupid better than Tinder? From the above comparisons, it can be concluded that of the two dating sites between OkCupid and Tinder, Tinder stands an upper chance compared to the OkCupid dating website. Tinder has a lot of advantages, and it is, therefore, a better dating website. However, you stand a chance to go through the review and make your conclusion.

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