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Sudy Review 2021 — Perfect or Scam?

Sudy Review 2021 — Perfect or Scam?
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 67%
Popular age 29-36
Beauty 72%
Profiles 69 100
About Site
Visit rate 7.9
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • High-quality of profiles with video introduction;
  • There is a blog with dating tips;
  • Sugar daddies pass document verification;
  • There are no limits to the number of photos and videos in profiles;
  • There is an incognito mode;
  • About 90% of Sudy matches have personal encounters in real life.
  • In-depth FAQ section;
  • Mobile app operates speedy and has an up-to-date interface;
  • Search by distance is available;
  • Likes are free for everyone;
  • Messaging is free for verified members;
  • Sudy members can record voice messages and share daily moments;
  • Search by distance works purely for the US members;
  • Email verification is not necessary;
  • There is a lack of sugar daddies compared to the number of sugar babies.

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Nowadays, it is a standard thing when mature and successful men date with young ladies. Men 40+ want to connect with attractive, funny, and energetic girls in their 20s. They present them with expensive gifts and invite them to travel together to exotic countries, buy jewels, etc. In turn, these men enjoy the companionship of beautiful and charming ladies who make them feel younger and full of energy. It is a kind of exchange between these men and women: money and expensive presents as an exchange for beauty and youth.

Sudy is the dating portal that helps such men connect with charming ladies with no effort. The men known as sugar daddies do not need to waste time searching for beautiful ladies. Sudy collects an impressive base of girls who dream of relationships with adult and rich men. As a result, everyone finds what he/she needs. Men can surf hundreds of profiles of the hottest girls (sugar babies), and girls dream that some man selects her among all others. How does Sudy make it happen?

Expert’s Review of Sudy

Sudy Review

Sudy is one of the pioneer dating sites for people searching for mutually beneficial relationships. In other words, it unites wealthy men with young and beautiful girls in their region. Currently, its member base counts more than 3 million users. These are men 40+ and girls 20+ who do not look for something serious, like marriage. Moreover, many of the male members have wives in real life. They do not even hide this fact because there is a marital status field in the profile window.

As for the girls, many of them do not have jobs. They search for rich men who will present them with expensive gifts and pay for their clothes, restaurants, etc. Of course, there are wealthy women on the site too, searching for handsome young boys for personal meetings, but their amount is much lower than that of the sugar daddies. That is why girls try to apply all their creativity and imagination to make their profiles look different and original.

Statistics show that a dominant part of Sudy subscribers is young ladies 20-28 years old. The number of wealthy male subscribers is three times lower than creates high competition between youngsters. Sudy welcomes members of different races, ethnicity, and marital status. A ring on your finger does not mean that you cannot use Sudy for personal dates with hot girls in your location. More than 90% of the site users meet in person; that is why a search by distance is an integral part of the successful matching.

Website Design & Usability

Sudy Design

Sudy has a comprehensive design that corresponds to its primary goal — a quick search for partners. The website contains useful information about Sudy and its principles of operation. There are comments from the subscribers who describe how much they love Sudy for their regular use. A table shows the number of subscribed members with a precise indicator of daddies and babies. You may notice that babies dominate over daddies in the amount: about 2.5 million babies vs. 600,000 daddies.

There are links to get the app on your phone, plus the links to other publishers that posted information about Sudy on their platforms, including BBC and BuzzFeed. In the drop-down panel of the main page, there are sections of the terms of use, FAQ, policy, and contact us. You can contact the Sudy customer support team by writing an email. Finally, Sudy asks to follow it on different social networks, like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You can find the corresponding links at the bottom of the home page.

The overall impression of Sudy is positive. The site looks modernistic and has a user-friendly approach. All the most important elements are visible at once when you enter the website. The speed is fast, and even amateurs will quickly figure out how to use Sudy for the partner search.

Special Features

Sudy Features

Sudy is not another boring dating site among hundreds of available in the market. Its main difference from the competitors is that a predominant part of its members meets each other in real life. As a rule, dating sites fans prefer to socialize on distance via a computer or a phone. Very few of them arrange private dates and see each other in person. Sudy members are a different story. They are interested in private meetings; females often travel to other countries or cities to meet with wealthy men on their territory. Overall, about 92% of Sudy subscribers confirm that they met their matches in real life.

Another distinctive feature is sugar. What does it mean? Males can get coins on Sudy at an additional cost. They can purchase sugar for these coins; sugar means virtual gifts according to the Sudy vocabulary. Subscribers have a specific status on the website. Female users may get a flower icon on their profiles, proving that they pass photo verification. Males can reach a coin or diamond icon, meaning that they provide necessary documents to verify their VIP status or purchase the premium subscription.

Finally, Sudy members have a unique option to add videos to their profiles featuring their brightest daily moments. It is a kind of a video album with your best moments within a day. Not many dating portals offer the same option. Someone could compare Sudy to Instagram because its members can share daily videos similar to the Instagram stories, while other users can comment on them. Socializing is an essential part of the Sudy working algorithm because the most active members with attractive profiles have higher chances to meet their daddies on the site.

How Does Sudy Work?

In short, Sudy helps to bond wealthy daddies with female members, using a filtering system. Search by a distance is one of the primary filters because a leading part of the site members is the residents of the United States who search for partners nearby. Of course, Sudy is also available for European users, though their number is much lower considering the US locals.

Sign Up Process

Sudy Sign Up

Registration on Sudy is effortless and takes around five minutes. The first thing you need to do is enter your valid email and password. Sudy does not have email verification for newcomers. You will need to specify your role (sugar daddy or baby), age, location, and marital status. Many male users do not hide their marriage status, while females mostly mark themselves as singles to attract successful adult men.

Photo verification is unnecessary on Sudy, but the site recommends not to ignore this step because purely verified members (females) can send messages to daddies. In turn, males need to provide documents to prove their high social status (such as a report about the annual income or current occupation). Verified males get a coin icon on their profiles. They can also purchase a premium subscription if they do not want to provide any documents. In this case, they receive a diamond icon. Sudy allows newcomers to register via Facebook. When the signup phase is over, you can pass to the profile creation.

Users Profiles Quality

Sudy Membership Profiles Quality

Creating profiles on Sudy may turn into a fascinating and not-boring process because it allows adding audio and video introductions in addition to ordinary text messages. Profile data of sugar babies on Sudy is more in-detail than daddies’ profiles. Females have more motivation to present their best physical qualities and character traits to attract prospective daddies.

As a rule, ladies specify their height/weight, body type, age, eye color, etc. Some of them describe their hobbies, like hot yoga or dancing, to engage the men’s interest. Attractive photo is an essential part of the Sudy profile, so all sugar babies select the hottest pictures of them, though without nudity because it violates the site riles. As for the daddies, their profile data is not so precise. They can specify their marital status and occupation (for example, a business person or an entrepreneur). Daddies also need to provide documents to pass verification on Sudy.

In general, the best tip for beginners is making a good video introduction to sparkle interest in their profiles. Plus, Sudy allows sharing daily moments to let other members know what you do within a day. This Instagram-type feature helps boost your profile among thousands of other babies. One more useful thing to attract more fans to your profile is writing a catchy introduction phrase. It should be something simple, no longer than one or two sentences. A good example is: Everyone who knows me says I am a charming person. Do you want to check whether it is true?

Mobile Application

Sudy Application

Sudy mobile app works on Android and iOS. It has the same futuristic interface as the website, plus users can swipe profiles on their phones with no effort. When you install the Sudy dating application on your phone, you will receive notifications if someone contacts you, so make sure you will not miss any message. The dominant part of Sudy subscribers prefers the mobile app because it is convenient for them to download photos, share daily videos, and swipe profiles. Besides, most members prefer texting on the phone, especially daddies, who are super busy and are always on the move.

Sudy Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

There are several dating sites similar to Sudy by their search features and operation principle. Below, you can see a list of the most popular alternatives.


Its primary goal is the same as of Sudy — bonding sugar daddies and ladies. The ration equals about 40% of daddies and 60% of babies. SugarDaddyMeet collects users from the most prosperous countries; its current user base reaches almost 2 million people. Newcomers need to pass photo verification to enjoy free messaging and other features of this sugar portal. Like Sudy, the dominant segment of subscribers meets in person. SugarDaddyMeet members cannot add video introductions to their profiles, but they can create photo albums.


MillionaireMatch is another matching platform for wealthy men and young and attractive ladies. The site exists in the dating market for almost two decades and has a reputable status among the global community. Newcomers need to pass a strict ID confirmation to register on the site. Unlike Sudy, messaging is not a free benefit on MillionaireMatch. The majority of daddies receive VIP badges, while babies pass photo verification to eliminate the presence of fake accounts. Personal meetings in real life with prospective matches are the primary goal of this sugar platform.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Sudy Price

Membership on Sudy involves the paid subscription because all sugar daddies are not that type of men who are cheap with attractive ladies. Both daddies and babies can upgrade their status to premium. The cost is pretty high compared to basic dating websites.

Premium subscription Sugar daddy Sugar baby

One-month cost $70 $15

Three-month cost $170 $35

Six-month cost $250 $50

Members can pay, using their iTunes and Google Play accounts. If you want to pay in another way, you can contact the customer support, and Sudy team will come up with an alternative payment method.

Free Membership Features

Free sugar daddies may enjoy the following features on Sudy:

  • Partner search;
  • Viewing profiles;
  • Sending messages;
  • Daddies can send virtual gifts to babies.

As for sugar babies, they have the following set of free option on Sudy on the condition that they are registered users:

  • Adding audio and video introductions;
  • Sending messages;
  • Surfing through profiles;
  • Babies can like other profiles.

Premium Membership Features

Sudy Membership Features

Premium daddies have more options to enjoy the Sudy services due to additional bonuses:

  • Diamond badge to indicate the premium status;
  • Priority search for babies;
  • Receiving updates about their daily moments;
  • Access to the private gallery;
  • Daddies can apply an incognito mode.

The premium features of sugar babies include:

  • Viewing private photos;
  • Seeing who visits your profile;
  • Babies can add daily moments like on Instagram.

Is Sudy Really Safe?

Even though photo verification is not a required step on Sudy, the site recommends completing this stage to prove your identity and raise your profile quality. Daddies need to provide documents that specify their high status. It helps separate wealthy men from suspicious strangers that come to the site to view attractive ladies.

Sudy privacy policy allows reporting misbehavior. If someone asks you to provide your bank information or demands money from you, you can report it to the Sudy team with attached screenshots of your conversation. Moderators will check it and delete a user who violates the policy rules. Sudy policy forbids posting nudity and any abusive or offensive comments. Users who violate this requirement will receive a warning notification from the site representatives. If they do not delete the forbidden content, they risk losing their membership on Sudy.


Sudy Membership Conclusion

Sudy is a sugar dating portal for successful, rich men and charming young women. The age difference is a normal thing on Sudy because most male users are 20-30 years older than females. The site helps to bond sugar daddies in the US and Europe with the hottest ladies in their region. Unlike many other dating portals, Sudy members meet each other in person in real life. It means that the dominant part of the subscribers is real people who do not hide behind the fake accounts.

What makes Sudy unique is that it gives a mutual benefit to both daddies and babies. Wealthy men present ladies with expensive gifts and invite them to exotic countries, and in exchange, they can enjoy a pleasant company of beautiful young girls 20+. If you search for a lasting relationship with a life partner, Sudy is not the right choice for this. But those who approve mutually beneficial encounters (men’s money for ladies’ beauty and youth) will find what they want on Sudy.

How to Delete Sudy Account?

Go to the Account settings and select Close from the given list. Sudy warns that after deleting accounts, users cannot restore them afterward. They will need to launch new accounts if they decide to return.

How to Message Someone on Sudy?

Members can contact each other by sending likes and instant messages. Click on the profile of a person you like and select Send a message. Messaging is a free feature on Sudy, but it is available purely for verified members. Sugar babies can also share videos of their daily moments, giving daddies access to their private lives. Video moments may work as a perfect alternative to text messages for socializing with other users.

How to See Who Likes You on Sudy without Paying?

You need to pass verification to see who likes you on Sudy. Another option is buying the premium subscription. Sudy offers two categories of premium subscriptions that diverse in cost: for daddies and babies.

How to Block Someone on Sudy?

Go to your messages list, select a user you want to block, and click on Block messages. You can also report misbehavior to the customer support if you provide screenshots as proof.

How to Cancel Sudy Subscription?

Sudy subscription renews automatically after its expiry date. You can switch off this option in the Subscription field. If you decide to cancel your subscription, go to settings on iTunes or AppStore, select your ID, and click on Deactivate subscription for Sudy.


Contact Information

  • Company Name: Sudy Limited
  • Address: 33 Mong Kok road
  • Zip Code + City: Kowloon, HK
  • Country: China
  • Customer Support Email: support@sudy.app
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Blog
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