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Pure Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

Pure Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
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Beauty 85%
Profiles 260.900
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Pros and Cons

  • The level of data security is above average.
  • The platform guarantees anonymity.
  • It has a meager count on fake accounts.
  • Pure allows chat that is free yet unlimited.
  • Pure reveal all potential compatibles always. It promotes sexual encounters that are quick to find.
  • Credit card info must be filled out before you could do anything else.
  • Due to the time limitations imposed by the operators, a limited number of members are active at a time.
  • The platform permits only one picture per profile.
  • Pure doesn't possess any matching algorithm. Location is a significant factor to consider. It brings about success in getting a hookup partner.

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You must admit that apps have become so handy in today’s life. A lot of people are turning into useful apps to help them accomplish various tasks. In the realm of flirting, apps have become handy. Apparently, Pure is such an excellent app that can link you to potential partners willing to date for casual sex. Nonetheless, you will not have 90 days to find a date. The platform gives you only sixty minutes to secure an appointment with a random member.

Also, the site doesn’t promise members actual relationships. One may not get a partner who is willing to have a long relationship. Most participants are up for a quick date—just an outing with someone fun. Thus, anyone who is up for a lengthy relationship may get disappointed by this platform’s approach. Anyone who lies in that category should, therefore, seek for such affairs from other dating sites. There are so many sites that offer casual sex. However, Pure is a strong competitor since its approach is above average. It has posed a steep competition to sites like tinder. This has been fuelled by the fact that users are allowed sixty minutes to find a date. When the mentioned period lapses, the profile gets deleted. However, the site has a great promise that guarantees all users unrivaled anonymity and discretion.

See, within the sixty minutes, a member must chat up with fellow members. During the chat session, you must ask for phone numbers and organize a date. To achieve that, you are required to send a ‘geo request’ for a casual hookup. Remember, those you chat with hail from or around where you stay. This connotes that you will get linked or matched with people nearby. So, always connect with any user that shows in your match feeds because they are near you. You will not have to travel long distances to meet them in person. You will just set a date in a nearby fun spot. So, it is about time to take advantage of this beautiful site. Honestly, one should not suffer from intense loneliness when they can easily find a partner for a weekend date right from Pure.

Expert’s Review of Pure

Pure Review

Pure was established in October 2014. Upon its inception, it attracted thousands of users due to its simple dating approach. They found it to be more comfortable and quicker to find a date than other sites. In its initial year, more than 100, 000 users joined it. It is loved by many individuals from various parts of the world. Some of the principal cities that have embraced it are Mexico City, London, Moscow, New York, and Los Angeles. It does not have target demographics in place. So, you can join the site despite your age, race, ethnicity, or even sexual orientation. The platform is well known for its instant hookups. Nonetheless, the platform lacks an algorithm for matching. The site will provide you with what you need. It will also ge5t rid of anything you don’t require casual sex. Thus, it is overly dedicated to giving you casual sex encounters with zero strings attached.

Website Design & Usability

Pure has a beautiful layout. It also possesses a promising dating concept. The branding of the dating application is trendy. You will most likely fall in love with the site’s amazing aesthetics. It is very appealing to the young generation. See, its background is unique, just like its name, Pure maintains a clean and impressive look. While using the site, you won’t come across an unorganized layout and unwanted animations. The premise of the platform is simple yet easy to navigate. This translates to its ease of use. The design of the platform does not have plenty of buttons that could be confusing. It is effortless to navigate around as you look for potential matches for casual sex.

Special Features

Pure Features

The app allows you to send ‘Georequests’ to other users. It also provides instant chats, especially to those that like each other.

How does Pure work?

The site is known to work perfectly for those looking for casual sex partners. Here you are expected to add a picture. You can use your phone camera to take the selfie or upload it from the saved photos in the gallery. The image that you upload becomes your initial meeting request. The picture is revealed in the app feeds. Also, note that profiles appear for only sixty minutes. After the said period, the entire profile gets deleted. All the data you had provided plus all the chats you had with your partners disintegrates automatically.

However, that does not connote that you can no longer use Pure. You can still use it, but you will be required to create another profile. The photo you upload on this platform can get erased anytime. You will see pictures of those nearby. Hit ‘yes’ if you admire any of them. If the person likes you back, you become a mutual user. The other user gets notified that you are mutual members and can proceed with the talk. A chat window shall show up to begin a conversation. It is now time to know your partner better, and most importantly, organize a date.

Sign Up Process

Pure Sign Up

You are first required to make a download of the app from the popular stores. The sign-up procedure requires about three minutes. The app needs permission so that it can process the info you provide. You are also expected to verify your email. Just before doing anything else, payment info must be provided. All the info provided disappears after the sixty minutes’ lapse. The app is well used when GPS is turned on in your device. This is because the app solely depends on where you are and if there are users of the same app in that particular zone.

First, download the Pure app from the two popular stores. However, there are in-purchases. The sign-up procedure will take approximately 2 to 3 minutes. The profiles you create on Pure last for only sixty minutes. After the mentioned period, they automatically disappear. One must consider developing a new account when they want to go back to Pure for a quick hookup. As stated above, the Pure app needs access so it could process your information. Some of the info that you will fill out is; your phone number, email address, and payment details. Then select the account you would want to use, either your email or phone number. They both require verification. You will also reveal your gender and what you would want to get from the site. Make sure the location icon is allowed to disclose where you are because the platform uses it to find matches near you.

What about Users Profiles Quality

Pure Profiles Quality
  • On Pure, profiles last for only sixty minutes.
  • They are also self-destructing; thus, they get deleted upon the end of the said time.
  • The selfie uploaded on the profile can be changed anytime but during the given period.
  • To use Pure one more time, you must develop another profile.
  • All the profiles displayed in your app feed are those of people near you.

The self-destructing element makes Pure stand out among its competitors. Here, once you develop an account, it is only active for about sixty minutes, after which it disintegrates. In those minutes, you should filter out fellow members based on nearness and make sure you like them first. Once they like back, it shows mutual interest; thus, you can both chat and organize a meet-up. All your info, including the messages you have exchanged with your partner, are deleted, and the time limit elapses immediately. When you decide to use the Pure app again, you must develop another profile that will last for the same sixty minutes.

The only thing that is displayed on your profile is your photo. Other info such as name, ethnicity, age, gender, or any other collected data shall not be displayed. Thus, the selfie you upload to your Pure account must be unique. It should be the best among the hundreds you have captured using your phone. And this will make other members like you. You see, you may not chat with anyone if you do not show mutual interest. By this, it means that once you like someone, they must like back so that window for the chat may show up.

Indeed, temporary accounts that show very little info might pose to be very disadvantageous and still useful. It is the best tactic that would help you stay anonymous. This calls for thorough vetting of the potential dates before you could go for a real meeting. Take the necessary precautions.

Does it have a Mobile Application?

Pure Mobile Application

Pure has a unique app. The app can be downloaded in stores with ease. And it works well on mobile phones. Its interface is quite good.

Pure Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

  • Feeld
    Initially, this dating app was named ‘3nder’. This meant tinder in 3 ways. However, it was rebranded to Feeld. On this fantastic platform, you can match with singles or couples. It is upon you to decide which is your perfect hookup. In the platform, one can manage visibility to all other Facebook pals. You can achieve this with the aid of a unique element embedded on the platform.
  • WILD
    Many people like using this wild app. It could be a result of its features that help you rewind matches that were accidentally passed through. With this app, you can reach as many people as you wish from various parts of the world. This app lets you upload particular NSFW photos that actual members can view. It has multiple types of membership. You can be a regular member or a VIP. You can also get a free trial that lasts for a month. This free trial allows you to see the potential matches as well as learn how to use the app.
  • HUD
    This app boasts of its safety and advanced security features. It promises all users success in finding whatever they need. For example, someone looking for just sexy chat can find it here. The site can help you find a great partner for a casual hookup, for friendship, or just sexy chat. It is free to download from the app stores. However, it has various levels of membership to choose from. It has a significant element named ‘my bedroom’ that you can utilize to reveal what you prefer straight away.

Membership Costs and Payment Method

Women use it free of charge while men have to pay to utilize Pure.

Free Membership Features

Pure Membership Features

Men can utilize the free trial Women are permitted to use the app for free.

Premium Membership Features

Send ‘georequests’ to those that are in close proximity. You can use instant chats with other users on the app.

Is Pure Really Safe for Every User?

Pure Safe

Absolutely Yes, Pure is a safe and secure platform. It employs extraordinary measures to make sure all its users are safe. The safety and security of all participants are the top priorities of the operators. So, you should chat boldly. Do not be afraid since there are no scammers on this platform. However, you should make sure you read their terms of use and any safety tips shared by the operators.


Pure Conclusion

Pure is an excellent platform to use. Its dating approach is quite remarkable, and the layout is minimalistic. Many young people find it a fantastic online spot to get quick hookups for the weekend. It gives you the challenge to utilize only sixty minutes to find someone for a date. This adds on to the dating experience. It makes the site unique since no other platform that offers such quick hookups within sixty minutes like Pure. All women are not expected to splash several bucks to join or use the app. This aspect makes it possible to have thousands of women on the site. The higher number of women guarantees the men that they will get hookups.

One of the things that put many people off is credit card details being demanded even before you could do anything else. To enjoy the free package, you must fill out all the required billing information. Its availability in certain countries is a bit limited. Not all locations are covered by this app. You may not get someone when none is close to you. It also requires that you set time for the app. You see, if the profile disappears after the said time, you cannot afford to perform any other chores since you will be wasting your time.

Lastly, Pure is an excellent platform for hookups, which are 100 percent no-strings-attached. You will find great partners in your area who are willing to go on a date with you for some fun. Thus, feel free to become a member of the site to enjoy the sixty-minute encounter. The thrill brought about by Pure, an intense time limit, which is worth it. Even if it means splashing a few bucks just to enjoy the dating approaches of Pure, then let it be. Do not hesitate; the thrill is real. Join others who have already made it to Pure. And you will never regret your decision at any given moment.

Pure FAQs

The fooling is questions and answers that could help you in using Pure. If you do not find your issue well addressed here, you can check out from the terms of use and the FAQ section of the platform. There, you will get all the information you need.

How to delete a Pure account?

You can get rid of your profile by opening the accounts settings and clicking the ‘Delete profile.’ It will prompt you to enter your password. Fill out the password, and they will ask you the reason why you intend to delete it. Once you have given the reason, you can validate your request.

How to message someone on Pure?

In Pure, you can reach out to someone who you liked, and the person liked you back. By doing so, you become mutual members, and you can. The chat window can never show up if you have not won a mutual member.

How do you see who likes you on Pure without paying?

Pure expects you to grant it greenlight to deliver notifications your way. Thus, you should first make sure the app is permitted to send the notifications since it is the only way to know when someone likes you.

How do you block someone on Pure?

You can block any users who you find disturbing or not interested in.

How can you cancel Pure subscription?

To cancel the subscription to this platform, you must do it from the various stores.

Contact Information

  • Company Name: Misterico Ltd, Company Incorporation
  • Address: 73 Methonis Tower, 7th floor, Flat/Office 703, Nicosia, Cyprus 1070
  • Zip Code + City:
  • Country: Cyprus
  • Customer Support Email: feedback@getpure.org
  • Facebook: Pure Dating
  • Twitter: @thepureapp
  • Blog: pure.dating
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